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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This mod forces the pig shrine set piece to spawn in your world. Notes: Set pieces are limited, so if you have many set piece spawning mods, you are unlikely to get every single one in every single world you spawn. You can increase your chances by setting setpieces/boons to "lots" and map size to "huge" in the world configuration screen. Sometimes you will get double set pieces, because the game spawns a copy and this mod spawns a copy. [STEAM VERSION]
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This mod forces the tallbird fort set piece to spawn in your world. It will spawn in the patchwork area of your world. Notes: Set pieces are limited, so if you have many set piece spawning mods, you are unlikely to get every single one in every single world you spawn. You can increase your chances by setting setpieces/boons to "lots" and map size to "huge" in the world configuration screen. Sometimes you will get double set pieces, because the game spawns a copy and this mod spawns a copy. [STEAM VERSION]
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This mod forces the merm shrine set piece to spawn in your world. Notes: Set pieces are limited, so if you have many set piece spawning mods, you are unlikely to get every single one in every single world you spawn. You can increase your chances by setting setpieces/boons to "lots" and map size to "huge" in the world configuration screen. Sometimes you will get double set pieces, because the game spawns a copy and this mod spawns a copy. [STEAM VERSION]
  4. Version 1.0.0


    The wardrobe from Don't Starve Together ported to the single player game. A fancy place to store clothing, armour and equipment. Compatible with all versions (base/RoG/SW). Features: Cost 3 boards + 1 sewing kit, use the alchemy engine to craft 16 slots (4x4) Animated You can only store equippable items (clothing, armour, weapons, tools), sewing kits and fabric (SW) in it Your custom items can be stored here so long as they are labeled 'equippable' Destroyable, flammable [STEAM VERSION]
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Get the trapped pig, a rare set piece, to spawn in your world. Notes: Set pieces are limited, so if you have many set piece spawning mods, you are unlikely to get every single one in every single world you spawn. You can increase your chances by: setting set pieces/boons to "lots", setting map size to "huge" in the world configuration screen, and choosing a "default plus" start. Sometimes you will get double set pieces, because the game spawns a copy and this mod spawns a copy. [STEAM VERSION]
  6. Version 1.1


    Presenting to you the villian of the game Drawn to Life! (You don't need to know that game to understand the mod.) Wilfre found himself inside the universe of Don't Starve. But his arts and crafts are as dark and ominous as the world that tries to defeat him. Utilize your wits, your sense of survivability and your trusty Book of Life to prevent yourself from starving! Use the Book of Life to summon minions! Explore the worlds you play in to discover more minions! Very small chance of being mildly affected by nightmare fuel to the point of having a shadow stat and badge and a shadow form including combat buffs and insanity penalty and all that jazz, you'll figure it out. This mod requires Tomes of Knowledge to function! Got any questions? Ask away! Wilfre sprites by the wonderful Ysulyan Shadow Wilfre sprites by HalfAShark Code and concept by Mobbstar The original character "Wilfre" belongs to 5th Cell Games. Cheers, guys! Initial content:
  7. Version 1.6


    Intro: Maxwell, in search of new victims, has decided to bring the young Weremon Sereina in the Don't Starve universe. She is an altruistic healer that hates violence. However she is determined to survive and has several abilities, medicines and drugs to do so. All of her quotes are personnal and may contain references to various stuff. Maxwell's introductions for both Sandbox and Adventure Mode are unique as well. This version of my mod is compatible with everything: Vanilla (No DLC), Reign of Giants DLC, and Shipwrecked DLC. Stats: -> Health: 80 -> Hunger: 120 -> Sanity: 120 Pros: -> She starts with her own bag, helmet, and some medicines. -> She is hungry slower than usual. Also applies to sleeping. -> Her friends will protect her until their death... Or until she goes on a boat. -> She has a small sanity regen and a high moving speed when the sun shines. Also applies to her sailing speed. -> She emits a very small light when her sanity is high enough. -> She has an inner resistance to cold. -> She isn't hurt by marsh bushes and cacti. -> Most neutral creatures will not attack her unless provoked. Applies to guardian pigs, bunnymen (even if she is carrying meat), wildbores, and guardian wildbores. Tiger Shark will accept her near its den as well. She is a young feline after all. -> No sanity/health loss when eating fruits or vegetables, does not affect mushrooms. She