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  1. Well, on the wiki-forum thingy*, some anonymous contributier said we needed more female characters(The male to female ratio is 10:5). Various people responded, mostly telling them to suggest one. So, because I thought that wasn't a bad idea, I will put a few ideas here, feel free to add more. And yours don't have to be female- I'm simply writing female characters to put more out there. So, Willa "The Animal Whisperer" -Can tame wild creatures -Can't bring herself to kill an innocent being W. A. Banks "The Lady Poet" -Can live on words alone -Can't stand the sight of blood Willhemina "The Princess" -Treasures her crown above all -Can use gold to make things royal Indepth: Willa can befriend animals, by giving them food they like. For monsters and angry beefalo, once she feeds them, they will be neutral until she walks at least two screen lengths away. With non-aggressive animals, they will follow her for a little while. However, she can't kill anything considered an innocent creature. W. A. Banks can write poetry, how this works is: she spawns with a pen, while she is holding it, she can write on papyrus. She writes by examining something, while having both pen and paper. Each poem she writes restores 25 health, hunger, and sanity. This uses up papyrus, and she can only write on one thing once. So, if you examined a evergreen tree to write, she couldn't use an evergreen tree again, however she could use a birchnut tree. Also, she loses 5 sanity whenever something dies. Willhemina spawns with a crown, which is a headpiece that gives her high sanity gain. However, if she isn't wearing the crown, she has a massive sanity drain, unless she is wearing the Thulucite** Crown. The crown has durability, but she can craft it out of 5 gold. She can also craft a Royal Parasol(Keeps her dry) with a pretty parasol and gold, and a Royal Robe(keeps her warm) out of beefalo wool and gold. Personalities: Willa is a tomboy, about 10 years old, and kind of a oppisite Wendy. Wendy thinks nature is boring, Willa wants to spend her life outdoors. Wendy is morbid, Willa is cheery. Also, while Wendy clearly came from a rich family, Willa has a much more lower class background. Her hair is reddish brown, curly and unruly. W. A. Banks finds beauty in everything, if she examined a rock she would have something nice to say about it. W. A. Banks is not in fact her real name, it is a pen name, similar to how Wigfrid is the name of her character, not her real name. She has brown hair, which she wears in two neat buns. Willhemina is very prim and proper, and will often make comments such as 'How distasteful!' or 'Ugh! I don't like the color.'. She has black hair, which she wears in two neat braids coiled around her head. Thank you for reading this long post, feel free to give me comments or suggestions, and post your own ideas too! Oh, and if you can draw, I appreciate any fan arts you can make. *if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's not worth it to explain **I know, I spelled it wrong
  2. I just have to say how much I love this game('s) music. The main menu, the ingame music, the boss music, the trailer music! That darn trailer song. I start the game just to hear the music and watch the trailers just for it. Thank you Klei!
  3. Hahaha I am in love with winona so much that I actually printed it off and pasted it on my wall
  4. WolfGang's Title IS The Strongman
  5. Ok so, I have a theory about these maniac laughs people sometimes hear at night. Now, people who heard that laugh, tell me: In which biome have you heard it? What Day was it? Have you dug up any graves? Were graves near your campfire? Did the moon bar show a full moon? My theory (actually somebody told me that) is that around day 100 maxwell re-appears at your spawnpoint and you can then ask him to help you leave this world. He would then start fighting you, and about what I've been told noone has ever beaten him. Maybe the laugh indicates maxwell came out of the dirt again? And I'm also too much of a wimp to figure that out myself, and I'm not at day 100 yet
  6. His nature, well, he is afraid of everything; loves nature (…at least while he is in sane human form…) Demonic form in progress… Isn't that Walter (which is awesome, in my opinion). I'm sorry, MilleniumCount; it was just the first name, that came up in my head, that starts with "W" letter. Maybe because I saw your thread before and it's stuck in my head somewhere, I have no idea, really Update (testing out in-game look): click on a pic for full size Update (playing with his forms & etc.): Update (another tryout):
  7. Name: Wayland The Sociopath. Look: Thinish build, with sharp features rather than handsome. Sinister smile and bags around his eyes. Clothes: White and black Straight-jacket. Hair:medium finger brushed apart hair, hair color grayish white. Special power: Split personality that is the insane part of him, his name is Watende which means revengeful. - change happens randomly (don't know why it didn't update) and he will not change back to you kill something, Watende will make remarks/jest about things he kills. And say his other side is weak. -Wayland is immune to insanity at the cost of his other side being fully insane. If a new update comes out for weapons: Custom knife? That when examined says. Taste of vengeance is sweet. Background: Wayland once lived a happy life with his family. His mum and dad. They thought their son was going insane, talking to himself all the time. He had only one friend he called him Watende. His other side. When he was 10 his parents died horribly through murder, by their uncle because they were wealthy. But he didn't know that Wayland was watching, in his anger a voice inside his head told him that his parents blood must be re-payed so he grabbed a knife from the kitchen draw and.... you can guess what happened next. Wayland was sent to a mental institution he was locked in a room, tortured and in solitude, but he still had his "friend" Watende. He remained their till he was a early man. Going into game/appearance. One night he and Watende had enough and so they broke out. In the dark, in the madness and insanity he blacked out and woke up in a strange new world. He saw a sinister looking man, named Maxwell who told him "Say pal you don't look so good. You better get something to eat before night comes." New Items If a new update comes out with weapon ideas: A nice new sparkling knife! Maybe less appealing than a big spear but what this thing doesn't make up in size it makes up in speed and ferocity! Considered all posts and I am deciding that maybe his change occurs randomly. Suggestions have been thought out, will leave for a Beta. Easiest way is just to create Wayland and leave Watende for later, if the developers would like to make their own powers/perks to him... That's all for now. I hoped you liked it and the story, please be gentle with the comments. But feel free to post anything about it, more ideas or anything really is appreciated! Thank you. Zachary. Added picture, bored. Option 1 Wayland/Watende default, the first one. Option 2 Wayland/Watende by Schatzy
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Chrome Version Number - Issue title "The app is currently unreachable." Steps to reproduce Open it? Describe your issue Haven't been able to open Don't Starve since Wednesday, 11/21. At first I thought it was possibly being updated but I assume it should now be back up but every time I attempt to open the game it instantly tells me that The app is currently unreachable. Any help?