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  1. I have played ONI for 971 hours and this is the first time I actually paid attention to this building. OMG, Klei u r naughty. That's where the strange sound is from.
  2. So with the halloween season coming closer and closer i thought it can be, a good time to make this thread. So as the title says what do you think the biggest fears for every character in DST and DS are? It might be important later in lore maybe, you never know. Let's start discussion.
  3. Something that's been on my mind since playing through most of Hot Lava and watching the GAT skits. I'm coming more and more to believe that rather than the "real world" being the one where we're playing pretend with our sister, we're actually playing Hazard as he's undergoing intoxination and brainwashing. He's being mentally regressed to a child's state of mind because that's when we're at our most pliable. (real world cults do something similar to indoctrinate convertees) Why the lava thing? Because it's shown in the "Hazard Haze" cartoon that T.O.X.I.C. makes use of at least one lava obstacle course. It's even possible we're viewing backstory prior to Jen Forcer saving Hazard for the first time. Thus everything we know about existing in a world where GAT is a cartoon/toy line etc. is a pastiche made to downplay GAT and get you to listen to your sister. More to the point -- the "sister" we chase is actually Lord Sludge! -- She appears at a glance, like a normal Sue Nami action figure compared to the one you picked. However she's green-on-green colored, an unobtainable shade, with some weird streaks of green in her hair. She is in general "too green". Of course in gameplay terms all things meant to be interacted with appear green as a design rule, so that's not much on its own. But it is slightly jarring and she is very intent on teaching you everything you know, much as Lord Sludge claimed to have done for Hazard. -- Her body language is VERY grumpy in the intro while the GAT cartoon is playing and you're playing with your GAT toys. That's easy to dismiss on its own, big sister just sorta enduring her sibling's cartoon. But the real smoking gun is ANOTHER aspect of the intro... -- When chasing your sister through the intro, you actually encounter the "Ragnaros" magma man version of Lord Sludge. Twice you actually chase him into another room and find your sister there where he should be. They don't appear at the same time, they alternate. -- The game world is deceptively wholesome. Aside from the gross kids cereal, there isn't much in the way of spoof or parody, it feels like a very normal world. That could just be part of the magic that the team put together to better immerse the player in actual childhood. But then... you find this. This event is sponsored by Plastech? That could just be a cute Invisible Inc. nod, sure. But... well, Plastech in-universe was an expert at body modification and had the ability to upload minds into computers, which you'd find out the hard way if you knocked out one of their elite enforcers. But Plastech's presence is the one overtly sinister aspect. I could just be reading way too much into the cute lava hopping game. But I didn't see anyone else proposing this theory, so eh, up it goes.
  4. Webber Lore Headcannon

    After seeing the video of Woodie, and realizing that it'll probably be a long while (if ever) before we get lore on him, I thought I'd work on my headcannon for Webber. His lore is one of the backgrounds I've always been the most interested in. I've had the same theory on what his origin was, or a rough idea on how it went down, for ages. I was going to just state my theory, but thought it would be fun to write it in the format of a short story. I hope you like it! Also curious to see what others think his origin was, or anything else about his lore (general ideas, his origin, etc.)
