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Found 10 results

  1. Version


    Hello guys, this is my Italian translation for Don't Strave, enjoy it Changelog: Version 1.10.1 IT'S NOT A ROCK! UPDATE + small corrections Installation Place italian.po in "YourSteamInstallationFoldersteamappscommondont_starvedatascriptslanguages" and add LanguageTranslator:LoadPOFile("datascriptslanguagesitalian.po", "it") to language.lua file in the same folder. (if it is not present you can download it from this post) What is in progress: Grammar checking Typing errors checking Verification of matches in the game Please pm me to report errors or corrections. ---------------------------------------ITALIANO--------------------------------------- Ciao, questa è la mia traduzione in Italiano di Don't Starve, divertitevi! Modifiche: Version 1.10.1 IT'S NOT A ROCK! UPDATE + piccole correzioni Installazione [*]Mettere italian.po in "VostraCartellaDiIstallazioneDiSteamsteamappscommondont_starvedatascriptslanguages" e aggiungere LanguageTranslator:LoadPOFile("datascriptslanguagesitalian.po", "it") al file language.lua nella stessa cartella. (se non è presente scaricatela da questo post) Cosa è in corso: Controllo grammaticale Verifica degli errori di battitura Verifica delle corrispondenze nel gioco Per favore mandatemi un messaggio privato per segnalare errori e/o correzioni. Discuss this Mod
  2. German Translation [COMPLETE]



    Update 12.06.2013: It's not a rock komplett. Update 22.05.2013: Cave Update 100% complete. Da Spieler636 im Forum geschrieben hat, dass er nicht mehr länger an den Subs arbeitet, habe ich diese genommen und den Rest übersetzt und Fehler ausgemerzt. Das mit dem äöü und ß kommt noch, wird aber beim durchschauen beachtet. Sobald ich das gesehen habe, von Wolfgang fehlte ein bisschen, von Wickerbottom noch mehr und von WX78 auch recht viel. Maxwell hat auch einiges gefehlt. Vor allem die "etwas" schwierigeren Übersetzungen sowie im "fuzzy" Modus so gut wie alles falsch war. Es ist jetzt alles zu 100 % Übersetzt, da fehlte echt noch einiges. Gerade für die späteren Charaktere. Es können auf jeden Fall noch Fehler von der Grundversion von Spieler636 vorhanden sein, die ich noch nicht gefunden oder gefixt habe ßäöü ist soweit gefixt. Jedoch verhält sich das Spiel bei Umlauten komisch. In den meisten Fällen wird ein kleines äöü akzeptiert (ein großes ÖÄÜ & ß nie!), in seltenen Fällen (willkürlich) jedoch nicht. Wer solche und andere Fehler findet, bitte melden.. Installation: Nach SteamSteamAppscommondont_starve entpacken und überschreiben. Credits zu 50% (oder von mir aus auch 65% ^^) an Spieler636. Discuss this mod here / Diskutieren Sie diesen mod hier
  3. Hey Everyone, I made a playlist on 8tracks where I collected a bunch of songs that remind me of Don't Starve. Fun to play to!
  4. Map with the Wes Set Piece



    Here's an Adventure Map without modifications or cheat that contains the Wes' Set Piece that allow to unlock him. It from my personnal save. The map take place in the "King of Winter" chapter. You need to find the set piece by yourself as you begin in the beginning of that chapter. Install Instructions : Compatibility : How to use :
  5. Version


    This mod works for the June 12 update. This is a very rough patch!! Once you die, nothing will happen. The body will be left there. All you have to do is return to the main menu and all will be fine, your saved file will be intact. Please comment below if you run into any problems. I do not own a PC which runs Linux, so if anyone would like to help me out with making this mod Linux-friendly, comment below or add me For Windows: Step 1: Navigate to C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonDon't_Starvedatascr ipts Step 2: Copy the downloaded file and paste it in the directory above Step 3: When the prompt comes up, select Copy & Replace option For Mac: Follow the same steps as Windows, but navigate to: /Users/"USERNAME"/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/ Original thread here:
  6. Version


