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Found 25 results

  1. ALONE new RP

    So as you have probably read in the title i am thinking of starting a new RP adventure called ALONE. It is a story about X characters stranded in a weird land who have each been tricked to coming. They each had their own desires coming on to this island but as they embark on this journey they realize there is more to the world than just themselves and everything they love. Copy and paste the text below and edit it to show your characters personal info then post it on this forum. we start on march 29th =D Name: Background: hobbies: Personality: Extra: Existing characters: Arith = catboiFTW only have a max of 2 characters.
  2. So, I got past chapter I of adventure mode, and ended up with The King of Winter. Maxwell appeared and taunted me some more. Strangly, his voice seemed to echo in an unusual manner. Anyways, after he left.....the strangest thing happened. NOTHING. I couldn't move at all. No nothing. The camera didn't even zoom out to it's normal distance. Just permanently stuck in the Maxwell cinematic view. Couldn't pause the game, either. Had to ALT-F4. And i'm sure if I waited long enough, my chara would freeze to death. Any ideas? I'm pretty much not able to get through Adventure mode now. Or the caves, because of the mystery crash. But that's for another thread. Also, may I add that instead of laying on the ground during the start of the cinematic, Wolfgang turned into Mighty Wolfgang, with the quote as well. Perhaps this is related to Wolfgang, specifically? I see another person made a thread with a similar problem.
  3. So I Also Do Role-Play..

    And would love to start a decent thread.. I have rules, and will enforce them with the power of my mighty god, who will wipe your chara off the map if you decide not to follow them. This is a project, and wont be able to do much after the internet goes out.(unless the library is open.) So If you don't mind spotty replies, then go ahead and send in a chara Rules [*]No text speak. "u r ttly awesum braw *hugs*" I want real typing and wording. [*]Please no over powerful guys/ladies/monsters [*]Be reasonable, if someone punches you in the face, you get hurt. [*]Be reasonable, don't go around punching everyone in the face. [*]I don't usually go over G Role-play, but when in a group, you all have different personalities, but keep it reasonable. Don't go about using **** in every sentence. [*]Post as often as you like, but a minimum of 4-5 sentences per reply please. [*]Don't be too mean(unless the situation calls for it.) [*]You can have as many charas as you can handle. Whats this Role-play all about? I wanted this to be about some OCs or DS charas exploring around as a group, and watch the madness unfold. Might do adventure mode at some point, see who wants the throne? How to set up your chara for me [*]Name: [*]Basic description of yourself: [*]Special skill(s): -- That's about it, pretty simple. I do hope whoever joins enjoys themselves.
  4. Islands of Corruption

    Islands of Corruption A Roleplay by gloryKAT A strange force is slowly corrupting the islands where Maxwell's prisoners are kept. They are slowly growing bored of his prisoners and Their corruption is slowly being used to corrupt the elements of the islands in order to provide a new source of entertainment. They have demanded that Maxwell bring new prisoners that will provide more entertainment, those with will and spirit instead of those who stay hidden away to fight their battles another day. New prisoners, tricked by the promise of new powers and the like, flood in from everywhere. These new entertainers prove to be a valuable source of entertainment, but Their corruption is still in effect, bringing odd changes to the land, including frequent hound attacks, odd weather changes, and sometimes even odd new species of creatures. One example of this corruption is an unnamed subspecies of hound, which is larger and more powerful than a normal hound. These hounds are fast, and hence, not many have seen them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules of the Roleplay: No godmodding. If this happens, you will be warned.No switching from characters that have not been created yet. [ex. She ran away, the wind suddenly circling a small tree. Suddenly, the tree came to life, becoming a treeguard.]Limit of two characters at a time. If you decide to get rid of one character, then you may create another.This is at the very least a semi-literate roleplay. This means that you require proper punctuation, proper spelling and proper grammar. Please make sure to check over your post before posting. (None of this: "so the dog went to theyre store and got hos owner to bought some of there best dog treat's")Proper English, please. Don't speak in Japanese/Chinese (some spammers are known to do this) or Chatspeak. (None of this: Wow dat wz so 1337! dat wz amazing!)Canon characters ARE playable, but I will need a good character application.When speaking Out Of Character, please use brackets or add the prefix OOC to your Out Of Character message.No derailing, please. I don't appreciate trolls and derailers in my roleplay.