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Found 75 results

  1. Version 1.8


    This mod adds plushies to your game, which are mostly decorative, but often have a minor helpful effect, especially if they are hard to acquire. Compatible with: DS base, DS RoG DLC, DST (host); Incompatible with: DST (client) This mod is proudly presented to you by the Cuddle Collab: Gotheran "Knows how to salt" - Concepts, Quotations ThaumicParrot "Sketchy Fellow" - Drawings ImDaMisterL "Lord of the Strings" - Quotations Mobbstar "Mad Coder" - Plushie Pipeline, Coding Fidooop "Modding from Afar" - DST Coding To get hold of a plushie, it's often just a matter of luck when combatting the corresponding creature. Some plushies can only be acquired by special means, e.g., mandrake dolls are found burried in mounds, glommer toy is rarely in his goop; This is a list of available plushies and what they do: Please tell us how you like this mod! We like feedback! If you encounter bugs or issues, feel free to post here! You can stay up-to-date using the "follow" button to the top-right of this page.
  2. Version 0.7


    Public beta is now available on Steam, While Wanda is entirely playable in her current form, I still consider her a Work In Progress due to more features to come. The texture art has been completed, anim seems to be working correctly now, I wanted to release it as a beta to start public playtesting. Next we need custom sound (currently it's just the violin from the unimplemented character, Wallace). Speech script is half done but not yet uploaded (this beta is still Wilson), however everything below has been coded. There are more features to come in the Further Development section. So, while it is not yet complete, please give as much constructive feedback on balancing, etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wanda the Druidess - "Nature is my Frenemy" Back Story Cursed by Porvata, Polish god of the Woods, for carving her name into a sacred tree. Wanda has a love-hate relationship with nature. Stats Health 160 Hunger 125, x0.83 hunger rate Sanity 130, -1/min dapperness generally, but Sanityaura +10/min when near flowers Starting Inventory Lureplant Fleshy Bulb 4 Leafy Meats Floral Shirt Nature Scientist Starting recipes: - Shovel - Pitchfork - Basic Farm - Nightmare Fuel - Papyrus - Bandage - Honey Refining - Manure At Science Machine, can prototype: - Pumpkin Light - Improved Farm - Bucket O Poop - Bush Hat At Prestihatitator, - Magic Trowel (can transplant up to 3 cacti) At Shadow Manipulator, - Lureplant Summoning Scroll Lureplant Farming Eyeplants are not agro at Wanda Can harvest their lure without it retracting its eyeplants and going back to "just planted" stage Can hang leafy meat on drying racks to make leafy jerky Ovo-lacto Pescetarian Seafood is the only meat that her vegetative metabolism is able to manage. Anyways, she has a hard time appeasing Porvata as it is, let alone having to deal with Krampus were she to kill too many innocents. So, what she can eat is: Vegetables, fruit, leafy meat, ice, birchnuts, seeds, eggs, electric milk, butter, honey, fish, eels and froglegs (but not any other kind of meat) Crockpot recipes that contains the above as primary ingrediants Raw birchnuts (-1 health, +6 hunger, -5 sanity) Flowery Hair Grows at a similar rate to Wilson's beard, delays overheating like a Summer Frest, when cut at half length provides 6 fresh flower petals and +30 sanity; at full length, provides 12 fresh flower petals and 1 cactus flower and +60 sanity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently working on fully customising all of the speech script (some of it is still Wilson's) I was thinking her sounds instrument could be like Da Vinci's viola organistraor a Polish Suka, Compatible with Russian language pack Eventually I will need images for the magic books and Magic Trowel (purple shovel) and a few other things in the Further Development, as well as sprites / anim / sound for the custom treeguards if I ever go on to do that too
  3. Version 1.3


