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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. How many times have you created a new world, played for a few days, and then realized you forgot to turn on caves? I can't speak for everybody, but for myself, it's happened quite a bit. The feeling of realizing that all the effort you put into your world is basically for naught, since you're locking yourself out of a quarter of the game, Well, the feeling is aggravating, to say the least. I understand why no caves is an option. Some computers legitimately might not be able to handle it, although mine has worked completely fine. But caves being off by default is a pretty big annoyance. The simple option here is to add an option to toggle on or off whether you want caves enabled or disabled by default when creating a new world. It would save half the playerbase a lot of hassle, while still letting the other half carry on with what they're doing.
  2. I would love the ability to make notes on one of the layers. I've made a mockup of how it might look, where you can draw notes using neon style pens over the map. Then I don't have to try to remember where that one hidden gas vent is, or why i have a random tube in the middle of nowhere after a days break.
  3. I've been using a mod for some time now that allowed sensing items on conveyor rails to direct them where I wanted them. It was incredible and seeing Klei put these into the game was VERY welcome... however... being able to only sense one item in a filter or sensor isn't practical. Limiting the selection in other types of sensors and filters works because there aren't many gases or liquids to sort and you generally want to separate a single type of liquid or gas from the others. This is NOT true of items on conveyor rails. We DO want to separate (for example) lots of different eggs to a hatchery or lots of edibles/ingredients to a kitchen. I tried to do this last night with my hatch farm. Everything went well until a sage hatch egg was laid and I tried to add the second egg type to my filter. I was stunned to discovered that selecting the sage hatch egg deselected the regular hatch egg. I realized that, to sent all my hatch eggs to my hatchery, I would need to construct 4 filters that would consume a whopping 480 watts of power. This gets utterly ridiculous if you want to send foods and ingredients to your kitchen. As a result, I'm back to using multiple conveyor loaders with multiple rail lines. Isn't this what the addition of conveyor filters and sensors were intended to alleviate?
  4. Hi, since we already have high capacity electrical lines and "high bandwidth" (4-bit) cables, I propose/request adding a high capacity variant for water pipes and gas ducts as well. 50 liters and 5 kg per packet of liquid or gas respectively seems reasonable. Obviously with some disadvantages, probably the same as in the case of high capacity electrical lines (no crossings, special tile required for routing through walls).
  5. There are a lot of overlays with own shortcuts and icons in overlay list. Only automation overlay can be accessed exclusively during build of some automation structure. It is pretty disturbing when you press Esc while targeting automation building preview and instead of just closing current preview it's closing overlay completely. Also sometimes you just want to analyze current state of automation wires, but since it is accessible from building mode - tooltips covering major part of screen. https://imgur.com/a/qg3Wa4p There are even some shortcuts placeholders for 12th overlay. I am sure that it will be pretty handy for a lot of advanced users.
  6. Before I get to the idea, I originally made this post In the general discussion tab to see how people thought of the concepts. (This is not a repost though some things will be similar.) some of the concepts are not mine either revised versions of their ideas. As I will make sure to credit them in the post, please enjoy.:D(p.s some sketches I drew are drawn from official art so I do not intend to take credit for the work of others) Big picture:(idea of what the concept is going for.) Alot of controversy been going on in the past few months of a Wilson rework making him more useful to the group, and as a Wilson main myself I could possibly agree Wilson's only one helpful perk to support the group is an early and easier way of collecting beard hair which is only used for Meat Effigies. He probably needs a . So I gathered a few ideas here together to make Wilson more of the intelligent scientist wannabe he should be. These are the ideas I'm going for so far: -Keep Wilson as the beginner friendly character and not to make him too hard understand but still simple all around enough for experienced players like myself are still able to play and have fun with. -add two additional perks to show Wilson's scientific side and make them useful and supportive to the groups or himself -Make Wilson a character to experiment and test things with for new and old players, after all he is a Scientist. With that being said let's begin! Perk: •Is a true "Chemisist/Experimenter at Heart!" (Credit: @loopuleasa) Wilson Will now spawn in a world starting with a portable Chemistry lab.