  5. Woodie Video

    To get right into it, I did like Woodie's video, though I felt mixed feelings with it. I've been looking forward to getting some shred of concrete lore on his background for years now, and I'll admit I felt a bit cheated/disappointed when I saw his video. On the other hand, I did think it was pretty funny how something as extreme as being cursed to turn into icon Canadian animals, and having a sentient talking ax, are sort of a "meh" background that the setting doesn't think needs any further explaining. The Constant is a pretty weird world anyway, but I thought there was something wry about that. Anyway, I overall have positive feelings towards the video, but I really, reeeeally want something concrete on Woodie. Please Klei, I'll sacrifice as many rabbits, filthy birds, and potato cups as it takes. I just wanted to bring up a few things I liked in particular. - The music was perfect. Honestly, does anyone else want to get a gramophone in the game to blast that theme in their camp? I've wanted to build a fur-trader's post or lumber camp in the game for a while, but this song makes me want to build pig cabins, give all of them catcoon caps, hoist a Canadian flag and wolf down some flapjacks while clear-cutting a forest. It was sooo good. I thought it sounded classic "Outdoorsmany" and Paul Bunyan-like. - The art style. It was a little off compared to the other ones we've gotten, and made me think more of the Wortox and Wormwood videos than Willow's and Warly's, but I also thought it had a "Paul Bunyan" look to it that fit Woodie really well. Not much else to say there, but while Woodie did look a bit off in it (or "stylized"), I thought it seemed like a fitting theme for him. I don't have much else to say on it I think. I'm thrilled Woodie got fixed after his initial refresh, though considering the time and effort it must take to make these shorts, I'm not very hopeful that we'll get an actual lore video on him anytime soon. Really disappointing as a Woodie main, but at least playing as him is a blast. What about all of you? What were your thoughts on the video? Think we'll ever actually get a lore video on everyone's favorite Canadian stereotype? As a side note, I wasn't expecting the hockey theme for his skin pack and new skin, but I actually really like them. I'd love more woodsman-themed ones (a capote coat would be perfect, both as a traditional outdoorsman apparel and something that originated in Canada), but I do like the ones we got. His beard with the hockey skin is a solid 10/10 in my opinion.
  6. After seeing the discussion about the gateway in the data mining thread, I have had an idea about the way the gateway works, as well as some other stuff. Before we begin, I must say, why does nobody seem to care about Wortox's quotes? After reading through them I must say I think Wortox knows more than Maxwell does! Anyway... In Hamlet, we saw the Aporkalypse calendar starting and stopping the end of the world. When the calendar is spun, the world spins with it. When the sun and moon and this other shape When the Aporkalypse begins, we see there are four celestial bodys the calendar seems to control. The cone in the center is most likely the ground we stand on, (hovering above a shape that looks like the nightmare lock in Maxwell's throne room) while the shapes orbiting it are the sun, the moon, and an unidentified sphere. In the trailer we see this sphere pass in front of the sun, causing a solar eclipse, while simultaneously beginning a lunar eclipse. This sphere blocks the light from the sun, which normally keeps the shadows away, and changes, or corrupts the light from the moon, causing the shadows to become more powerful, much like how the shadow pieces can only be summoned in the absence of the moon. Therefore, I believe there are three things orbiting the constant, and most likely they have sentience. @Zeklo said in one of his lore videos "And what better place to stare down at your entertainment than the sky itself?" I believe that the unidentified sphere is the real "Them". And that brings us to the Ancient Gateway, the thing that seems to have started it all, and is most likely the thing They need to achieve victory. Many have speculated that the Gateway is powered by the Moon, based on the appearance of opal gems in the Gorge, but the gems never appear in the other keys. The key in the forge seems to have a yellow gem in it, while the key in the constant seems to have no gem in it. Let's look at the forge first In the forge, we see a lot of lava, and the realm is said to be very hot, (The forge smells like "bacon and sweat.") Wortox says "From lava floes bellow this glimmering yellow." when he examines the yellow gems, and the only time we see lava is in the forge and in the dragonfly setpiece, which is brought about by the summer sun. Wortox also says that the forge portal is fire powered, another cross with the sun. This has led me to believe that the "Sun" is more than it seems, just like the "Moon". This suggests that the gateway has a different power source in different realms, the "Moon" powers the gorge end, the "Sun" powers the Forge, but what powers our end? To be honest, I haven't been able to find much of anything that can answer that question, but I do have an idea: Life. We've seen that thulecite is probably made of the remains of the Ancient people, after their souls were sucked out and turned into terrorbeaks. The thulecite seems to be what the key on our end is made up of, and then there is the way we get the key. When the ancient guardian dies, shadows fly out of him and leave behind a giant chest, containing the key. The key could have been charged by the guardians life force the same way the gorge key was charged by the moon. So that takes care of the power source for the three realms we have seen so far, but what about that third celestial body we saw in the calendar? We've never seen it before, aside from the hamlet trailer when it blocks the sun. I believe that we have yet to see it because we can't see it. A black orb in the sky, against a black night? Maybe the only way to see it, is if we know what to look for... Which leads to a biiig stretch. In D&D in the Dragonlance world, there are three deities that control the use of magic, Lunitari, Solinari, and Nuitari. They take the form of three moons orbiting the world, one red, one white, one black. See where this is going? The white and red moons are visible to all people, but only evil people can find where the black moon is in the sky. I think that the reason we can only see two of these things on the calendar is because the last is not visible to us, unless we fill some criteria we have yet to uncover. My guess is that the third event, the one after the gorge, we will see a key with a purple gem in it, or a nightmare powered gateway. This third event will be based around fighting Them, and possibly a way to "win" the game. That's all I have for now, sorry for the long read.
