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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. After talking with someone and thinking about it, I decided I want to revamp this RP. Basically it's an apocalyptic world plagued by monsters (not zombies. They're far from undead and more horrific). You can read more about it here. I don't want to bring my 2016 drawings and old written RP intro into this thread ^^; So same concept as the the old but with a few changes: From now on, there will be a three days grace between monster attacks (times may vary depending on location), monsters will now vary in sizes, difficulty and times of day when they come out/hunt. There will be an inventory of what everyone has that I will keep updated (there was an inventory in the older thread but there wasn't a lot to it). Also an in-game day/time of day will be about 5 days in real time (so 2 days for daytime, 2 for night time and one day for evening. I hope this is enough time for everyone to reply). If anyone has ideas or want to become a DM of this RP feel free to let me know, reply here or PM me. Rules: No NSFW stuff No OP characters (more on that below) No harassment No bad language. Censored words are fine. If you do not follow the rules and standard forum guildlines, you will get 2 warnings before your character gets killed and no longer allow to RP here. If you no longer want to RP, please tell me. It's not fair on everyone else if you join and slow things down later on in time. Time will not stop if no one is replying. Application sheet (anything is allowed but if it's non-human, I want an explanation of the character and how it's different from other monsters we'll encounter): OP characters won't be accepted (such as a sparkly unicorns who can poof the creatures out of existence or a simple man with super strength, speed, and healing that can take down giants with a single punch). It's gotta be atleast somewhat realistic or not too powerful or else players will loose interest. If you have any other issues, please comment or PM me. --- Accepted: @Master Jand
  2. We Remain

    We Remain Players: Inventory (things will be added to this as time goes on): More info can be found here. Now on with the RP! --- Three months later… A lot has changed since then. Everywhere we go seems devoid of life, even of animals and monsters. I assumed the monsters where hiding, waiting for their prey to come close enough for an easy kill. I wish my theory hadn’t been true. One time I was looking for supplies in a random township when out of nowhere came a giant crocodile that looked like it was made from rocks and earth. Sunrider jumped back and set a jet of flame to his face as an instant reaction. It left it stunned while Sunrider and I ran. Sunrider was pretty riled up afterwards but it didn’t take long for me to calm him. Our trustbond is really strong now. We instantly connected after our first encounter but it really started to grow when I first rode him. Of course it was really daunting at first but it was a necessary means of travel and survival. Also, it was better than being carried around in his mouth or talons. Now we practically live in the sky (with periodic breaks and rests that is. Sunrider is still a physical being afterall). I guess that brings us up to the present. (Sorry for the lack of people in the picture, I drew this before the majority of people signed up :/ ) We were flying over a forest area one day and I happened to have noticed some figures down below. They didn’t look like monsters. Atleast… not all of them. My eyes went wide as I realized what that meant: Survivors. “Sun! Down there!” I pointed and Sunrider turned and glided towards them. I heard someone shouting from the group as I glided overhead. Perhaps they haven’t had many friendly monster encounters. We circled back and landed a little ways infront of them. Judging by the looks on their faces, they weren’t expecting to see someone like me riding on a back of a monster. “Uh…" I jumped off Sunrider and shyly waved. “... hi?”
