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Found 10 results

  1. This isn't the only way but it's the way I like best. Get your metal at any temperature you want and it's (basically) self-powered.
  2. I have tamed my volcano. It erupted once, and then went dormant! SUCCESS!!! Except now I have hot rocks in a room full of cooling steam. The steam should be leeching heat from those rocks, with the tempshift plate spreading it to the metal tiles, but it's been cycles and the rocks are still above 700C. Do rocks transfer heats with gasses much, or should I have a liquid in there to heat as well?
  3. Hey everyone, I wanted to share my way on taming metal volcanoes using a fairly simple design. I would be happy to hear what you think about it. Here is my way for taming any metal volcanoes using a fairly straightforward method. Would be happy to hear what you think about it.
  4. This is my new favorite way to do this, it's efficiency is practically perfect. It doesn't "require" steel. You'll need plastic and a little lead.
  5. My take on a volcano tamer. I wanted to do something that was useful mid game, no space materials and simple but also possible to expand on later. The idea is to have a base for power generation that can be set up early mid-game when you do need power but be able to ad-on stuff like sour gas boiling later on. If you only plan to use it for power the same build can be sued with just as slightly bigger power room. Very little automation, materials used obsidian, wolframite/tungsten and diamond. I might ad that I use an external cooling loop for the turbines Automation layer. The and-gate with an atmo-sensor is just a manual override to shut down the system and not needed for the build. The idea with the convoy rails taking the long way around is that I later can connect other modules later on before it go down to the power room. (Like boiling oil)
  6. Greetings, I decided to revisit my original volcano tamer, since I felt there was a lot of improvements to be made in all departments (...especially the video length one..smh) This Magma Volcano Tamer (MVT) is the fruit of several long weekend nights and countless hours of testing. In short - what does this VT does for YOU: 1) Extract heat from magma in a very efficient and conventional manner, 3 turbines provide large amount of power PLUS the option to plug a power supply station to reach unreal amount of power production (once Klei fixes the turbine tune-up bug, that is....). 2) Provides INFINITE supply of cold, workable igneous rock ("Stone hatch happy squeaking noises intensify").! 3)* Turns out it can also serve a metal volcano (although 3 steam turbine is a total overkill since metal volcanoes output is nowhere near magma volcanoes, so 1 turbine might suffice, then the entire design can be scaled down). BREAKING NEWS EDIT: You know what? after a player pointed it out and by looking it at again, I never noticed this before.... This design can work perfectly fine for metal volcanoes as well! Instead of igneous rocks being loaded into the rail and cooled down, its metal!, so completely by accident I created a bloody multi- purpose volcano tamer! So, MVT can now stand for Magma/Metal Volcano tamer! "Happy little accidents".....
  7. Hey everyone! This is my take on the volcano tamer, it was one hell of a roller-coaster due to me discovering the nasty "off-screen conveyor rail" bug that showed its ugly face just as i thought i'm finally done with my design, nearly ended the entire idea of using rails for heat transfer and with this the entire design. Big thanks to @wachunga for nailing this bug and its cause, allowing me to come up with a solution and salvaging the entire thing. Also apologize for my very crude English, as you can quickly notice its not my native language so i'm trying my best.
  8. After a lot of research, doing a good job of this isn't as easy as it seems, even if you already think you are are awesome at it. (Or, maybe you are awesome at it, there ARE people who are awesome at it, it could be you.)
  9. Hi all i find one trick to optimize heat transfer for trivial volcano/steam setup. Trivial setup - put magma to heat steam chamber with some termo control (doors) after magma turn to solid - cut it with robominer. And what about debris? - we have rocks with temp about 1000C but with vacuum we cant use them to heat steam chamber. We can use sweeper - but with steel we have problem - rocks too hot. but if we add some lead - it melts, and we have good heat transfer from debris, and if we add one more termo sensor we can sweep debris when it cool down to 300C. Lead is ideal for this - it melt with low temp but not evaropate... main idea is to drain heat before use sweepers
  10. Mod Volcano Biome

    Version 4.2.7


    Full description here: Can you save a friend from the volcano? yes? but where are the cage keys? Can you find the Slipstor in the jungle? Can you find a shark pond? Can you buy some itens from octopusking? Can you beat the Twister inside the volcano? Can you get some fish from a mermfisher without he see you? What this mod do? - add three biomes to don`t starve together: - The jungle - The Tidal Mash - The volcano - Add 4 bosses for the game - add a objective to the game: save a friend locked in a cage inside the volcano. The bosses have the keys. good luck