  7. to tone down the woodie hate, so i'm just gonna make the speculation that woodie's uhm "lucy" is simply an axe and the he's hallucinating all the speech and words. I think this because of the absence of speech in the short and the examination of lucy by the other characters webber states "if we talk to it will it talk back" wendy "uhm .. hello "lucy" .. i'd like you to meet my sister" wortox "an axe is an axe , those are facts" wortox has the most simplistic as he is stating that it's just an axe while wendy simply does not believe but will pretend to and webber believes without a doubt yet despite that does not actually hear lucy at all. as for the rest of the examinations, it could simply be as when you are referring to a tool as a she or he when using personification to humanise a tool
  8. Wheeler and lore

    Wheeler crashed her baloon in Hamlet but she hadn't saw RoG ang Shipwrecked worlds ealier. Maybe she had not been trapped by Maxwell and she is in Constant for other reasons. What are you thinking about it?
  9. Up until a few months ago, the DS lore was a very simple timeline that went something like this: -Prequel stuff happens -Max and Charlie sucked in -Stuff happens -Non-Wilson characters are sucked in -Voxila fire -Wilson is sucked in -Adventure mode -Charlie boots Wilson off the throne -Wilson and Max team up, DST starts -Winona enters sometime after everyone else -Ancient gateway is discovered, events start. And now the DS timeline looks like this: -Prequel stuff happens -Max and Charlie sucked in -Stuff happens -Non-Wilson characters are sucked in -Voxila fire, Winona and Wagstaff are sucked in. The most confusing thing is that queen Charlie appears, even though Maxwell is on the throne at this point? -Wilson is sucked in -Adventure mode -Charlie boots Wilson off the throne. -Wilson and Max team up, DST starts -Winona enters the constant..........? -Ancient gateway is discovered, events start. -Wortox -Return of Them happens, meaning Wilson and co now have plot amour or are in two places at once. -Wormwood and Warly. Things we don't have a time for: -SW and Hamlet, must occur before ROT. -DS Wagstaff, must occur before he's sucked in. If someone can please explain to me how this works, that would be highly appreciated.
  10. Wormwood's examine quote for the Florid Postern is "Hmm . . . new door". Is this just a joke about the Jurry-rigged portal? Is it lore? Wormwood doesn't have any other quotes about doors (except in literal cases like with the fence gate) as far as I am aware.
  11. it based on my knowledge so, it's still unofficial mural symbols translate (not all of them) as you can see from above there're 2 creatures that live with Ancient Civilization closely: the first is look like ammonite and the second is centipede How Ancient Civilization look like when they're alive: (it based on my anatomy) people think they look like bug but, actually they look like shrimp as you can see on the mural that Ancient Civilization found Ancient Gateaway, not build it. it might connected to the "shadow realm" and use it power. when the shadow power is uncontrollable it turn againts them, killing them and they become shadow creatures. Ancient Civilziation actually not origineted from caves, but. from surface.
  12. ...because he has a Lunacy aura? Even if it's not what Klei intended it really fits the theme of Charlie's insanity aura vs. the Moon's "sanity"/lunacy aura. Glommer shows up during the full moon, so you could argue he is tied to the Moon... Plus, one of Wagstaff's quotes suggests sanity drain is literal "psychic attack" by Charlie/the shadows, what if Glommer has a tiny Lunar Island lunacy aura that nullifies it? Just something to think about.