    Description A character mod based on Satori Komeiji from Touhou Project. Satori is a mind reading youkai. Her ability made her hated by humans and other youkai who fear their secrets being exposed, but made her loved by the animals who normally can't be understood. After knowing that her little sister is lost somewhere in the island she decided to look for her to bring her back home. Character Abilities Stats -Hunger: 150 -Health: 100 -Sanity: 250 -Wendy's attack modifier Perks -Can read the thoughts of the creatures around her. -Can tame pets by giving them food. Every pet has their specific taming item(s). -The animals don't fear her but she is not liked by humanoid creatures such as pigmen. -Has a high base sanity but loses it for hurting the animals who trust her. -Has a sanity bonus while she is in caves. Tameable Pets -Rabbit: Gives a sanity boost. Can be picked up. -Beefalo: Assists Satori in combat and protects her from any danger. Drops manure from time to time. -Koalefant: Defensive pet. Prevents freezing in winter. Drops manure from time to time. -Tallbird: Attack pet. Can be fed monster meat but doesn't like new pets. Mod's Features -Custom art, portraits and icons (including minimap and morgue ones). -Custom character strings. -Modified behaviour on several npcs. -Custom strings on several npcs (thoughts). -Custom battle AI for pets. They stop attacking their target if Satori runs away. -Hunger system for pets. You need to feed them or they'll leave her. -Custom sanity penalties. -Modified intro. -Custom music. Art: Shia Coding: Terri Satori's strings: Wally Notes -Compatible with RoG but she doesn't have any special feature from the DLC yet. -The mod is tested without any other mod activated. If you have a mod that changes behaviours/creatures prefabs it might not work well. To do -Add more "thoughts" to npcs. -Add more tameable pets. -Add Koishi (Satori's little sister) as an unlockable character. -Rewrite/modify the game's ending.
  4. Version 1.24


    You can also subscribe this at Steam : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Compatible with: - Don't Starve - Don't Starve: Reign Of Giants - Alyx & Dog mod: - Stats He came from Half-Life series. (YOU SHOULD KNOW HIM.) health 200 / hunger 150 / sanity 200 - grows lesser beard than wilson - can equip crowbar, HEV battery - delays hunger, hardly fear - never talks - The batteries are bodyslot item.(in Science tab, no needs any tech.) grants protection with high durability, quickness and damage multiplier, You must kill Combines to craft batteries. - Crowbar can do what hammer can do - Firearms Information 0. General - All ammunitions are obtainable only.(Combine drop) 1. Crossbow (craftable, obtainable) - Attack: high /- Rate: low /- Range: long /- Ammo(stack): Uranium rod(10) - Instant death to human-sized enemies. Ammo can be retrieved after kill the target. 2. Shotgun (SPAS-12) (obtainable only) - Attack: medium-high /- Rate: medium /- Range: short-middle /- Ammo(stack): Shells(6) - Hit area. Damage is in inverse ratio to the range.(the closer, the stronger) 3. Pulse rifle (AR2) (obtainable only) - Attack: low-very low /- Rate: very high /- Range: middle /- Ammo(stack): AR2 magazine (30) - Can Autofire(keep press 'F'). - Enemy Information The hounds waves are replaced by Combines when you play Gordon 1. Combine Civil Protector - Attack: medium-Low /- Range: melee /- Vital: low 2. Combine Overwatch Soldier - Attack: medium-high /- Range: short /- Vital: medium - Uses shotgun. Deadly. 3. Combine Overwatch Elite Soldier - Attack: medium-high /- Range: middle /- Vital: medium - Uses Pulse rifle. Rapid fire. Falls back against approaching. 4. Combine Hunter - Attack: medium-high /- Range: middle /- Vital: high - Fire pulses. Special thanks to: Super Uber Turbo Cheater (Steam)
  5. Version 1.4


