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Found 33 results

  1. I'm doing this post to know when the official language will come out without needing a mod. I mean France has the right to have the dialogue in French...
  2. So this has happened to me twice now. Once in a barely modded beta world, and another on an official Klei word. I would run up to a crow and it would fly away, and it would leave a flint where it used to be. I have not been able to get this on recording.. and I haven't seen anything else about this on the wiki. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a new feature?
  3. So I saw two post talking about flaking mechanics. But I couldn't find any more on the subject using a google search of the site. There are a few more post on metal cannons and item duplication; but I am not interested in either. I am just interested in the mechanics of flaking (only tiles, not about doors or buildings.). Like whether conductivity of a material has anything to do with it; or does it override conductivity. Are they ways to avoid it? Are there ways to enhance it (without doors)? Does it use the same equations from normal heat transfer, or does it use something different?
  4. Hi, I don't like clogging general discussion with questions but I had to ask this. Yesterday I joined one of the official Klei Servers (I think Hounds and Huggies but could also have been Spiders and Such or Scratch that Splumonkey) on summer and it was constantly raining, whenever rain would feel like ending, it would reset. It felt like players in the server were somehow forcing it. Couldn't investigate any further since status anouncements crashed my game (don't anounce wetness as Woodie, learned the hard way) so I'd like to ask if anyone knows how it would be possible without mods and such- was a setpiece being exploited? Sir Victor of the forums was also present and seemed to know how but he liked to reserve the information to himself so here goes his shoutout.
  5. Exerp from the Wiki: "In all DLCs, the Piggyback and its contents are waterproof and will not cause sanity drain while equipped. The Piggyback does not give the player any rain resistance, and using it in conjunction with an Umbrella will not protect the rest of the player's items from wetness. The movement speed penalty is also reduced from -20% to -10%. Used with the Walking Cane, the penalty is negated and the player's speed increased to 115%." That being said, in DST does the piggyback slow you for 10% or 20% of your movement speed?
  6. I'm just curious to see what people would think of this. As we know, existing characters are viable to be added into the game via DLC, or reworks. This also applies to unused characters, seemingly. With the newest major update, Turn of Tides, Walani and Woodlegs are now completely viable characters. Who do you think should be ported? An unimpressive character put into a new light, like Walani? An unused character getting another shot, like Wilton (and obviously Wortox)? The big return of Warbucks? Who knows? I'm waiting for that one guy to vote Warbucks. We know who you are.
  7. So back when the roadmap was first released, and we were confirmed to be getting 4 DLC characters, this shadow of Wortox was there. This obviously was to signify that Wortox was arriving, but his in-game portrait is different from this. Was this created solely as a silhouette? Or is there a full portrait to be had?
  8. Why does the printing press not print seed to this plant? Is it excluded? 1800 cycles, I have never received it, although I deliberately waited
  9. I've just started playing the new content in my "old world" and I've been thinking about the new island and the itens that are exclusive to it,like moon shards,moon craater turf,rocky beach turf,anenemies,carrats,saladmanders,stone fruit bushes,and the list goes on and on... But I've noticed that my Celestial Island's so small and don't have that many resouces,and then a thought flew throught my mind... is there a way to "reset" the island (just like the atrium) or find another that contain more resouces even if smaller ? Because if not, I'll have to work my way with less than 50 shards and very few new itens. Maybe there's a way to make it renewable and I'm just dumb and never figured it out : / But I think it's better ask than live with the doubt
  10. I'm looking for a simpler explanation of how this mod works. I have gotten some code ready and is starting to get the sprites done, but I'm confused when it come to the functionality of how I can make usage of the skin.
  11. Hi! I just wanted to know what the superior island was for basing. I'm between the Fifth island and the first. What do you think?
