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Found 17 results

  1. 1568 downloads

    This mod will allow you to craft the Tam O' Shanter. It's only a small mod, but should help Sanity and Winter strugglers. Discuss this mod Features: Install Instructions: Compatibility: Known Issues: Changelog:
  2. Version 0.05


    Introduction: This is my very first modification for the game, I wanted to be able to move rabbit holes inside pins closer together to allow for better map optimization. There wasn't a way to do this without creating a mod for it, so I dug in and created something very generic. HowTo: 1) Trap a rabbit. 2) Click on the rabbit. 3) Right click the target location. 4) Wait until the delay timer starts. (This is to prevent spamming of rabbit holes.) Installation: Pre 1) Delete current "plantable_rabbit_hole" folder in the mods folder, if installed. 1) Extract files into the mod folder. 2) Enable the mod in game, under the mods screen. 3) Enjoy your game.
  3. 8526 downloads

    Do you feel like some items are harder for you to get? Wouldn't you wish for an easier way to get them? With this mod you can get rare items more often! Features Installation Chagelog Important addition! Now includes compatibility instructions with Insta Rocks and Trees mod! The modified files samples included for easier understanding or just to replace the originals. New: added basic and more loot version replacement files. Discuss this mod here
  4. 1365 downloads

    Behold, the mighty Bee Mask! Use it to disguise yourself as a bee, fooling killer bees to protect you and together with the Bee Dart, manipulate them to defeat your enemies! But don't expect them do be fooled forever! ...and the character will also be very embarrased, being dressed up as a bee. With this mod, I aim to make a proper Beekeeper mod, adding new features to manipulate the Killer beehives and improving the system of normal bees. As of right now, I think it's fairly balanced while having fun mechanics! In the future I plan to add some optional OP stuff, granting the BeeKeeper more control over the minions! Features: - Bee Mask, become a bee - Re-plantable Killer beehives - The Bee Dart, shoots bees - Better Beekeeper hat - Angrier Killers About the Bee Mask: About Re-plantable Killer Beehives: About the Bee Dart: About the Beekeeper hat: About the Angrier Killers: How to install (gotta have this) Version history: Feedback thread here Credits: Thank you @Spazmatic for coming up with the killercomb idea and making the texture for it, as well as the Bee Dart! Thank you Raccoon for helping me edit the tex file for the anims! Thank you @Albinowyvern for making the Bee Mask! And, as always, many thanks to the dapper den for inspiration and support!
  5. 1603 downloads

    -v1.2: Hunger Update. Fixed the images -v1.1: Batteries added. New resources: copper, iron and zinc! -v1.0: Flashlight is now available! For those who want flashlight and batteries only: Click me! Have fun! :3 v1.1 Batteries and New Resouces Added New Item: - Batteries: 5 Copper, 5 Zinc - Flashlight: 1 Gears, 5 Iron, 2 Purple Gem - Wires: 1 tentaclespots, 5 copper (not in use) Features: - You can now get copper ore, iron ore and zinc ore from mining. - "Cook" the ores, you will get copper, iron, and zinc. - You need iron instead of gold to craft a flashlight. It's more logical. - If you don't have a 5-slot mod, you need to put flashlight in the hand slot. More logical, too. - To craft batteries, you need some copper and zinc - an original way to make a battery. - 1 Flashlight needs 2 batteries to be fully recharged. - DO NOT THROW BATTERIES INTO FIRE! (I mean you can have a try) - You can also craft wires, but they are still useless now.(Plz wait for the next version.) v1.0 Flashlight Installation: - Unpack files into mod directory. - Open your game, find the MOD button and click on it. - Enable the mod Flashlight. The electricity mod is still work in process, so I am longing for suggestion! Feel free to tell me your thoughts here! :3
  6. Version 1.3


