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  1. Hello DST Community! Let me start this by saying that, despite having barely any posts under this account, I have nearly 10k hours in this game (I do have a life, I swear). So please don't dismiss this post before reading at least a few lines. Ok, now that that's out of the way... First of all, I wanna start on a positive note by thanking Klei for buffing the insulated pack. That was very needed. I think the insulated pack got a nice boost and now it feels like a viable option. It's a natural upgrade to the backpack now, although I feel like it needs to be either no longer flammable or cheaper (2 gears perhaps, or 1). I really like that, even with the buff, it didn't affect the piggyback, which is good. Both have its pros and cons. In comparison to the piggyback, it has less slots and is considerably more expensive, but preserves food and doesn't slow you down. It is also not a substitute to the ice box (despite being basically a portable ice box) or ice chester, since it can't preserve ice nor cool down a thermal stone. To sum up, it was a great revisit to an old item and a simple and effective tweak by Klei. Props. Bundling Wraps Ok, now getting onto the main subject of this post: Bundling wraps. Why not revisit and tweak them too? I’m aware that this is a very controversial item (easily the most controversial mechanic currently, maybe even more than disease). Some people love them, some people hate them. The challenge here is to find a middle ground where everyone is happy. I would appreciate if you could take the time to read all of it, and then help one another brainstorm a solution to this. Throughout your reading, just please bear in mind that these are just my ideas (actually they are not even 100% mine), and the main purpose of this is to discuss the subject and not enforce my opinion on anybody. Let's begin. Balancing the Bundling Wrap I would say that most people think that a possible rebalance should be based on giving durability to the wax paper or make the bundle recipe more expensive (2 honeycombs or whatever). But I believe there are better options. Here are some ideas for a patch: 1. Klaus This is essential. Klaus' wax papers must come undone when unwrapped. The abundance of wax papers is one of the reasons this item is overpowered. Alternatively, Klaus could drop his loot in the form of gift wraps from Winter’s Feast (more suitable for the xmas theme even) that also come undone when unwrapped. 2. Tweaking the current Bundling Wrap The current bundling wrap would no longer halt food spoilage completely but food inside of it would spoil more slowly, although a bit worse than an icebox or insulate pack (25% as opposed to 50%). Maybe also change the recipe to 2 or 3 ropes instead of 1. This type of bundle is good to be used on the go. 3. The Icy Bundling Wrap Now the main part. We could add a new type of bundle in the game. Let's call it Icy Bundling Wrap (I'm not very creative, don't judge me). This new kind of bundling wrap has a different recipe. My suggestion would be 5 ice and 3 ropes. I heard this idea from a French streamer named Frodeur. Notice the key part: it costs ice. This type of bundle is the one that will stop food spoilage completely. It's a good item for, say, preserve lightbulbs, some mushrooms for your mushroom planters, or your good old pierogies for boss fights. It can’t wrap ice though, for obvious reasons. This way, it won't be the most viable option for nomad style or long trips, since we probably won't be able to wrap it back due to lack of ice (probably more viable in winter). So this item is more suitable for stocking food in your base and not on the go. Additionally, we can predict beforehand that unwrapping the wrong bundle and lose 5 ice is probably going to be an inconvenience since we can't inspect bundles to see what's inside (also an inconvenience). I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion here. 4. Bee Queen Bee Queen would be similar to Toadstool. It can either drop a blueprint for the regular wrap or the icy wrap. There you have it. That's basically it. In my humble opinion, this item just can't be the way it is currently. It breaks the game. It is too cheap (costs literally one rope) considering the huge benefit it provides in the form of infinite food. However, the idea itself is not necessarily bad and could be tweaked for the better. The situation with bundles is quite similar to the Celestial Portal: good idea, but poorly balanced. But the portal is subject for a whole different post. I would like to know if you guys like my suggestions and also post yours. ----------------- From this point on, I’m mentioning stuff that is off topic (but not really). U can stop reading here if you want. ----------------- To finish this post, I just want to discuss the Wolfgang problem, cause I feel like both issues are related. People say that Wolfgang needs a nerf, but he was never this huge problem before. He became a problem after bundles, because he can be constantly well fed and his main drawback (wimpy form) is never an issue anymore. The Wolfgang situation got worse when people realized you could just use the moon idol, swap to Warly, season your whole bundle of kabobs, swap back to Wolf and profit. So I just want to point out that the problem is not Wolfgang, but rather unbalanced mechanics that came afterwards. I beg you Klei, don't nerf him drastically, it would be a mistake. The issue is not him. He is one of the characters that need the least amount of rework, if any. Maybe increase the sanity drain so he also has to worry about shadows during fights, and call it a day. His design is solid and his purpose in the game is clear. Wolf is not the only one affected by the current bundle system. For instance, tell me one downside of Wigfrid at the moment? Her main issue was low hunger meter and having a harder time in the caves. That no longer applies. She had to carry a good amount of meatballs or whatever with her for longer trips, which could eventually go stale. Well, not anymore. It's the same as saying automatic food farming is an issue. I used to say that too, until I realized that it was never THIS big of an issue before the wrap came about. Of course bunny farm is op, but it would be way less op (and it was) if all of that food turned into rot eventually. Yes you can feed stale eggs to bird and basically get a fresh one back and have infinite eggs (which should also be fixed btw, in my eyes), but it doesn't even compare to bundles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So there you have it. I think the community really needs to once again discuss this controversial mechanic that shakes the core identity of the game which still is (or should be, in my view) to not starve.