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Found 35 results

  1. Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a comic that I've been posting on DA for the past couple days. Hopefully this will be turning into a Summer Project for me to keep me busy while I wait away the time between the conventions I sell at. If you want to see them at my DA as well as my other art, check here. Done in Photoshop.
  2. So, I'm currently attempting to "refine" my ability to write. I say I'm decent when it comes to writing but I've never had someone actually skim through my book with a fine tooth comb and tell me that I suck at everything because I put a comma instead of a period. Since I've been playing don't starve for while, and this IS the don't starve forums, I'd like to start a don't starve story. There are a bunch of gaps to fill in the story line (Mainly because only two characters have stories, Maxwell and Wilson) that, while keeping a main plot could let imagination flow. I want your honest opinion on the story I'm about to create. Hate it? Let me know, and let me know why. Like it? Same thing.Prologue:You don't seem to understand who I am. I control this world, and everything in this world. Everything has been made by my hand. I gave birth to light, darkness, and the demented creatures that scurry around this demonized world. I made the trees, every pine needle and every cone. Every bird and every feather. I may have made everything, but I am not in control, not by a long shot. I am trapped by them. For what seems like millions of years, I have been strapped to this throne of thorns and that damn music has been playing non-stop. I can only leave this throne for breif periods of time, to speak with the people I have tricked to do my bidding. Hundreds of out casts, one by one, all tricked by me to come into this hell world. They bit the dust within days.I just recently realized what I have to do. I need to bring in multiple people, which I have already done. all five of them are passed out, scattered around that small forest. The scientist was the easiest one to trick. So hungry for power and knowledge. I spoke to him though a strange sound emmiting device. I traded him knowledge on one condition, make a structure. Little did he know, the structure brought him here. He's the smartest out of the five, but he's a damn fool.The next one I tricked was a pyromaniac. When she was young, she played with fire a burned her house down on accident. Killed her mother, farther, and her baby sister. She was outcasted and said to be a bringer of death. For years she was hated, until this day. I contacted her at her weakest position, about ready to end it all. All she had was the flame, and even that was about to go out. I appeared for a quick chat and told her about powers that I could grant her. It didn't take much, I just gave her the power to create flames in darkness. The fire in her blood made her skin unburnable, completely fire proof. Only one condition. After a week of trying out her powers, she had to come with me. She burned down the houses of everyone who hated her, and then told me she was ready.Then there's that brute fool. A circus strong man, quite the body builder. His circus was becoming less and less popular. People in the circus were starving, including him. I contacted him in the winter, when his body was half of what it was when people cared about his circus. I told him I'd grant his strength, and make his circus popular, if her came with me. He gladly accepted, and now his circus is the most popular in his homeland, and he's strong as before, but now he's under the wrath of the land.The next one was a small girl, no more than fourteen. Her sister passed away recently and I contacted her while she was in mourning, I'm not poud of it. She was on her way to visit her sister in the grave. I reached out to her before it happened, and told her about my powers. She didn't believe me, which is understandable. I took the small wilted flower from her hand and made gave it life. I told her I could give life to her sister as well, as long as she comes with me. Her face filled with joy when she hear that I can give life to her passed sister. I told her that I'd be back, and told her to enjoy her new gift. Her sister visited her in ghost form, not at all what she was expecting. When I came back, she called me all sorts of names that I've grown to accept, but a deal is a deal, and I made her come with me. I felt bad about all of it, so I let her sister come to this demonic world with her.And lastly was that insane mime. The idiot was horrible. His parents were murdered and he became a recluse, devoting himself to silence. He became a mime, and painted his face. He was homeless, and he relied on miming for spare change to eat. I saw him in his state and called out to him. I told him that I can make him the best mime in the world. He nodded in excitement. I made the make up on his face permanent and made him a mute, unable to speak, even if he wanted to. Then I did the same to him like everyone else, I made him come into my world of creatures and death.These five people are my last hope. I demand freedom, I can't handle this any longer. These five need to band togeather to survive, and to free me. If they do not band togeather and free me from this hell, I don't know what I'd do... I can't try this again, every time I leave to get more people, it causes intense pain. Putting all of this togeather was near impossible, and next time it will be harder and it will cause more pain. Every time I go out, it feels like I'm dying, but death does not come, it never comes unless these five outcasts free me from my eternal prison.It apears that they are awaking from their slumber. It will hurt to much to greet them each