    Discuss here:!-%28Powers-Update%29************************************************** He is now a mere mortal! Tip: Murder the Pig King! ************************************************** His subjects will protect him! Tip: Avoid murdering the Pig King in front of pigmen! ************************************************** Wear the crown of the Pig King! Tip: On death, the Pig King drops loot, including his magical crown! ************************************************** Loot! Lots and lots of loot! Tip: Murdering the Pig King will yield lots of resources. But at what cost? ************************************************** A magical crown! Tip: A new Pig King can be crowned, but only on if certain conditions are met... ************************************************** Changes in the works currently: Other (interesting) things! Known Bugs: None, yet... VERSION CHANGELOG 1.3 The 'ceremony' has been changed. For a new pig king to be crowned, a pigman must be slain whilst wearing the crown, then the crown must be placed onto a pigman during any night. 1.2 The crown now gives you pig followers of all kinds, but at the cost of sanity and hunger! King loot has been lowered a little bit. The Pig King looks dead when he dies now! A new King can be crowned only during a new moon! (There will be more to this later.) 1.1 Pig King now drops gold nuggets, meat, trinkets, and his crown. The Pig King's crown is now wearable! Sounds/anims when attacking the Pig King! 1.0 Pig King is mortal! He can be killed now. Pigmen do not appreciate you killing the Pig King.
  7. Version 1.1


    A small change for Firepit.edge closer to reality. Now you can harvest ash by burning things. Charcoal with out burn trees... Just make fire pit "Real". USE: With Fire Pit. Just make fire,for a few time (the time of log burning) it can be harvest. burn,produce ash.need more? burn more! 2.By make the fire get smaller,you can receive charcoal Install: Un-zip, enable this mod in game.(just like most other MOD)[hunger] Disscuss
  8. Version v2.2


    v2.2 Hunger Update by teMug Installation: Extract the zip contents into your mods folder in your game directory and enable in the Mod Loader. And you're all set! Discuss this mod here
  9. Version V1.1H


    Ever wanted to smash a rabbit in the face with a rock, well with this mod you can O.o I thought it appropriate to make such mod, given the new update is all about rocks. Features -Makes rocks throw able and crumble upon impact. -No homing feature, you have to aim now(kinda'ish) -Kill a Treeguard with around 100 rocks. -A texture for when your holding it in your hand(semi bugged) Changelog: v1.1H - Hunger update. V1.1 - Updated to powerupdate and increased speed of projectile and cleaned up a bit. V1 - Release Discuss it here and do tell if you want more things to throw in the face of danger:
  10. Version 1.2


    Hello, Ladies and Gents! I give you, Flint N' Steel! Set fire to thing in style! Yay. Download today for the high price of FREE!
  11. 1755 downloads

    This is a subsidiary of the Craftable Uncraftables mod. Due to a few requests, I have decided to run this mod alongside the main. This mod contains both Craftable Raw Resources, and Craftable Uncraftables (Half Edition). Craftable Raw Resources features natural materials, such as Silk and Bunny Puffs. The full list is featured below. (see Features). If this version breaks, please use [v.0.0.5] while waiting for a fix. Thanks. Discuss this mod Craftable Raw Resources Features: Craftable Uncraftables - Half Editon Features: Planned Features: Install Instructions: Compatibility: Known Bugs: Changelog:
  12. 235 downloads

    Seedbalance mod version 1.0 vegetables given to a bird in a cage now gives 2 to 4 seeds for the vegetable, but no longer normal seeds. discuss here changelog hunger -- nothing *_* powers -- added modinfo.lua
  13. 3160 downloads

    Since I was informed that the setting of ore may not satisfy everybody, I decided to publish a "pure" flashlight mod. At the same time, I will still work on the electricity mod. Enjoy it! :> Added New Item: - Flashlight: 1 Gears, 5 Gold, 2 Purple Gem - Batteries: 5 Gold, 5 Nitre Features: - Once you make a flashlight, it will be your good friend at night or in cave. - It will produce super-bright light at first, but as time passes, the flashlight will lose its power. - If the power is low, the radius of light will decrease. - When the power goes off, you need to craft some batteries to charge it. - 1 flashlight needs 2 batteries to be fully recharged. - DO NOT THROW BATTERIES INTO FIRE! (I mean you can have a try) - If you have a 5-equipslots mod, you can put the flashlight in the amulet slot. - If you don't, you can only put it in the hat slot. (not logical, haha) - A flashlight on the ground can be turned on or off, so it acts like the lantern. - Each time you equip a flashlight,the light color changes! If you are interested in the electricity mod, plz click here.
  14. 857 downloads

    Hey guys! Neo here with technically my 3rd mod and the 2nd done all by myself. I present to you, CRAFTABLE EYEBONE! It's extremely simple but hey, it's helpful. How to install Version History Credits Bugs Discuss the mod here
  15. 1992 downloads

