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Found 7 results

  1. You were completely numb from whatever drug that was in your system. Grogginess shrouded your ability to move for the last ten minutes now, ever since you awoke to a bang, a puff of smoke, and a book. You couldn't even feel the blades of grass ticking your cheeks, or the odd breeze ruffling your hair. The silence had stretched on for an infinite moment, punctuated only with the sound of birdsong, as you examined the only notable landmark since your sudden arrival in...wherever you were. You do not remember getting here, so logically you assumed that someone had slipped something in your food or drink and tossed you, rather unceremoniously, into this dilapidated grassy plain and left an instruction book with your initial sliced into the leather bound cover. It was incredibly battered, and you were certain there was a bloodstain on the top right corner. After a while, though, you eventually regained enough movement to drag the book towards you with a new desperation, flicking open to the very first page, where a thin sheet of what appeared to be some sort of odd, pale leather was picked up by the breeze and landed before you. It was baked rock solid and brittle under the sun, and there was some sort of introductory note written using ink and a quill over the bumpy surface. ~~~ If you have found this book, then words do not describe how sorry I am for your current situation. Inside these pages is a record, a compilation of my Field Notes, on how to survive in this new plane of Hell itself. I have trudged through the coldest winters, sought shelter from unrelenting storms, crouched pathetically in the everlasting darkness to bring to you, heir to my burden, a recount of the day my new life started to the point where it ended. In between these two covers is the story of a life, all of the mistakes, the successes, and the plans. Fears, thoughts, feelings, and fleeting memories compressed into a single tome to which I pass on to the next player in this demented game. If you have found this book, then I am either dead, or worse. All will be made clear should you manage to survive long enough to reach the end, as I have. This may not be the best of introductions but I have very little time to speak and think for myself, as the pointless seconds which I still have are going solely into writing down this very note, on this very piece of leather, to give you a proper greeting - something that I never received myself - and some lessons to live on. If you have found this book, then my name is Wilson Percival Higgsbury, and I do not know where I have ended up. ~~~ Haha okay wow. Hello there, DS arists and writers and music-makers alike! My name is FieldNotes and this thread is devoted to partially DS-related drawings, partially talking to the community instead of lurking, but mainly to putting out a lovely gem that I have been thinking on for a good, hm...6 months now? The premise for Wilson's Journal is fairly simple - I'm going to put the story behind Don't Starve into the perspective of our plucky Gentleman Scientist, and adhere to the canon story as much as possible, but you'll notice how it starts to deviate and I'm going to tie together a bunch of loose ends along the way into one gloriously tangled mess of metaphorical strings. I'm also going to have fun writing, and try to update as much as possible, but I hope people understand that I do get quite busy sometimes. This prevented me from starting this 6 months before, but I noticed that some of the brilliant artists here are also hindered by their own time schedules so I deemed it appropriate to, at the very least, make a start on this little project of mine. Day 1 will be posted shortly, I presume.
  2. Hmmmm not sure what to write here. I started writing diaries from the point of view of the characters. I hope you enjoy them. http://www.budleiser.com/?page_id=115
  3. I like the idea of an encyclopedia or bestiary, but I feel that is a stand alone thing. I was thinking about a journal myself and saw this suggestion. I think it would be more something that takes up an inventory slot, so you may not always want to keep it on yourself. And it could be crafted from paper and maybe pig skin? Or some other type of material similar to leather. Maybe also make it semi difficult to come by, and a lot of people will not want to waste their time with it. But I think it could be useful. I could very easily see myself writing in it. Here is an example of what someone's journal page could look like Journal Entry 1 : Wendy It is day 5. I have yet to find any pigs or beefalo, and I am short of stone. Within the next few days I need to try and find some manure and possibly a stone biome. Journal Entry 2 : Wendy It is now day 16. I'm doing well for myself. Found a wooden thing and have gathered all of the components. I have a small farm, and several outposts across the map. Winter approaches soon. I need to find and kill a Koalephant to prepare. Also steer clear of the worm hole near the Tallbird nest. On the other side is a walrus camp and I am not yet strong enough to face them.
  4. So over the holidays I got plenty of gift cards to plenty of places and one just happened to be Amazon, I was so excited I was going to get to buy Don't Starve without asking my parents for their Credit Card and then the only option's were to use a Credit Card surprise! So I'm left to begging you friendly people here, please help a friendly gamer out. I'm offering retail price(15$ USD) to anyone willing to sell me a Key. I can gift you something on Amazon you would like for 15$ or just send then 15$ to you, so if you're willing to sell me a Key just send me and E-mail at TalifaxKoH@gmail.com and I'll be more then willing to figure something out with you. Sincerely, Truffles
  5. Hey , this is going to be kind of a series where I write a diary based on characters (some may be personal in-game experiences , most of it will be made up.) (they're might be big breaks but i'm very busy , i'll try to catch up and write more , there will be a new one for each character) Warning : they WILL be joined by other characters in the diaries , maybe even different perspective to see who will be the most honest character , who will come and who will go , nobody knows. Also : the (( )) means what I'm saying , that isn't included in the diary and makes you understand whats going on a bit more. We'll start off with the usual Wilson : Hope you enjoy! Wilson's Diary - a Ripped page. Day 1 Well , as i'm sitting at my campfire , I'll tell whoever may be reading this what has happened : I randomly wake up on the island , and While i'm trying to get up , I can hear the faint voices of an evil , slick voice telling me to find food before night. I go over and look around , seeing tall looming trees and over a hill ((I added hills for mood)) I see a giant...turkey? that was looming over on the hill. I walk over and look for food and find a strange area with a murky flooring , and across it , there was some kind of hay substance on the floor , and some grass that was as tall as I am , including my Lucius hair that is so high up. Then , before i knew it , the sun went down , and the stars we're starting to show , though the sky didn't get any lighter , and the moon was not even lit up. the sun was just there , hanging on to light , I ran(( Yes i'm adding movement speeds too)) and grabbed everything I could quickly , while chasing away the...turkey thing that ran away , making a strange gobbling sound then set up my campfire. Okay , So I randomly just heard some strange sound like the gobbler was being attacked by...something , like a whip , and i look and faintly see some meat on the murky place on the map.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Still alive with 0% health Steps to reproduce Unknown Describe your issue During the gameplay, my health was reduced to 0%, but I survived, this could just be a one-time bug, because I have not found a way of replicating it. If it is not an anomaly, then I am sure it is only a minor coding error, so it should be relatively easy to fix in comparison to other bugs.
  7. Mark's Diarie Day1: Eating alot of grass pooping all over the place just another day... Day2: Some weird thing on two legs came walking by yesterday. His fur was all pointed up at 2 ends and his skin looked multicolored and weird... Day3: Last night he made a hot orange thing on a tree it went away after a while but he never moved away from the orange thing. He walked passed me and i stood up to show him who is boss. Day4: Chuck came back to the herd today completly bald! We asked him what happened but he was so depressed he didn't say anything. The weird guy came around again today and he was wearing a cool hat on his head Day5: Havent heard from Chuck in a while... He just disappeared. The weird guy came walking buy hitting a rock with something. His belly looked a bit fatter today. Day6: The weird guy is getting fatter and alot of the herd is disappearing. I wonder if he has something to do with it. Day7: It's only me and Albert now... No idea where the rest of the herd is. Haven't seen the weird guy either. Day8: Albert is gone. I saw the weird guy kill him with a pointy stick. Running, running away... He will never find me...he won't kill m--- Wilson's Journal Day9: Beefalo can write!?!? I found this on his body. I'll have to remember this next time.