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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.

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Found 20 results

  1. - the taxidermy table used for the sole Purpose of being god! The taxidermy is the catalyst for creating strange creatures to aid you in the wild the contents of the taxidermy table consist of... = hand bag The bag will act as a companion based creature and will follow their creator anywhere, if the hand bag is in radius of a item it will grab it and bring it towards their creator and offer them it, if the player dose not take it the hand bag will keep it for it self unless if the player decides to kill the thing once killed it will drop everything it has hoarded and the bag itself will become just a bag and can be brought back if you stick into it some nightmare fuel = clockwork boiler the clockwork boiler will assist the player in combat by spewing out boiling water at the enemy’s, the boiler will also send out a heating effect cooling the player in winter but sadly must be turned off during summer once killed it will drop gears and charcoal = garden snake made of mainly plants, the garden snake will restore the players sanity and if the player is injured to the near point of death the snake will bite the player and give them health sacrificing its life for their creator once killed by a creature or the player it will drop a bunch of flowers, honey, and some live insect, = voodoo jinx doll once the doll is created, you must then equip the doll and cast the curse on the enemy you want killed, then in a safe distance you can stab at the doll dealing damage at a safe distance without doing any dirty work, however once you kill the creature the doll will break = jinx needle but the only way to cast the curse Is with the help of the jinx needles = snowman a creature entirely made of snow, the creature will aid you in combat and will freeze your enemy’s for your convenience, but he won’t last long coming the time of spring once killed will drop ice or if it was killed by spring it will drop nothing then a pond of water = birdboon a mixture of a monkey and a bird, the birdboon will scratch at the players enemy’s and will act as a annoying distraction, creator beware that birdboon are very greedy and will take items from you if your just leaving them on the ground once killed it will drop what ever it was hoarding with feathers and meat = foul owl a creature that will produce eggs if it was feed cooked food or it could produce 4 eggs if giving a crockpot recipe ponce killed it might drop a couple of eggs with a side of feathers = batter fly the batter fly will attack the enemy creature stealing their health and will proceed to give their creator the stolen health once killed it will drop 2 bat wings, a nightmare flower = parrot designed to annoy the hell out of enemy creatures distracting them while you give the enemy creature damage once killed the parrot will drop a one man band, and feathers :additional note: these creatures will only attack With you if you attack a enemy creature and will follow you always even if your fleeing a fight That’s my taxidermy and voodoo concept, if anyone have any questions I will gladly answer them
  2. - throwing knifes use to deal small damage from a far, once crafted you will receive 20 throwing knifes - dice of fate a cursed item that has 6 different out comes the outcomes consist of... 6 = if a situation was becoming hard to deal with and you roll the 6 the situation will reverse such as if you were being attacked and you rollled a 6 the attacker will run away or will be weaker and once killed you can get better items off their corpse, yet again this effect can be used in any situation if your lucky 5 = if you roll a 5 your stats will recover 4 = if you roll a 4 time will change from day to night, from dusk to day, from night to day, from night to dusk 3 = food won’t give you much of a boost then it use to do 2 = a wave of creatures will attack your base 1 = it will rain and then frogs will fall from the sky so will lightning all of these effects are not permanent - magic box once built, you can enter the box and then you will vanish from the box and reappear in a different part of the world as long as it’s land based - talking skull a skull that will interact with players and will cause a small sanity drain of 1 or might give the player a sanity boost - cage instead of caging birds, how about bigger prey for livestock - fortune telling machine feed the machine bones or monster meat and it will tell you secrets in the land - potted cactus beat your enemy’s with a fine potted cactus - hound mask blend in with the pack - bird mask blend in with the murder that was another items and structure concept, if anyone has any questions I will gladly answer them
