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  1. берёшь вешь и просто кладёшь в него нало когда ктото кидает вёщь чтобы она испорялась и возврощялась на своеё время
  2. i cant see. i went afk overnight and when i came back this happened
  3. Overhead grabs

    Releasing from the end of the bar of a grab, head hits the bar and kills all momementum, killing a run.
  4. If done properly, the player can get onto the whiteboard in the spawn room in Wholesale. While the player is unable to exit the room from this place, seeing the map how you shouldn't see it is possible
  5. 一共38个星星我已经全部获得了,但是我关闭游戏后再次进入时显示37/38,缺少的是试炼1/2,可是这两个我全部完成了,而且又重复玩了好几遍依然无法获得第38个星星,导致相关成就也无法获得,请帮我解决
  6. Lets say you are jumping from jump A to jump B. Lets say jump A is 10 feet from jump B. Lets say jump A (aka platform A) is 5 feet long. Now, on one attempt you can jump from A to B at 2 feet into platform A. Another time you can jump from at A at 4 feet into platfrom A. Then another at 3, 5, and 1. Now, this is where the problem lies, if all 5 different jumps at 5 different lengths worked the first time, 7 times out of ten it won't work the second, third, fourth, fifth time, etc... Even if you do everything the same. I am sure two or three times out of the seven are due to human error, however, I am inclinced to believe that some of it is the game. Let's say that my math is right and only 40% is the games fault. That does not seem that bad, but let's say that is out of 100 attempts, that would mean 40 of those "attempts" are unsuccessful because of your game mechanics. To me, this becomes especially frustrating when you are far into the course, making great time, then fail because of a jump that you did 100 times earlier perfectly and for some reason this time caused you to restart. I could see a lot of users leaving this game because of this problem. Thanks for reading :)
  7. тела остаются после смерти
  8. я взял карандаш и подошол и вот просто не бросаешь а кладёшь я ищю в вашей игре баги :)
  9. stuck cant move

    fell into this spot and i cant get out :c
  10. cant see through my sunglasses, respawn fixes it
  11. some models become smaller when you move away from them, this tree for example. when you move away far enough, it becomes as small as a bush i know moving away from object should make them appear smaller, but these models actually scale very small. right now the tree is as big as the fence next to it, but when you move away its barely above the ground
  12. read other report I made, basically if you are stuck behind the door (get to like 4 speed and jump off the lockers) everything is unrendered that isnt behind the door. if you look down at an angle the wall behind the door (if you look from the hallway) is also unrenedered
  13. looking down at an angle lets you look through this door crack and through the wall itself (door near the dog spawn)
  14. Seems to be that whenever I'm on the floor and move my mouse I'm listed as out of bounds. If I'm jumping and move my mouse then i'm not affected, but if I'm on the ground and turn my character I get listed as OOB.
  15. Not in a level, but any time I turn my mouse or move around I get listed as "out of bounds" and teleported back to outside the last course I did. Have tried rejoining map and it did not get fixed.
  16. texture bug

    you can go pretty far into the wall/texture if you run forwards in this spot
  17. i cant move

    i load in an i wont be able to move
  18. game freezing

    start getting screen freeze and skipping. starts at entrance and continues past the first two arm swings.
  19. In crouched down under this area and then stood up and I cant get out. I even tried croching again