  3. So... this is a thread dedicated to drawings of friends and acquaintances alike! Here, I'll post numerous pictures I've drawn of different people. Comments, questions, and concerns are always welcome. I'm going to start with mine; this is the one that kinda kickstarted it, haha... Old: New: "I really hope this whole party thing isn't going to be a huge waste of time." -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Next, I've got a picture of @DragonMage156. She's a really cool person, so I thought this'd be a neat thing to make for her. "What was that noise?!" -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Up next is a dude named @Chris1488, a pretty noice dude. Also, he's got a pig named after him, or so I've heard. "I've been known to be described as...cheeky." -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Lastly, but certainly not least...ly..., here's @Ysulyan! He's super neat and also the king of ( ͡JA ͜ʖ ͡VE)s... ( ͡JA ͜ʖ ͡VE). ( ͡JA ͜ʖ ͡VE)( ͡JA ͜ʖ ͡VE)( ͡JA ͜ʖ ͡VE). "I'll have you know that Nature, in her indifference, makes no distinction between right and wrong." -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Here's Aqua RC's picture, my next contender! Aqua is really cool, so I drew this for him/her (I WILL FIND OUT EVENTUALLY, MARK MY WORDS!) "D-Do I look okay?" -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- FINALLY, Here's Rabbit @Bebbit. I really felt bad about putting this off, so here it is! HAPPY VERY/NOT SO VERY EARLY/BELATED BIRTHDAY! "Do I need to spell it out for you?" -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Here's one more of me because... well, I dunno, I just wanted a Triumphant I guess lol "What's... happening... to... me...?" -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Here's Zeklo! He's the coolest fish I know, and let me tell ya, that's saying something. Thus, Triumphant Zeklo has arrived! "You're going to sleep... with the fishes." -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- This is... something of importance, heh... "Love means nothing to a tennis player!" -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ?????????? "Surviving in the wilderness won't be easy, but I'm up for the challenge!" -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Oh boy. Ohhhhh boy. Here we go. Here they are! The Company of Creators! "We're in this together!" -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- A good friend of mine as well as an old mod that needs a revamp, Thomas! "Slice 'n dice! Chop n'... welp, there goes the rhyme." -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Well... that's all of 'em so far. More to come! Stay tuned, or something. xD
  4. LAST UPDATE: 4/11/13Quick Note: This is a slightly AU fanfic. Please keep that in mind while reading. Enjoy!Don’t Starve: Chronicles of SurvivalChapter 1The First Two Days“Say, pal, you don’t look so good.”The boy began to stir upon hearing the familiar voice. When the boy’s eyes cracked open, they spotted the numerous white clouds covering the sky. The boy groaned before his hands dug into the ground, the boy pushing himself up a moment later. The boy’s tired gaze glanced around the grassy plain, a few tall tufts of grass and small saplings dotting the landscape. A split second later, the boy awoke fully, head twisting left and right in quick movements.“Where am I?!” The boy, after remaining still and thinking for a moment, turned around and saw a thin man wearing a black suit towering a few feet behind. The boy’s gaze transformed into a glare as a snarl formed in his throat. “Maxwell…” The boy rose to his feet, but the aggression faded as a dizzy spell struck, the boy raising a hand to his head to pinch his forehead.The thin man smirked in response. “You better find something to eat before night comes!” In a puff of smoke, the man disappeared.The boy released a gasp upon seeing Maxwell vanish. The boy’s anger soon returned, however. “If I see him again…” With a sigh, the boy returned to scanning the environment as a hand ran through his black hair. “What have you gotten yourself into, Wilson? You should’ve known you couldn’t trust him. What was I even thinking, going along with him…?” Another sigh passed by the boy’s lips before he straightened up. “Well, standing around won’t solve anything. I’ve already wasted enough time.” Wilson, after pulling his fingerless gloves back, walked over to and picked up a sharp piece of flint. “I better look around and find some materials I can use since I’m in the middle of nowhere, it seems.” The boy turned towards a nearby grass tuft and, using the flint he picked up earlier, cut the grass then placed it in his right front pocket. Wilson repeated the process with several other tufts of grass until he spotted another piece of flint on the ground near a small sapling. After picking up the piece of flint, the boy sliced off several of the sapling’s branches. However, one twig fell near a leafy plant that caught the boy’s attention.Wilson knelt next to and examined the leafy plant before pulling it up. The boy smiled upon recognizing