will also get a small sanity regen when eating dried seaweed. Cons: -> Her base stats are very low. -> She is vegetarian. She will not eat meat, eggs or fish. But she will eat leafy meat, milk-based food, and some crockpot recipes. -> She runs slower at dusk and even slower during the night. Also affects sailing speed. -> She has a high sanity loss at dusk and night. -> She has a higer sanity loss near monsters. -> As a pacifist, her reluctance to fight drastically decreases her attack speed. -> She loses some sanity when she kills creatures that aren't bosses, monsters, or robots. -> Her fur acts like a sponge, doubling her wetness rate. -> Her English isn't very good, so she can make some mistakes when talking. She has access to the Medical tab allowing her to craft custom items that can be used on herself or followers: -> Her medical bag is an eight slot bag that slowly restores sanity when worn. The bag can float. -> Her medical helmet is durable protection. It also protects against rain a little. -> Her medical furnitures restore 80 HP on use, can be used 5 times, for a total of 400 HP restored. -> Her antidote pills will cure poison and other tropical deceases. -> Her health pills restores 20 HP. -> Her firatone pill increases her body temperature by 50. -> Her freezatone pill reduces her body temperature by 50. -> She can make a cyanide pill if she hates her life. It deals 250 damages when eaten. -> Her adrenaline injection increases moving and attacking speed for one minute. -> Her morphine injection negates damage taken during one minute. Yup, negates. 60 seconds of godlike mode. -> She can make a powerfull drug that gives hallucinations during one minute. To do: -> French translation! -> Wait for your feedbacks to fix bugs! Huge thanks to: -> NoxuTheAutomaton for the art. -> Blueberrys and JJmarco for their coding help. -> Dleowolf for their amazing Extended Sample Character Template mod. What's new in the 1.6 update: ->Sereina is finally compatible with Vanilla! -> Fixed some rare bugs happening when using shots while on a boat. -> Fixed some quotes. -> Added missing quotes. Steam page: Sereina Shipwrecked 1.6.7z
  8. I've published my translation already, but some letters and symbols in my language are not detected or the names are longer than in English which makes them look pretty weird in-game. Is there a way to change for a font including the special characters and also changing the font size???
  9. Here's a little design I came up with after having hundreds of turf and not wanting to store it all in 50+ chests. A moleworm burrow can hold 50 stacks of items, so each moleworm burrow can be used to store 500 tiles of turf. A lot of people consider turf precious since it's non-renewable without world hopping - so moleworm burrows are a little bit safer than chests because they can't burn. Each pen has a burrow holding the turf that's underneath the pen. My forest turf pen needs three moleworms to hold all the turf while my grass turf pen needs two. Everything else has a single moleworm. The pens are organized by least dominate to most dominate as one turf will always cover another one when placed next to each other. Whenever I need turf for a project, I dig it a burrow up and let the moleworms store it again. Cheers,
  10. Version 1.0


    This simple mod adds a variable needed to run other mods. Only use this if mods crash your game with an error about global "CAPY_DLC" being nil/not declared.
  11. Version 2.1


    This is a new version of Original by EmielRegis (the original download includes discs). "Hello all. I want to describe you my first mod. "Jukebox" simply plays music (yes! lol) that's on inserted disc. I made it becouse I wanted something to kill time during night, when I usually just making circles around firepit" -EmielRegis To play music, you need to install and enable disc mods. Those mods are seperate from the jukebox mod, the respective author is responsible for each disc of his or her. NOTICE: YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN DISCS USING THE VINYL_TEMPLATE. The jukebox introduces its own crafting tab. After making a jukebox, plant it down and insert a disc. You can toggle the volume while open and right-click the jukebox to turn it on or off. I am looking into some kind of portable mode. Please report any bugs that may occur.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, everybody, This is my first mod for don't starve, I made it mostly for my self and too see if I could do it from an art standpoint. Raine is both RoG and SW compatible As a bonus in SW her sword doubles as a machete. --Stats-- (Health) *175 (Sanity) *200 (Hunger) *125 --Perks-- Runs slightly faster and hits harder than most characters has a cool sword. Has a neat backpack --Cons-- Gets Hungry Faster (Like a lot faster) hates the cold. You can also check out the mod on the steam workshop and the don't starve together version on the workshop
  13. Version 1.0


    For when you want to see things through rose-coloured glasses, this mod is perfect! In DST, it's even more rosey!