individually, I must wait for them to come togeather to reveal myself. Until them, I need to rest. This throne brings pain, but sleep numbs it away...Chapter One: DaylightWilson's eyes slowly cracked open when the sunlight his his face. Drool dripped from his mouth when he opened it. He rolled over on his stomach and pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. He slowly stood and put his hand on his lower back. "Good lord, my back hurts." He said and then rubbed the spot where his back was in pain. He put both hands on his lower back and pushed. His back popped, which made it feal slightly better.He stood there, looking around at the hundreds of pine trees and the small rocks on the ground. A small demented rabbit scurried under his feet, which made him jump back and fall, landing on his arse. When he saw the rabbit it clicked. He had no idea where he was. This sure as hell wasn't the normal world, not by a long shot, but where exactly was he?He back up and walked over to one of the small rocks on the green, lush grass. Wilson bent over and picked the small grey rock up. A jagged piece cut open his index finger, making a few drops of blood drip down his finger and fall onto the grass below. Wilson put his figer in his mouth and sucked on the cut, and then examined the rock. "It's flint." He thought to himself. He stuck the rock in his pocket and looked around. Trees. Nothing but pine trees were around him. Since there was no difference in direction, he just picked a random direction and began to walk.Something was off about the trees, nothing appearent, but something just felt, different. Wilson pulled his finger out of his mouth to see that the bleeding had stopped. As he walked deeper into the forest, he began to notice various plants. The tips of carrots poked out of the ground, roses and tulips painted the boring green ground, a few bushes grew around with ripe red berries growing all around it, saplings were scattered around the forest floor and large, lighter bundles of grass scattered the normal grass. This world looked normal, besides that crazy rabbit, but something felt off about the whole thing. Wilson pulled the lump of flint out of his pocket and examined it as he walked around the forest. The rock was sharp, pointy, and strong. The dark grey color of the rock and the bright red of his blood on a small jagged edge blended perfectly. Wilson set it back in his pockets and continued to walk. After minutes of walking around the forest, he heard something unusual. Something besides the normal bird chirps and the waving of grass. Wilson stopped dead in his tracks and listened for the sound, trying to decide what it was. It sounded like a voice, and the crackling of fire. Wilson swallowed hard and peeked through a near by berry bush. He spread the leaves apart and nearly instantly, an explosion of feathers and loud gobbling sounds came from the bush. A large turkey like bird ran away fast, creating loud noises with every step. Wilson shot back and fell on his rear again. He followed the turkey with his eyes. It clicked in his mind that he was supposed to be quiet."Well, that's not good..." Wilson said out loud and then looked back at the bush.The bush was nothing but a pile of ash and black round balls, which were the berries. Standing in the ash was a woman with a small ball of fire in her hand. She slowly walked over to Wilson and grabbed him by the coller with the hand not painted with flames, hoisting him up so she can look him in his eyes. Her pupils were non-existant, the only thing that was there was a flame. She put her hand covered in fire on Wilson's neck, slowly burning him."Who are you!?" She asked, tighting her grip."Why should I tell you?" Wilson asked."Because, I have your neck in my hand, and I can make it a lot hotter than that..." She said. The flame in her eyes grew and the heat became more intense.Wilson swallowed hard and then slowly opened his mouth."W-Wilson Percival Higgsbury; Please don't hurt me!" Wilson said, withering.The woman looked at him in the eyes, and loosened her grip. Her pupils returned to normal and the flame in her hand became nothing. She threw Wilson to the ground, not taking off her gaze."Why are you here, Percival?" She asked and stared at him in the eyes.Wilson thought for a second, and then looked back at the woman. "I honestly have no idea. I was working on an experiment that went wrong. It was a portal of some sort that a voice through a radio told me to build. He granted me the knowledge to do so..." Wilson said and continued to think about what happened that day."'Granted' you knowledge? Who?" She asked, staring Wilson in the eyes."No idea... I just heard his voice through a radio." Wilson said as he stood up and dusted his pants off."What did he sound like?" She asked again."Uh, he had a deep voice. Actually quite calming." Wilson said and picked up the flint rock that fell out of his pocked when the woman picked him up."Yeah... And he just 'Granted' you knowledge, without teaching you anything?" She asked yet again."Um... Yeah I guess so. I just felt my self become instantly smarter, he didn't really teach me anything, I just made a deal with him and POOF, I know more than I did a second ago." Wilson said and then paused. "Why?" He continued."Because, you and I are similar, too similar to be a coincidence..." She said and finally took her gaze off of Wilson."What does that mean?" Wilson asked."It means that bastard tricked us..." She said, turned around and began to walk off.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And that is where I am going to stop for now because it is 5 in the morning and all I had to eat/drink in the last couple hours was a large cup of coffee, so I am going to go to sleep. Let me know what you think so far.
