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  1. Aquí lo tienen... Y me había olvidado ponrlo por acá Por fa comentenme cómo quedo gracuas
  2. I felt the need to remake the dead topic revealing all skins as of now since skins are coming soon, feel free to leave your suggestions below I'm sorry that the pictures aren't the same sizes, I'll try my best to keep this thread active with skin reveals! WIlson: Willow: Wolfgang: Wendy: WX-78: Wickerbottom: Woodie: Wes: Maxwell: Wigfrid: Webber: Misc.
  3. Me estoy poniendo al corriente con las actualizaciones Esta está genial y he incluído los últimos cambios con la batalla de la Horma León (Antlion)
  4. Sé que el update ya pasó pero para los que no lo han jugado igual pueden accedere al contenido si lo eligen desde el menu de generacion de mundo en la parte del calendario espero que les guste
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hey! its a year since i havent uploaded a mod and theres this one guy who is asking for the DST version of this OP character (i have tweaked him alittle to make it balanced) now i just made the DST version of this character but theres a slight problem, im too lazy to type all of his speeches when examining and i cant seem to make the icon show up when u use the combined status and the global position mod so im using a character from a template to compensate and when inspecting self, it also shows the name as "Template (or something)" and it also has no picture under the name when inspecting self and the button to inspect self also im using the template's image anyways i think its a balanced character where food is really the issue it just drains so fast but he hits hard and has an insane amount of health, and the original mod was created using just plain notepad and the "paint" application i dont use any kind of spriter so just deal with the art and i will be working on the icons and maybe im going to make him dapper since his sanity is 150, leave a comment on how to balance him, i will be releasing updates regarding the art
  6. Version 1.0


    Feel almighty as you toggle the GUI at the push of a button. Configurable in-game to set your own shortcut.
  7. would anyone be willing to either help me with learning more about coding or collaborating with me on something? I love doing ds style art, and I need an excuse to do more of it. I also have quite a few ideas for mods, most of which are smaller as well as a big one thats probably a bit ambitious lol. if youre interested feel free to contact me and i can show you some of my sketches & ideas. let me know. thanks!!! xx
  8. Look at the screenshot @Kzisor posted to his Steam account! More information on it:
  9. Version 2.0.0


    This mod improves upon the Lua console in Don't Starve Together. It was started as a collaboration between this author and @squeek. Major Features Extended and configurable command history. Each history line is editable (that is, scrolling past a previous line will save any modifications to it), and the command history is preserved saved between game sessions. Console log is scrollable Console keeps focus when you'd expect it to Console doesn't close after each line entered Added basic CTRL+A select all support (hitting backspace after CTRL+A will delete all the text) Added support for multi-line inputs (useful for e.g. function definitions and for loops) Many general useability improvements, bugs that have been fixed, and small but useful tweaks Better, more informative and less cluttered error handling Minor features Technical features Dedicated server support This mod has essentially two elements: extending the console UI and extending the processing and execution of Lua code. The former makes sense only in a client, and requires only the client to cooperate, and this is why this is a client mod. However, it may still be enabled in servers, including dedicated servers (though force enabling from modsettings.lua may be required). If that is done, the extensions to the execution of Lua code (including syntax extensions and all that was discussed in the "Technical features" section) will be applied to the server, both for code transmitted to it via a remote console by an admin user and for code read by a dedicated server from its terminal input. Get involved Repository on GitHub (branch together)
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Stronger Shadow Hands Fire Snatchers Shadow Hand(s) now steal/extinguish ALL the fire from a campfire (or similar campfire/pit) regardless of the amount of fuel the source has, so no more stealing only a small portion of it. (Should also work in caves) Code by: Aquaterion
  11. Version 1.13


    Steam version: Finder Mod. Idea and 50% of the code from "modding". The mod does highlight the containers that contains the item that you hold or if you hover over crafting recipe ingredients. I also added support for the Craft Pot mod by ivanx. So hovering over recipe ingredients will highlight e.g all veggies or fruits and so on The other version from modding does only work for host and without caves at the moment. That's why I made this version, which workds for everyone. The downside is, that all clients need to download this mod, to be able to join a server with this mod enabled. modding is still working to make the mod work on client side only, but it is not clear if he is able to.
