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Found 70 results

  1. 通关过后回来重新打出现通关最后的绳子不能用,导致通不去
  2. Exploits the tepidizer to push 110° C steam over the threshold where it may be used by a steam turbine, netting a small amount of energy in the process. This is probably one of the more heinous exploits, as you can make a free energy device that recycles its own output instead of using a steam vent; but I found it to be a useful way to to harvest water from steam vents as it saves me the hassle of injecting heat from an external source. Mechanics The internal battery is set to 80-100 and sends its signal through a NOT gate to the transformer's power shutoff to eject surplus power out to the main grid. The turbines are controlled by an atmo sensor that enables them once the steam pressure is greater than 1kg. The automation for the tepidizer is pretty simple, just plug a pulse clock and a temperature sensor into an AND gate. In this example, the pulse is for 1 second every 2 seconds, and the temperature sensor sends a green signal when below 126° C. At these temperatures the turbines can cool themselves with their own output while netting ~230kj/c and outputting at less than 98° C, ready to be piped off to electrolyzers and oil wells. When set to higher temperatures you can net up to 450kj/c even while augmenting the cooling with an aquatuner. Materials Constructed primarily from igneous rock, lead, and iron ore; but the tepidizer, battery and transformer are made from steel. You can save yourself some steel by placing the battery and transformer outside of the steam chamber as they are not necessary, but then you would need cool them. There are also two diamond tempshift plates behind the tepidizer, but these could just as easily be substituted with aluminum, gold or copper. Automation Power Plumbing
  3. You can jump up to the edge to walk arround the top of the map
  4. The window fram has bad cliping
  5. Well, if you jump on the trampoline then jump on the slider, then jump on the next trampoline there are 2 outcomes - One, if you dont touch the checkpoint, you get stuck on the ledge. Two - if you do touch the checkpoint, you maintain your speed, allowing a small skip.
  6. Cheating guy

    I can mistaking, but I think that this guy is cheating: I saw it on "Back to Class" challenge on playground
  7. Leaderboard Bug

    Go anywhere except the beginning and watch a replay on the leaderboard. doesnt matter who its by, doesnt matter how long it is. Finish the replayand the time will be reset to 0.
  8. Dentro i muri

    Saltando in questo preciso punto son finito incastrato nel muro
  9. Dentro i muri

    Saltando in questo preciso punto son finito incastrato nel muro
  10. out of map

    climbing onto the fridge allows you to climb out of the map
  11. 一共38个星星我已经全部获得了,但是我关闭游戏后再次进入时显示37/38,缺少的是试炼1/2,可是这两个我全部完成了,而且又重复玩了好几遍依然无法获得第38个星星,导致相关成就也无法获得,请帮我解决
  12. so you can just throw a basketball from the bottom and it'll still think its a shot
  13. rien de spécial c'est juste que quand je suis sur le comic j'ai beau clicker et re-clicker sa ne marche pas
  14. From current position, run up to pizza display. Jump on top of pizza display. Turn around. Jump on top of vent coming out of the ceiling. You should be crouched on with your head against the ceiling. Finally, walk slowly off of the vent. It should be possible to move suspended along the ceiling, stopped only by the walls in the room.
  15. Sponsored by Hydra Facilities - "Hail Hydra" Duplicant Penitentiary - The prison of your dreams I'm so sorry for the quality How it Works Perhaps someone with more time can elaborate in detail. From what I have observed, duplicants reset their breath meter with a minimum amount of oxygen. The amount they recover is more than they consume. Pretty simple. The only post I could find that mentions anything like it is this one. It seems like it would be common knowledge by now, but I could be wrong. I am not sure if this works without the oxyfern, but I am willing to bet so. The oxyfern's only purpose is to be a companion plant for our dupe. Fix in post (this post) First, I'd like to say is the sh****est free online video editor. Obviously there are things wrong with how I tested this. On top of that, I could think of a million ways to improve airflow. The suffocation notification system I was trying to set up did not work for me, but another more efficient idea would be to just use a water trap. I might revisit that idea unless someone like @Samson.ONI wants to take over instead. I forgot to put in that you get 4.67kg of Water per Dupe*Cycle. That number is not accurate, it should be more. I'm pretty sure if I put this on youtube, I will get copyright strikes. I had a lot of fun making this, please enjoy. Banhi was a struggling prison warden trying to make it through life...she will be missed. The prisoner...not so much. Duplicant Penitentiary.sav
  16. You can jump on top of these rocks in temple sprint and get outside of the map!
  17. While doing the tiny toy quest thing on basement you need to gain alot of speed and make your way into the back room and jump on the fridge and up onto the spot in the screenshot
  18. Resetting during a pogo run can maintain your vertical momentum, especially noticable when resetting after a significantly large bounce.
  19. walk through this vent thing till you hit the wall and walk to the right a bit, theres a part where the wall cuts off and you can get outside the map and stuff
  20. climb the pole then jumo to the rock and i can go anywear
  21. See through the wall while standing on top of the lockers. "tiny mode"
  22. Just stand on the sink against the wall and you can see through the entire map. "Tiny person mode"
  23. just jump here and chance to get stock.
  24. You can get out of bounds by jumping on a few ledges near the end