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Character Application Form: Name: Age: Gender: Species: Appearance: History: Personality: Abilities (if any): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All characters are listed below. Name: Shard Age: 17 (age counted in human years) Gender: Female Species: Hound (with wings of fire) Appearance: History: Shard was once a human with a different name. One day, while in her house, she was promised special powers... something that would make her different from everyone else... something that would make her special. Little did she know that these special powers were not the powers she imagined... and she was sent to the world of Don't Starve as a hound, with a form of special powers: wings, covered in fire. Personality: Shard is somewhat shy, but tries not to be. When she is trying to overcome her fear of people, she is often very friendly. However, as she is a hound, she is occasionally shunned, which only benefits her shyness. Abilities: Shard did get her special powers from the promise, wings. However, because of the fact that her wings are on fire, she must be careful around flammable objects such as trees and bushes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Prologue: A Small Laboratory This story begins in a small home on a hill. It was more of a laboratory. The house on a hill was owned by a young scientist named Wilson Percival Higgsbury. His goal was to become the smartest human alive. He experimented all day and he usually failed. One day he sat down on his chair disappointed with his notebook in his pocket. Then he heard a raspy voice say “Say, pal looks like you’re having some trouble. I have secret knowledge I can share with you!” I took the radio from which the raspy voice was talking. “If you’re ready.” I nodded vigorously.”Okay then.” An odd flash of lightning struck.Yes I have all the knowledge I could dream of! He created the machine over a course of 3 days but when he finally finished it flashed in his mind that he had no idea what it would do. This is a terrible idea, thought Wilson. He held his notebook in his pocket and hesitated. “DO IT!” rasped the voice desperately. Wilson pulled the lever at his dismay. Two large shadowy hands pulled him through to some faraway place.”Say, pal you don’t look so good. Better find something to eat before night comes.” Just going to leave this thing here. I've got 3 complete chapters right now.I'm going to update this whenever I get around to writing the next "chapter".Bye,constructive criticism wanted definitely.
  6. Hope that this was enjoyable. Don't forget to leave feedback as it's always helpful!
  7. Wall of "art"?! Hey, guys and gals! I'll start posting my fan art about Don't Starve here from now on. All kinds of critique and opinions are very welcome. I haven't drawn Don't Starve at all, so I'll be trying new techniques and so on... which means my work might change a lot over the course of time. I hope that you feel some kind of a connection with my work and that they resurface some old memories *This was my first picture of Don't Starve, I was just trying to get a feel for how Wilson looks like and I just added a little bit more to it, don't take it too seriously...
  8. I made a channel a couple of days ago, and wanted to tell the best guys in the world (you) that if you're looking for something good to watch. Here's my first episode of Don't Starve: (Link) I just started the channel. So that is the only video to this date. But I have 4 videos pre recorded and scheduled for upload I am partnered with the RPM Networks. And I hope to hear from all of you viewing this. Oh, I'm also looking for a collaboration. So if you are interested inbox me at YouTube
  9. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, BritishRenegade here with a new video for you all! Well, if you have been on my channel before you know that my last attempt at Don't Starve ended tragically after only 5 parts to it. Well, now I attempt to survive again with a new update just released! Join me on this adventure to not only survive but to look at the new update(s) as well! Thanks for your time and if you are still interested, here is the link;
  10. So, I'm doing my first post-Doorway to Adventure survival run though, and haven't come across even one wormhole, nor any Clockwork Horses. I'm on day 12, and usually by this time I will see at least two wormholes and MAYBE a set of Horses (if I keep looking, they'll usually be less than a day's walk from my camp). Was there something in the patch the reduced how many there were? Or, is it possibly just my world? Curious if this is the same for anyone else. - - - Updated - - - My friend hasn't seen either of them as well (day 23).
  11. The new "World X Day Y" display takes up way too much real estate on the clock. The clock is still readable, but barely, and I don't think it looks very good now. The old "X - Y" display made enough sense, and was a fun throwback to Super Mario Bros. Not only that, but I like that it was more ambiguous as to what the first number meant, making the Wooden Thing more mysterious.