  12. Version 1.1


    Highlights nearby containers that contain necessary items. Helps to manage storages of two and more chests without burden to search items manually or remember them. DS/RoG/SW version of this mod in Steam workshop DST version of this mod in Steam workshop Controls When ingredients are hovered in crafting menu or an item is held by cursor this mod automatically highlights nearby containers that have items of the same type. Doesn't require special controls. Compatibility Should be compatible with everything: Don't Starve Reign Of Giants Shipwrecked Don't Starve Together
  13. So, I asked for help of someone who seems to understand the game's code well to help me out to understand how to place what where. Long story short, it didn't help. But I learnt a few things, which, for whatever reason, I've never seen anyone mention before (I feel like there needs to be a whole thread with a bunch of tutorial explanations and perhaps videos, which explain how stuff works, where stuff is, where to put what, what to consider and what each thing does): * DS/DSt is/are written in two languages; C++ and Lua * DS/DST (not entirely sure on this one, actually) was not made on a games engine, but rather entirely from program code (if this is the case, then this is what most likely complicates everything a lot). * The game's code in functions, somehow calls out some form of data from somewhere (I've no idea why or how this works). I've worked a little with actionscript 3.0 and have understood the fundamentals in order to create a basic game on Flash/Adobe Animate and the language has been very much like Lua from the looks of it (with some differences, which I've noticed, like "then" and "end" being used instead of "{" and "}" for functions and statements). Just trying to set up event listeners, putting in a few functions and some statements within the function would simply crash the game for me. I really want to get into DST modding, but I cannot because of things that seem like weird anomales to me until explained. I and I'm sure many others would appreciate, at least one video tutorial, explaining the basics of modding Don't Starve and/or Don't Starve Together specifically. An hour tutorial on lua will help me understand lua better, but it won't help me understand Don't Starve/Don't Starve Together code better, possibly because the game is so complex. Reading the manual of lua also simply confused me. So please, if anyone has the 1 hour or whatever of their day free at some point or whatnot and you understand the game's code well, could you please make a tutorial, which would help us DST code newbs understand it better, to a point where just knowing and understanding the basics of proper programming languages (and by proper, I mean quite high-level languages, like Actionscript or Lua, but not so high level as GML, cause dear god; try out GML and it'll throw a whole bunch of stuff you know about programming out the window. Not to say it's a bad language; it's good for understanding the very basics of programming, but all else becomes alien if you start with it and then move on to understanding something like Actionscript or Lua or Python perhaps) would let you create some great mods after you've watched the tutorial (just, better if it's not a character modding tutorial, because the amount of character mods out there, it seems like they're pretty easy to grasp and everything else is quite different from that). Kind regards, SANESS
  14. I want my char have 20% resistance against heat status and cold status (I mean, have 20% resistance until take damage from cold and heat, or their temperature takes 20% more time to up or down, etc). My full idea is, in times to times, change this value: sometimes get 20% resistance, sometimes get -20% resistance. I try read other mods and search in forum, but I get confused. I find this codes: inst.components.temperature.inherentinsulation = 100 -- How much insulation from cold, default is 0 inst.components.temperature.inherentsummerinsulation = 100 -- How much insulation from heat, default is 0 But I have no idea of how it work or how much it affect. So, can someone help me in this? (and if possible, explain or give a good link to understand how to work with temperatures) (sorry for my bad english)
  15. What ways are available to make a mod configuration with more than a couple of settings more organized? For example, is a way have a blank line between groups of related settings, or a header/title for a group of settings, or even different tabs or pages or something similar? For the moment, I'm using a dummy setting for an empty line or a title to help a bit, as I saw done in other mods, which of course isn't really ideal, but it works, and is better than nothing: configuration_options = { {...}, --various options here... {name = "blank", label =" === Misc settings", options = { {description = "===", data = 0}, }, default = 0,}, {...}, --various options here... It appears there's no way to do these sorts of things, but I could be wrong, or there could be some clever way (perhaps related to overriding something in modstab.lua, even?). Could there also be a way to nest options, or make options dependent on other options? In other words, make an option only show up or be accessible/editable if a different option is currently set to a specific setting. I'm interested to hear about any techniques in general for making a mod configuration with many settings tidier or more organized. Also, what in general is available and unavailable to access/do within modinfo.lua? And is there a documentation for these things anywhere? Thanks.