    Howdy! AmaLee here to present to you a playable character mod for Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together; Maxwell's assistant, Charlie! (If you're not sure who Charlie is, may I perhaps persuade you to take a look at the William Carter Puzzles?) This description is for all the basic stuff. I'll provide a few more tidbits on the forum thread you can find here. Currently, I have her uploaded to Steam Workshop here: (DS) (DST) How this mod was possible: Charlie was made with the Extended Sample Character Mod provided by Dleowolf! TheDanaAddams' tutorial was also a big help in some of the scripting processes that need to be done to get her perks to work. The text for her name in her big portrait for DST was graciously given by Jeff Agala over on tumblr, which may be found here! Thanks to The Noon Fish and Dryicefox for helping me out with her ghost and sounds! Basic information on the mod: Charlie's character design was based on the designs seen in 8th William Carter Puzzle. Currently, she has two different "perks": her sanity is drained at a higher rate (x1.25) and her damage updates depending on the time of day. Currently, the rates are as follows: Day: x1 Dusk: x1.5 Night: x2 This should apply to all equippable weapons, as well as disarmed damage. Sound Charlie has custom sounds available (meaning she gets her own voice!) in Don't Starve AND Don't Starve Together! Unfortunately, there is a problem with Steam Workshop where custom character mods with custom sound won't get added into the mod lists of players who are subscribed to said mod. So! Charlie with custom sound will only be available here. Please make sure when playing DST that all of your party has the same version of the mod! Sorry for the inconvenience! (Note: This character will be differentiated from the custom-soundless one as "Charlie (Sound)") Thank you for checking out my mod! May all of your adventures be gruesome, and if you have any suggestions, please visit the thread linked above!
  6. Version 1.1.4


    Introduction Don't Starve FR, premier site communautaire français, est fière de vous présenter sa traduction intégrale du jeu en français. Auteurs : TOuistiti59 (auteur d'origine) John2022 (amélioration de certains textes, traduction du patch The Stuff of Nightmares) Sam Player 2.0 (ajout des nouvelles traductions et quelques corrections) Avancée de la traduction : 90% Les nouvelles recettes, objets et créatures ont été traduits. Seules les nouveaux commentaires des personnages n'ont pas été encore traduits. Logiciel requis : Vous devez avoir Winzip ou Winrar. Installation 1. Télécharger le patch FR. 2. Double cliquez sur le fichier téléchargé et cliquez sur Extraire : 3. Copiez/collez ce chemin d'extraction : Windows XP : Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/mods Windows Vista / 7 : Program Files (x86)Steam/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/mods 4. Lancez le jeu, cliquez sur le bouton Mods. 5. Cliquez sur le rectangle nommé : "Patch FR" : 6. La croix rouge est remplacée par une encoche verte. Cliquez sur OK. 6. Un message apparaît, cliquez sur "Je comprends".
  7. Version 1.5


    *Hounds are neutral to her until provoked! *Pigmen and bunnymen are her natural enemies! *She's a bit stronger than most, is fast on her feet, and freezes more slowly in winter *Starts with 120 max hunger, 150 max sanity, and 150 max health *Will not lose sanity around monsters Wulfe is just about finished! I just need to figure out how to make it so hounds can be tamed with meat, like pigmen. ***IMPORTANT: There is a hounded.lua file in her folder you must move to a certain location, the README tells you what to do. If you don't she may get attacked by certain hounds. ***UPDATE: Those who had problems with her crashing on the character selection screen shouldn't have any issues with this version. Except I've heard that custom characters have been crashing when you examine walls lately..?
  8. Version v1.8


    TheDanaAddams Link, based visually on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Link comes equipped with a number of "Hero's" items. All of the Hero's items are unbreakable, and uncraftable. So don't lose 'em. Link is impervious to sanity loss, owing to his adventuring experience. He's seen things like you wouldn't believe. Link, as a seasoned adventurer, is stronger, faster, and tougher than average, with a strong stomach, but has a faster metabolism, and a smaller stomach, due to how consistently hard he pushes himself. Link is perhaps best at surviving through hunting and eating what he can kill. Keep an eye on that hunger gauge. Up-to-date Mediafire Link can always be found in the first post of the thread.
  9. Version 0.2


    Why am I putting up a file so incomplete and nonsensical? Why does the art suck? Why did I do what I did? Because I need your help to fix this crappy beta mod. Also, even though it is not finished, you can still have fun Report bugs and such to me. I accept some requests.
  10. Version 1.3


