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Found 13 results

  1. Lego Don't Starve

    I thought this was relevant here:
  2. Version 1.2


    Wisspher! The Misplaced One! "No one can beat such a powerful being like me..." Health and Hunger : 200 Sanity : 100 *Decayed Mind, He doesn't feel dapper. *A high strength requires a stable conditions. *Cannot wear any armor except his helmet. *A very picky eater, has problems to sleep. *Has some forbidden stuff. Code, Concept, In game Texture done by myself! Art done by Mf99k! such a great artist! Code help and support by FelixTheJudge! an amazing coder and modder! What does content this mod (more than an character) *Custom Speech! *All characters has unique examinations on Wisspher and his items *Basic Version *Colors!? *Decayed Mind, He doesn't feel dapper. -His sanity is just 100 -Monsters aren't so scary for him, insanity aura is 0.4 -Dapper items gives less sanity, dapperness is 0.8 *A high strength requires a stable conditions. -His combat multiplier and hunger scales with sanity when your sanity is low, you will be more weak and the hunger loss will be less. When your sanity is high, you deal more than Wigfrid and Wolfgang at min mightyness but your hunger rate will be high too, not much, calm down, he isn't going to starve! -Has natural armor like Wigfrid, same resistance. -Is more slower than an average character. *Cannot wear any armor except his helmet. -A real drawback is he refuses wear any armor except it's own helmet. *A very picky eater, has problems to sleep. -This perks are similar to Wickerbottom but worst. Any spoiled foodstuff will recover nothing -Cannot sleep. *Has some forbidden stuff. -Talking about forbidden! He has a some own items for use, he is the only one who can craft them, but anyone can use it! Don't worry! -He refuses eat Green Mushrooms and Glommer's Goop. This is because if you just eat 2 of them he will be easily insane and that is a no no no! Items. Combat Sword. Yeah, let's kill all of them! No one will be alive after craft this magnificent weapon! Has 100 uses, Deals 40.8 of damage ,Doesn't requires research stations! Crafted with 1 Rope, 4 Flints and 2 Twigs Marble Sword. This is a fancy one, since marble is not renewable on servers without caves, they have good durability and high damage Has 250 uses, Deals 55 of damage, Requires research station level 1! Crafted with 1 Rope, 6 Marbles and 3 Twigs Otherworldly Sword. Yo! You know you can make great stuff with moon rocks!? Thats pretty neat! You can craft a sword made with moon rocks! Has a great durability but a mediocre damage, but, can cast a meteor! A gentle meteor who doesn't destroys your entire base! Has 400 uses, Deals 34 of damage, Requires a magic station level 1! 25% chances of spawn a small meteor who deals 25.5 of damage! Crafted with 1 Living Log, 6 Moon Rock Nuggets and 3 Flints Combat Helmet! Wisspher's essential equipment! This resistant helmet will help you in combat, has high pain reduction! Has 2350 hit points, absorbs 0.90 of damage! Doesn't require research station! Crafted with 3 Papyrus, 8 Rocks and 2 Gold Nugget Nightmare Staff A powerful staff! A staff with 10 uses, consumes 20 of sanity each use. Spawns Shadows explosions! Crafted with 10 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Living Logs and 1 Purple Gem Stunlock Amulet. Since Wisspher cannot hold any armor, why not use the nightmares to fight against your enemies!? Amulet with 25 max Nightmare Stunlocker Crafted with 6 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Gold Nuggets and 1 Purple Gem Configuration Options! Basic Mode / Bored Mode! This mode is from the people who doesn't want so many items. So, If you don't like a lot of weird items, you'll only be able to craft the most essential ones. Change Reckless to Misplaced! This is so dumb but I'll do, I don't care, previously. Wisspher looked more like a Misplaced character. Since I changed all of his look, He's more Reckless now! But you will be able to change the title from "The Reckless One" to "The Misplaced One" Last Thing, Colors. Yeah, this is dumb too! You'll be able to change it's clothes colors! You have 3 flavours, from the normal red, to a misplaced blue or a purple madman!
  3. Reign of Giants inspired me to draw something! It wound up taking waaay too much time not to post. So, I'll probably be drawing more Don't Starve stuff at some point in the future, but don't expect anything very soon! Oh, and here's that nightmare butterfly I drew for Lord_Battal's contest thingy a while back:
  4. Mahogany table!!!!!!!!! is7udgijgjcych8drybgiuyposrgh7cygiduyioyuhnr :wilson_ecstatic: i9duihurihytfejoguy78hmjigdthuyrisjhyhkzrd
  5. settings:long wintermore spidersmore houndsmore treeguards and deerclopsmore tallbirdsCharacter:wesEDIT:long dusk
  6. ...I'll just drop this here...
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Killer bees glitching before new bee spawns Steps to reproduce 1) Catch bee with bug net 2)Killer bees glitch in and then vanish before new bee spawns out of bee hive. Describe your issue When I catch a regular bee in a bug net when next to a bee hive, right after catching the bee a few killer bees will appear then vanish quickly before a new bee spawns out of the bee hive.
  8. See, my idea is that the character changes depending on what the player has been doing alot of.For example, if you eat meat every time you food bar goes down 10 then your character will get fatter and more hungerAnd if you chop down alot of tree and gather alot of materials he will get dirtier and collect fasterkill alot of good mobs he will get bloodier and look stronger and scarierkill bad mobs get also bloodier, stronger, and badasser and maybe more healtheat bad food get sick, food goes down fasteryada yada yada you get the point
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70528 Issue title save data not persisting between computers Steps to reproduce 1) have save data on one computer. 2) sync your google profile on a second computer Describe your issue my save data isnt persisting between computers. isnt the save data supposed to be stored on the servers? had a look at how the save data is stored and seems to connect to a database with the world seed ect
  10. here is my suggestion: It would be awesome to have a plane crash on one pf the islands here are the benefits of that: [items] We could get items from the plane that we could not normally get like a radio or seats or anything else [Transportation] We could like fix the plane and ride it and then a storm makes us crash on another mysterious island!!With new monsters and biomes [Transportation] We could also have jets or spaceships that will crash so we can go to the space and get rock from floating rocks!! [structure] We can make the plane our home!! [items] We can make other stuff from the plane parts!! thanks for listening!! Ideas gotten from: Lost (movie series) and The Meteorite suggestion!!
  11. I am new to this game and I was just wondering, if you select the "make a new world" option instead of "new game" does it reset all of your things like what you have researched and experience points? Thank you.
  12. Hey everyone! Basically I want to have 2 games at the same time on Don't Starve, one for my youtube series and one for just playing off camera, having fun sort of thing. Does anyone know how to access my current game which is the youtube one, and create a save folder? So then I can make a new game, and keep switching over when I need to, using the import feature. Thanks, any help will be massively appreciated!