  3. Waldy He was born in a province called Atropith, in this city, reigned poverty, and famine, except that 5 years later, the fuel of nightmare is found. The city grew rich, and eaten at its hungers, the magic was studied, Thulecite armor made, the development of arthropods was in its infancy. Waldy consumed only a few, their taste was atrocious, a few years later, their lord Fuelweaver was always present. Waldy had warned him, but the lord ignored his remarks, Waldy had studied the magic and power of the nightmare fuels, he had a great hatred for Fuelweaver. He regrets the annihilated civilization, he had the opportunity to save her, he warned them that too much fuel consumption nightmares, was too dangerous, he currently keeps a hatred and a great suffering towards the lords of Atropith , oddly he survived, and did not reappear as the Lord, and his valet Ancient Herald ... Health: 140 Hunger: 150 Health: 170 Starting point: Waldy has 4 nightmare fuels from the beginning, he can consume them and loses 10 of mental health and 15 of life, thanks to that, his skills increase, he loses 33% less quickly his hunger, his damages increase bare hands, not with weapons. Positive Abilities: Waldy receives half of the magic object penalties and has a 50% resistance against damage from shadow creatures, and the Ancient Herald. The nightmare fuel consumed, changes Waldy's appearance, his arms become "monstrous", (like Wilson's shadow arm), and his face has an angry expression, in this form he inflicts 60 damage to high speed, which makes it perfect for kiting an enemy, except that it lasts only 2 minutes per fuel consumption, to increase the time of metamorphosis, it is necessary to eat fuels of nightmare, which will add + 1min, until limit of 5 min. Negative Abilities: During Aporkalypse, Waldy has a reduced speed to 5.5 instead of 6, which can be a disadvantage to fleeing one or more enemies. Waldy receives more mental health loss when it rains, or with an enemy who drains mental health
  4. Green World

    Version 1.3.6


    First: GW features require the «Green!». Spells, effects, potions will not work without it! Second: This mod is in development — issues are expected! What"s interesting: New zone - Green Swamp; New creatures: lizardmens, green tentacles and green snakes; New objects on the map: marshberry bushes and Ancient Watcher; New magic weapons; Shorttime effects for characters and equipment; Elite creatures with random affixes; Magic potions; New boss and some new loot. Magic weapons Lightning Spear — deals electrical damage in a conus area; Amethyst axe — shatters the ground in front of caster, dealing damage; Tentacle staff — summons a poison cloud that damages everything inside it; Bonestaff — try to breathe life into inanimate objects... or challenge the new boss by animating the Pig Figure; Lava dart — deal damage from range, damage depends on range; Axe — Lucien — yes, it can be used as a throwing weapon; Doomhammer — pull the ghost hounds. Spell scrolls Crushing Wave — extinguish fires and freeze your enemies; Chain lightning — what could be easier than a chain lightning? Frost nova — catch your opponent in a cage of ice spikes; Meteorite — inflict damage on group of enemies; Tranquility — heal your wounds after a hard battle. Stylish caster set Wizard Coat — decreases cooldowns for spells and items; Wizard's Hat — increases damage and power of spell effects, also allows you to read scrolls even when taking damage. For some characters the base spell power is changed: Wigfrid — base spell power reduced by 35%; Wendy — base spell power increased by 20%; Maxwell — the base spell power increased by 20%; Winona — cooldowns decreased by 20%. Enchants Red glyph — weapon — vampirism, armor — movement speed; Yellow glyph — weapon — chance to unleash the chain lightning, armor — releasess lightnings to attackesr Blue glyph — weapon — shattered armor (target gets more damage from all sources), armor — toughness (you take less damage); Green glyph — weapon — applies a weakness effect on attacks, armor — poison immune; Potions Rejuvenation Potion — Restores health and sanity; Haste Potion — Increases movement speed; Firefly Potion — Shows the way in the darkness; Worker Potion — Work better, work harder; Resourcefulness Potion — Simplifies the crafting of items; Genius Potion — Crafting without prototypes; Evocation Potion — Boosts your spell power; Inspiration Potion — Boosts your physical damage; Armor Potion — If you constantly forget the armor; Antidot — Removes the poison effect and make invulnerable to it for a short time. Materials Green scales — can be obtained from lizardmen and green tentacles; A great soul can be obtained by solving the riddle of the Ancient Watcher or by defeating the new boss; Essences — can be obtained from elite creatures. New in the world Lizardmen cave — a home for lizardmens — day-time creatures, which can attack from a long range; Snake hole, a home for nocturnal creatures — green snakes; Green tentacles — they are almost like normal tentacles, but more dangerous, because they can attack you from a distance; Ancient Watcher is a statue, which ready to reward player, who will be able to solve its runic riddle; Marshberry — berry bushes, which grow only in the rain. Steam link: click
