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  1. So, same concept, different flavor of paint! Just like my Hamlet thread: And my ONI thread: It is time, for me to take up another mantle with this DST beta! ...I'm gonna need some time though to gather up and launch an expedition into the files to see what's new.
  2. So... if a Horror hound comes from a recently deceased hound brought back to life, and we can probably assume that the moonrock pengulls have the same backstory since the pengulls would probably very well not survive a sudden change in their body that the mutation causes, Does that mean the fact that the deep depths of the constant's ocean are filled with dead or starved pengulls that ressurect on the lunar island giving a reason why there extremely hostile the moment they spawn?
  3. I made this idea a few months ago and thought it was a really stupid idea... then modern me now decided to give it a chance to see how the community thinks about it and sort of rework it so, here we go! (I'll be using images from my old drawing of the concept and maybe remake them later.) purpose: Alot of new and a small handful of experienced players either might be bad at kiting, might lag too badly to be able to fight, or even just doesnt like the combat in total. Even I have a friend who sometimes finds it difficult, getting him killed in some situations.( "Don't tell him I said that, he would kill me!" XD) The purpose of this is to find a way to make learning the combat system easier and time your attacks. And to sort of add something new to combat system instead of the classic hit and run or Tank. how it works: A shield can be equipped In the hand slot of your character. when equipped, If you push a certain key/buttom (haven't thought of it yet) your character shifts into a blocking animation for about perhaps a second long.( Similar to the block animation using the blacksmith's edge from the forge) If anything attacks you during this animation, your character would be pushed back a tiny bit and the shield would absorb the damage! (maybe 80 or 85% say-ish percent) however, if you are not in blocking animation when you WILL be taking damage WITHOUT the shield's armor absorption meaning you will take full damage if you are not wearing Armor! And maybe I'm thinking you would also take damage if you are either facing the wrong way or if the attack is from above or below you, but that might be a little too harsh and specific... I made it designed like this to Help teach someone the attack pattern and make it based on knowledge and timing rather then how fast you can quickly move the opposite direction to avoid the hit. You can hit with a normal weapon and when your opponents about to attack. Quickly equip your shield, guard the attack and get right back to hitting. After you block though you will have a cool down of probably a second so you cant just spam block. Design: I tried to make it look, something from Don't starve based on how other things man made items would look made by the survivors, a wooden plank shield with a gold nugget in the middle of it with metal outline covering the outer layer. The shield will be held by an arm strapped around the character's arm. When dropped on the floor, maybe it makes a clunking sound and play a short animation of it spinning like a quarter before laying down as a cute little detail! images (4).mp4 Crafting: Something a little bit pricey for constructing and stocking up on early game, but effective enough to use mid game! For now I would say 2 boards and 2 gold. And maybe its can be prototyped with a science machine, but it would fit just right in the Fight tab. Projectile and lunge Block: If a projectile such as a blow dart, spitters's shots, or a bishop's range attack as Example. Blocking it would fully negate all damage from blocked projectiles. Though maybe if the attack does more then 100damage (assuming your probably not going to safely block a giant laser or something your way)then it will still hurt you, but you will still get damage absorption. If a small or medium creature like a spider or Clockwork Rook lunges at you while you are shielding, you can negate the attack and stun the attacker. However lunges from creatures like Klaus or ancient guardian, will not work and instead act like blocking a normal attack. Guarding other players: If a creature intends an attack for another player or maybe an Aoe attack, and you use your shield while you are standing directly in front of the player and the attack, you will absorb some of the damage the player would take and share it with them (as an example the player blocking could take away probably 80% of the damage and give it to them instead while the protected player receives only 20% of the damage.) Things not decided yet or seeing what people think about these : -Damage absorption -Durability - absorption % for protecting other friends -should attacks below (ex: ant lion pillars) or attacks above (coconuts from shpwrecked) be blocked and absorbed from shields? -projectiles negating all damage from shields Conclusion: I know I say this alot but, let me know on your thoughts I really like making concepts and stuff for the game, and I try my best to make the idea something that could actually work in the game and give it a purpose to make an object useful and fun, just like my last concept with the banana duck thing.if you guys think this is good or not, I will try to add more to this (Images and ect) thank you for listening!
