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Found 6 results

  1. We now know quite a lot about merms but there are also new questions that now need answering. So to what we know already: -Merms originate from Gnaw -They are humanoid. It seems that Gnaw can't/doesn't need to turn simple animals like rabbits into fishes -They function like normal animals: they can reproduce (Wurt's existence), evolve (Fishermers in Sw) and develop (own language, monarchy) Now about Gnaw, it's relations with merms and lore of the dst Gnaw appears to be some sort of god/higher being with magical powers. As of now we don't know if Gnaw is only a mouth in the sky or if that mouth actually belongs to something. It sufferms from ethernal hunger and is developed enough to be able to be picky- a hungry beast would simply eat anything. Gnaw travels from land to lands searching from (I assume) humanoid/developed creatures that will feed it. When they fail to do so Gnaw will mermificate them. After an entire civilization is destroyed Gnaw will search for other to terrorize. Now the big question: why does Gnaw turn beings into merms. The merms don't seem to obey Gnaw and so won't feed it. Is this simply the only power that Gnaw has and so it uses it as a way of punishing? Or are merms actually a part of a hive-mind that simply haven't activated yet? Maybe Gnaw is building up and army of merms and when the time comes it will take control of them. So did Gnaw play a big part in the history of dst? Maybe. @QrChuck made an interesting theory that Ancients escaped into the caves because of Gnaw. It could actually make sense as in the Metheus murals we see some sort of circe in the sky as Ancients are leaving the surface. Now I know that Metheus came before the Gorge so Klei might not have actually planned these circles to reseble Gnaw. But that doesn't mean that they can't make that canon. After all we know that caves are able to protect from the dangers of the sky as many characters comment on moon dial in the caves that 'Moon' can't see them here.
  2. Yes,this is an actual topic... Are frogs supposed to attack merms? I don't think so. 1-Merms drops frog legs like actual frogs and merms ignores frogs' demonic presence. 2-Wurt's quotes implies that she likes them like they were some kind of innocent creature and there's an actual official piece of art which consists in Wurt sitting next to frogs while reading a book. Therefore if they are supposed to be agressive,this means Wurt is canonically dead. Shame on you.
  3. Their mate ventured out to sea a while ago and hasn't returned. They're just sitting on the dock now, pining for their dear one. There have been longer expeditions before, longer times apart... just not any that they can recall.
  4. Fanart by DeludedDaybreak

    Per the advice of some forum members, now that i'm doing art a lot more frequently, I've decided to have a common post for my work. I'll be adding tags as the subject matter of my work expands. For starters, have a blacksmith merm Winona
  5. Merm smooch!

    I took an old lined paper artwork I did just after the Gorge and used my newly-discovered digital skills to spruce it up! HC: Merms can actually come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. When their fins flush a more vibrant color, it's their way of blushing.
  6. Pigs vs Merms

    I want YOU to join the cause. The pigs and the merms have been in a bloody war for decades. Both forces have their made their home throughout the wild and unforgiving isles. Countless casualties have met their end in battle and their heads have been mounted on pikes in each village of their counterpart. The tension has risen, troops gather, and weapons are readied. This war is coming to an end soon, but who will be the victor. It is up to YOU to decide who wins and loses. Battles will be fought and lives will be lost, so you better be ready when you sign up for the pigs or the merms.