  14. Version 1.2


    Have you ever had to quickly leave your PC and couldn't be bothered to hit Escape? Now there's help with that. By using this mod, the game will detect when you haven't done in-game things for a while and, once that is the case, pause for you. No longer must Wilson suffer under inactivity. Configure the waiting time: From 1 second to 3 minutes, choose whatever you prefer. Modes: Pause Screen/Menu (true pause) - Equivalent to hitting "Escape" Freeze Time - Halts all in-game processes, but HUD, UI and even inventory still work normally. Click into the world to resume. Slow Time - For whatever reason, this mode exists to let Wilson do the "Matrix" moves. Except that he is idle and time resumes normally once he moves. Tip: Use "Freeze Time" mode with "1 second" delay to make Don't Starve (almost pseudo-) turn-based! FAQ Is this mod compatible with Time To Craft? Yes it is, though there may be counter-intuitive interaction. Does this mod use the so-called "soft stop" with "timescale" and such? Yes, if you select either time warping mode, it does. This mod crashes/freezes/kills my game! Make sure it actually is this mod that causes the problem, then write a rough report to me. Ideally, include "log.txt" as described on the bug tracker. When will this mod come to Together? Think about it for a moment and realise just how fundamentally flawed this question is.
  15. Thanks to the Forum Moderators for changing my thread title! =D Thanks for taking time out of your day to check out my thread and my videos! Hey there! My name's Mabi and I love making videos! When the game first got released I posted a thread here along with my first "Let's Play" of Don't Starve. I also had some very awesome giveaways that were pretty successful. So here I am today to show you guys my playthrough of the newest update Shipwrecked DLC! It will include a lot of information on survival techniques, new items, new enemies, and much much more! Without further delay.. (THE NEWEST ONES WILL BE POSTED FIRST ON MY YOUTUBE) DON'T STARVE GIVEAWAY!! (Full Game + All DLC) | Don't Starve: Shipwrecked | Part 1 If you enjoy my presentation and style then please go check out the rest of my channel over at Mabi Vs Trove - Episode 1 - (Welcome To Closed Beta!) =======================================Subscribe: (5-6 Daily Videos)Twitter: (Chat With Me)Twitch: (Live Almost Daily) (ง •̀_•́) งBecome a Mablin Today! (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง The Mabfather demands it! (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง=======================================Watch Epic Build Off (EBO): The Mablin Podcast: Mabi Vs Terraria: Mabi Vs 7 Days To Die: Mabi Vs The Binding of Isaac: Mabi Vs Pixel Piracy: Mabi Vs Invisible Inc: Mabi Vs Don't Starve: Got an idea for a Video/Let's Play Mabi should undergo? Let your opinion be known in the comment section below! Mabi will always respond back to you! =======================================The MMO, Cubed Adventure, explore, and create in Trove, the acclaimed voxel RPG set in a massive universe of online worlds. Whether hunting treasure in far-off lands or building realms of your own, it’s never been this good to be square! Adventure Level your character with a growing range of Classes from the Gunslinger to the upcoming Candy Barbarian. Each Class has unique abilities and play styles to help you vanquish enemies and rake in powerful magic items, gear, world-building blocks, rare trophies, and more! Explore The worlds of Trove are full of diverse Biomes, enemies, dungeons, landmarks, and lairs. Whether you’re out for adventure or sight-seeing from one player-created Club World to the next, you’ll be amazed at astounding sights and wondrous creations at every turn. Create Build to your heart’s content in massive Club Worlds and in your personal Cornerstone, a home away from home wherever you go. Collect items and gear made by your fellow players or make and submit your own – including items, gear, Dungeons, Lairs and more!