  5. My own set of Don't Starve Tarot Cards, consisting of 22 Major Arcana Cards, are now on sale for 45.00 USD! Tell the future!! Delve into the Arcane!! Experience all the magic of Don't Starve without the horrifying shadow consequences!! Each card is printed in full color on 300gsm playing quality cards. See samples of the cards here: Tumblr || Etsy
  6. Ok, so as you may or may not know, I've been thinking about making a character mod for quite some time now. This isn't a thread for me asking for a sprite! Just one to share my ideas I've been developing over the past few days (and the only other reason I'm starting this thread is because I may not get a response on my art threads about it so yeah). Ok first off, pictures of a hand drawn sprite (I was planning on digitally tracing) and a character "meme": (The perks, title, art and quote may differ in the future). Now if you know me/my persona well enough, you'll know she had fire powers. Not sure how that'll work for DS and DST but I recently thought of a solution. Obviously, the way DS works, she can't shoot fire directly from her hand so instead, how about a magical staff? I know what what your thinking, Dragon Mage doesn't have a staff or magical hand held item, right? Well earlier (like last year some time I think it was) she did actually have a staff but... I guess it just became obscure cos I never drew her with it. Plus it seemed kinda medieval-like as opposed to her modern look which did seem kinda weird. I guess she didn't really need it back then BUT anyway, back to the mod ideas. I thought in DS (much like Willow) it could be unlimited (however, having an unlimited fire staff does seem kinda OP don't you think? Well I'm still working out the details for that). As for DST, she could be nerfed a little, again like Willow with a limited source, except instead of lighter fluid how about mana? I was thinking about certain characters and how they have gauges for something like Woodie and his curse or a recent character mod I saw. Something to stop the mod users to go nuts. It does recharge slowly over time but there will be faster methods (not sure what yet. Maybe an item or actions like sleeping could help?) Idk, this idea still needs some development. Now, as for the sprites, I might be fine for the most part since I can trace over the Extended Character mod sprite. However, since the mod is a cat character, the head shape is a bit odd. Also Idk how I'm gonna do DM's hair. I could use a pony tail but... ugh, her hair has always been the downy, long flowing kinda hair. Idk. Anyway that's all I have for now. Feel free to leave suggestions! Or tell me to shut up, hide the thread and... keep to myself... ._. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's done this.
  7. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    Hey, I recently registered for these forums (you may have seen some of my posts in the DS discussions and artwork threads) and I thought, why not post some of my artwork here. I recently started drawing DS themed art but I plan to post more of what I've drawn (such as dragons, FNAF, original characters, cute chibis, Spore, comics strips and perhaps even Old vs New drawing comparisons) which is why I put this thread in the off-topic area of these forums. (Due to my post constantly disappearing before I finish editing, I'm just gonna post the DS art for now. I plan to post more here later. If you want, you can check out all my drawings on DeviantArt, the links are on my profile ) Ok first off, I use to draw mostly dragons and animals because I couldn't draw humans. That was until late 2014, where my sister introduced me to this site called DragoArt. It had heaps of tutorials to help me improve (they even have DS tutorials now ^_^). And a few months ago, I watched some Draw with Jazza tutorials on YouTube to help more with proper body proportions and eventually got to where I am now, sort of. This was before: XD Sorry for so many drawings of my character -_- but that's it for now. --- And now for special features of nice people who offered to draw my character (or who's free art raffle I was lucky in ) Note: This won't be in any specific order. Also, there maybe some pictures with more than just me in it for the sake of including almost everything. Well that's all I have atm. If there's anything I forgot or you want me to add, please PM me and I'll add them or give you a reason why I can't. Also thank you for all the wonderful art, it means so much to me! ^_^
  8. "They"