  16. As the title says, I want to give a specific item a new maximum stack size in a mod. While this is joyfully (or maybe ridiculously) simple to do in Don't Starve: modmain.lua: local function changestackA(inst) inst.components.stackable.maxsize = 12 end local function changestackB(inst) inst.components.stackable.maxsize = 53 end AddPrefabPostInit("poop",changestackA) --manure now stacks up to 12 AddPrefabPostInit("cutgrass",changestackB) --cut grass now stacks up to 53 ...I can't manage to do the same in Don't Starve Together. Whatever I thought to attempt only caused an error related to stackable_replica.lua or just had no discernible effect. I tried to look into it and it appears that in DST item stack sizes may be based on predefined amounts in a local table in stackable_replica.lua. I'm quite stumped, as I'm not sure how to go about dealing with that, or if netcode is related to my problems... Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks for any help.
  17. A New Reign - Nueva serie de updates para Don't Starve Toguether en Español - En este video respondo estas dos preguntas: ¿De qué se trata? ¿cómo se puede acceder a la beta pública? #dontstarvetogether #anewreign #eastorwestbaseisbest #anewreignenespañol
  18. Hello, I have been working on a pair of character mods for Don't Starve Together with sanity perks when near one another. I had no problem programming the sanity aura perk when nearby one another, but I also want to program it so when one of the characters is equipped with a specific item, it gives off an insanity aura for the other one. I added this line of code to both of the mod characters' character prefabs, but what should I do for the insanity aura when the other is equipped with a certain item. Basically, the premise is that one of the characters is terrified of knives, and their partner has a custom item knife. So seeing their partner equipped with this custom knife should lower their sanity (medium loss). inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") inst.components.sanityaura.aurafn = function(inst, observer) if observer.prefab == "characterprefab" then return TUNING.SANITYAURA_TINY end end For anyone willing to help, it's much appreciated!
  19. Hello everyone! I'm trying to port a DS mod to DST, figured out how to solve a lot of different problems, but a lot more remain, and I don't know exactly how I should treat them. The mod's called Craft Pot, and what it does is basically I. Find all crock pot prefabs 1. Iterate all prefabs ingame (AddPrefabPostInitAny) 2. Find those that have stewer component II. Adding custom crock pot event handlers 3. Save the following original events: open, close, give item, take item, finish cooking 4. Change binded handlers for those events to custom ones (injecting modded code) + calling the original ones as the first line III. Processing current inventory content 5. Track down crock pot inventory content 6. Pass it down to mod components 7. Redrawing the crock pot food scroll And now the yet unsolved issues, that I could really use some help or a direction with: I. CrockPots only have stewer and container components on the mastersim side, so I've lost a way to track down crock pots on a client II. Even if i somehow managed to get crockpot prefabs, I don't see a way I could modify container/stewer components (locally) in order to pass custom event handlers (as they simply do not exist??) on the client. III. Client is drawing container, all of the local icons, does that mean there should be some sort of a dirty replica for container on a client somwhere? I'm a decent programmer, just point me in the right direction, or onto some other client mod that could help me find a solution to those problems. The way I see it, if it comes to the worst, I would have to rewrite crock pot prefabs adding dirty stewer, dirty container, and somehow sync raw data with the 'real' stewer/container on the server. Hope it doesn't go that far thou.