  16. Hello Don't Starve Community, I've got a new Don't Starve Challenge Series. I'll leave the link to my page and the video stop by, check it out, and leave comments I'd really love your input on how I can better my content as well as any new ideas for more Don't Starve series! My page: Challenge Episode 1 Challenge Episode 2
  17. Greetings All, I humbly present you my first mod project, currently in development, called "Better Hunting". I already have a prototype working . I would very much appreciate any feedback, ideas and criticism on anything, I´d love to hear what the community thinks and wishes. On this post I will place a summary, but the full design document with all the number crunching is on the following google spreadsheet: Thanks in advance! I hope you like the ideas. -- brain Better Hunting - Design Phase What this mod does: When you investigate a Suspicious Dirt Pile, you will track and find other creatures, not just the Koalefant. Currently, 17 different new encounters are planned. Objectives: Add variety without making the game easier or harder. Add amusing behaviors / interactions on most of the new creatures. Most encounters should be killable by a single player. Some encounters could be easily dealt in a group Preserve as much as possible the original Koalefant function as Meat and Breezy Vest source. Use as much as possible of the original game graphics / animations. RoG and DST compatibility Sources of Variety: New encounters / creatures / animals / enemies in unusual sizes, with different stats, in strange places, with different behaviors. A large number of them in spawn table will make any single one quite rare, thus maintaining replayability value. Certain types of mobs will spawn in biomes where you don´t see them usually, and things might interact in unusual ways. Season-sensitivity when possible and applicable will make hunting experience different along the game year. Some encounters will drop items that are not food. Some encounters will drop rare and sought-after items, with very low chance. Details (light spoilers) Naming, size and prefab choice (light spoilers) First, the basic Koalefant spawn chance was established. All other creatures will spawn only when a Koalefant is not chosen. Since Winter Koalefant is the only source of the Breezy Vest, a decision was made to establish that Koalefants prefer cold-weather. Thus, on Winter 66% of all tracks will be Koalefant tracks, 0% on summer, 33% on the other seasons. Each mob on the spawn table received a relative weight. The remaining spawn probability for that season is split between mobs with a simple weighted average. Each mob was then evaluated to be removed from the table on a specific season, if it fits their style. Weights were tweaked to make Summer the best hunting season for loot / bosses. Winter will be the Koalefant hunting season. Food is more varied on Spring. Prime bosses hunting season in Summer provides a tradeoff for the player to decide: risk the heat? Some encounters were made to to be very rare and unusual. (of course assuming the player didn´t read all these spoilers) Combat balancing (light spoilers) In Excel I plotted the hunger replenishment value of eating cooked meat or making meatballs with all the meats dropped by all mobs in all encounters. Honey nuggets was assumed the recipe used for honey, bacon and eggs for eggs . Butterfly wings was ignored. Trunks were ignored because I assume they will be used to craft items. Afterwards I compared the new creatures drops averaged over their spawning probability along the year to reach the average food-creating capacity that the animal tracks mechanics provide. Some food drops were then increased to provide a less unbalanced food experience. In comparison with the vanilla model, Better Hunting will provide 30% less hunger replenishment if you eat cooked food. If using a crockpot for meatballs, the loss is 20% in average. During winter, just 8% less food. The less food drops balances out the other item drops. This effect is because some encounters won´t provide food or will provide less food than the usual 100% Koalefant 8-meat + trunk all the time. One encounter has vegetarian drops, so meat-only characters experience a very slight advantage. The less-food effect won´t happen on the first season of the game by default, because encounters that don´t drop food will be disabled in the first season. (configurable) Game Start / Difficulty Balancing (light spoilers) Koalefant Goliath Frog Queen Bee Aged Beefalo Orphan Smallbirds (1-8) Really Fat Gobbler Distracted Krampus Emperor Pengull Elite Clockwork Knight Elite Clockwork Bishop Walrus Scout Abandoned Mosling Mother Catcoon Angry Goat Varg Infant Deerclops Teen Moose Baby Bearger Item Balancing ( HEAVY SPOILERS ) High-sought encounters are: Walrus Scout, Distracted Krampus, the 2 clockwork bosses that drop one Ancient item, the 3 mini-giants with chance to drop giant items. Average probability of finding one such encounter is 23,8% On summer is: 48,4% On winter: 12,7% Chance of getting a Krampus Sack: 2,38% or 1 in every 42 animals tracked Chance of getting a Walrus Tusk 2,06% or 1 in every 48 animals tracked Chance of getting a specific Ancient Item 0,7% or 1 in every 134 animals tracked. And you have to kill the mini-bosses. And don´t share the loot (DST) Chance of getting any Ancient Item 7,5% or 1 in every 13 animals tracked. But you have to kill it and loot it. If you get help it is only 1 drop for all friends Food supply from tracks will be reduced by 26,8% overall Food supply from tracks will be reduced by 8,1% on Winter Food supply from tracks will be reduced by 55,5% on Summer Current Issues Scaling up the creatures produces slighty poorer graphic quality. No artist to produce mod icon.