    I was thinking in maxwell quotes from the final chapter, in the nightmare throne, in this, to be more precise: "Or maybe They've grown tired of me." "Heh. Took them long enough." "They'll show you terrible, beautiful things." "It's best not to fight it." "There wasn't much here when I showed up." "Just dust. And the Void. And Them." "I've learned so much since then. I've built so much." "But even a King is bound to the board." "You can't change the rules of the game." "I don't know what they want. They... they just watch." "Unless you get too close... Then..." "Well, there's a reason I stay so dapper." "What year is it out there? Time moves differently here." "Go on, stay a while. Keep us company.""They" or "Them" are beings of terrible and unfathomable power, beings who are best not to fight.... They just watch, (unless you get too close in your shadow control capabilities, and they ****** you), only watch, day and night.... And then, i watch this video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BUcTVIV5y0 And i watch a dark observer watching.... an observer i already know too well, when my characters go insane, (second number 00:45) we can se another one in the william carter puzzle number 6, and another one in the pics of maxwell´s house. Sometimes, we can see them even while sane: http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/File:Shadow_watcher.png I think they are the beings who retain maxwell captive, the source of all the "allucinations" (we already now oficially that the allucinations are real beings and not allucinations at all, not only because they can move the webs of a spider den and alert the spiders even when you are far, but because a totally official phrase says: "Low sanity is not fatal, but strange creatures from another time and place are attracted to madness." And, we can craft things with the substance of their bodies) They are watching in every moment not only maxwell, but everyone in his realm, that maxwell built for them, even if normally we can only see them at low sanity (normally, sometimes we can see them sane) What do you think? You believe the same as I ? What do you think is its real purpose? Why only watch, if you have power for create or destroy almost everything? I´m open for all kind of theories, critics or just opinions.
  9. To me, the natural next step after mastering normal sandbox mode is adventure mode.What I don't understand is why you'd ever want to use the Things [in Sandbox mode] to go to the next world. Won't you get the exact same thing, only easier? Therefore less interesting?Please enlighten me.
  10. The Aftermath

    Hello I will be doing a RP and I need people to sign up Sign ups will be allowed until Monday June 24 at 12:00 AM forum time. Below I will be putting Character descriptions you will need to chose a color for your character. Max 4 Role Players max 16 Characters 4 each Below is a example (the character I will be using) Name: silver Race: Unicorn Looks like: A white Grey horse with a horn Back Ground: Banished to The Realm (The Land of Don't Starve) for having greater magic then Maxwell. Goal: Leave The Realm with enough strength to defeat Maxwell and become better at Magic and Majic. Text color: Blue Can do magic and Majic[ Can`t use tools Got Hoofs Rules: No Maxwell characters (he is going to be a enemy not a friend) No I am god I can do anything Majic is the turning of elements into other elements Magic is the MOVING of those elements Humans can NOT do magic or Majic however they can build Magic or Majic objects if someone who can do Magic or majic is helping them I MUST accept your character before you can role play Out of character is OOC: *stuff inside stars like this means something is happening* Accepted people Kate Gender: girl Race: Siren Looks Like: a 13 year old girl, skinny, blonde curly hair, short blue dress that goes to her knees, wears a white lace in her hair. Back round: a young siren who thought she was just a normal 13 year old. But she found boys were oddly attracted to her voice. She wanted to stop singing because of it. She ran away from home because the boys were following her. Goal: find a way to get rid of the magic her voice contains. Speaks: in black. Name:Strom Gender:Female Race:Logman (treeguard kid) Looks like:A beautiful woman made of wood.Wears a puffy vest and a winter hat. Background:She was living peacefully with her parents when fire hounds came and burnt down her house.Loves nature. Goal:Find and destroy all hounds. Speaks in:Lime Name: Trunk Gender: Male Race: Koalefant Looks like: a young koalefant that is eternally a winter koalefant. Backstory: A young koalefant that is abandoned by it's mother is raised by a tallbird that is then murdered by maxwell. Goal: To kill Maxwell and avenge the only mother he's ever known: Tree the tallbird. Speaks in:Turquoise. Intro: When Maxwell created The Realm it was a Prison for people he hated even if he hated people just a little but he did no know how meany people he put in there or that they could Escape.
