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Found 2 results

  1. This is not a meme, or a "Nerf Wes". This is a "Buff Wes", because as everyone may know, when Wes was first implemented into Don't Starve, he was intended to be a challenge character. This may not seem like an issue at all, but then Don't Starve Together released, and that added multiplayer into the equation. Since anyone can join any person's world and play as whoever they want (unless there's a use of mods, but it doesn't show up that frequently.), anyone can just join as Wes, either knowing about his downsides or just simply picking him because they're new and he looks appealing. And now Wes' downsides, they affect every other player in the server. Wes consumes more food than everyone. Wes deals less damage than everyone. Wes has low max HP compared to most of the cast. His only upside is that his balloons can be used to quickly drain sanity (which is good or bad, depending on the circumstances or the player, but it's not exactly the greatest place to be with 25% less damage being dealt), and bait and damage mobs. Neither of these are very substantial at all, and bring pretty much nothing to the table. Granted, with enough skill, the player could be less of a burden, but then.. why not just play as someone else? Seriously. How many people have you seen in your experience with the game play as Wes for any purpose besides a joke. Out of all of the characters within the game, Wes is one who goes unused. I think James Bucket's video explains what I said above pretty well. And in a more entertaining way: Now, this isn't any hate on Wes. I quite like Wes' design, and his skins. Hell, I even went and nabbed all of them. I think it's a shame that using him would make everyone upset, and potentially lead to me being banned from a server. With the announcement that every single character in DST (and even Shipwrecked, I guess. Klei's insane. In a good way.) is being reworked to balance their skills to make them more interesting, unique, fun to play, and more powerful. Or potentially less powerful, we're only 2 reworks in. This means that EVERYONE will be reworked. Including characters who nobody even thought about Klei reworking, Wilson, and Wes. This means that this is Wes' chance to maybe become a less unviable, or even a viable character. What do you guys think? Do you think that Wes should keep his status as challenge character, or do you think that should be abandoned in favor of a more powerful, unique and co-op friendly character? I never see anybody talk about Wes when it comes to who they think should be reworked soon, so I decided to be the first (to my knowledge).
  2. I thought having a thread dedicated to OC's in general might be useful. Let the world see your original characters! To start it off, here are two of mine (pictures when I install my art software onto this new laptop): Wynat Nickname: The Childish Motto: "Let's play a game!" Perks: *Innocent (0.75x sanity drain) *Runs fast (1.25x running speed) Flaws: *Small stomach (less hunger) * Frail (less health) Appearance: A small girl with chin-length, light brown hair. She wears a white and blue lacy dress, with a blue bow on her head. Age: 19 Backstory: Wynat made a deal with Maxwell because he promised her a life free from the mundane and adult responsibility. Quotes when examining: A tree - "Maybe I should make a treehouse!" A grave - "Eep! Dead people!" A bee - "Do you think it'll let me have some honey?" Wake Nickname: The Cynic Motto: *Snarks* Perks: * Hardy (0.85x damage taken) * Javelin expert (1.25x damage dealt with Spear) Flaws: * Afraid of the dark (1.5x sanity drain at night) * Tragic past (less sanity) Appearance: A boy with blonde, bed-head hair and tired eyes. He wears a white t-shirt and orange jacket with black trousers. Age: 22 Backstory: Wake made a deal with Maxwell because he was promised the chance to find, and apologize to, his childhood friend. (His friend disappeared after he left her for a more popular crowd.) Quotes when examining: A tree - "Thank you for your oxygen, tree." A grave - "Well, that's depressing." A bee - "If you sting me, it'll kill you. Revenge!"