  18. Hello everyone me and my team are creating a Mod which would finally add to the current DS game and underwater world. This mod will be called "Creeps in the Deeps" and will add mobs, plants, biomes and new stats. More than that we also decided to give something "watery" to the current over world and so we are now trying to implement RIVERS. We believe they are gonna be a real innovation for the game as these will come in handy especially in summer to fight against OVERHEATING (many of us hate Summer in RoG). Unfortunately we are missing the ART for the rivers. Here's my point, the code for rivers is done already; our team include some really good artists but nobody ever tried the to do TURFS. Yes, the art for the river would only involve doing a "river turf" which is going to be repeated over and over plus a turf for the SOURCE and the END of the river. I know its very challenging but I also know there are very very VERY VERY good artists over here !! To whoever wants to take the challenge, please comment here or feel free to send me a PM. If I see you art is good, I'll add you also to the Team PM so we discuss the implementation altogether. Thanks chaps, have a good one -Lampofulmine
  19. PITH THE PYROMANCER Subscribe here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please rate this if you like this character mod! I really need it. HUGE HUGE UPDATE Available for Reign of Giants [Perhaps not available for normal Dont Starve Together. (Ill check soon)] Version 1.2.1 Most Recent Update: 5/7/15 Version 1.2.1 5/7/15 --- Major Update ----- *Pith has a Pyronium axe that has infinite uses Damage: 40 *Updated Speech *Update screen selection Picture *Updated several other pictures Version 1.1.1 5/4/15 *Pith's Rain weakness is back online! *Speech is slightly updated* Version 1.1.0 * Pith will not overheat during summer *Pith is working again* *Pith's ability to eat charcoal and ash is removed* Version 1.0.8 Fixed bug that crashed game if Pith speaks about a Worm hole V1.0.5 *Pith is Reign of Giants compatable V1.0.4 * Added more speech quotes *Health is changed to 150 HP instead of 200 HP 3/20/15 V1.0.3 *Pith can eat ash Heals 3 HP V1.0.2 * Fixed Pith being able to mine boulders in two hits * Adjusted Pith's tree chopping ability and made it take 6 hits instead of 4 V1.0.1 *Fixed major bugs Who is Pith The Pyromancer? You’ve never heard of him, because this is the first time he is introduced in public. Pith was a fantasy character I made many years ago. He has a large backstory. He is king of a city called Chargore. During his child hood, his family and his race were eliminated by a dark dragon called Polypticus. As Pith grows up, he is taken care of by Elves and Dwarves, who trained Pith. Once Pith was adult he has unlocked his true power and slays Polypticus. The skills Pith have learned are numerous. Thanks to the dwarves he learned how to chop a tree with one blow, better yet, chop trees without even touching it. The elves trained Pith in basic fighting dynamics and stealth. Pith at some point obtain’s a secret Family Relic. A magical weapon that can take several forms. Made out of a rare metal called Pyronium. Pyronium has a unique property where if it is struck against other metal, it gets hot. Not only that, Pyronium is so hot that few races can touch it. Pith’s powers are unique. He has complete fire resistance, he can wreathe himself in flames, and throw fire. However he has a extreme water weakness. The pain of water is unbearable to him, its like being doused in boiling water. IN GAME PROPERTIES: Health: 150 Hunger: 175 Sanity: 150 Perks: *Immune to fire *He can last through the cold with no warm gear for 1/3 of the day *Can chop full grown trees in 6 hits with an axe *Rain can hurt him *He will wear equiped helmets under his own. *He gets a small sanity boost when he is in close approximity to fire *Will not over-heat during summer *Has his own custom axe made out of Pyronium Damage: 40 Infinite uses Other Features: Current Bugs: ---- Fixed Bugs: *Pith couldnt protect himself from rain damage [FIXED V1.1.1] *Pith would not start up [FIXED V1.1.0] *It takes 3x as long to chop a tree down with a gold axe [FIXED V1.0.1] *Pith can destroy boulders in two hits with a pickaxe... (woops) [FIXED V1.0.2] *Pith takes 3 times as long to break boulders with a gold pick axe [FIXED V1.0.1] Possible Upcoming updates: *Is he too OP? let me know and Ill adjust it
  20. I've been incessantly updating my character Pith the Pyromancer and ran into a few problems. My character mod, Pith the Pyromancer, was created just a few weeks before DST ROG came out. Later I updated him so he can be played in Reign of Giants. A few errors have occurred which I have been eagerly trying to fix. But this one leaves me stumped. In the normal DST Pith takes rain damage similar to WX-78, however I realized WX-78's coding is different in ROG compared to the original. I tried to look in the forums to see if the same problem occurred for someone else and found nothing. So, I'm looking for a code that I can simply paste in. I need to know which file, and which section inside the file. Thanks for your help.
