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Found 10 results

  1. A simple suggestion, when a player dies on lunar island, it has a chance of instead of becoming a skeleton, rising up as a horror Character, still carrying the dead player's items(Using it too) you would still leave the body as a ghost to be revived.
  2. Hi! I'm kind of new to the forums (came for the Metheus, stayed for the memes and generally awesome community) and I figured I should post some of my DST doodles up on here! I'm sorry for uh, kinda violent/scary/gory content? Tell me if I need to tag it/cut it/censor it, anything! Hi!
  3. Underground Nightmare (closed)

    The Maze: a horror roleplay Free character slots: NONE Wow, finally I was able to do this. I've been waiting for ages to come up with an almost-non-horrible story for a roleplay that isn't related to don't starve... First of all I want to know if I CAN make a non DS related roleplay. If I cannot, just reply saying I can't and I will delete this thread. RULES I don't have a limit over the people who can join (everybody can join!) but the character shouldn't be more then 8 in total. A single person may roleplay as multiple characters.The characters must be realistic, someone that could exist in real life. Why this? Because it's a horror story, and having any kind of superpower would ruin the experience. Because of this, not all the characters might be accepted.Obviously, as in every other horror story, people will die here. And because the people here are your characters, you must accept when a character of yours dies. Don't worry, though, as I will try to not kill a character if it's your last and only one character.OTHER INFOS ON THE CHARACTERS: Every character will wake up in an unknown underground maze. As you were brought there, you still have your things with you, meaning each character will have a starting inventory. An example may be that you brought your cell phone with you, which you can use as a light source. Another thing may be if your character smokes: he will have a lighter or some matches, whitch he may use to light up the extinguished torches that are attached at some walls. The characters will wake up together with some of the other characters, but they will be devided in two main groups. If you want your character to stay in the same group with another one, just PM me. Note that the groups will meet up after some time. If you know what Corpse Party is, this is going to be something that follows that genre. So, what other do I have to say? Well...uhm... Oh, right. @ helped me. (Thank you Pecival :3) And now, let's go talk about the story. --------------------------------------------------------------------- REBORN IN DARKNESS (Chapter 0) You find yourself in a dark room. It's cold here, you think at first. Then you realise: this isn't your home. It's not a place you know either. It's just a cold and dark unkown room. It almost seems as a prison, but you don't remember being arrested. You want to go away. You want to see. <The cell phone, right!> You think as you grab your cell phone from your pocket. No signal, but the battery is fine. You can use it as a flashlight, you realise. And so you can finally see. But was that really what you wanted to see? WIth your eyes stuck on the corpses that surround you, the mouth unable to scream, the body frozen, quivering, you blame yourself for going out on that night, on the 31th of November. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I don't want to spoil anything at the beginning. If you have questions, just ask. CURRENT CHARACTERS AND ROLEPLAYERS: @DwerBomb @TRENTOMINOUS @Lord_Battal @Zomsabra @Minik435 @Blewcheese @ Current groups: -Elly, Terry, Trent, Danial and Aika -Wallace, Lee, Jonathan, Sadie
  4. The Lone Figure (Horror RPG)

    The lone figure on the hills, Can only signal coming ills, For if this warning you do not heed, He will come about on his trusty steed, And curse you for eternity, Therefore, you must flee, Before your end is nigh, And your fate is the same as I. -Unknown, 1545. Character Sheet: Name: Gender: Age: Bio: (Optional) ------------- Fear Level: 0/100 HP: 100/100 Inventory: None Will respond to new posts tomorrow afternoon.
  5. The Darkness