  12. Hello guys I am making a simple mod of one single item. It is basically a wall with a stake texture, and if you destroy it an antlion sinkhole and boulders appear. Its to renew boulders. All the code is working. Only I cannot figure out how to get the Textures working properly. I tried this tutorial. (I know its for DS but its the best I found) There I learned that the mod tools will convert png files to tex and xml aoutmatically. Neat. Unfortunatly, there seem to be all newlines missing in the code examples, therefore I did not understand the folder structure that was used in the Tutorial. I figured out that if you put an scml file and a png file into an "experimental" folder, it will generate zip files for you. However there will be just the raw png file in place of the "atlas-0.tex" file usually in there. Also the other two files are .xml instead of .bin how they usually are. In the tutorial it is implied that these zip folders just work, and they also seem to appear in the "anim" folder for him, but for me they just appear in the "experimental" folder. I tried just adding the corresponding .tex file manually but that did not work either. [Q1] So assuming I have correct .scml files how do I get the zip files, preferably automatically in the anim folder? [Q2] Second how exactly do I have to make these .scml files? I use the spriter tool from the Mod Tools. I rename the entity stuff to "boulder_stake" and the animation to "idle". Then i save it next to the boulder_stake.png with the name boulder_stake.scml. Let the game generate .zip files, move them to the anim folder. I do the same thing for item_boulder_stake.png Result in game: icon works in inventory. On the ground and as built structure it is invisible, but functionally works. In the crafting tab it is a random image. Log states: The code and file structure is based on an "iron fence" mod. I do not know if I need two prefabs for in the inventory and as a built structure. But thats how the other mod did it. [Q3] Do I need two prefabs? [Q4] is the anim component of the inventory item the [Q4] Where are which file names important? Is the name of the zip folder important or does it just need to match the path given? Is the name of the .png used important? Is the name of that "entity-000" thing in spriter important and where is it used? My Understanding: --other code Asset("ANIM", "anim/") --name of the zip file --other code inst.AnimState:SetBank("boulder_stake") -- Name of the entity thingy in spriter inst.AnimState:SetBuild("boulder_stake") -- also that inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle") -- Name of the animation in spriter I have read somwhere that the filenames of the .tex files must match the prefab filename, even tough i specify it's path. Is that true? Oh and btw I am using the returnofthembeta as a testing environment. Thanks in advance for help. Welcome in both a gorund knowledge or direct solution form. boulder_stake.lua item_boulder_stake.lua modinfo.lua modmain.lua
  13. I want to use a PS4 controller on DST PC as that is the only controller I have so is there a mod or something that changes the icons to PS4 controller icons instead of Xbox ones?
  14. Is there a tool or method, other than sandbox, to reveal the map and the geysers? I've done some searches in the different forums but no luck. I'd like to find out what is available on the seed I'm playing.
  15. Well now I've run into another fundamental issue I don't understand; replicas I believe I've gleaned from context from other threads I've been reading trying to solve this issue that replicas are essentially the client-side component of any object that needs to be referenced by said clients, but I don't understand what drives this or even if it's 100% correct. So recently I created a system by which Guano is renamed to a playfully ambiguous title in keeping with the game's sort of vague reference to natural bodily functions. I do this in my modmain.lua with the following code; AddPrefabPostInit("guano",function(inst) inst:AddComponent("named") end) and everything is well and good until I try to perform this in a world with caves. I'm assuming it's because I added the named component artificially with no supporting logic of when to replicate it? (I notice there's a named_replica.lua in the components folder) but I have no idea how to go about fixing this. The specific error log being
  16. I can't create a world with caves while my mod is enabled? How to fix this and what creating this? [Error] Dedicated server process terminated prematurely.
  17. I'm working on a patch for my Bird character Wren, and decided to attempt a more aesthetic addition to her mechanics. She behaves mostly like a caged bird in her ability to produce seeds and eggs, as well as guano; however it always bothered me that birds produce something named so specifically as bat poo. I noticed in the single player Hamlet DLC that you can modify an item instance quite extensively upon creation, changing its name, inventory icon, scale and all such things; but I'm having some troubles replicating this effect Here's the bat_hide.lua prefab for reference. I don't wish to change the icon or general appearance of the guano, so I simply ignored the AnimState and animbuild overrides. I set the name literally to "Processed Seeds" as a way to avoid including a modded version of strings.lua in my character mod. Whatever I do, the name always reverts back to Guano upon relogging (even renaming it to "egg" just as a test by setting its to STRINGS.NAMES.BIRD_EGG and the nameoverride to BIRD_EGG still reverts it to Guano upon saving and reloading the game.) I'm lost as to why this is happening, so any help would be appreciated. The desired effect is to simply permanently rename her spawned instances of guano to "processed seeds" as is achieved with bat hide in hamlet.