  21. Since everything seems to work fine let me introduce: Wakkari the Red Fox and Wayrra the Arctic Fox for DST Wakkari is a member of south fox tribe from far away lands. One feral day he get's dragged to Maxwell's world, during tribal event - Festival of Ancient Spirits, together with Wayrra the Arctic Fox of northern tribe. WAKKARI HP: 200, Hunger: 150, Sanity: 170 *Runs a bit faster *Can eat monster meat and spoiled meat *Can build up hound mound (which can be disadvatage is used uncarefully) *Eats only meat *Beefalo's hates him (probably for eating them...) WAYRRA HP: 140, Hunger: 150, Sanity: 210 *Freezes slower during winter *Can eat monster meat and spoiled meat *Can build create Sanity Orb, which increases sanity for fixed period of time *Eats only meat *Beefalos hate her *Has her own weapon - Orb Staff *Loves spiders... for dinner (gains a tiny amount of sanity by killing them) __________________________________ Note: both Wakkari and Wayrra arts are my own creations, not based on any other art/cartoons/books/movies etc. Since there have been few questions - I would like to NOT see their art beeing used for different character mods here, mainly because they are part of bigger projects, not related with Don't Starve game series. Thank you for understanding and for all those positiveness they got from you yet! Enjoy ____________________________ LINKS you might like: Wayrra the Arctic Fox DS,ROG: http://forums.kleien...the-arctic-fox/ Wakkari the Red Fox DS,ROG: http://forums.kleien...ri-the-red-fox/ Wayrra the Arctic Fox DST: http://forums.kleien...arctic-fox-dst/ Wakkari the Red Fox DST: http://forums.kleien...he-red-fox-dst/
  22. I know DST doesn't have ROG yet, but I want to put this part in the code for both - DS and DST. It's about to fix character freezing during winter, but not overheating during summer (more less like Wilson's beard, which won't kill him in summer ) Goes in char.lua: inst:WatchWorldState("startday", function(inst) if TheWorld.state.issummer then inst.components.temperature.inherentinsulation = 0 endend) inst:WatchWorldState("startday", function(inst) if TheWorld.state.iswinter then inst.components.temperature.inherentinsulation = 125 endend)Game starts. But when character enters the world such error appears, saying that WorldWatchState is a nil value... in everything.. DST and DS and ROG. I more less know what a nil value is, but just no idea how to fix that here :/
  23. Alright, problem: Fires caused by grievers (most notably Willow players... Maxwell rest her soul) destroy valuable and burnable grass tufts (and saplings and stuff) A solution to this would be the tumble weeds (RoG) that drop twigs and cut grass (among other things such as trinkets, blue prints and animals/animal parts) but they don't spawn saplings and grass tufts... just the twigs and cut grass... (I am aware of the devs making these things renewable btw... just pitching a suggestion here...proposing to make a new bee-like mob) So... the grass-hopper could be a way to replenish grass tufts and saplings... it could "pollinate" a grass tuft or sapling and then "grow" one... like the in-game bee is to flowers... (great, as I was writing this, it dawned on me that the "grass-hopper" should "eat" the grass much like a perd/gobbler would berries...) Alright... nevermind... By the way, I think that getting grass tufts and saplings grow like flowers in RoG during spring could be nice too... Alright... Never mind... move along O___O I need to take a nap I think...
  24. So... Acquire an old bell secretly. Acquire a mole secretly. Place old bell in a base... behind a chest or structure... not in it... but behind something... hide it from plain sight... Wait for everyone to leave... or make them an audience... Place mole near the old bell... Go as far as you can away from the base... say that you're going to gather resources... Wait for the sound of destruction...Innocence... blame the mole...
  25. Bonjours/Bonsoirs je commence un let's play sur Don't Starve RoG avec Wendy. Donc je fais la promotion de ma chaîne youtube: Elle est pas toute neuve mais les vidéos si Il y a une bonne qualité vidéo [1080p] malgré le fait que je balbuties beaucoup surtout dans la première vidéo... soyez un peu indulgent s.v.p... J’essaye de résoudre le problème en préparant un peu à l'avance le contenu de la vidéo mais bon... c'est pas très concluant :/ (même si je trouve qu'il y a du progrès). Enfin voila je suis un petit débutant j’espère en voir quelques uns pointer le bout de leur nez sur ma chaîne Peut être que je ferais un english sub si j'ai le temps et un peu plus de visibilité sur mes vidéo. Donc à bientôt j’espère venez nombreux (soyez pas timide !)