the orange vegetable and placed the carrot in his left front pocket. As Wilson stood up, he saw a berry bush a few feet away and walked over to it. Wilson plucked one berry off of the bush, and, after examining the berry, nodded and ate it. After grabbing the rest of the berries on that bush, Wilson then continued harvesting grass, flint, saplings, carrots, and berries while wandering around the grassy field for hours.While walking, Wilson heard the sound of waves crashing. The boy glanced around until he headed towards the source of the sound. Wilson soon found himself staring out at the water below the cliff he stood on, a strange mist hiding what lay beyond the western horizon. “Salt water… This doesn’t help me at all.” The boy licked his lips before saying, “I do need to find a good source of water, though…” Wilson turned his head to follow the edge of the land. “I might as well see how far it goes. Maybe I’ll come across a river in the process…” Wilson followed the land’s edge for a couple of hours, grabbing any nearby food and materials. The boy, however, took notice of a forest of evergreen trees to the south. The boy paused to think then looked up at the sky. Upon seeing the sun approaching the horizon, the boy turned his attention back to the trees. Wilson walked over to a small tree and examined its bark. With another moment of thought, the boy came up with an idea. The boy pulled out a piece of flint and a few twigs from his pocket. With a nod, Wilson began combining the two items faster than the normal eye could follow. Wilson then held up an axe and gained a devilish smirk. The boy swung the axe at the tree several times. Within minutes, the tree fell to the ground. The boy gained a triumphant grin. “Take that, nature!” The boy then began chopping the tree trunk into smaller logs. However, the sky turned red as the sun began to creep below the horizon. Wilson looked up upon hearing screeches of fear. The boy watched as several strange horned rabbits ran towards various rabbit holes in the ground. Wilson continued staring in the direction of the rabbits for a short time.“Were those…?” The boy shook his head as he noticed all the birds in the area fly away. “I better start a fire. Who knows what could be out here…”Wilson sat down and arranged some of the logs to form the base of a campfire. The boy then pulled out a handful of grass and placed it on top of the logs. After a short pause, Wilson pulled out two pieces of flint and began scraping them together. Wilson continued this for a few minutes until a couple of sparks landed on the grass and started a fire. While watching the fire, the sun fell completely behind the horizon, darkness covering all but the area closest to the fire.Wilson turned his gaze to the sky. “Strange… There aren’t any stars in the sky. And it looks like it’s a new moon right now, too.” The boy’s stomach growled a few seconds later. “I guess now’s a good time to eat. Then again, how long was I unconscious…?” The boy pulled out several of the berries and a few carrots. After gazing at them, the boy thought of an idea. Wilson pulled out a long twig and a piece of flint from his pocket. The boy used the flint to slice the carrots, and once a couple of the carrots were cut, he forced several berries and carrot slices onto the twig. Wilson held the twig a few feet above the fire, twisting the twig every now and then. Several minutes passed before the boy pulled the twig back and examined the cooked berries and carrot slices.“It’s nowhere near gourmet, but it’ll do.” The boy began eating the cooked food on the twig. Several minutes passed as the boy ate in silence. Once Wilson ate his fill, he leaned back and poked the crackling fire with the long twig. The boy, after tossing the long twig into the fire, fished a notebook and pen out of his back left pocket. Wilson flipped through a couple of pages in the notebook before reaching a page with a drawing of a strange machine.“If I could make my science machine…” The boy closed his eyes for a brief moment and lowered his head. “I’ve already found some wood, but I’ll need to find some good quality stones if I want to make it. And a piece of gold…” Wilson tossed a small log onto the small campfire. “How I’m going to carry this wood, I don’t know… yet.”Wilson pulled out all of the food and materials he gathered during the day. After skewering more berries and carrots on long twigs, the boy forced the twigs into the dirt near the fire. The boy then turned his attention to the twigs, grass, and flint lying before him. Wilson soon began nodding to himself, a smile appearing on his face. The boy grabbed several handfuls of grass and twigs and, in several quick motions, began crafting a new item. Wilson’s brow furrowed as he transformed the grass and twigs into something new, but he soon gained a smirk as he finished the job. After twisting the twig hosting the cooking food, the boy turned the pale yellow backpack around and opened the front pocket.