    --v1.2: Hunger update --v1.1: Power update Thanks: @kiopho (helping me fix the anim files) @_Q_ (this mod is kind of similar to one of his works, but he doesn't mind) Features: Now you can get more things from Pig King. -If you give him meat, as usual, you may get a gold nugget, but if you are lucky enough you can get a red gem or a blue gem instead. -If you give him a red gem, you will receive a blue gem, and for a blue one you will receive a red one. -If you give him some useless "treasure" you dig up, you will only get one gold nugget. But you will have a higher possibility of receiving a red or blue gem, and you may even get a purple gem luckily. -If you give him a purple gem, you will get amulet, panflute, papyrus, gunpowder, nightmarefuel, dragonpie, pigskin, cutgrass or even poop. Also, you have about 4% possibility to get a Nightsword EX or Armor Sanity EX, and both of them are cooler(I hope so) and stronger. Installation: -Unpack files into mod directory. -Open file "modsettings.lua" in mod folder and add line: ModManager:AddMod("TradeWithKing") Please discuss this mod here:
  16. 631 downloads

    FutaraDragon Light Edge Rod Mod "Like light like Wilson" Before Mod Review and Download Thankyou WrathOf for ModLib and Code Starter knowledge Thankyou Handsome Matt for TexTool That can Customize Picture Thankyou milson - "Potions Mod" for know about Add new Item Texture Thankyou tehMugwump - "Infinite Tools Mod" for know about Custom Tuning and Components Thankyou tehMugwump - "Chester the Enlightened Mod" for know about Mod Script Thankyou Heavenfall - "Summons Mod" for know about Custom Action Right Click Thankyou leon8111 - "xTraCraftables Mod" for know about Custom New Tab Thankyou somebody I'm forgot sorry =A= ------------------------------------------------------------- -- FutaraDragon "Light Edge Rod" Mod V1.7 -- Create by FutaraDragon -------------------------- AboutMod ------------------------- -- This Mod Add new weapon name "Light Edge Rod" -- The Rod get power by the light!! -- -- Rod Ability -- Can Restore power by the light when day time and near fire like heater -- And Lost power when night time -- -- Rod Level -- Rod Lv 1 (Rod MP 0-4%) -- Rod Lv 2 (Rod MP 5-39%) -- Rod Lv 3 (Rod MP 40-100%) -- Rod Lv 4 (Rod MP 100%+) -- -- Rod Attack Type -- Type Projectile -- Range 1-18 -- Damage 5-30 -- DamageExp 5-25 -- KnockBack 0.1-0.4 -- -- Rod Special Effect -- When Equip Rod and Rod MP is 200%. -- The Rod will summon light orb for help automaticly ------------------------- ChangeLog ------------------------- -- 28/07/2013 v1.7 Update -- Update Version For Support Hunger Update -- 03/07/2013 v1.6 FixBug -- FixBug Light Explotion Damage Ally -- FixBug Picture Tab don't show -- 02/07/2013 v1.5 Update -- Update Mod To the power update -- 20/06/2012 v1.4 FixBug -- FixBug Direction wrong -- FixBug Wrong Ally Damage -- Fixbug Charge Faster -- 19/06/2012 v1.3 FixBug -- FixBug Light Edge Orb Wrong Light -- FixBug Light Edge Orb Wrong Position -- 19/06/2012 v1.2 FixBug -- FixBug Light Edge Ball FX Wrong -- 19/06/2012 v1.1 FixBug and Change -- FixBug Light Edge Rod When MP 200% the light remove -- FixBug Light Edge Rod Item Picture Change when not equip -- FixBug Light Edge Orb remove when load game -- Change Light Edge Rod Item Request -- 19/06/2012 v1.0 Release Mod -- Mod Release ----------------------- FutureUpdate ------------------------ -- No Future Update for this mod ------------------------ Installation ------------------------- This Mod can play with standalone (Rock Support) And This Mod Support Other FutaraDragon Mod Copy folder "FDLightEdgeRod" folder to dont_starvemods Open the "modsettings.lua" file and write add ModManager:AddMod("FDLightEdgeRod") Save file and let's fun ---------------------------------------------------------------- What I'm doing My FaceBook Here DiscussHere if found bug or talk about this mod >>
  17. 1428 downloads

    Hey guys! Neo here with technically my 3rd mod and the 2nd done all by myself. I present to you, CRAFTABLE EYEBONE! It's extremely simple but hey, it's helpful. How to install Version History Credits Bugs Discuss the mod here