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Found 517 results

  1. I've tried to pick it up with leftclick. I've left and re-entered the trial. Not sure if it's just me.
  2. por los limites intentando sacar la ultima tarjeta del mundo normal, encontre un bug en la esquina de la vayas de madera junto con la reja cubierta con la lona azul
  3. jumping against slide while moving up it can get you lodged inside it and forced to think about your life decisions that led up to this point before you are (sometimes) ejected at mach 5
  4. Whenever you respawn from dying in the lava it will often respawn you inside items, causing you to be unable to move, you have to hit the retry button to get unstuck but it sends you to the start of the area. this is also happening in the main areas between maps as well
  5. i can see the mlg glasse and dont know how to fix
  6. I think i hit the start of the downward slope just before the pictured checkpoint at the right height and seemingly got stuck at that height, i can still move around but can't go down or up
  7. "JumpShot"

    You can obtain the "Jumpshot" acheivment/make a ball into a hoop just by hitting the bottom of the netting. Not sure if this is intentional but I'd like to verify just incase. Thank you for reading.
  8. Im not sure how to reproduce the issue but ill randomly die of being out of bounds when im going down hall ways or jumping even when im not in a course
  9. Terreno Bugado

    Eu estou atarvessando o chão de areia
  10. I just started playing and there is already a bug, don't know if other poeple have this but please fix
  11. the black mat in the screenshot sometimes stops u from moving
  12. my character stops moving after I respawn sometimes but if i retry it a couple of times it works again please fix
  13. I just restart the game and some times it happens and some times it doesn't.
  14. when i redo the chase the big boy run, i think i am getting stuck on my replay/ ground. It slows my overall run by around 2-3 seconds making it difficult to beat my time. Ty.
  15. First time occurance, possibly unreproduceable. Play through pole vault and then leave the course via "Continue" Player unable to move and can see body without head (In first person)
  16. Clicking retry prevents you from moving i had to use retry a few times to move aguan
  17. Подключаюсь к игре и не через стим не через игру не могу присоединиться и быть на одной карте с бдругом
  18. Remove Deathpit

    Moving bellow the death pit and the going back above it removes the deathpit
  19. Jumped at it from high up wrong
  20. начинаю занаво уровень а главный герой стоит на месте не подвижно и камера может смотреть в тело глвного героя.
  21. Just play the level "Gym Jam and get to the second level second rope