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Found 59 results

  1. Base Pictures!

    Would love to see what other peoples bases look like, I've spent a bit of time on mine and quite happy with it now. Extremly paranoid a damn flame hound is going to ruin it, but here it is! Day Time 1 Day Time 2 Night Time 1 Night Time 2
  2. New Food

    There have probably been a lot of people talking about this already, but I think there should be more ways to get food, from mobs that don't fight back. Because right now, the only way to get food without having something attack you is to trap bunnies, or kill a pig or Gobbler while its sleeping. I really think knew passive mobs should be added in, and do you guys have any tips on killing Gobblers?! Thanks! Let me know what you think!!
  3. I have a steam copy of don't starve and would like some thing kinda RPG.
  4. New Objects.

    I think it would be a good idea to add walls and light to the game. So you could make a base/house etc. Maybe some other method of transportation besides walking, like a railway or something. Also, they should add more passive animals, like chickens, or deer and stuff. More places to get meat and things. Thanks, tell me if you agree.
  5. meaty stew honey cooked morsel morsel honey 22 health 60 food will edit to add more delectable meals next meal will be meaty stew a la krampus add your meals to the bottom V were the bacon lives
  6. I don't know what it is, but I am just not having fun. I am not going to say that the game is terrible, because it is apparent from this community's activity and suggestions that this game has won people over and will continue to do so. On top of that, I am not the type of person to insult another's work of art. So starting off on a pleasant note: I love the art style, the idea of it and the sound design, BUT the gameplay isn't hitting home for me. I have played for about an hour and I feel like I haven't made any progress at all. The speed in which time flows in the game seems to be a little excessive in my eyes and it is probably one of the factors that plays into my lack of entertainment. It kinda of creates the idea that I should sit in one area and gather all of the resources I can just so I can throw it all into the research machine and die just to do it again. It creates a feeling of stress when I am racing against the clock and it get rather old quick. Maybe making time move slower will do the trick. I can't say for sure because it might be many other factors that I have yet to see. I am going to throw another couple of hours in just to see if it hooks me, if it doesn't I will just wait until the next update.
  7. on how overpowered the bird traps are we need to downgrade the birds traps so that only 6-4 birds(birds spawn infinitely now) get caught in them a day i have 120 morsels just from doing the bird traps another thing that could be is the traps go down by 20 percent each time called dont starve
  8. Today I made a new world with one simple goal: Build a super berry base. I was fortunate enough to find a spot near rabbits with a short walk to the local Beefalo herd. Within 10 days I had 40 berry bushes and 3-7 berries sprouting each day. I built my berry patch along a cliff, and this seems to stymie the gobblers. Synopsis: Wilson would live very comfortably for the rest of his days so long as he didn't get tired of berries. Then it hit me: What if one day, Wilson turned to me and said, "Bro, I am so tired of berries. My poop smells like fruit." The Problem: The ability to mass-produce a single food resource without any diminishing returns rewards passive play. The Solution: Dietary Attrition. With my solution, characters would eventually tire of eating the exact same things over and over again. If in at least X days, Y of a given resource are consumed, Z days of attrition for that food are earned. Foods with attrition restore less hunger and health. Higher tier foods (those with the more complex recipes) are more resistant to attrition, while lower-tier foods (i.e., uncooked carrots & berries) are more susceptible to attrition. Adding More Depth: The effects of attrition are increased depending on how many days of attrition are left for a given food. Basic foods contribute slightly to the attrition of more complex recipes that use them. At the maximum threshold of attrition, a given food loses all of its dietary value. Eating that food causes Wilson to exclaim, "I think I'm going to puke!" and then vomit, undoing the effects of foods eaten within the last M hours. Foods also grant bonuses to health and hunger for the first N items consumed after waiting an especially long period between consumptions of that food, and when first discovered. Attrition Resistance: To balance complexity with availability, lower-tier foods penalize high-frequency consumption, while higher-tier foods penalize bulk consumption. Effects on Current Gameplay: Players will be penalized for relying solely on the food resources provided by a single biome or small area. In order to progress in the game, players will need to spend more time exploring the world in order to incorporate new food sources into their diet. This game is called "Don't Starve", after all, and not "Fight Lots of Hell Hounds". Effects on Future Gameplay: If Winter is being added, we'll almost certainly see other seasons, if not non-traditional seasons. For instance, Beefalo Mating Season may be the first K days after winter. Seasons will force players to adapt their production lines. When a new season is near, players will have to stockpile food in such a way as to minimize the attrition from food they've already eaten. Players will need to adapt to new production lines available only during the next season, and adapt to their established production lines going 'out of season'. Example: During Beefalo Mating Season, players can't rely on manure in their supply chains, as it will be much more dangerous to acquire. Instead, meat sources will be more important. With the promise of new Beefalo in the herd, players should consider adding Beefalo to their diet. That's all I got for the moment. Let me know what you think. I'd very much appreciate any feedback that can be offered.
  9. Hey.