    New recipe -Krampus sack -Spider Hat -EyeBone -Forest turf -Grass turf -Marsh turf -Rocky turf -Savanna turf -Hound tooth -Tentacle Spots -Guano Installation -Copy/past the folder with the mod -open modsettings.lua with notepad or other and copy/past ModManager:AddMod("NewRecipe")0 contact me at
  7. HardcoreImpossibleV1.41



    Hello everyone ! Hello everyone, sorry I've enough with coding, and I've other things to do so I'll stop to update it for the time beings. Have fun . Last version : Version 1.41 (rock update compatible) Name : HardcoreImpossible (I know this name is not great, but there was already with the name "hardcore" Description : >A mod which makes the game really hard, it's now over the time to feel safe. Now, you'll fear bosses, even some monsters like koalefant, krampus and so on. >Traps, fishing rod, trap teeth and bee mines are nerfed. >Add a special effect for deerclops eyes ! (it's really a interesting one item now !) >New type of waves added ! It's a hardcore one. I don't tell what it is exactly, it's like the hound wave, you'll know you're attacked with the sound of hound wave(need to put an other sound), and special message of course. >There is a curse when you reach day 77+, fear it ! >Special event : Solar eclipse, you are informed when it happens (1 chance on 53 to happen, and not the first 12 days, and there is a minimum delay between solar eclipse to avoid 2 solar eclipse in a row), a solar eclipse is a solar eclipse, I don't really need to explain, hihi. >When you reach day 100, all rabbits are hidden in their hole, they don't go out anymore(but their mother is coming day 104, take care of her, make a "cell" for her, and everytime you give her food(meat..carrots..and so on), small babies (untrappable, like their mother) are coming). By the way, don't dare to kill their mother ! >New weapon, Thunderbolt Rod ! feel the power ! (in magic tab) However, it has 2 uses, so don't waste it . >New structure : Lightning generator ! It's a defensive structure(magic tab) which needs living log as fuel. At a radius about 1 screen, it will attack every dangerous creature(a monster or an entity which attacks you), you can turn on or off the structure(and as the same time you see the number of charges left) >New structure : A totem, with it, you can summon the rain or quake by the power of dancing ! So dance in order to get that ! However, it has a cost...a sanity cost... /!It's not 100% sure there is 0 bug, if you find some, don't hesitate to tell me and sorry for that . Of course, It's not for beginners! I was bored when I was playing this game(too easy when you are used to it), so I wanted to make it really hard. All the features won't be showed here because I want some surprizes for you. Features : Planned features : Known Issues : Changelog : V1.11 : Hot fix : Fixed the issue of rabbits, they were insta respawning...(I modified that because I wanted a to make a special event later in the game (when you're day120+..But it's not implemented in the 1.11) V1.12 : Hot fix(I know... sorry) : Fixed the issue of the speed of each day, days were so fast because I was testing some stuff, but I forgot to make it like normal setting when I uploaded... The goal of this mod is to make the game harder and more interesting in late game stuff, not to make it impossible of course ! V1.13 : Compatible with it's not a rock update Removed the torch nerf Cleaned the useless files(small size for the mod now) Fixed a "bug", it wasn't 7.5% to calm down a tree Removed the buff of regen time of den v1.2 : Special no rabbit event, rabbitmother monster added, special event solar eclipse v1.3 : Nerf on many monsters :
  8. Improved Russian Fonts



    Improved russian fonts for all russian translations. Actual version: 0.7-0.8 Update: "Cave Update" Fix. Two variants - "hard" and "soft" fonts. To your taste. 0.8 - soft fonts 0.7 - hard fonts
  9. Swedish language pack



    Ever wanted Maxwell to speak viking? Ever wanted to get reminded of IKEA when you see Wilson? Then I got the language pack for you! This is a complete Swedish translation of don't starve compatible with the It's Not a Rockupdate!
  10. Version


    Esta basada en la excelente traducción de Sheen y actualizada a la última versión a fecha de hoy. Instalación: Descomprimir en el directorio de Don't Starve y sobreescribir si es necesario.