    Hey guys! Spelunky here. I'd like to make a roleplay, its a horror roleplay like The Screecher, but there is not a screecher, just the monster that (someone) is likely to make up as we go. Anyway. There will be 10 people, one will be me. I will put my character below (somewhere down there) and once I get my list full, it will begin! (By the way, we are in Stenphan Lake, a campsite.) My character will be put below. Name: Sacrame (pronounced "sack-rem") Age: 56 Abilities: Able to see well in the dark. Downsides: Small stomach. Reason for coming: Heard about the great adventures at Stenphan Lake. But upon coming saw a dead body with both its legs and its head ripped off. Couldn't get a signal and was stuck for a long time. The liste: 1. Me 2. KBlock1
  6. So, i've been thinking I might want to make a Don't Starve fanfic. And i'm definitely wanting to go for a horror vibe. But i've seen enough creepypastas and crappy horror prose to know that I don't want it to be lame. I was wondering if anyone here might have any tips/pointers/advice on how to make it interesting without being lame, juvenile, cliche or phoned in. If you want to know, the initial idea has to do with trying to explain how Abigail died.
  7. Hey, everyone. Long-time lurker, first time poster. Something about Don't Starve made me feel like writing a poem. So I've decided to put it here for your amusement. I like to imagine the characters keep diaries. And that as they lose sanity, their entries become progressively more erratic as they begin ranting on and on about "shadow creatures". I visualized this as an entry in Wendy's diary when she's more or less gone completely insane (sanity <40, in game terms). I will say, it's pretty dark. Darker than I intended it to be. So it goes. *** Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, Through the black-stained night you sneak, From the shadow, from the deep, To my darkened room you creep. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, Though these sturdy walls my keep, Through the very cracks you seep, Aiming for my throat you leap. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, For my virgin blood you seek, Feel your tongue across my cheek, Of what next – I cannot speak. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, You will never let me sleep, Though I scream and though I weep, To stop you I am far too weak.
  8. Just a question. I was wondering if that's the average and what not, because that's how long I survived on my first character. I would have lived longer, but I didn't realize something was ACTUALLY coming when Wilson kept saying "Did you hear that?"
  9. Well, today I released a video on my Youtube channel ( and during the video I made a challenge. The challenge is shown during the video so check it out and if you want to participate in the challenge then do a video, send it to me as a video response and then I will list it! See who can survive the longest! Trust me, it is extremely hard! Watch me, have a crack at it first for the best chances. Hope to see some of you participating and see you on the other side!RegardsSirHughzus
  10. Maxwell's Shadow

    Ohh god no, NOT ME........ The hound was blue. Ravenous. But that wasn't the worst, shapes formed, disappeared, and reformed in the shadows, knowing Wilson wouldn't last long. Run, Wilson, run Then the barking grew and......ceased. Wilson stopped, the wrong choice. The hound barreled through him. Pain. Spreading, GOD HELP! Then, Wilson started laughing. "HA HAA HAAAAAAAAAAA" Far away, someone said It is over, Wilson has reached the brink of sanity. Meanwhile, the hound tore into Wilson. Snap. Crunch. His leg went out from under him. "What happened?" Wilson's mouth tasted the metallic tinge of blood. Owww.... I think I broke a bone "Hello?" I think whoever saved me, also abandoned me. "Anyone?" Shapes moved in the shadows. "Grrahhhh...." One of the creatures growled, I suppose it would be best to light a fire, to lift my spirits. Wilson gathered up some logs and found a piece of flint in his back pocket "C'mon, DANG IT light! LIGHT!" The shadows moved in closer.... Finally, a spark caught, and flames lept into the air, licking the sky and driving the unholy hallucinations back into the shadows. Grumble.Grumble. Wilson looked around for a source of the growling, he looked down and realized it was his stomach. Wilson walked towards a pot that seemed similar to the one you would stew soup in. Inside there was a head floating in greasy blood. "OHHH MY GOD!" Wilson screamed hysterically. Because of him, I am alive, his death was my beginning, I owe it to him to find the cause of his death and avenge him Sprawling on the floor he noticed a slithering track crossing the camp I suppose this track would be a good start. Several hours later, Wilson came across a stack of papers that read, Entry 1 I've figured it out, to escape, I must rescue the Others. Entry 2 Each other is hidden on a different isle, I've figured out the names Wilson is stranded on the isle of EverWinter Willow is stranded on the Strait of Shadows Wendy is stranded in the island of Death's Shadow Wolfgang is stranded on the bay of Illusion Wickerbottom is trapped on the Peninsula of Sorrow Wx49 is trapped in the Land of Fear - Wes Entry 3: I've recovered Wilson! When he awakes we will be one step closer to escape, after we recover everyone we will need to, XXXXXXXXXXXXX The rest of the paper is smeared in blood, "It's a shame he didn't get to list the final step" said Wilson to no one apparent, it would have been REALLY helpful." Then, as if hearing his words something starts forming out of the dark, a shapes disappears and reappears, splitting into 5 segments at the end, forming into a hand, completely dark. Wilson, join the perpetual dark and you shall be granted your wildest dreams Don't trust Maxwell, a voice inside Wilson's head whispers. Wilson, reach out and all your troubles will be relieved Wilson, I don't have much time, this is Wickerbottom speaking, quick run to the hand Puzzled, Wilson listens but still goes ahead and does the task. You will regret this, young one! My daemons, ghouls, and wights are everywhere...... The voice disappates when the hand does. "How are you communicating to me?" I am speaking to you through a Shadow Manipulator, capable of harnessing the nightmarish and demonic energies of the world for magic "MAGIC IS PSEUDOSCIENCE!" Wilson yells in a fit If you believe so, then....turn around. Smash.Smash. "What is that?!?!" Wilson asks, hysteria creeping into his voice. That is a Treeguard.