    A Don't Starve Together Worldgen Mod. Open to suggestions for improvements to the existing maps and/or ideas for new maps. Seriously. suggest some maps. To clarify: I'm looking for suggestions of the type "a map that does X" or "a map that has Y" not suggestions like "make earth in dst" due to the random nature of world generation, it's possible to get a general shape, but not a specific one, like "earth" Information: Maps:Archipelago, a wormhole centric island survival map Biosphere, A map where each biome is a circle connected by a bridge HubVille, A map with a crappy winter start in a resource rich hub, followed by an endless summer, Your goal is to grab the teleportato pieces from the dangerous lands outside, and tame the world. Based on "The Game is Afoot" Ring, typically generates a single ring, but can sometimes generate a double, or even a triple ring! Island Survival, try to survive on a tiny island with scarce resources especially difficult with friends [*]To Do: Add more worldgen options Work on maze like challenge world setting [*]Installation: Toss in \Don't Starve Together Beta\mods Activate mod in don't starve together Clients do not need to have the mod to play on a custom map.
  11. Version 0.8.1


    This mod introduces Wark the Chocobo to Don't Starve Together! She is a chocobo from the Final Fantasy Fables series of games, the type of chocobo that is commonly refered to as the "chibi" chocobo! She comes with her own speech file, diet, art assets, and a neat little mechanic for those who can make it through winter! Stats: Health: 150 Sanity: 120 Hunger: 170Traits: *Eats like a bird. Wark is a primary herbivore, meaning that she mainly eats vegetation, like vegetables and cut grass; however she is secondarily omnivorous, capable of eating fish, eggs, and many other foods. However, do to her crop lacking the enzymes capable of breaking down red meat, she cannot eat nor digest meats other than fish. Rejoice; however, because she has both a crop and a stomach, she can hold a lot of food in her, and because she is a savanna bird, her digestive system is more efficient!*Runs like a bird. Chocobos are quick on their feet, her light frame and powerful legs allow her to maintain a sprint at around 50% the speed of an average human. However, this speed likely comes from a constant fear of being eaten; so unfortunately this begets a lower sanity.*Moults... like a bird. You'd think all those feathers would make her a little warmer in winter, but being an arid plains creature she prefers warmer and more temperate climates, so her plumage is thin to allow better temperature control. So in reality, her winter coat isn't that useful at all, but it still sheds it at the start of summer. Maybe that would be useful?Right now the mod is playable and very much balanced how I want her to be, so I am releasing it early because I will be gone for a few days and unable to do some of the final visual and gameplay tweaks before version 1.0. She is DST only because I started making her for DST long before it occurred to me that making a character backwards compatible would be a pain in the tail-feathers. I'd then have to do a lot of balancing and mechanicing for DS and ROG, so for now she will be DST only until I get better at this. Tips! To Do: Break out your Busdriver because I need to do my shout outs now: Thanks to @Dleowolf for the Character Template and helping solve Wark's tail. Thanks to @Mobbstar for putting up with my constant questions. Thanks to @Kzisor for helping with Wark's diet. and big Thanks to @rezecib for literally doing all the hard parts for me. Enjoy! PM me with any comments, issues, and suggestions if you really want me to read them, sigh exasperatedly, then bug everyone else on how to do cede to your demands.
  12. Version 4.0.3


    Traduction en français de la nouvelle extension (DLC) ShipWrecred. Ce que traduit le patch FR : Les répliques de Wilson, les objets, les créatures, les éléments de la nature, les recettes d'artisanat, les aliments, etc. Ce que ne traduit pas encore le patch FR : Les répliques des autres personnages, quelques mots au sein de l'interface et autres traductions oubliées ou dont les strings n'ont pas été encore implantées par Klei. Concernant l'auteur Je suis le webmaster du site Don't Starve FR.
  13. leeclow