  13. Things weren't always like this. A long, long time ago, before the ancients, before them, before the gateway, when times where simpler. Once upon a time evil looking guy in a suit sucked a mad scientist through a portal and tricked him into imprisoning himself. Ah, the good old days. OHMYGOD THE MOONS AN ALIEN OR SOMETHING AND THERES A MULTIVERSE AND A ANCIENT RACE OF BUG PEOPLE AND SOME OTHER ANCIENT RACE PULLING THE STRINGS BUT THERE ARE ALSO ROBOTS AND NOW SHIPWRECKEDS CANON SO DOES THAT MEAN THERES SOME OVERLAP BETWEEN WORLDS AND CHARLIES ALSO DOING SOMETHING WITH THE BLACK GOOP FROM ALIEN. How things have escalated. Now, as you may have noticed things have also gotten more complex. A lot more complex. We can't just have a stylish game with a creepy vibe anymore, we have a detailed mythos. If someone asked me when DS lore reached its peak, I would say around when Maxwells backstory was revealed. The world was still mysterious, but we knew everything to just get a glimpse of a bigger story. And that was all we needed.
  14. All credits to Sundra for this theory, me for formatting and writing. PART 1: Lets just get the big thing out of the way first. We do not meet Wagstaff in DS. Well, we do. But that's not REALLY Wagstaff. Wagstaff's sitting at home eating scones on his armchair of whatever he does, while he's using the PR-76 (PRojection device) to attune himself to the Constant or wherever you are. He is nothing but a projection, a man half in the world, hence why he still interacts with it. Proof: PART 2: This is when it starts to get confusing. Wagstaff see's WX, and other robotic creations like the Clockworks. This is possible because time in the constant, as quoted by Maxwell: "Makes no ******* sense dude"-real Maxwell quote Wagstaff creates WX-78 (IRL) to form as a means to access the constant in more... efficient means, allowing him to truly interact with the one thing he desires. The nightmare throne, the secret to ultimate power. Oh, but how does he meet WX? The nightmare throne, the secret to ultimate power. Again. When Wagstaff takes the throne from WX, he leaves (the throne appears empty when the player next reaches it), and sets his ULTIMATE PLAN into action. Proof: PART 3: Wagstaff begins work on his very own portal, not dissimilar to Wilson, through which he shall send WX-78. He designs his voxila radio to be tuned to the constant in order to receive instructions from Maxwell, or whoever's in control. He activates it, sends in WX and than meets the night creature. Needless to say, they don't hit it off great and he gets pulled in. For realsies this time. In the ensuing chaos, one of his workers is sucked in and the factory burns down. COMPLETE TIMELINE: Once again, kudos for Sundra for all the work. I just wrote it down and put in funnies.
  15. Hey, look, bug people

    Mants. They're territorial, really annoying sometimes, and have a few funny bugs. Did I mention that..... THEY'RE ANTHROPOMORPHIC BUGS. Sadly however, nothing to do with bug people has ever appeared in the lore, so this has absolutely nothing to do with anything and is definitely not some possible connection with the ancients nobody seems to have considered yet.
  16. So just like my ONI thread, And my Hamlet beta thread, I'm doing the same thing yet again! Feel free to join me in my misery, it'll be fun. ANCIENT HERALD Hey, you might've noticed that I edited this page. That's because I've finally gotten around to actually fixing that massive GIF problem. For some reason DS animations are actually quite large in terms of dimensions, and I now know that when exporting them I have to do it at ~40% of their original size otherwise they'll end up being massive and will tank my PC. I have now redone all of this and also with the added benefit of actually making them look good! Also now in APNG format, enjoy.