(Note Wilson can also make extras similar to Warly's Crock pots just in case if Wilson either loses his Original kit or He just wants extra.) Wilson can Place his Chemistry set just like Warly can with his portable crock pot, and use it to make potions and etc to support and Improve his and his teammates survival. @loopuleasa who made the original idea, Said that Wilson should have a Chemistry Tab to be able to make Specific Potions that his teammates can drink and use but not make on their own. Most of the potion ideas they made seem to be based on a way for New players to make cheaper versions of items to use which makes it an incredible idea! But, thinking in a unique way, I thought that maybe for the Concept, Wilson could use it as a crock pot (let's say for now 3 slots similar to the gorge and it cost one Nitre to mix it once) sort of giving into the experiment vibe you'd get similar to Warly, "What works and what doesn't work kind of way", or a "hmm I think I'll try this today..." or " I wonder if putting Red mushrooms in this mix would mess up the potion..." That kind of idea to it. An idea I have for potions could possibly be buffs/Debuffs similar to Warly's Spices, for example one potion could make the survivors immune to fire for a dangerous situation like a forest fire,if there are no Willows in your group Wilson could use that to help out in the situation. Here are a few examples of a few Potions I made up so far (I'll think of more and some pictures! These are just examples not my 100% go through with concept. :D) Reason: Wilson is a Scientist, and the one thing about being a scientist is experimenting! And what could be more fun then Exploring and messing around with the gimmicks/mechanics of a game. I want a similar feeling like playing as a Warly Experimenting with food, as an example: those moments when your group gets into a mild inconvenience or a problem and your onset friend goes, "Hang on, I got just the thing for this" rummaging through his Backpack full of food. It'll be like that but a Wilson with a bag of Potions and Experiments Ready to use on his group. Additional idea for the first perk:(Lab Rats to Experiment on) (credit: @Superwolfkid) Wilson Can build Cages to place in Rats (as a reference to the forbidden knowledge trailer) It's still questionable whether Wilson will use his own White normal Lab Rats or he will use Carrats as Carrats are pretty hard to find (Lunar Island). And could be hard to catch for a non-experienced player wanting to test this out. Once placed in a cage, Wilson could give the Rats Food or Objects even his experiments to test on the Rats with and see how they interact with them and see how it would affect the survivors. Like for example I thought a funny scenario of Wilson giving a rat a red mushroom or something bad, it would just straight up die in the cage and turn into a skeleton like a bird in a bird cage and Wilson would just go "Yeah, maybe not... Reason: Sometimes In Don't Starve the game can indeed be very punishing based on the unknown (I mean come on, we all had our Glommer goop taste test experience at least once) So this could be a better way to have new players rely on whether something is safe to eat or not. besides punishing them for relying based on Logic Second Perk: "Man with a Plan!" (Can Create Blueprints and is able to share them with others) Credit:Unknown Wilson has always been known as a very smart character despite his goofy personality Heck in official art we've even seen him make blueprints before so this would be a good perk to add to support others and himself. Wilson Has The ability to create Blue Prints to be learnt by other survivors and himself. Though this would pretty tough to implement to not make Wilson too much similar to Wickerbottom, and to have Wilson able to use it in single player usage.so the only blueprint system I have thought/Theorized so far is that Wilson could use his ability on prototypes and tools Wilson already can make by hand. But it would cost Papyrus to make a blueprint. Reason: In game Blueprints are usually only reliable in the early game (usually when you find a "failed Survivor") and thiscould option as a way For Wilson to Help the group get a early start on making materials I added alot of things I could think of for Wilson today, He is my Favorite character in the Game from his Charming personality and Just his general Character development from being some crazy weirdo in the woods to a person who's experienced so much much on the Island and he's still has hope and is still trying to escape!, any thoughts or ideas, please let me know and I will try to take criticism and reason. Thank you for Reading!
  7. Title says all. Add an option in the settings to mute all or some game audio (or at least the music) when tabbed out or not focused in the game. Just a tad bit annoying when alt tabbing at the main menu and having the music blasting unless you turn it to 0 in the options and have to manually re-enable it once you get into the game.