  11. Welcome to my thread as of posting this is a WIP Guide and Q. and A. thread (pictures coming when I feel like it) Stormfront’s guide to all things demon with notes By Mallory *zelda puzzle solved music plays* you found the hidden text theres more hidden with secrets about Mallory and stormfrontDemons are far from what the majority of the human populace would assume. Far from being residents of hell, demons are actually residents of an alternate plane of reality. This plane of reality has no true name but is often referred to as “the plane of shadows” or “the dark world” or home .. Demonkind can be broken up into three sub-groups, demons of the minor arcane, major arcane demons, and the demon lords. Not all demons have M names Mallory does to fit the game naming scheme, stormfront picked it becuse it means unlucky one.. Stormfront's name came from her pegasus FIM OC. stormfront is just stormfronts favorite weather based word First we shall cover the minor arcana, these are the weaker smaller classes of demons such as Imps, trolls and goblins. Imps are the most common of the minor arcana. Typically Imps are small devil like demons. The typical imp is usually fire or water chaos neutral. Although Imps are less powerful than their larger brethren they are the most intelligent of the minor classes and can learn many elemental spells. A single imp is fairly weak on its own, and thus they prefer to live in hives. Each hive has one leader typically the smartest or most powerful of the hive. As added protection many hives choose to swear loyalty to a powerful major demon having members perform tasks for them in return for protection and food. Trolls and goblins although demons, are lacking any major form of magic. They smell too. They are also unique in the fact they are the only types of demon that naturally live outside of the shadow realm.do we really have to cover these smelly things I mean everyone knows what a troll is.. Fine moving on.. Major arcane demons Lifecycle Major arcane demons or true Demons are unique in the fact that unlike most life forms they do not grow over time. Rather a demons development is based solely on their magical power and limits. Young demons can grow as they learn spells and absorb magic and human emotions. Despite the major belief that demons by nature are evil this is not the case, Demons are born of the neutral chaotic alignment and will often change aliment when they “peak” or hit demon puberty so to speak and metamorphoses into a full adult demon. Although typically adults are of the chaotic evil or lawful evil there is a chance for a demon to peak as good aligned. We shall cover this more later Mallory is very late "peaking ", hence why Maxwell has referred to her as runt in the past.. Demon power chart Hatchling-> juvenile ->adult-> demon lord Although young demons are close in appearance to a human, most demons are born with at least one difference in appearance. Mallory's magical failings are due to a curse on her bloodline, But she doesn't know that.. This difference is known as a trait and varies bloodline to bloodline as well demons will also develop more traits as they grow in magical power. Some demons choose to hide these traits to better blend in among humans. Maxwell is totally doing this.. It is found however for reasons unknown a demon cannot hide their birth trait by magical means I’m glad I have horns not like Max and his shark eyes mallory actually has golden eyes, but stormfront wanted to draw her to match the game's art so in storm's avatar her eyes are drawn like willow's Traits are as listed but not limited to: horns, wings, tattoo like markings, tail(s),oddly colored or shaped eyes. Appearance of these traits in adult demons are effected by the individuals alignment. on mallory's version of the island the human's live in several differnt camps and dont like each other... Type/elemental classification Mallory's camp conistes of Wilson, Willow, WX-78, and herself.. Although basic demon magic does follow the basic rules of elemental alignment, Many adult demons and their magic can also be tied to a form of sin or emotion. For our first example we shall look at Maxwell ***************** (Mallory stop writing curse words in this section) (the picture of Maxwell has been removed becuse somedemon keeps scribbling rude things on it) From what examples we have access to of him casting, he has a preference for magic’s of the shadow alignment, uses his magic’s to deceive others. It is also shown he is clearly hiding his demonic traits. With this evidence we can clearly tell that Maxwell is a demon of the lawful evil, madness/deception alignment. Ranking Mallory would be more than a match against Maxwell if she wasn't cursed.. Rank within demon society is closely linked with power. As such in fighting among demons is common, and becomes more common the more powerful the demons. The ultimate goal of many demons is to become a demon lord who are the most powerful and leaders of demon society. There is a demon lord for each power alignment. Deception/madness, pestilence, lust, greed/famine, despair, pride/wrath and vanity these are the well-known 7 however there are more just as angels can “fall’ demons can “rise” and be of a good alignment these are aligned with positive emotions Confidence, love, kindness, hope and courage. Collectively these are known as the daemon