    Version 1.3


    Milk mod adds a milking option on beefalos. It also adds cheese and other stuffies. To be able to milk beefalos first a Milking Bucket must be crafted under food options for 1 beefalo horn 10 marble pieces and 1 lantern. Milking beefalos will result in a piece of raw milk that can be cooked on cook pot for milk and cheese. New recipes: Milk: 2 raw milk pieces and no meat. Cheese: 3 raw milk pieces and no meat and no inedible Banana pie: 1 cave banana (cooked or raw), 1 egg (bird or tall bird) and 1 milk. No meat in the recipe. Banana Milkshake: 1 cave banana, 1 milk, 1 honey and 1 ice. Have fun.
  14. Version 4.0


    This is Renamon, a digimon from the show digimon tamers. This mod enables the character Renamon in "Don't starve." Renamon has unique quotes, is very nimble on its feet (fast), it has a very fast metabolism, petrified of the dark (EXTREME sanity loss). renamon has a second form and a little hat to help level out the game play. Stats 250 Hitpoints 220 Sanity 250 Hunger Changes ADDED HEALTH REGEN rain decreases sanity hit damage increased High definition art New insane form Custom sounds.
  15. Version v0.3


    Walmond the realistic werewolf just so happens to be my seconded character mod and like with bellatrix the realistic vampire i plan to follow the cliché exactly with a few minor tweaks here and there Things this mod should have KEY ​Green implemented Red Not implemented Yellow kinda implemented powers/perks likes to be alone (gains sanity when he is not around pigmen,bunnymen) has a tortured past (when insane he is haunted by his past) loves the moon (gains sanity when there is a moon, larger moon larger sanity gain, o and the whole werewolf thing is going on there as well) Custom Sounds Werewolf form art completion 28% stats health 140 sanity 90 hunger 210
  16. Version 1.5


    This mod allows you to play as Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the AoSTH show. COMPATIBLE WITH RoG DLC COMPATIBLE WITH ALWAYS ON STATUS. Has custom speech file! Yey~! Custom Maxwell Intro! ^ Steam Workshop Version right there Stats: HP: 120 Hunger: 200 Sanity: 250 Takes a passive 10% less damage Hits 25% weaker Has a science bonus of 1. Moves 20% slower --Fun stuff here CAN CRAFT SCRATCH AND GROUNDER. They fight for you. Scratch's stats: 300 HP Kiting mechanism Does 30 dmg per hit. Drops a blueprint on death to craft another one. Grounder's stats: 500 HP Tanking Mechanism Does 10 dmg per hit, but hits fast. Drops blueprint on death to craft another. Can craft Super Robotnik Potion! It turns you into Super Robotnik for 2 mins! -Changes Build -Increases size -You now do 1.5x more damage then Wilson -HP increased to 210 -Lose sanity very fast -Run much faster -Absorption tuned to make it so you absorb 70% of dmg passively. After 2 minutes, all these reset to normal. Crafted with 5 thulecite, 3 nightmare fuel, and a purple gem. Update 5/24: Updated to API 6 Tweaked a couple of strings to add more pingas. Update 5/25 Changed bigportrait art. Many thanks to PipClank (Dino) for the art! EXPECT MORE UPDATES TO THIS. -Dan P.S Many thanks to Mr. Tiddles (NIk Mik) for my dumb coding questions
  17. Version 1.3


    my own character for don't starve finally! for now is just a character more but i will continue edit him he is compatible in DST Nickname The sweet rose Motto “my love and soul for my dear!” Perk *is obsessed for wilson *he loves the cold and rain (WIP) *he have special seeds (WIP) HEALTH 150 HUNGER 200 SANITY 200 hey i have a ask/rp blog about this character and more!
  18. Version Beta 0.6.3


    If you like it, you can subscribe in Steam Workshop: Doom modification for Don't Starve. Features: - Shotgun with ammo - Plasma gun with ammo - Chainsaw - Small and big medkits - Explosive barrel - Soul sphere and Megasphere - Lamp and candles - Special sounds Available in future: - More guns, items and structures - Friendly and enemy NPC - Character - Porting for DST Hf
  19. kaysik