    Hey, I am new to these forums and I hope to become an active member.
  10. After day 10 getting food will not be a problem, but it should always be a challenge to get food. here are some changes I think should be made to food gathering: 1) If the player is closer to a rabbit's hole than it is, it will run away from the player similar to when it doesn't have a hole. 2) Traps cannot be placed within a certain range of a rabbit hole. 3) Birds do not land on unbaited traps. 4) Birds will not land on seeds within scareing range of the player. 5) Pigmen are slightly faster than the player and don't get stunned as easily. 6) Tallbirds don't get stunned as easily 7) Crows will "attack" planted crops and need to be scared away by the player, are also scared away by the Pumpkin Lantern 8) Beefalo do more damage 9) Beefalo will try to avoid Abigail (will wake up if sleeping) 10) Berry bushes grow berries slower The game is called Don't Starve, shouldn't starving be an issue? ----Updated---- 11) crockpot recipes that use monster meat should damage alot of health
  11. it says so on the wiki page but not in game and I don't "feel" her working any faster. Takes her forever to chop down a tree.
  12. I got another awesome idea of something that could be added into the game, cabbage, it can grow in the farm (you could use it for food, and in the crock pot you could mix it with meat and carrots/etc to make stuffed cabbage), and if you don't pick the cabbage within 5 days, a really really really annoying fairy would come out, and the fairy would constantly be making annoying noises and making annoying bell chime sounds. The fairy would follow you, not be able to attack, and would die extremely easily. Two flowers would spawn near the fairy each day, and bunnies/gobblers would be mildly drawn towards the fairy (and if they get near they will eat the fairy). Killing the fairy would drop flowers/butterfly wings Note: the fairy would be small, have butterfly wings, be a fat guy (he would look around 35 years old) with Billy Ray Sirus styled blond hair, and wearing a Tinkerbell-like belly shirt and skirt Another note: stuffed Cabbage is a common cuisine around the world and I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a cabbage fairy is (In case you didn't know cabbage patch dolls are supposed to be cabbage fairies)
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Abigail won't disappear during the daylight and... Steps to reproduce If player touches Abigail right when the day starts (when Abigail should disappear) — she stays for a minute and levitating still, and then poof! She's gone. Just like a blink. Second problem is Abigail's attacks. If she touches creatures it's okay, but when she attacks anything that spawn creatures, here's the next bug starts. If Abigail destroy Spider Den or Beehive it won't drop anything and just slowly fades away, then blink and disappear immediately. Another thing I want to say about — is how she attack creatures. She miss pretty often if creature moves (like 2 of 3). Describe your issue Abigail didn't disappear during the daylight.
  14. Seriously what the heck? before all the new updates I received at least 2 from everyone I killed! Do I have to obtain them a different way now? put them to sleep?
  15. Sorry for another food thread. I know that food spoilage is often talked about, but I have had some ideas that would make decent food harder to acquire. I did have an, admittedly brief, search for a similar idea but couldn't find anything. 1. Crock pots should require an input of charcoal after a certain amount of time (not just to craft it at the beginning). It's just logical that you should continuously need to fuel it, similar to the campfire. 2. If too much charcoal was added, the crock pot would overheat, begin to rattle and then would break. This would make them less reliable and is an alternative to just implementing a duration. 3. Food would have to be cooked for a particular duration in order to give it good quality. It could be taken out of the pot beforehand but would be under cooked, or could be left in too long and become burnt. This would prevent players from putting food in the crock pot, leaving their base for a while, and coming back knowing that they have a definitely have something to eat. Food that had been under or overcooked could still be eaten but would fill up less hunger. Admittedly, that third one would give the player less intensive to leave their base which is a problem, but I think it would add a bit more balance to the easily produced food that we currently have.