subclass and are exceedingly rare unlike evil and neutral aligned demons there are no lords of the white class. As well rather than infighting like other demons white demons act as enforcers of demon “laws” ensuring that no demon oversteps their bounds. Maxwell might be undoing his own plans as being on the islands exposed to his magic is slowly eroding the curse on Mallory Demon law As with any society there are laws to what demons are allowed to do. Although they have laws aginst many common acts there are not enough daemons to prevent acts of these natures. Rather focus is left to more major laws such as the destruction of other races or imprisonment that’s also a really big rule too or we be up to our ears in would be lords **** Maxwell.. Although not well said Mallory is correct in that the imprisonment of other beings for the sake of feeding is indeed against a major set of demon laws that were created a major loss of life after the witch burnings. The witch burns of mid-evil times caused mass causalities of demons so as a result laws limiting the ways demons can directly interact with the humans. Such as limits on possessions harming, killing or the abduction of humans. Mating Despite their human like form demons do not reach sexual maturity until full adult hood. Although female demons especially those of the lust alignment may flirt or well "you know" with other intelligent life it is quite rare for them to reproduce with non-demons. Female demons become receptive to reproduction during cycles of estrus. Although only adult demons can reproduce it is not uncommon for juvenile females close to “peak” to exhibit what is known as false estrus. In cases of false estrus the juvenile in question will become infatuated with beings of large magical ability. storm has considered a false estrus joke on the tennis thread and might still do it As for adult mating females have all the power a female demon once in estrus will pick a male from among her aqantances by power and prior behavior towards her.hence why Maxwell has no offspring as he is an ass to everyone..unlike human socity there is no discrimination by age. ~~~~~~~~~~ We (Mallory and I) are also going to be answering questions about magic and demons.. as well as about Mallory herself (although please keep in mind their are some parts of demon life I may not know and Mallory can be rather flighty about answering questions accurately) Q & A rules no talk of eating anyone no talking about the church of bacon no derailing of the thread no asking Me to break camp rules Mallory is not willing to torment/harass Wilson and Willow I might consider others though Stormfront has the right to add new rules as needed failing to follow thread rules gets you grey listed break them again and you are blacklisted (banned from the thread) grey listed: no one blacklisted: sirmentlegen (scaring Mallory/thread derailment)
  12. Is it true that they've changed the tab icon? It looked like a red skull in the newest update vid! If so, I'm extremely excited. It'll bring me back into the game immediately.
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title Pig Men Won't Leave Houses Steps to reproduce 1) Discover pig houses, pigs are running around like normal (this camp happened to have the king too) 2) I killed a couple pigs (several still remaining), fed pig meat to pig king, got gold 3) I left the area, unknown number of days pass 4) Found another pig camp, with 5 houses and no king, pigs outside like normal, left it alone 5) Found a third pig camp with one house, and no pig (could have left somewhere?) 6) Went back to base camp to get a hammer, ~one day passes 7) Went to the first camp that had the king, no pigs in sight, left camp 8) Went to second camp, no pigs in sight 9) Broke three houses at second camp with hammer, pigs were inside, picked up all materials 10) Fed meat to the three pigs and used them to clear a forest 11) Killed all three pigs and collected meat/materials 12) Built one pig house of my own near home base, pig spawned immediately, happy days 13) Number of days pass, not checking on any pigs 14) Go back to second pig camp, break remaining houses, killed pigs inside 15) Go to the third single house camp, break that house, killed pig inside 16) Buiild another pig house next to original, first pig nowhere to be seen 17) Day passes 18) Go to first pig camp, break enough houses and killed pigs inside houses to get a few more skins 19) Build third pig house near first two, two pigs wandering around 20) Days pass 21) Check back on pigs in player built houses, no pigs in sight (although one night I swear I did hear pigs) 22) Days pass 23) Check back in on pigs, still no pigs, afraid to break them down and lose pigs forever! Describe your issue The steps listed to reproduce was everything that I could remember that I did when I noticed that pigs were no longer coming out of the houses during the day. I didn't really think anything of it until I broke a couple houses at the second camp during the day and the pigs were inside instead. I thought that it was weird that the pigs didn't come outside. Then I started checking all the pig houses I found, and realized that none of the pigs were coming outside. I decided to check to see if I built pig houses of my own, if they would behave normally, but after a few days they disappeared to inside their houses too.