  17. This is a forum I am making since I have wanted to design my own "OC" for the game.Now I don't RP nor do I really write fan-fiction I still wanted to try and design a character for the game (I don't intend on making her playable as a mod) The character is still in the very early concepts and will probably have constant changes. I encourage fellow artists /designers/anyone to give input as to improvements I could make or just feedback in general. I will be adding my own bits of lore. This is all purely fake and was designed by me so please do not correct me by saying its "wrong or not how it works" My art style does not match the same look as the actual characters. Do not steal or edit my designs. So the fist bit of info you need to know is about the item I designed called the Codex Lux. I like the idea of there always being an opposite force. And what better to fight shadow then light itself. Light itself (just like shadow) in not a "good" or "bad" force. However the ancient beings or "them" that reside withing the book are very corrupting. Both forces rely on a Host. (ie. Maxwell) Without a host the power has no conduit. The Codex Lux has a damaged cover perhaps due to conflicts in the past. The Codex Lux was discovered at an ancient dig site. It found its host when one of the Archaeologists began to read the text inside. Now that that is out of the way, lets get to the character: Basic Info: Name: Wraith ( Likely an alias) Profession: Archaeologist Stats/ Attributes: Base Health: 100 Base Hunger:150 Base Sanity: 150 Movement speed and Attack increased 5% during daylight Movement speed and Attack decreased 10% during nighttime Attacks twice as fast but does significantly less damage per hit. Passive that gives higher chance of dropping fossils. Inability to use shadow items Pickaxes last longer Specalty Items/ Recipes: Starting items Codex Lux, pickaxe When close to Codex can craft: Light Retriver at cost of -50% overall hunger. Light Harvester at cost of -40% Hunger Light Retreiver: Brings items on the ground (does not include "heavy" or "special" (ie. marble sculptures, eye bone) within range to player (If player inventory full drops items next to player) Items are retrieved 1 at a time. 1 HP Aggros nearby creatures. AI does not allow it to dodge enemy attacks. Walks slower while holding item. Light Harvester: 1 HP Harvests nearby resources (not trees, rocks) item falls next to resource. And at the moment that is about all I have. XD Hopefully you enjoyed my brainstorming and the small concept sketch XD
  18. Hey guys! I've been thinking a lot about that one Klei Twitch stream that they talked about Maxwell being the first of the nightmare throne, and I wanted to tell you people some of my theories. Kris, (I think that's her name) said something like, there were 0 to 0 people on the throne before Maxwell, and there have been many people after him. (I don't remember exactly what she said...) So, if there wasn't anyone on the nightmare throne before him, then when did the Ancients arrive? As Maxwell states, "They were all dead when I got here." What confuses me is that on the murals we get from the Metheus puzzle, we see that the "king" on the Ancients sits down on a throne. A throne that most people think would eventually be the nightmare throne. If, in fact, that is true, then Maxwell wouldn't be the first on the throne, because the "king" had already been on it. Another thing that is interesting is what Maxwell says in the end of Don't Starve adventure mode, when he is on the nightmare throne... "There wasn't much here when I showed up. Just dust. And the Void. And Them." If there wasn't much but dust and void when Maxwell got to the Don't Starve world, then how did the Ancients get there? Maxwell says they were dead when he got there, but he also says there wasn't much in the world other than dust, void, and them... A bit confusing. Here is just a side note: I noticed a similarity between the shape in the middle of the gateway in the first mural, and one of the phases of the moon. Do you see it? There seems to be something suspicious about the moon. Maxwell only refers to the moon as, the "moon". What could that mean? There seems to be a magical connect between the moon and the Don't Starve world... Anyway these are a few thoughts I've had lately about DS lore. What do you guys think?
  19. I was thinking, what could be the backstory behind some of the characters in don't starve, I'd written some of this like 5 years ago, but I'm posting it now. So what if there was a dreamworld that you can enter temporarily by cooking a mandrake and it will be this vast shattered place that resembles the world they came from. So basically, as you explore you may learn the story of each of the characters. So what i think is that each of them were lured into the shadow realm by Maxwell. Wilson: You find his old laboratory and upon further exploration of it you find evidence of the terrible things he did in the name of science (Details could be found in a log he has of his experiments, feel free to add extremely creepy pictures). His research showed that he was trying to find a way to harness the power of the shadow realm, teleportation, distilling pure nightmare fuel, fabricating living shadows. He put all of his research into a book titled "Codex Umbra". His final experiment went horribly wrong, and unleashed a powerful evil upon the world. Willow: You slowly find burnt bits of wood scattered around until you eventually find this giant burnt down city with a little teddy bear. Upon exploration of the city you find this was her home where she lived with her family and