  12. I have come out of...I don't know where...He let me out for a short while...Yus klei succeded at making the game harder. The kiting that some mobs do don't allow you to farm pig meat or honey easily. Even bees kite very well in hordes!Armour is now like using paper on your body. You can't really use one armour if you want long fights. Now i seem to do a lot less damage too! Happy about the fact that it takes me a while to kill a tentacle. And i have been near death 6 times in a single world in the first 5 days, spiders are now pretty hard to pick a fight on with only a axe, mostly because now warriors can appear on level 1 dens. Wandering around killed me, tried to get Chester back from somewhere dangerous, surprise tentacle appears and pow! Dead.You guys noticed any differences on other monsters? The moskitos are annoying and i haven't tried to kill any beefaloes so far.Oh no here he comes again DON'T LET HIM TAKE ME OH GOD NOOO-...
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number this1 Issue title Game starts, weird graphic bug? Steps to reproduce I opened up the game on steam. That's pretty much it. Describe your issue I open up the game, and it starts up OK, but when it gets to the main title screen the graphics are all messed up - like it takes the last screenshot of the last program I had running and scrambles it (Tried to put an attachment showing this, but couldn't?) Sound still plays, so I don't think it's freezing up or something... Also, if you are wondering why I didn't put in a current game version, I kinda can't...? I believe it's the latest one, though... If there's another way of figuring it out without pressing backspace in game, could you also tell me that? I've tried downloading and re running the Direct-X installer like it was instructed in the game troubleshooting guide you have here, but it doesn't seem to have fixed anything. Help would be appreciated. I would love to play this awesome game ^_^
  14. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am SirHughzus and on the 14th of February an update for Don't Starve was released entitled "Insanity" and along with was new additions to the game and also a new mode, "Adventure mode".I, SirHughzus, attempt to survive the harshness of the world and encounter some weird things like a strange box, a crackling noise and A WORKING WORMHOLE THAT ALLOWS ME TO GO TO A DIFFERENT DIMENSION also bunnies that I own! The wackiness has just begun. I hope you enjoy the video and if you really enjoy it don't forget to subscribe so you never miss one!Link;
  15. So while I enjoy the idea of adventure mode, I feel it has some serious issues, I know its in development and will be much more fleshed out in the future, and that is why I am posting this to share my ideas because I have many and I am curious to see what other people have to say too. So here is my biggest complaint- The wooden thing is WAY to easy to find, this is mainly because all the pieces are near each other and if you spend a day looking for it, chances are you will find it. This would be fine for world one and two, but for world 3 and onward I feel the pieces should be spread to being on a different island each, and in 4 or 5 some if not all the pieces are being guarded or carried by some kind of large threat, like a spider queen or something (there would be a clear indication that the mob would be holding the piece of course) This would make the adventure more eventful and longer-next is a more obvious change, I feel as worlds go on they should become more unexplored and barren. To the point where world 5 does not even have things like pig villages or lush forests. And what mobs you find there peaceful desperate and hostile, and have more hound attacks more often, Like in world 3 its every 5 days, and world 5 its every day or every other day.-I also feel spiders should get more and more feral as you continue, In early worlds they are fine the way they currently are but in later ones make spider warriors spawn 90% of the time instead of normal spiders, and then possibly in world 5 they just never sleep and remain a constant threat.-Later worlds should also have much more night time threats, Things that you have to defend your fire from (I know we got the night hand now but that's only when insane and could you imagine dealing with both hands and some kind of hostile monster? Nights would sure be much more eventful) Also make it much less safe to go off with a torch or mining light in later worlds, considering as of now there are no real threats out there-The crawling horrors are said to be from another world right? So I think it would be cool to see them spawn quicker and become more hostile in later worlds, like in world 5 make them hostile once insanity has reached less than 80% or make them hostile all the time (I think that would be a little over kill) - This is a more lesser thing but I think it could be interesting, what if say around world 3 or 4 you had to fight the wood thing is some way shape or form, I do not know if this would work out to well considering the game does not have the best combat (But that's fine considering I know that is not the main focus of the game), But I feel if done right it would be really cool and could test the player mid way through. Perhaps just have it defended by a circle of Tentacles while having a projectile attack, does not need to be to complicated if done, that thing just always looked menacing to me-And lastly I would like some kind of final showdown with Maxwell in some way shape or form, Perhaps a wave of enemies or some kind of boss fight, or one last world where its a survival game between you and him with the scales tipped in his favor, like he has a revolver if you get to close, Guard hounds and perhaps slight manipulation of the world around him. And if you beat him you could get some kind of great reward for the next new game you start (would only apply once, adventure mode would have to be completed again to start a new world with it again) Like a revolver that hits like a tentacle or spear from a distance, but requires amo that is a bit hard to craft (Like 15 charcoal and some other things to make 4 bullets)So that's what I would like to see, I am sure some of these are ideas every one has thought of but just felt like putting them out there, Love the game currently and I am sure I will love it even more with what ever choices the developers make
  16. Copied from my reply in a general chat thread:"I have been toying with the idea in my head of a shrine system and how it could work. I initially considered shrines as something you would find generated into your world, a landmark so to speak, at which you could make sacrifices of meat or gold (as basic examples) with varying effects. Sacrificing meat to a dark shrine could increase difficulty on an unseen scale... hound attacks could become more frequent, or in larger packs, sanity could drain at a faster rate... and adversely gifting gold to a light shrine would move this unseen scale in the opposite direction... hound attacks could become less frequent, sanity drain decreased etc. Both these functions could even be handled with one shrine, dependent merely on what is inserted into it. This "sacrifice" or "gift to the gods" system could allow you to dynamically change your experience, even affecting the appearance of the character. (Wilson sporting a halo or growing little devil horns anyone?)"