  14. Warner G. Billingsworth "The Archnologist" "An eye for an eye, but spiders have alot of eyes." Good day, your pal MM here. A while back, I mentioned a new character Idea. I realized all characters had to start with a W, and so I revised the possible effects of the character and name. You can find the original thread in "Similar Threads". The Idea was to create a character with spider related perks. I have created a revised version. Warner could have two passive perks. He could hit spiders in their weak points when using tools and weapons, dealing more damage to Arachnid enemies (Possibly 20% more.) The second, is that spiders come to aid Warner in battle, and then leave, providing temporary allies. The Magic Umbrella "I'm pretty sure I heard of this once." The effect for the Magic Umbrella would be an alternate method of transportation. When equipped, the character would fly among the fowl, without a care in the world. Every 1.5 seconds, it would use up 1%. If it runs out mid-flight, massive damage would be inflicted upon the character. The recipe would consist of 8 Reeds, 8 Silk, and 4 Nightmare Fuel.
  15. Is it possible to surround my camp ( and inside the camp ) with fireflies ? They seem to be emiting quite allot of light ( I have done it already ) but I want to know if it's possible to go without a fire at this point.Any help would be much apreciated. Thank you !
  16. playing gnome: he would function as a item that protects your camp from enemies(hounds,spiders,etc) durability:he plays the flute for 3 days and 3 nights and when the last day comes the flute breaks the gnome is still intact area and ratio: the gnome can only play a certain distance and it has a 3/10 percent chance of putting a enemy to sleep putting down: when putting it down it can either be like a tallbird egg you can pick it up and drop it again or it could be more of a building item that breaks in 3 days making one: (magic) gnome + pan flute = playing gnome sanity:it boost your sanity every night if you stay in within range of the gnome maybe he can play a beautiful flute noise when put down like this (something beautiful in a world of monsters)
  17. the staff can be made with 20 charcoal 3 twigs and 8gold when used it acts like the fire darts but has a durability of 100% (goes down by 5 each use) it has 20 uses why so much gold ? me:well you can mostly get alot of gold from the pig king so it seem relevent
  18. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072092255/ Simple as the title says.. I am trading Dont Starve for a copy of Little Inferno, my profile is above feel free to add me =)
  19. I've played Don't Starve for a while now, and perhaps a newer character would be necessary. I had an Idea of a character who could have an ability with spiders, and make it easier to collect silk. In combat, maybe have a 60% chance of getting a couple of spiders to help in battle, and in the presence of spiders, they might have a chance at dropping silk whenever he gets near one. Another suggestion would be a magic umbrella, where you use 7 sticks, and 8 silk, and a Red jewel for a one-time use fast travel to any location on the map.
  20. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number N/A ? Issue title I unlocked everything, how do you undo it. Steps to reproduce 1. Open Up Dont starve. 2. Press Cheats (Does not Exist anymore on my screen) 3. select "unlock all" Describe your issue I accidently Pressed the cheats button and did the steps above, and now i cant undo it, everything, like the characters, are unlocked no matter what i do. Ive tried deleting all the content on my computer , but it will just redownload it with the same cheat, because its "on the cloud". Is there anyway i could wipe steams memory of the game, (while still keeping the game bought on my end) so i could get it like it was brand new?