  3. I wanted the same thingIt would be an angel, and the meter's color will be purple (like how health is red, hunger is yellow, and sanity is orange). When you loose naughtiness the angel will start dying (like when the heart for health meter starts cracking and breaking, the stomach shrinking and the brain withering away) and starts turning into a monster.
  4. Arjen Plays Don't Starve

    Hello gentlepeople,recently I've begun to Livestream my attempts at clearing Don't Starve's adventure mode. That means the video quality of my Let's Play isn't exactly high tier, but you might like my commentary and the general stupidity that occurs. I can't include the other videos in this particular post, but if you happen to be interested, you know where to find them.
  5. New Don't Starve Series

    Just wanted to let you guys know that we have a new Don't Starve series up on our channel. We would really appreciate if you took the time to watch at least the first part of our new series. Thanks .Link to Channel: to Don't Starve Part 1:
  6. Where will you, indeed.
  7. So, I made a video explaining how to install Mods for Don't Starve. Hopefully this will rectify many issues. Thanks, TheDanayn, Avid Don't Starve Fan. http-~~-//
  8. Im uploading my own series in dont starve, heres my first video: part 2 part 3 This series has ended, ill start a new one next update c:
  9. After the previous episode, we are left with barely any health and we are searching for petals and ways to restore our health. Feeling relatively confident I head through a worm hole. Was it worth it or will awful things happen?
  10. Like or dislike ;b - - - Updated - - - Post your own links, guys
  11. I used to play Don't Starve right when it came on Steam. Probably about 3-4 months ago. When I came back I decided to make a Youtube series. Being relatively naive I didn't expect much had changed since my last game. but now I realize I have barely scraped the surface of what there is to know. Hopefully you guys enjoy joining me on this adventure into the unknown world of Don't Starve where we explore and learn what this game has in store. Thanks so much and hope to see you around!
  12. All the current peoplein don't starve should get like a short video on them like some kind of animation and thing about them lore wise more lore for the lore junkies!
  13. 'Ello peeps, my name is Jonathan, though i'm known on the internet as Staki. I began to make a Don't Starve series on YouTube a while back, but I have recently begun to continue it (In higher quality ). I am going to be making Don't Starve videos for awhile into the future (other games as well). You can expect a video from me about once or twice a day, if I miss a day I usually upload two the next day to make up for it.I am trying to produce high quality content and if you could watch and comment on how to produce better videos it would be extremely appreciated.Here's the first video of my continuation: http-~~-// And this is the playlist for the series if you wish to continue watching my lets play:
  14. Hey people, El Pacho here. Just started a new series called Let's Try Not To Starve, where you guessed it. I play the Don't Starve beta! You can watch the first episode here: Sorry I kinda had to rush this one out, was a bit tired at the moment, but I am currently working for some new graphics for not just this series, but all my other videos. Now for the giveaway: I am giving away my extra copy of Don't Starve that I got from the Humble Store. It's a Steam Key, which to my knowledge it contains all of the bonuses that you'd get by preordering it from Steam (minus the extra copy for a friend, because well. This is that extra copy.) THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: [*]I will pick a winner in ~2 weeks time, I'll make an announment on my channel when the date is set in stone. [*]Only subscribers are eligible to win. [*]To enter you just have to leave a single comment, it can be anything. It could be a funny joke, or you could call me an asshat or really anything. Everything goes. [*]Only 1 entry per person please. [*]If you double post or triple post your extra comments will be deleted. If you have a question feel free to PM me. [*]If you spam the comments section none of your entries will be valid and you will be blocked as a preemptive measure. And that's it for the rules. Please try to mind them, I want everyone who wants to win to have a fair shot at this. Anyways, I wish you luck with the giveaway and I'd just like to remind you if you like my videos, please drop a like and a comment and subscribe to get all my latest content, wether it'd be Don't Starve or other videos. And if you don't like something, please drop me a comment or a PM and tell me what I need to improve on, I'd gladly hear your guys' opinions and criticism out. And if anyone wants to chat/play on Steam and perhaps be in a video, drop me a PM and I'll add you Peace, Pacho.