  18. Ask the Tree!

    ~ Ask the Tree ~ In this Thread, you can ask me any questions you like. Whether its just plain stupid, or serious, Any questions will be answered by Me. ╱╲ ╱•⌓•╲ ⎺▆▆⎺ .
  19. It's a simple poll. Which do you think is harder to survive, winter or summer? Personally, I think that winter is harder to survive, because the things that you require to survive winter are much harder to acquire than those for summer. So, what do you think?
  20. Question about DST

    Will multiplayer only be for steam? I can't get a steam,but I would really love to play DST. Please don't let it only be on steam. I REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT!
  21. Alright. I decided that it would be a good idea to keep my questions in one thread, so I don't lose them. This thread is not just for my benefit, I intend for other modders to draw inspiration from it as well. So, now for the questions. A) Is it possible to implement an additional background stat similar to naughtiness? What about one that decreases/increases over time? B) Can I call an event such as: monster spawning, change of season, lightning strike, naughtiness/background stat increase when something is crafted? C) Can pig strings be changed if a certain event happens? D) Is there a way to make the character become paralyzed temporarily? E) How to make my custom character a carnivore?(ANSWERED) LINK TO POST F) How to add the spider hat effect to a custom character without a spiderhat?(ANSWERED) LINK TO POST Note: In this post, I fumbled around with the concept of using tags to make spiders not hostile to me. There is a useful bit of code which I used to tweak a prefab at some point in the mod's development that may be useful to others. G) How to make a character not be slowed down by webs? AKA how to make a character run on webs? Nots: This stumped me, as I looked at turfs.lua, locomotor.lua, spider.lua, and several other prefabs and stuff and did not figure out anything. When I asked a question on the "Modders, Your Friend At Klei" thread, I was suggested to change move speed, but....that would make the character faster when not on a web... E) How can I change prefabs of existing game files without overwriting? When answering, please state the letters of the questions you are answering. For ease of use, I will occasionally select the best answer(s) to a question and put it in a spoiler or just add a link to the post. Best answers (so far) by Squeek:
  22. I'm not sure if this is because I'm using the latest beta or if its been like this for a while. It seems all 3 types of the hounds are compressed into a single prefab file but in hounded.lua it mentions multiple prefabs including firehound and icehound, is it possible for any clarification on this? as I've been searching for a while but haven't turned much up all Ive found is that this is in hound.lua when I'd assume each would be separated from the normal hounds so to add another hound would I simply copy one of these and just tweak some of the statistics and lootdropper prefabs (after adding said prefabs to the associated prefabs part at the top of course) and of course sorry to bother you all after some additional searching I have found out icehound and firehound seem to be set_builds but this file compression still has me a little confused on how to add more
  23. Wilson plz

    Ep 1 n Ep 2 un Ep 3 is oat so iz Ep 4 un Ep 5Ep 1 http-~~-// This is Symage's art, I made the vid. Here's the thread:
  24. Since the last update I am trying to build an effigy with another character. Not trying very hard until now. Here is the old plan: you need beard hair and you get it from bunnies while insane. So lets build a fence, capture a big amount of bunnies and release inside it, grab what you need to go in and out insanity, go insane, kill the beardlings, come back to sanity and collect the stuff. Lets go about it. Created a new adventure world starring Wes the guy of few words. Took my time, built stuff and was very confortable without the effigy. But the time has come to build the bunny ranch: READY - Collected all stuff needed to start the task. SET - Went insane and equipped hands free light source GO - To hell. A terror beak showed, ignored the walls and hurt me real bad. Krampus helped to get me distracted and I killed myself by ingesting taffy. I will not give up. This world is very nice so I will start over with a big change of strategy. Not stopping until Wes has the statue.