  16. Wilson is left-handed, unless he is facing to the West, in which case he suddenly becomes right-handed. Dunno about the other characters.
  17. When you run from Rabbit Hole to Rabbit it's too easy to kill it, because it's running right in your way (to it's Rabbit Hole). I think it would be better if Rabbit could run away from character first, (just like Gobbler) and then — Rabbit will try to reach it's Rabbit Hole. How about that?
  18. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Tallbirds spawning in the ocean Steps to reproduce 1. Load game 2. Run to edge of islands to see if tallbird has spawned there Describe your issue When I load the game Tallbirds spawn off the edge of the islands, or in the water between two cracks. I've tried it several times on the same map and the birds spawn in the same place every time. They can't get onto the island, and I can't get close enough to reach the nest. If they come to the rim and so do I, they can attack me and deal damage (and vice versa) but they wander around on the ocean until then.
  19. With LLQ patch the only usefull recipe if worthless now. And I mean 2 Monster Meat + 2 Honey of course. Now raw ingredients give 54 hunger and 30 health and they stack, while cooked in crock pot they give 42 hunger and 5 health, which is just pathetic. What you guys use your crock pots for? Any good recipes? Or you preffer to eat raw food too?
  20. I'd like to buy the game, but before I do I'm just wondering how well it works on linux with Wine?
  21. iv found that only one of the farm plots is needed to be fertalised and was thinking 'surely it makes more sense for them all to have to be fertalised.' i understand maybe speedy and turbo should require longer before they have to be fertalised but iv used the turbo and speedy plots alot and have not had to fertalise them once...
  22. As food may be scarce for some people (Especially meats,) Some might not want to employ the help of a "Pig," or find it too risky to capture bees for a "Bee Mine." So why not consider a third defense option? Walls. So, maybe, with a few boards (or a vast number of stones in this case,) we could create a wall of some kind to defend our camps from the evil boars/spiders/tallbirds of the night. I have a few bad experiences with board charging into my camp and killing me out of nowhere in the middle of the night, and scaring the living daylights out of me. So I hope that you fine fellows may consider my ideas. Your drone, MM
  23. I found a cool way to get infinite meat and tallbird eggs. First, find a tallbird nest. Make sure the Tallbird is dead, because it will be easier to do things later (tallbirds do respawn at there nests). Then spawn in an optimus pine. Lead him over to the nest, then run away leaving him at the nest (if you get far away enough he'll unaggro so even if its by your camp you should be okay). Wait a little while, and periodically check on the nest. The tallbird will attack anything near its nest and the optimus pine is near invincible while doing tons of damage. It kills the tallbird leaving the meat and egg for you to collect (like I said earlier the optimus pine unaggros on you as long as you dont chop down any trees in his vicinity, so you dont have to worry about him while collecting). Just visit the nest every once in a while, because the mobs will only fight eachother if you can see them. That is all and happy farming!
  24. Has ANYONE see a rabbit just hopping along on the ocean O.o!?!??!?!??!? I found 2.
  25. naturally, food is the most important resorce in this game. Because of that, i think there should be many more food recipies added to the game before release. Here are my ideas... New Base Foods... Milk- By crafting a bucket, you can milk certain animals. Milk is always the same, reguardless of what animal it comes from, however it dosn't stay fresh for long. Cheese- After about a day, milk will culture into cheese. Cheese has less food value than fresh milk, but it also has more recipies it can be used in. Tomatos- Another food you can grow on your farms. Rarer than corn, but more common than carrots. New Crock Pot Recipies... Pork Tacos- 2 morsels 2 corn. Fruit Salad- 2 carrots 2 any fruit. Chili Con Carne- 2 any meat 2 tomato Pizza- 1 any meat 2 cheese 1 tomato Fondue- 3 cheese 1 Twig Spegetti & Meatballs- 1 any meat 2 tomatos 1 cheese what ideas do you have for new foods.