  8. so i had an idea discussed on discord for Wes as the title this was mainly focusing on announcement animations and etc i will copy and paste them here for the purposes of my time
  9. As the title says, simple thing that would allow automatic emptying storage of canister filler after receiving green signal
  10. HI Recently I decided to make mega base on Lunar Island, wanted to test how good is that + I didnt seen anyone else doing that. Lunar Island is like a paradise island, no nightmares, no deerclops and no bearger can spawn while you are on island, thats the best thing about basing there. Only thing you need to worry about is hounds and antlion at summer. Two things I noticed on Lunar Island, that you actualy can summon Reanimitated Skeleton and activate shadow bosses at new moon. Its probably intended, but I think you should be not able to summon them on Lunar Island, because nightmares cant step on there and they both are nightmare/demon type creatures
  11. The robo-miner is already very nice, but there are some scenarios, where it lacks certain comfort. Example 1: when mining the meteroids from the top of your base, you either have to place them on the ground, where they will overheat or at a ceiling, which will be loaded with piles of meteors that you cannot mine easily. Example 2: when mining meteors from a rocket silo, they will eventually be overheated by the rockets thrusters, whenever there is a rocket start. Suggested improvement: It would be very convenient to add another higher tech of the robo-miner or mount-tech to place the robo-miner on. It would be 2 tiles of wall with a robominer on one side (2x2) and a blocked space on the other side (2x2). With an automation port you can then flip the robot to the other side of the wall. This would allow us to create cleaner constructs and have an better destinction between the work area and the cooling area of the robot. Maybe there are even other usages for a flippable wall-mount. And finally, it might even look oni-funny.;)
  12. I would like to have said ability as it is quite enerving to have to set every bit / On/Off state everytime while building 7-Seg Displays, Bit adders, etc...
  13. what if there was an other menu screen for priorities where u can set priorities to the hats like I wannaf set a farmer hat with building and digging disallowed and maybe for mechatronics hat I wanna set farming and ranching and digging disabled etc. so we can put hats on people for easy priority management and there should be tick box in priority screnn for hat default so u can costumize after putting hat on people cos sometimes setting up all the priorities one by one is really anoying
  14. Am I the only one to think that salt could be spread on the ground to keep these animals away, cause damage and consequently kill? Kill Snurtle and Slurtle with the absolute certainty that I will not break the shell? Protect my base from the rain of frogs? Do more damage to Toadstool?
  15. Can we get Tame Only and Wild Only checkboxes on the egg cracker? I'd like to the ability to automatically process tame eggs[1] without obliterating the wild hatch populations I like to keep in various biomes. [1] I know this can be achieved via automation (quite easily, in fact), but the egg cracker's animation is too cute not to use.
  16. I usually have a few manual generators with low priority so that my idle dupes can do something useful. The problem is that once they start using it, they keep on it until the batteries are all 100% or the schedule ends. Suggestion: Add a check every X seconds to see if there's other chore higher on the dupe priority list. If there is, hop off the manual generator. If not, continue, and check again later. The check could be every 15s (at 1x speed) after 30s. So they would need to be on the manual generator for at least 30s before considering stopping.
  17. When sailing to mine for salt, to collect resources, or just interact with the environment in general, it can be tricky and annoying to maneuver around rocks and other salt pillars to get the items you need without damaging your boat, or being blocked off entirely from things the boat cannot access. My suggestion would be to add a craftable lifeline that you wear on the body slot of your character (much like a rubber ducky floaty, or a lifesaver) connected by rope to a wooden stump on top of the ship. The purpose of this lets the player physically move around to the area they need to, and allow them to do tasks that would otherwise be very difficult to do so by getting the boat as close as possible. The player would (for a very short distance) be able to float around by themselves (again, by extension of the boat, and following its path) to do chores or pickup resources that would otherwise be very difficult to do so. Kind of like this (except attached to the boat directly); allowing the player to get in those hard to reach areas, to do their work.