  15. Hey, I recently ran out of my stockpile of food because I decided to not slaughter any more of the fee Beefalo's that are left on my map. So eh, I've got 4 turbo farm plots, and I know of 2 small pig villages. I haven't explored my whole map yet, but I can't explore more right now because I need food first.. So I'm wondering, how do you guys get your food/what is a good way to get some? ~rocket
  16. When I start Don't Starve, the following error appears: dontstarve_steam.exe encountered an error and needs to close. Print of the error (in portuguese):
  17. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number 71213 Issue title Laggy / Non Responsive cursor & Random walking up Steps to reproduce These issues seem really random, not once have I seen a specific action make these things happen, they just occasionally do, more laggy cursor though. Describe your issue When I'm just minding my business half the time doing what I'm doing when I move the mouse it usually barely responds and slowly moves its way to where I want it after a couple of forced slide movements or just decides not to move. I havent exactly seen any response with this bug to my actions and it just always seems to do that, and it's been more frequent lately. Then some people say their characters wont move but with me it's more of the character wont stop moving. This is a rare problem I get once every few playthroughs but it has gotten me killed since its almost uncontrollable since you can move but if you stop the character just assumes control and goes right up for no reason. Again, I just play the game and I have yet to find out what exactly triggers this but the cursor is more of a problem than the random rare movement problem. I hope this problem would be able to get looked into!
  18. Hey guys im a beginning youtube commentator stating out small, this is my first look at this amazing game, Don't Starve! Hope you enjoy!
  19. Death Scenes?

    Hello, just had an odd little suggestion that may possibly be a bit morbid, but may make you want to die less in this sort of game XD I always found games more suspenseful when death scenes occur depending on what creature kills you. Say you get killed by a spider, the spider wraps you up and starts to nom on you or something similar. Say a tentacle kills you, perhaps it pulls you into the ground. Just silly things like that, I know it would require more information, but it would be kind of cool to see what kind of death scenes would take place with different monsters, and maybe it'll make you feel more sorry for the character that's trying to survive. Just a little thought
  20. The Fifth and final part. Hope you all enjoyed watching.
  21. So, I settled my base in an awesome island with beefalos, tallbirds, graveyards and spiders. Spiders. They seem to get stronger and stronger every single time I pay a visit to them. Currently there are 6 dens, 3 tier 3 and 3 tier 2. I wanted to get rid of those once and for all but without losing the resources and such. I do not dispose of fire darts/pigs (there are 2 pig houses near them and they kill the pigs as Soon as thry spawn). Thank you! ( this game is awesome)
  22. So over the holidays I got plenty of gift cards to plenty of places and one just happened to be Amazon, I was so excited I was going to get to buy Don't Starve without asking my parents for their Credit Card and then the only option's were to use a Credit Card surprise! So I'm left to begging you friendly people here, please help a friendly gamer out. I'm offering retail price(15$ USD) to anyone willing to sell me a Key. I can gift you something on Amazon you would like for 15$ or just send then 15$ to you, so if you're willing to sell me a Key just send me and E-mail at and I'll be more then willing to figure something out with you. Sincerely, Truffles