she burnt down the entire city killing everyone. <--This could be done by peiceing together a burnt newspaper. (maxwell is a firefighter on one of the newspapers) Wendy: She had an unbreakable bond with her sister, so unbreakable, not even death could separate them. In the dream scape, Wendy's ghost guides you through the world showing you different important spots, and telling you about them. While she is telling you about how you were playing in the woods, a giant black hand (like the ones that take out camp fires) swipes Abigail away, leaving you alone in a suddenly dark forest. You follow some giant foot prints leading to a well with a flower sitting on the edge. the flower Abigail had in her hair. Wolfgang: He was a brutal wrestler that would often brutally injure people, he also killed his wife. you can find out how brutal of a wrestler he was by peiceing together a newspaper found in one of the shattered cities, but finding out he killed his wife should be difficult. To find out about his wife, you must first find out about how brutal he was in the wrestling ring, and you may find this wrestling Matt with a picture of his wife on it. When you get this it will be with some clues to the location of where he murdered his wife <-- maybe back stage. Anyways, he strangled his wife because his wife wasn't beautiful or something like that. (maxwell is his manager) Woodie: Worked as a logger deep in the forest chopping down trees. He noticed an ominous feeling of being watched one day while cutting down trees during dusk. Then a giant tree uprooted itself and knocked him unconscious. He later woke up as a massive beaver in an endless forest, with an insatiable need for eating trees. One day, it suddenly turned day, and he returned to normal with an axe, but he had no idea where he was, or how he got there, or how to get back to civilization. This story is told through a trail in the woods with a massive treant chasing you. At the end of the trail, you see woodie in beaver form crouched over a dead person. He leaps at you and kills you. Wx-78: In a junk yard, created by young Wilson. "When I started on him, he was just a convoluted art project, I would add pieces to him every day. He started to become my only friend in the world. One day, on a rainy day, I was telling WX-78 about my issues with life, and then suddenly lightning struck him. Sparks flew everywhere, and my ears were ringing and I was completely blinded. But squinting I could see WX-78 glowing brightly... standing... staring straight at me. He went to move towards me, but I quickly ran away." (Wilsons journal found in the junk yard) WX mainly spent the rest of his life scavenging the junkyard for gears to try to maintain himself. He eventually leaves the junk yard, and enters a town. This is when he develops a hate for humans, because the humans throw rocks at him. He returns to the junk yard and begins piecing together a female robot in an attempt to make a friend for himself. Later, as he's animating his companion, humans enter the junkyard in search of junk. He immediately hides in a pile of junk not realizing that he left his creation out. The humans attempt to salvage the spare parts from the companion, he goes berserk, and kills both of the humans. This was too late however, as the humans had already killed the companion, interrupting the animation. (maxwell can be seen driving their car that pulled up to the junk yard) This is told in a junk yard through several flashbacks, maybe told by some talking robot Wickerbottom: Wickerbottom was a school librarian, who also happened to be a famous author. She was known to be notoriously strict for people talking in her library. Students rumored that she once killed a student that wouldn't stop talking and that she never left the library. There is a flashback of her younger days as a happy school librarian, who would help students find their perfect book, and even published children's books. Then one day, a book was returned to the library that wasn't even from the library. This book was titled "Codex Umbra" Wilson. Confused, she brought the book to her study to read it. As soon as she opened the book, she was locked in a trance, unable to stop reading. The book was encoded in strange symbols, but she could still understand it through dark whispers in her head. Days past, until a student entered her study looking to return a book. Confused, he approached the book to close it. As soon as the book was closed, all of the shadows in the room attacked the boy, giving him a lasting fear of darkness and monsters. (wolfgang's past). The boy managed to stop wickerbottom from being consumed by the book, which she promptly threw in the garbage, but she still would never be able to sleep again, and she was still left extremely twisted and wicked. She later learned she could duplicate the symbols she read in the book, having similar powers. Her story is told in a dilapidated version of her school, through several history books. These are the only books not weathered from time. Wes: Wes, the son of the great Maxwell. He had a troubled life, his mother being gone, and his father being a famous magician. His story begins in a spooky house (Think of the uncle's house from series of unfortunate events). When you first enter this house, you'll notice that there are hundreds of balloons on the ceiling. There is a single red balloon that urges you to follow it to tell you the story of wes. Wes had a reasonably normal life, until his father quit his job as a buisness man to become a magician. His first day as a magician, is also the first day wes began having nightmares. To cope