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Found 5 results

  1. //UNDER MAINTENANCE// Currently, all art is spread throughout the thread.
  2. I had two duplicants die in an ice biome, but at the time I only found one of them. Many many cycles later I saw this: So I quickly prioritised her rescue but once she was free I noticed that Ellie wasn't...exactly...herself: Apart from having zero health and breath, and well, being 'rotten', all she does all day is climb up and down that ladder. Maybe she's more of a ghost than a zombie, haunting the other duplicants in the place where they let her die?!
  3. Game Changer

    Entertainment. That's why They trapped him here, why They let him build a world to his liking, let him trap others to survive in it. They found it entertaining, the pain, the death, the struggle, the insanity. Oh, They love the insanity. They go ecstatic when one of the puppets loses it, but it's usually short lived. The puppets ether recover, die by it, or die before they even have the chance to go loopy. They don't like that. Recently, They have been growing tired of the same old game. Not even the short bursts of insanity are enough. They grow bored, and when They grow bored, They torture him for entertainment. It's unbearable. As time goes on, They get bored more often and for longer periods. He gets tortured more often and more violently. He had to find relief. He had to entertain them. He had to change the game. Rules 1. Choose Your Character You can play as any of the original Don't Starve cast, or some of your OC's. You can have as many puppets as you like, but please keep it within a reasonable amount so we don't end up with long, overly complicated posts. If you choose a OC, provide a detailed description including their name, age, race, appearance, abilities, disabilities, and any items they might have on them. You can add more information if you'd like, but this is the bare minimum. 2. Brush up on the Basics Read this: if you haven't already, because we're going to follow all those rules here. 3. Put Meaning Into Your Posts Don't just just type out a few sentences and press enter. Actually think about what you are going to do, type it out, and look it over for spelling and grammar errors before posting. Sentences like: "She walk over an pulld it up and sayed 'This look wierd..............'" are not acceptable. 4. Feel Free to Correct If you feel that I, or someone else, (but mostly me) is spouting utter nonsense or pulling crap out of thin air, please, set me straight, but be polite about it. On the other side of the spectrum, if you find me complaining about nothing, confront me about it and I'll try to not stab your eyes out with a spoon listen and be less strict. Active Characters (No Spaces Open, but Inactive People can Return) MenaAthena: Age: 6 Race: Mandrake Abilities: -Can use loud sonic shrieks -Has a knowledge of Gem powers and Nightmare fuel -doesn't lose sanity from darkness or picking mandrakes or nightmare petals. -adept in Hound Riding -Can survive in the sunlight, but is weakened by the sun's rays Disabilities: -Is weak, and cannot lift anything heavier than 20 pounds. he even has to use his own specially crafted tools for his size. -Cooks easily -Is an "enemy" of pigs, since he's a vegetable. Bio: Wakana started as a small Mandrake seed enchanted with black magic by a woman named Wale Trueman and eventually grew into a Mandrake smarter, stronger, and bigger than most. Wale raised the Mandrake as her own telling him of the nature of Maxwell's world, teaching him to make his own tools, and each night she put him into the ground with a hug and kiss. One morning, he awoke and she was gone. Perplexed and depressed, he went through her stash, which had remained where it was. He found notes that may have been clues to where she would be now, gathered them and his own belongings, and set out to find her. along the way, he met his Hound Wulfric and befriended him. He currently roams the world, still in search of his mother. Appearence: Big for a Mandrake, about up to an adult's middle thigh. He has 6 leaves sprouting from his head. 3 of them are purple, and the two towards the center of the top of his head are orange. He has two eyes, entirely black. His left one has a pink Iris(the ring around the Pupil). his body is grey, and he has fingerless hands and toeless legs. Behavior: Childish mainly. he's generally trusting towards others, except for Pigs, because they're always trying to eat him. His only real friend is Wulfric, his pet hound. Name: Wulfric Age: 4(Human years) Race: Hound Abilities: -Sturdy, capable of Carrying heavy objects -Enhanced Hearing Disabilities: -Enemy to pigs -Not good at fighting Bio Wulfric was a normal hound that was found by Wakana as a Pup and currently travels, acting as a mount and companion for Wakana in his search for his mother. Appearence: A normal hound with a saddle with a bag attached to it Blewcheese: Age: Reaaalll old. Race: Treeguard Appearance: Newleaf is a 20 feet tall pine tree. What should be his base has split into two long legs, and has two large, club-like branches that serve as arms. By the top of his tree-body, his pine needles part in a way that seem to form a face, which is normally either portraying seriousness or anger. Abilities: Being a 20 foot tall pine tree, he's pretty darn strong, so he's got that going for him. Newleaf also has the ability to manipulate plants to an extent, and often uses vines to constrict his enemies. He also communicates with plants, which is an easy way to relay information or scout danger. Since he's a tree, Newleaf can photosynthesize. This is basically when he reverts to a tree mode, and goes to sleep. However, during this, his is completely unaware of his surroundings and very vulnerable. This does mean that he does not require any food, only sunlight. Disadvantages: He's a tree. And definately not a fireproof one. Newleaf is awfully slow, although his huge steps make up for this somewhat. He'll have a very, very difficult time targeting something small and nimble. Newleaf needs sunlight, and often cannot go 24 straight hours without light, or else he simply shuts down. Bonus characteristics: He really, really, reaaaaalllly hates hounds. If a hound attack occurs, he'll drop practically anything he's doing to go and slaughter all of them. As you'd expect from a treeguard, he'll get mad at you if you harm any plants. Name: WX-78 Apparently he still wants to play as this guy robot. Make up your mind Blew. Halved: Name: Jonathan Crow Age: Early 20’s Gender: Male Backstory: Silentdarkness: Dead or Inactive Characters Percival: Name: Mara Fili Age: 21 Gender: Female Species: Human Backstory: (I prefer to explain through exposition, but I will say she was once a caretaker in an orphanage.) Appearance: Her hair styled into a high set ponytail hidden underneath a piece of cloth trapping the majority of her hair underneath, and a rich complexion, she wears a crude necklace of charms, a gift a child has given her, with a mauve dress accented by blue stars to compliment the necklace. Personality: She is quite frail emotionally, a which she covers underneath a mask of kindness. Unfortunately, she does have her moments when she snaps, which results in unbroken rage. Don't break the cutie. Attributes Friend of Familiars Her memories of the children she used to watch, scraps of joy salvaged from her past in material form. Remnants of a past locked away by tedium set free. Each familiar is about a foot tall, each with their own personality traits. Own Flesh And Blood Creating something out of nothing, or someone out of nothing, depending on who you ask, is hard if you can't control Nightmare Fuel. For Mila, she has to resort to using the charms that she keeps as a catalyst for the person; and a part of herself, whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically doesn't matter; the reason for her hemophilia is because she's been summoning the creatures far too much. InventoryAssorted CharmsSide Notes: She is diagnosed with hemophilia, meaning that her blood can't clot, which means that a simple wound could drain her entirely of blood without proper bandaging. Dara999: Quiet:
  4. I have another idea when you die you will go to heaven or hell maybe you could make a device to send you to hell/heaven From skullman
  5. Do you use a meat effigy or amulet at all?And why or why not? Personally I have never used a meat effigy nor amulet before.In fact,I intentionally didn't research both of them at all(Even though I am playing as Willow and she doesn't grow a beard ).I want dead to be unforgiving,meaning I have to start all over if my time has come.That,and preventing me from being careless too much..Those near dead experiences are a lot more thrilling to me than to just think "oh well if I die my meat effigy will ressurect me ^^",but yeah how about you?