“This’ll do. This’ll do just nicely… Now I can carry a lot more.” As Wilson began packing the logs into the backpack, rays of light broke up the darkness. “Morning already? It didn’t seem to be that long of a night. Anyways, I better take a look around. Maybe I’ll find some rocks… or a way back to civilization.”Before leaving the campfire, Wilson removed the toasted food from the twigs and placed it in the backpack’s side pockets. The boy left after slinging the backpack over his shoulder and adjusting the straps. As Wilson headed east, he came across a sparse forest, a layer of dead leaves hiding the ground beneath. The boy wandered past several trees for several minutes. However, Wilson soon spotted something and ran over to the cobble path.The boy knelt down and examined the curving path. “This path… Someone put a lot of care into making this, even though it does end here. …Does that mean I’m not the only person here?” Wilson’s gaze followed the path until it disappeared behind a group of trees. “It couldn’t hurt to follow it… It’s not like I really have anything better to do.”Wilson followed the curving path through the forest. While following the path, the boy spotted another grassy plain with several saplings and a few grass tufts and berry bushes. Wilson wandered off of the path and gathered some twigs, grass, and berries before returning to and following the path. Wilson’s stomach grumbled a short time after returning to the path, prompting him to pull out and munch on a couple of roasted berries. After following the path for an hour, munching on a few more cooked berries along the way, the trees began to thin out. The boy gasped upon seeing the rocky terrain and the several boulders lying about.“This is perfect…” Wilson then thought of a problem. “But I need something to break the rocks apart. Like a pick…” Wilson gained a smile as an idea formed in his head.The boy pulled out a few twigs and pieces of flint. Wilson, using swift movements, began combining the two materials. Within a couple of minutes, Wilson held up and examined the pickaxe in his right hand. The boy nodded then walked over to one of the smaller boulders. Wilson then began swinging the pickaxe at the boulder. The first impact created a small indentation, and the following swings lengthened cracks extending from the first impact site. The boy continued pounding away at the rock until it shattered into several pieces, flint and stones falling to the ground.After catching his breath, Wilson picked up and examined the stones. “Yes, yes… These will be perfect for my making my science machine!” The boy gathered all of the stones and flint and stored them in the right front pocket. “Hmm… I’ll probably need a few more rocks in the future. I’ll mine a couple more of these rocks then move on.” The boy strolled over to another nearby boulder. With a deep breath, Wilson began hacking at the large rock. The boy spent several minutes swinging until the boulder finally broke apart to reveal more rocks and flint. Wilson then grabbed all of the spoils before deciding to swing at another smaller boulder. The boulder took fewer swings to destroy than the previous one, and when it crumbled, something shiny fell to the ground along with the flint and rocks. The shiny object caught Wilson’s attention.“Was that…?” The boy fished out a shiny yellow chunk. “It… it’s gold!” A laugh escaped Wilson’s throat. “I can’t believe it!” The boy then thought of something. “But the science machine won’t be able to move once I make it…” Wilson’s gaze turned to the sky, the sun approaching the horizon. “A base… Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I’ll just follow the path a little longer and see if I can find a good area.”Wilson returned to the path and followed it deeper into the rocky terrain. However, the boy ran into a fork in the road as sunset covered the area in the setting sun’s light. One split in the path headed north while the other split headed to the east. Wilson glanced in each direction before heading towards the center of the crossroads. Wilson slid the backpack off onto the rocky ground near where the northern and eastern paths met. The boy pulled out the logs and began arranging a few into another campfire, but a rock slid out of his pocket and landed on the ground with a thud.Wilson grabbed the rock and almost put it back into the pocket until an idea struck him. The boy emptied his pockets of all the rocks, twigs, grass, and flint. Wilson began arranging the stones into a circular pattern around the logs. Once the circle of rocks was finished, Wilson grabbed two pieces of flint and began scraping them together. The resulting sparks eventually lit the logs on fire just a few moments before total darkness surrounded the rest of the area.Wilson sighed after seeing the roaring fire. “Made it just in time…” With another sigh, the boy pulled out the berries he picked during the daytime. “I better start cooking these. Then I’ll make my science machine.”The boy slipped all the berries onto a couple of twigs. After glancing around, the boy stuck the twigs into a crack in the ground close to the fire. Wilson then turned his attention to the spare logs and rocks on the