    Version 0.7.1


    Please download this via steam (from if you can. That way it will automatically update when I fix bugs and add new pets. If you get it from here you'll need to manually re-check this page yourself. _____ _ | __ \ | | | |__) |__| |_ ___ | ___/ _ \ __/ __| | | | __/ |_\__ \ |_| \___|\__|___/ v0.7.1 [ALPHA] --==>> Pets Readme --==>> SteamWorkshop: --==>> Download Page: ==Now works with both both vanilla DS and RoG DLC!== Finding the harsh world of Don't Starve a little lonely? Want a companion to share in the highs and lows of your journey? I did - so I added pets. Figured a few other people might be interested so here it is, uploaded for anyone to enjoy. Be warned though, your pets will need looking after. Still it's worth the effort to have a companion join you on your journey. == HOW TO TAME: - Feed a tameable wild animal 4 serves of a food they like and they'll be tamed. To feed an animal just place the food on the ground and let them eat it. == Tameable animals: ···> Rabbit (winter & summer - once tamed your pet rabbit won't change colour with season) ···> Spider (only the regular spider currently, might add warrior/cave variants later) ···> Bat ···> Pengull ···> Hounds (regular, fire, ice) ···> Gobbler ···> Slurtle ···> Snurtle == Fine details: - Pets have both health and hunger, you will need to feed and heal them to keep them alive - Mouse over them to get their hunger/health status - Once tamed, pets no longer eat food off the ground, you have to feed them yourself (they're well trained) - You can pickup your pet and carry it round in your bags (helpful to keep them from being killed in fights) - When you feed your hungry pets you'll gain 5 sanity - Every time your pet is attacked you'll lose 1 sanity - If your pet dies you'll lose sanity. The older your pet the more sanity lost (20 for new pets, 100 after ~25 days) - If you kill a wild animal of the same type as your pet you will lose 5 sanity - Some (but not all) pets will help you fight like hired pigs do - Tamed animals are smaller than their wild counterparts == Future plans: - Add ability to tame more animals - Add tougher taming requirements for certain pets - Increase the required food to keep bigger pets happy - Add pet specific behaviours (find food/treasure, help chop trees or mine) - Add rare spawn pet specific creatures like cats, for the ultimate in furry pet goodness
  20. Version 1.7


    Not what she seems. Winona is a farmgirl from the south, with a body weakened by tuberculosis. Perks: - Sanity drains lower at night due to her experience in Waverly Hills Sanatorium... and her talks with Charlie. - Farming bonus. (Right now, she has Wickerbottom's farming book. In the future, when recipes work better in DST, she will have a custom farming plot) Cons: - Body weakened by illness Still a wip! Feel free to play as her and offer advice, though, it's my first released mod. I will be giving her custom lines as the character designer gives them to me. Character Idea and Design: Portrait Art: Game art and coding: Ace Murdock (publisher)
  21. Version WhereTheresWilsonBRv1


    TRADUÇÃO DISPONÍVEL NO FÓRUM: Querer é Poder... Sobreviver! (Where There's Wilson...) TRADUÇÃO DISPONÍVEL NA OFICINA STEAM: Reign of Giants This Portuguese Translation is Always in Progress. Hello, I'm Marcos Bolton (a.k.a Salsa) and I'm a professional translator. Here's the file for the Portuguese-BR (WiP) translation. It's finished, now I need the brazilian community to test it and review the quality of the work. Due to piracy issues, the available version here at the forums is previous to the latest patch of the base game. If you're looking for the most recent version you can download it via Steam Workshop. Olá, meu nome é Marcos Bolton (ou Salsa). Aqui está o arquivo para a tradução em português do jogo Don't Starve. A tradução está jogável mas as vezes pode estar incompleta (favor checar a porcentagem). Devido a pirataria, a versão disponível no fórum é sempre da penúltima atualização do jogo base. Se você quer a versão mais atual da tradução precisa ser através de inscrição na Oficina Steam. Lembrete: Se você vai demonstrar o jogo usando a minha tradução no seu canal do YouTube, Twitch.TV, Ustream, etc. Por favor, lembre-se de deixar na descrição os créditos da tradução ou mesmo mencioná-la no vídeo. Meus canais são e Obrigado. For more on the progress and updates go to the main topic: Para mais informações visite o link do fórum: Fale sobre o mod Aqui/Discuss this mod here
  22. Version 0.8.2


