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Found 3 results

  1. Hello ladies and gents. I was considering to post this in the Mods and Tools section (though I already posted it in my own thread) but since it's related to art I thought why the heck not. Anyways. I have recently started re-designing Wilton the Skeletons mod portrait. Unfortunetaly I require assistance and criticism on how could I improve it. For now it's just a sketch. But you can see the basic idea I'm trying to show how Wilton came to the world of Don't Starve. Thanks for reading and I hope to receive some nice clues on what could be the best way to improve it.
  2. I know there are ample suggestions for new beasties for the game, but I just wanted to throw mine into the pot. No I'm not asking for it, I'm simply wondering what the majority think about the idea. There's been talk of new biomes sometime in the future - yay if we get 'em, no harm no foul if we don't. I don't know how many people have seen Little Shop of Horrors, but it popped into my head earlier today when I was hacking away at a tree. Now I know we already have the Tree Guards if we get too greedy, but what if we had some sort of meat eating plant? It could be a simple venus flytrap but for me the artwork feels like it would fit better if we had a plant not unlike "Mean Green Mother". I keep seeing this plant resting out in a swampy like area, head tilted up and Wilson's just walking on by then he decides to stop and investigate. For Science!! -cough- Anywho, ultimately it's just another resource that'll attack you but there it is. Now I hadn't thought too far into what it could drop, I was mostly - like I said - just curious on what the general thoughts were.
  3. I woke up this morning with this idea. So thought I'd join the forums to show it. It's a silly idea, or already thought of something similar I'm sure, so sorry if I waist anyones reading time. Flame hounds, I haven't seen one yet, but honestly I think they need a biome of their own. (I'm just calling it Red Hot Biome...derp) So what if you have to make a magic item you can only get with a large amount of Science Points. Made through the Alchemy Engine I guess. Once you have that item you burn it on your camp fire and it sends you to the Red Hot for a few days (or just a day) then you appear back in the morning by your camp fire. This can open up new items you can craft maybe, like limited fire protection potion for characters that aren't fire proof. Anyways, once at the red hot biome, there would be like, little lava puddles here and there, with flame hounds around, if you get too close to a flame hound, it would run to the puddle drink from it, then run at you on fire? XD With fire protection you wouldn't get burnt but you would still take hit damage and wont be about to use a log suit, So maybe there are items you can collect and craft in the red hot Biome for better defense that doesn't burst into flames. I'm not saying get rid of the flame hounds all together in the normal biomes when they randomly attack with normal hounds, just make them more rare there.