with these nightmares, Maxwell gave him a pile of balloons, and taught him to make balloon animals. His nightmares were getting worse, and he began to notice his balloons showing up in impossible places, and seeming to follow him wherever he went. On the day of his fathers disappearance, he was scared to go home. He avoided it for hours, but decided to go inside when it started raining. Upon entering the house, he was immediately surrounded by balloons. When he turned to the door, more balloons moved to block his exit. He tried pushing through, but they pushed back. The balloons begin encasing him, then the flashback ends. At the end of the dream, all of the balloons rush towards the player and kick them out of the dream. Maxwell: Maxwell the great, He used to be a failing business man, and when all hope was lost, he found a book in a garbage can while he was looking for things to scavenge. He read the book, and was instantly compelled to sell everything he had, and to become a magician. His first show started slow, but his ability to manipulate shadows, and create objects from thin air gained him great popularity. In no time, his shows were fully booked, and he was attempting more difficult stunts. He invited a beautiful girl named Charlie to be his assistant in his big show. His biggest show, he would attempt the most daring of stunts of all. He would create a shadow double of himself. This went horribly wrong, unleashing shadowy creatures on everyone in the crowd, and tearing both Maxwell and charlie into two, a shadow, and light form of themselves. Maxwell's shadow form remained in the real world, and banished all those in the crowd, including Maxwell's true form, and charlie to the shadow realm. Maxwell's shadow form then began to banish other souls to the shadow realm (the other characters). This story is told in a large theater with many torn posters. Upon learning the end of the story, the room suddenly darkens, leaving only a faint silhouette of the character, who is then killed by charlie ending the dream. These are all of the characters created during the initial wave of banishments, the other characters come later. I'll also write about them later. Edit: Tell me why I just wrote 1652 words about dont starve lore
  20. The story and lore of don't starve is possibly my favorite aspect of the game. However, out of all playable characters, only Wilson and Maxwell have an in depth backstory that's been shown. So, I wanted to write a backstory and possibly hear your backstories of characters in the universe. Wigfrid Wigfrid grew up in a cabin in the woods, not too far from a small town. Growing up, her father hunted, mostly for game. Sometimes a younger Wigfrid was taken on these journeys and learned the in and outs of hunting. They trudged through the snow and dirt to find elks, deer, and sometimes even bears. On rare occasion she watched her father stand up against a mighty bear with his spear in hand, trying to intimidate the large beast. This would usually end in the bear toppling to the ground, and a new bear skin rug for the cabin. That was until one day, when her father came up against a bear that did not wait to play the intimidation game. The bear swiped at his face, scarring his eye and lip. Her father stabbed it in its chest, but it didn't seem to leave a dent. The bear took another swipe, and Wigfrid's once powerful, bear killing father, was bit back by nature. Wigfrid still remembers the moment where she stood shocked with fear at the sight. No inclination to fight; just shock. She remembers running through the forest, tears streaming down her face, fear overwhelming her. That moment made her promise to herself and to her deceased father: I won't back down from a fight. I won't have fear. As Wigfrid grew into her late teens, she spent her days training in not only hunting, but fighting. Her goal was to find the bear and avenge her father's death, but for years and years, she never found the beast. As time went on, a life of training and hunting for seemingly nothing weighed down on her, and she went into a more calm life. Discovering a nearby theatre, she applied for auditions as a mighty warrior, capable of fighting any foe. Her battle cries and combat skills got her in on day one. She enjoyed theatre, acting out scenes that she wished would happen in her real life. She fought dragons and monsters and whatever was apart of the play. But it wasn't enough. She remembered her goal: avenge her father. It's been years, she is in her mid-twenties. She's been sitting in this theatre growing an acting career. This wasn't her life. And so, she began the hunt again. And she found that bear. And she fought the bear, and she killed the bear. And the bear took off his head and said "Great job today, Wigfrid. We knocked em dead." The whole play was too real for Wigfrid. She started a downward spiral. Years and years of training in her life lead to a mundane acting career. Slumping down in her dressing room chair, Wigfrid looked at a strong, powerful reflection through a faded, dirty mirror. She needed a test of her strength. She needed to show the world that she isn't just an actor, that she is a warrior. Wigfrid slammed the desk and was about to punch the mirror too, until she heard a crackly voice behind her, coming from the radio. "Say, pal, you got a warrior's spirit huh? Why are you wasting your time in this shabby theatre? Say, if you just follow my instructions, you can show everyone all that training you did." I'm not sure if I will continue to write backstories. I also want to see others try this, and I could only really think of this one for Wigfrid.