  17. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am SirHughzus and on the 14th of February an update for Don't Starve was released entitled "Insanity" and along with was new additions to the game and also a new mode, "Adventure mode". I, SirHughzus, attempt to survive the harshness of the world and try to find out what is the difference between Adventure and sandbox but accidentally making sexual innuendos and trying to burn forests. The wackiness has just begun. I hope you enjoy the video and if you really enjoy it don't forget to subscribe so you never miss one! Thanks for your time to read this and if you are still interested, here is the link; (P.S; in the first episode my voice is a bit quiet so when the others are released feel free just to skip to them) Link; Regards SirHughzus
  18. Adventure mode worlds get harder as you go. At the moment, harder consist of different world generation, including: [*]Tooth traps appearing in forests. [*]Mysterious stone circles. [*]Forts with walls and moats. [*]Burnt down forests. [*]Fire pits in the wilderness. [*]Biomes filled with sleeping spiders. What does this mean? Well, right now, the Things all seem to spawn together. The Wooden Thing will be surrounded by all its scattered parts. I speculate that, in the future, the various things listed above that spawn around higher level worlds will have something to do with how you escape the world. For example, rather than having the Things all in one place, the Things could spawn in separate walled forts around the map. As for the story... Well, it seems that the further into the adventure you head, the more the world has been manipulated/destroyed by some unknown force. I do not know what this means exactly.
  19. So I've been trying to get the demo to run on Chrome to see if it'll work if I buy it. I finally got the program to install by doing what this guy did. Now, though, it's stuck on Loading Executable. I've restarted Chrome, even restarted the computer, with no luck. I know people have gotten it working in the past with Native Client, and am wondering if someone's encountered this issue and gotten past it.
  20. Currently the pathway to a farmer is way too easy with seeds practically thrown at your feet wherever you go. Why not have the plants grow in the wild and you have to search and collect the fruit to harvest the seeds or dig up the plant and plop it in your farm. The wild plants grow as if they were on turbo farms so you wouldn't want to always dig them up straight away. The wild plants will bear fruit everyday unless an animal has eaten it or it is winter. Dug up plants will only bear fruit as fast as the type of farm they are planted in and must be fertilized as normal while plants grown from seeds will need to be replanted after every harvest. Maybe have a farmer character where all seeds grown don't need to be replanted. With the crock pot it is tedious to always drag each individual item to the pot. Why not have a drop down menu like science machine of all the recipes you have discovered and with any possible combinations available depending on whats in your inventory.
  21. I know there are ample suggestions for new beasties for the game, but I just wanted to throw mine into the pot. No I'm not asking for it, I'm simply wondering what the majority think about the idea. There's been talk of new biomes sometime in the future - yay if we get 'em, no harm no foul if we don't. I don't know how many people have seen Little Shop of Horrors, but it popped into my head earlier today when I was hacking away at a tree. Now I know we already have the Tree Guards if we get too greedy, but what if we had some sort of meat eating plant? It could be a simple venus flytrap but for me the artwork feels like it would fit better if we had a plant not unlike "Mean Green Mother". I keep seeing this plant resting out in a swampy like area, head tilted up and Wilson's just walking on by then he decides to stop and investigate. For Science!! -cough- Anywho, ultimately it's just another resource that'll attack you but there it is. Now I hadn't thought too far into what it could drop, I was mostly - like I said - just curious on what the general thoughts were.