ground. Wilson pulled out the gold nugget before he looked around the area. The boy tossed a few twigs onto the fire, the light illuminating more of the area. With the additional light, Wilson spotted a flat region then nodded. The boy picked up the logs and rocks and carried them over to the level area. Wilson then began to combine the three types of items in a series of swift movements. A few of the logs soon became a wooden stool with three legs. A structure made of rock, a small slit adorning one side, then came to rest on top of the stool. The boy soon constructed a wooden lever on one side of the machine, and two wood gears connected by a tread formed on another side of the machine. A wooden funnel formed on and decorated the top of the machine before Wilson backed away. “It’s done…” A small tear formed in the corner of the boy’s eye, but he quickly wiped it away. “You’re even more beautiful than you were before, my science machine.” Wilson then gained a smile. “And now, it’s time to put you to the test.” The boy fished a rock out of his pocket and tossed it into the funnel on top of the contraption. Wilson then grabbed the lever. “For science!”Wilson pulled the lever down then backed away. The gears and tread on the machine started turning slowly before speeding up. Clunking sounds emanated from the center of the machine. Soon the whole machine began hopping up and down as the clunking noises grew louder and more prominent. However, the machine settled down a few moments later, a puff of smoke escaping through the funnel as a dinging noise resounded through the area. A few chiming noises then sounded as a small strip of paper with writing covering it slid out of the small slit on the machine. A panel opened on the last side of the machine, the rock falling out of it and landing on the ground with a thud.“Alright, let’s see…” Wilson walked around the machine and pulled out the strip of paper. The boy walked closer to the fire and read all the text on the paper. “Hunh… It’s quite rich in a variety of minerals. And sturdy, too…” The boy glanced at the rock, a small black scorch mark in one spot. “My science machine usually can’t put back together what it breaks apart.”A bright light then interrupted the scene. Wilson covered his eyes for a moment before they adjusted to the sun’s rays. With a sigh, the boy walked over to what remained of the fire and removed the berries from their skewers. Wilson pulled out some of the older berries and ate them before placing the fresher berries in the backpack. The boy then gathered all of the materials strewn about before realizing something.“I’m going to need more wood…” The boy looked around the area before spotting a few tall trees to the south. “I’ll explore over that way and cut down some trees while I do so.” With a nod, Wilson began trekking towards the trees.
  5. bunnies! http://divine-rpg.wikia.com/wiki/Bunny
  6. I love how the scripts come uncompiled now, I've been screwing around with some stuff, the only thing that I'm having trouble changing is the drops from plants like grass saplings reeds and berries.
  7. Before I get too in to it, I just have to say that I absolutely love this game!I've seen a few things since the recent update and thought I would share them.- I came across a mandrake and tried to pick it...it began to bounce around and beep at me. It did this all night. The next morning it replanted itself and I picked it again. I then had some sort of random/invisible head injury and it was all of a sudden night time again... Confused?- I made the jump into a wormhole and when I came out the other side there were crazy grey lines jumping all over the screen. Shortly followed by my death...lol- On numerous occasions when the sun came up everything went very shaky. - When I reached level 4 in story mode all the rabbits were black and scribbled.- I also keep seeing a lot of invisible monsters that I can attack...but can't seem to kill.- Food seems very sparse!Can't wait to see what you guys do next! Played for 45 hours so far...haven't died of starvation yet!!
  8. Hi all. Well here I show my first video. There is no big deal, just shows some attacks to which I have survived. I'm not a pro in video editing so be easy with me and... Thanks for watching: D http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRkpVpUQlXY&feature=share&list=UUJ4VugQmoa2ckinD_6Aom8A
  9. One of my bee mines bugged out when triggered right in the center of my base and it spawned +50 bees which cause a lot of lag, I managed to move some of them to another island but that's not enough, is there any way I could potentially edit my world to delete them (I assume there are values that corespond to mobs present)? I have a back up before that happened but I made very many changes due to the turf update and it will be a pain to redo it all.
  10. Hi, I thought the nice would be if you could be cut off from the monsters. I think the barricade is a good idea to secure the base. In my opinion (if one accepts my idea), it should have a level of durability. Here is examples of crafting and picture: Thanks.