  21. I played this game during the BETA, long before it was available to everyone on Steam... thus, long before the tons of characters and content, and the purchasable expansion, and before the whole multiplayer thing was even mentioned, let alone thought possible. I was always obsessed with studying and collecting information about a strange world that was exotic, deadly, and unexplored. In the time I've played I've discovered many unique things about quite a few of the characters, creatures, relics, and then some. I thought I'd make this thread simply to put together everything I'd discovered. Other people are also welcome to add things to this thread, but please keep theories and rumors to a low, it would be nice to just have things we have complete certainty on, rather than people making up stuff and then arguing because no side has proof on what is true. So... this thread will have me, and others, posting what has been discovered as fact about the odd dimension the player's character is sucked into, and what exactly is discovered about each character, as well as each form of life and mysterious object found. We might eventually run out of facts, and need to rely on updates as well as things mentioned from Klei. We also may eventually need to make use of even more cryptic methods of learning, such as the rare symbols and letters seen in every trailer Klei makes and hides them in. Hopefully we will spread light on things. And please... if something is a spoiler to a critical part of the storyline and or game progression, make sure that you warn people of it being so and properly make it as such.
  22. SPOILER now all of us who have defeated the might adventure mode have heard of them..the being(s) behind the scene some say they are the shadow creatures...thats what they want you to think, some say charlie others say its a union but here..the secret will be revealed but first lets get some facts, first off the 3rd tip is "don't talk to strangers" in the DS trailer what does DS remind you of? the DS which is a remade gameboy, the 3rd character is a boy as of now who eats a lot to get strong, which so happens in real life what is also in real life? Hallucinations, what is addicting? Drugs, what else is addicting? Don't Starve, now the 3rd most dangerous drug causes hallucinations and hunger of which are in this game which can only mean one thing...Don't starves lord known as Them are real they are in our world. but how does this relate to 3 you might ask. well thats what they want you to think. to think i am a madman, but there is so much more that needs answering, no this is a story we don't just cannibalise half a guy then leave the rest to rot! this has to happen fully. now them's name and who they are shall be revealed now for they's all piny! now we can combat this threat! knowing what they are we CAN win, now all we need is time before we can combat an army of gods who seek to destroy us, good thing were all buddies, like two bullets in a mag! to peas in a pod! two cannibal midgets in a fat guys ribcage!
  23. Welcome to my new art/lore thread! I don't really have a life, and I'm always on the computer, my eyes are burning, purple, and saggy, I get frequent head-aches, and I'm fat, so I thought: "Hey, I'm not that bad of an artist, and I need something to do other than play games, so why not draw and write? (Also exercise more)?" I'm gonna leave this thread for about an hour, and when I come back, I'll draw whatever you guys have suggested/requested. SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO SUGGEST AND REQUEST THINGS!!!! For instance: "Hey HoneyHam!! You should do Krampus next!" "OKAY I'M ON IT MAN." *Half an hour later* [PICTURE] KRAMPUS IS A DEMON-GOAT THING THAT STEALS YOUR STUFF IF YOU KILL TOO MUCH STUFF AND HE'S ACTUALLY A FOLKLORE THINGY IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY!!! Soooo.... Ummm..... YEAH!!! ART/LORE THREAD THING!!!! Rules: I will draw whatever you guys suggest/request. Please no de-railing. You can leave suggestions, comment on stuff, and do a teeny bit of off-topic stuff, but no going into a 3-page conversation about who the heck invented milk and why. SO GET READY FOR SOME SPESHUL ART.
  24. This thread is about theories and speculation about William's story. Keep all discussions here so that the puzzle threads are about actually solving the puzzles. Here's an excellent recap about the puzzles : Remember to keep it on topic. A couple off-topic posts are ok just don't make dozens of pages of unrelated crap.