  18. At the moment it's impossible to catch the new ocean animal called the Skittersquid. I really love the art of these guys, they are cute and adorable. Klei please add some kind of way to catch these little abominations and be able to put them in the Fish Scale-o-Matic for decorations around bases and such. You could make it so you can lure Skittersquids with a sea fishing rod if you put big fish meat on it or you could catch it with a new item called the fishing net that has been in the files for a while now. Wilson is shown to caught a Skittersquid on his fishing rod in the game menu so why cant you in game. You could make it so if a Skittersquid is in a fish tank, it can glow during dusk and night in a small radius around it, plus it could act like a bird cage of sorts and you can feed the Squid various fish morsels for trinkets, squid eggs, or more!
  19. I'm making this really quick but I know that in dont starve hamlet Rabbit earmuffs give immunity to the queen woomants(think I spelled it right) scream attack, and I was surprised they didn't do anything else to this item in dont starve together, especially since most players will just abandon this item in total, so I thought it might need a quality of life upgrade. Maybe for a good start players wearing the rabbit earmuffs are immune to the pan flute on pvp servers and Beargers roar since the earmuffs are so thick players wouldn't be able to hear either of them. And an extra ability to go with it, when given to creatures like pigs and bunnymen they won't panic when a boss mob screeches causing them to lose focus. What do you guys think, should the rabbit earmuffs get a well deserved buff?
  20. Hello. Year of the Carrat is out with some new skins and as usual, some belongings are capable of reskinning multiple items since they are used in their crafting recipes (example: the Walking Cane skin also reskins the Lazy Explorer). However, in the curio cabinet, you can only see the Walking Cane reskin, not the Lazy Explorer reskin that it does as well. My suggestion is for there to be a "cycle view" that allows you to see the additional reskins for such items when pressed, since the item description says it reskins multiple items, but only shows the reskin of one item. The ghosts for the DLC characters are reflected in the Cycle View button, which is where I thought of this suggestion. Thanks.
  21. You should be able to use the wardrobe to change the skins of items you already have This'll be especially useful with starting item skins like Ashley since you'd normally just repair Bernie instead of going through the trouble of getting beard hair for a new one and this'll also open up opportunities for skins of items like tam o shanters tentacle spikes
  22. Okay so this will be long and I know this is the start of the beta and some stuff is still very buggy or not implemented / finished yet... But I'm questioning myself on the topic of Skittersquids, and especially their purposes. Yes, they're adorable : And can also drop lightbulbs (33%), making it the first method to get lanterns with servers without caves ! But since I play with caves I don't care much. Also, they're not hostile to players so this is not something that will bother us here except that they're stealing our damn fish while we're fishing, which is actually supposed to be the way to catch them but the game is crashing at this specific point. Well... I believe this is where squids are going to be actually interesting... and my question is : What fished Skittersquids will do ? Ink ! We know that those cuties can produce Ink, and spit it from the beak on top of them to blur your vision on the screen (beautiful). So Ink is a thing ! And Squid Ink can be SUCH a prised resource to survivors, I have many reasons to hope for this item to come to the game : The most obvious is writing : This sort of Ink has been used for pens and of course : Quills ! We only have for now a Feather Pencil that use charcoal and I assume this might not be the most durable thing in the world to write with, so just like how the update did with the Fishing Rod and it's Sea edition, I'd love to have an advanced writing item with durability using Ink. Funny thing is that my buddy Maxwell is also willing for it : ”Not as elegant as a quill and inkwell, but it'll do.” And now that I think about it, the recipe of this item should be using the Malbatross Feather, let's give some love to boss loots. Of course you might wonder why you'd need more use for a pen, then... maybe it's time for a little upgrade of the Cartographer Desk then ? If you think about it, you can use a single Feather Pencil to write the hole map, regardless of the amount you've explored. Including : land, ocean, all icons. I'm not very asking for a nerf here but... quite something logical and interactive with advanced resources and progression thingy, look : = / Forest and caves map that show you the explored land and Icons = Ocean map that show you explored seas and islands (note : the entire Moon Island have a tag that might be used here) ^ Since my mouse is now officially broken and I can't draw, please imagine this is the Quill item = Imagine having the ability to place your maps on the Cartographer's Desk, and then using your Quill to actually write some stuff on it. Just like this : So players that examine the Desk can see all the stuff you've put on it. Let's be clear, this will turn cartography in a very funny and interesting things on public servers. Cooking (of course) Have you ever tried Squid Ink pasta ? I hope you did, the Ink make everything sea flavoured and I just think it's awesome ! Now, how shall we applies it ? Recipe ingredient ? I'm not sure we need to do specific recipes out of Ink unless we get a cooking update based on seafood Or another Warly powerful "spice" ? Eh... I don't know if it's fair to keep upgrading Warly power from being an absolute unit but... Maybe we can just allow every player to sauce their plate with it ? That apply a debuff on the eater ? There's quite a lot of possibilities and I don't know yet which is best, clearly, Ink will be a fine addition to the cooking catalogue if you ask me. And yes I will fish squids every nights if it worth it ! Anyway, they're as now a formidable creature in the appearance, seeing them lurking in the ocean with this big glowy eye for the first time really got me, and I wasn't expecting them to walk on land, evolution is on the right way ! And you ? What will you do if you had a big Ink sac ? Well that's pretty much it ! I'm gonna be fair, I'm asking for way too much and I'm conscious or it, but still, I hope you enjoyed the read of my dreams on squids and ink, have a nice day, and please devs... take care of yourself.