  22. I woke up this morning with this idea. So thought I'd join the forums to show it. It's a silly idea, or already thought of something similar I'm sure, so sorry if I waist anyones reading time. Flame hounds, I haven't seen one yet, but honestly I think they need a biome of their own. (I'm just calling it Red Hot Biome...derp) So what if you have to make a magic item you can only get with a large amount of Science Points. Made through the Alchemy Engine I guess. Once you have that item you burn it on your camp fire and it sends you to the Red Hot for a few days (or just a day) then you appear back in the morning by your camp fire. This can open up new items you can craft maybe, like limited fire protection potion for characters that aren't fire proof. Anyways, once at the red hot biome, there would be like, little lava puddles here and there, with flame hounds around, if you get too close to a flame hound, it would run to the puddle drink from it, then run at you on fire? XD With fire protection you wouldn't get burnt but you would still take hit damage and wont be about to use a log suit, So maybe there are items you can collect and craft in the red hot Biome for better defense that doesn't burst into flames. I'm not saying get rid of the flame hounds all together in the normal biomes when they randomly attack with normal hounds, just make them more rare there.
  23. Thanks! Steam Profile:
  24. Gamemodes I have recently bought the game and started playing it, and I played it for around 6 hours and I started to think of how it could be improved, so I came up with the idea of "Game-modes". Now this isn't what everyone is probably thinking right now, like oh yeah, 'Capture the flag'... Noo, what I am coming across here is meant to be something like Adventure and Survival. Here is as planned: Gamemode 1: Adventure: This gamemode will be the default, exactly how the game is now, survive as many days as you can, explore, hunt, and survive until you die. You are also able to receive EXP for your character. Gamemode 2: Survival: This would be different, you would start the world as you would in the Adventure, but once you die, you can continue to play and build up as long as you want until you get board. Using this mode would mean no EXP at the end as you are playing until YOU decide to quit, not the monsters which kill you. Gamemode 3: Apocalypse: This mode would be the same as the Adventure, but you only have to survive up to about 15 days, and once the 15 days is up you will have endless waves of monsters attacking you one by one during NIGHTS. You could either run around or setup a defensive base. But very night from day 15 and onward would be waves of monsters and it gets harder as the days go on. Daytime would also benefit with a 10% more time up until day 15. Difficulty: For the difficulty, here is what I think the difficulty options should be. I think these difficulty's should be added with specific options. Peaceful: On peaceful, you will spawn in the game with only animals or with monsters but they cannot attack you. You will be given two times as much food from the animal meat you are given from killing animals. Using this difficulty on the standard gamemode will give you NO EXP as you will be playing and less likely to be dying. Easy: On easy difficulty, you will spawn exactly how you would do normally how the game is now. The only thing that changes is that the monsters do 25% less damage to you and you hit 25% harder on them (Something like that). You receive 10% less EXP after the game. Normal: With this difficulty, the game stays how it is, no changes to its current system of food, damage and health. You receive the normal amount of EXP you get how the game is now. Hard: Using Hard difficulty, all monsters do 10% more damage, and have 10% more health, and monsters/animal drops give a 10% more chance of not dropping anything. You will receive a bit more EXP at the end of your games, about 5% more. Expert (Hardcore): With the Expert difficulty, this is as follows: Monsters do 10% more damage Monsters have 10% more health Monsters are 5% faster Night lasts 10% longer All monsters/animals give a 50% chance of not dropping anything You lose food 1% faster every day of the game (Day 1 = 1% less food, day 2 = 2%, day 3 = 3%.. Day 50 = 50, until day 50 then it stops and you will lose 50% food faster every day etc...) Spiders come out during day and scatter around for half of the day and return to stay at their base to guard it for the night. However, Spiders - Monster Meat gives 25% less damage to your health once you eat it. You will receive 20% more EXP after the game, and 50% more EXP if you survive to day 100. This may sound complicated in some way, but I hope you all understand, please give me your thoughts and opinions of this, do you like it, do you dislike it? Why, or how could this idea be improved?