    0.8.2: Fixed fire Choppy burning on death not droping necronomicon only ash 0.8.1: Fixed mod crashing at savegame and sometimes start new game Keep in mind this mod is still in Beta, it works fine for all i tested but it needs more testing so i will keep it in beta till I'm sure it is ready Please... if you find some minor or even major bugs please let me know i will try to fix them This is my first mod.. like... ever, so bear with me Custom character Wesna and her companion hound Choppy Wesna: hp 150/ hunger 150/ sanity 200 Starts with a unique item Necronomicon When reading necronomicon it turns into Choppy When Choppy dies necronomicon is droped Comes with own speech Choppy: hp 200/ dmg 20 Follows you wherever you go Attacks what you attack, defends when you are attacked and when he is hit Upgradeable with a blue or red gem to a fire or ice Choppy Upgraded: hp 400/ dmg 40 Fire version inflicts burn Ice version inflicts freeze I wish to hereby thank all these awesome people for guiding me and helping finish this as a new moder i started from scrach and needed the help Thank you Malacath, DannaAddams, Aredshroom and esspecialy Goldfish911 And thank you the guy who made HF Summons it helped me not alot but ALOT I didnt know him i hear hes gone and said if someone can keep his mods up to date Well i hope this is one way to keep it atleast a little I BOW TO YOU ALL
  23. Version v0.1


    As you all know i am picky when it comes to making a mod, so generally they are good quality and with star butterfly this is no exception i plan to make star as best as i can that includes art wise soon i will make a custom build and animation assets towards this mod but for now just the basics Stats: health: 200 hunger: 115 sanity: 90 The to do list Add - mewberty form Add - Star's Wand Add - Spellbook Create - Custom animation and build assets
  24. Version


    As you may have guessed this is a character mod and my first mod -=_____________________________________=- Information Bellatrix is a Vampire Character and i plan to follow the Cliché exactly with burning in sunlight to blood lust -=_____________________________________=- Character Information When introduced to the character you start at dusk that way you will not burn strait away Bellatrix does burn in sunlight but can see when there is little light ​so naturally she has night vision but not all the time on a new moon she looses her night vision ability -- she can move faster during the night all stats get a boost at night even more so on a new moon -- gains hunger by Attacking Living Enemy's or eating meat (monster meat included) (so for example no hunger will be rewarded for attacking a beehive) -- bats will protect her and attack whatever she's attacking, they tend not to follow you around so there not a follower -- you will not freeze for you are already dead -- -=_____________________________________=- Items List Grim Cloak Nightmare Blood -- refills your hunger and health at a high sanity cost -=_________________________________=- Things i need to do! Fine tune Intro fine tune stat changes Add Vampire Hunting Pig-men that seek you out randomly and in caves it would be bunny-men Add Vampire like weapons that you craft and use (thanks to Biomexcwb) i could not figure out steam so there is no longer a steam link for some reason my mod did not appear in the mods page if someone subscribe to it. (i will figure it out at sometime)
  25. Version 1.4.1


    Always check the changelog.txt. This is not the full release, things will change. This is WIP mod, so make sure to follow the mod to get a notification when an update is released. This mod adds a personal variation of the unimplemented/altered character - Winnie. Details: 175 HP 120 Hunger 100 Sanity Rabbits, penguins don't run away from her, and restore a bit of sanity when near her. But killing them drains sanity by 15. She is a vegetarian. But she can eat leafy meat. Custom speech lines. Compatible with the base game Credit for animation and sound goes to Klei Entertainment. Steam Link: Note: I am open to suggestions regarding anything, even some speech lines, those still need to be addressed. If any issue should arise, please pm me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Plans: Revisit strings More killing penalties Pro Tip: Penguins won't hide their eggs when playing as Winnie.