  23. Hi, It would be amazing if all the existing collections would have a little mark showing in a circle (e.g. Forge collections have a little anvil, Victorian collection has the Gnaw, Hallowed Nights has a pumpkin etc.). Rose Collection - should have a tiny rose Guest of Honour (Formal) Collection - should have a tiny bow Year of The Pig King - should have a tiny pig matching the YOT Varg Lunar Collection (which should be renamed Year of The Gobbler) - should match the above YOT collections with a Gobbler Triumphant/Shadow Collection - a little shadow creature mark Survivor Collection - a cute campfire Costume Collection - a bat Heart Collection - a heart ...and so forth (YOT Carrat?). And then each of the character specific unique collections which will never get other skins for the other characters (e.g. Next of Kin, Forlorn Doll, Canadiana, Trawler, Abyssal etc. + all others to come with the reworks) should have the character's little outline in a circle such as this one for Wilson but of course specific. It would make our inventories much more OCD friendly. Thanks!
  24. Warly and Winona both share an unfortunate fate. In late game worlds, they are both destined to be “swap characters” where one builds catapults and is dropped, and the other spices up a bunch of powder cakes and is dropped. While they have small gameplay elements that can make them fun to stay as, such as fast crafting with one and unique dishes with the other, they both need something to make them a more viable option to stay and play on indefinitely. While I don’t have suggestions for Winona, Warly has a very clear identity as a butcher which can play into his gameplay quite nicely. The idea is simple: Warly, as a butcher, has surgical precision in his work, and would never waste parts. Upon killing mobs, Warly has an increased chance of getting certain drops, and can get multiple drops. For example, upon killing a spider, you have a 50/25/25% chance of getting either monster meat/gland/silk. Warly, however, would be guaranteed a monster meat, and have a 30/30% chance of getting a silk/gland. This can also apply to any mobs that have a variable chance at dropping different things such as pigs. A guaranteed meat with a 30% chance of a skin to drop along with it up from 25%. This would be wonderful especially for mobs such as volt goats. He can just have an additional 5-10% chance of dropping a horn. One other potential idea would be for mobs that don’t have variable drops would be having a chance to drop an extra resource such as a koalefant with 9 meat instead of 8. That seems way less important than the chance at better drops though.
  25. Ok, so this might be a little hard to explain but, usually I like to use skins from other characters when customizing them (like for example I use Warly's trawler jacket for Wilson) but sometimes it gets really distracting and sometimes it even kills the mood of the outfit when it has a different pigment or color then the actual character. I picked two examples of warly wearing gloveless hand skins and sorry for my window messing up the view on my tv I cant fix that... ;-; It's sort of off putting for me when I customize my survivors and it looks more like he's wearing actual gloves then say hand skins without them. My only thing I could possibly ask would be to maybe for certain items perhaps one that significantly shows off skin like fingers, shorts that reveal legs, and ect. Perhaps you could have a set color of pigment for them and match their skin color?