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This fellow with the ram horns and the smiley face tail is Kaji. As a core from Alkia, Kaji has a fear core instead of a heart, and black blood instead of red. With it he can distort his body in horrifying ways to scare off creatures. Here it is! so many people asked for it I finaly got around to doing it. The dst version of the Kaji mod. (THIS VERSION IS FOR DON'T STARVE TOGETHER ONLY) Check out the single player version if you want! Kaji is a character designed by my friend VenoShade! Check out to see their info page. STATS AND ABILITIES: Health:150 Hunger:150 Sanity:175 (many stats are configurable in mod settings) Kaji's powers inflict the "SPOOKED" status on enemies. -tinted black for the duration of the status, and players will say "Yikes!" when applied. -forced to run in the opposite direction of Kaji until the status ends. -ends after 4 seconds. -It will also automatically end early for players (not mobs) if they take damage, or enter total darkness. (no Charlie killing!) Fear Core: one of the two ways to inflict "Spooked" equipped in the hand slot and used like a ranged weapon (that does no damage). -it "spooks" only the creature you use it on, costing 12 (default) sanity and gaining 5 hunger. -Can be used on other players ONLY if the server has pvp enabled. Using it on other players costs an additional 5 sanity. -has a 20 second cooldown before it can be used again -It can only be used against other players if the server has pvp enabled. -on death, it will remain in your inventory on after respawning. -(In the dst version, there is nothing preventing you from taking it out of your inventory. So DON'T LOSE IT. It is not craftable, and the only way to get another one is to die and respawn with a new one.) Panic Roar: A dormant "panic button" that activates automatically when health falls below 35 and inflicts "spook" to everything on screen -inflicts the "spooked" status to every creature on screen EXCEPT other players. (I didn't want it accidentally messing up cooperative boss fights) -Kaji gets full invincibillity for the duration of the roar animation (3.5 seconds), and becomes "un-targetable" for another 4.5 seconds after that. ("untargetable" means that he cannot be directly attacked by other players or monsters, but can still take damage from other sources like starving, freezing, explosions, fires, ect.) -Drops sanity by 35 when used. Once used, it will not be useable again until you return to good health. (above 110 health and above 75 sanity) Fear of water: -Kaji's sanity will quickly drop when near water or ponds. -His attack power decreases near water by up to 35% depending on how close you are. -Refuses to use fishing poles. Chubby and needs to eat more often: -gets hungry 15% faster -has a small amount of natural insulation
  21. All right @rezecib here is the coding as promised and how it is with my mod along with small screenshots to show where stuff is located. Ignore the text being gibberish I had simply wanted to make sure it was reading the things I wrote. My modmain.lua coding with the modimport bolded The announcestrings.lua file that is placed underneath my character's speech files An image of where the file is located which is in the scripts folder of the mod
  22. Version 1.0


    For when you want to see things through rose-coloured glasses, this mod is perfect! In DST, it's even more rosey!
  23. Version 2.2


    This mod forces Don't Starve Together to run in offline mode. When clicking on the Play button on the mainscreen, no popup is shown and the game goes right into the main menu under offline mode, that is, only being able to see, join and host LAN servers. The is primarily meant as a tool for other modders, wishing to reduce iteration times when mod testing.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    This mod, if enabled on both a server a client, gives that client remote Lua execution privileges if they press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. On a keyboard, the directions can be given with either WASD or the arrow keys. This mod also has controller support, accepting directions from both the analog stick and the d-pad. It is not necessary to have each client install this mod. Instead, as long as the mod is installed on the server, clients without the mod will just not have remote Lua execution privileges on the server (unless they are in fact a regular admin). This is meant as a testing aid, with the primary aim of easing testing in offline dedicated servers. Regular users should see no utility in this mod. Setting the mod option "Up up down left... what?" to "no" will give remote Lua execution privileges without requiring the input of the special secret cheat code. But that's no fun.