  4. Come on Klei, I know you want this...
  5. Considering last changes occurring in the Constant and most probably new challenges coming soon, maybe it's high time we have some new battle gear for our characters as well: behold the Leather Suit, a middle ground between Log and Marble Suits, to compliment the Ham Bat and Football Helmet combo. This torso armor is made based on the antique medieval leather armors, with the purpose of protecting its user(s) from some of the damage early-to-mid combat scenarios might usually present, in a middle-of-the-road cost fashion: 1x Pig Skin, 2x Rope, 3x Flint. The need for "3x Flint" on this armor also encourages players to spread the usage of Flint in mid-to-late game, when it tends to over-accumulate. Also keeps relevant a more complete set based on Pig Skin alone for those people not into Thule or Shadow armors for whatever reasons. As mentioned, in regard to "Thulecite Crown, Suit & Club" set, Leather Suit would be a good addition to the Football Helmet and Ham Bat combo. And of course, brings future possibilities for new re-skins. What do you think? (PS: a special thanks and shout-out to @x0VERSUS1y for providing me with render colorization of my Leader Suit and its specs/context visual montage presentation.)
  6. It’s Officially October you guys know what that means!!! Outside of it being my favorite time of the year lol it’s Time for Halloween!!! So let’s get your ideas on what A Hallowed Nights Event should include, character skins, Item Skins, new decorations, new gameplay features you name it! Here’s mine: Witches Cauldron- Reskins Crockpot with Erie Green Flames Classic black witch crockpot, with Tentacles hanging out the edge. If Walani is added- Witches Broom.. Reskins Surfboard to look like a Witches Broom. Flaming Pit of the lost souls- Reskins Firepit to have green flames, a more gothic look, and tiny little ghost souls that float up out of it screaming. (Would be about like burning living logs I guess) Vampiric Fountain, this ones pretty simple- a Water Fountain That instead of flowing water, flows blood. I’d of course like to have a NORMAL fountain too though. Halloween Costumes!!! All sorts of Halloween Outfits, Mummy, Witch, Vampire, Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein, Headless Horseman, Sea Monster, Werewolf, Zombie, A Erie light blue see-through Pirate ghost (that looks more like a Maxwell Shadow Clone then it does the actual Ghosts in DST) I want a Firepit, a Crockpot and a torch but all with Erie green flames instead of the normal flame. I guess that’s about it.. we need Halloween content!
  7. Twigs HD

    Version 1.0.0


    A graphical upgrade for the Twigs inventory icon from 64x64 DXT5 to 256x256 RGBA to keep up with modern visual standards Also on the Steam Workshop!
  8. Intro In a topic post about what we want to see for hallowed nights this year, Good old Minespatch thought of making were pigs friendly during the event, and it gave me a really cool idea! What if mobs in the game had their own costumes?! example of idea To give my idea an example, the game Terraria during specific events they customize the slimes in the game to celebrate that holiday. during Halloween the slimes have a mask and fake tail of a bunny! Concept. I drew two examples of costume ideas for a pigman, and a mactusk. -for the pigman I wanted it to be a were pig costume, but it looked really crappy and bad but still, cute (something that would match the style of the pigman being something they would probably make on their own to wear.) a were pig mask and costume with some terrible body paint ( my concept drawing is a bad way of showing it since there is no color on them ;-;.) -while for the Mactusk, it was sort of a joke about the mac's fangs looking like vampires, so I tried my best to make him look like a vampire... thing. I was going to draw a spider queen costume of a fly, but that would mean I have to stare at fly heads for a while, and as a person with a huge fear of insects that's sadly gonna be gonna be hard pass from me.(hope you understand) What do you guys think of Klei possibly doing this? I know very well they would never have enough time to do this in a span of two weeks, but I'd like to discuss this idea together! And a big thank you @minespatch for giving me this stupid idea.
  9. If you've watched James Bucket's new video, you might or might not have noticed a tiny message that appears on-screen for a few frames (around the 5 or 6 second mark), in wingdings. I took the time to translate it and it says "NEW KINGDOM IS BREACHED, ABANDON THE SHIP". Is this hinting to something in a (maybe near) future update? It wouldn't be the first time James was given information/content from Klei earlier than the public (remember his Warly stream he did the day before his update went public). Now, it could very well be just a random gag James Bucket did for the hell of it, but the thought just sprung to mind. This is the frame in question, with my translation.
  10. As the face of the Don't Starve games,Wilson is a bit lack luster. The only reason to play him is if your new,as most players tend to play more interesting characters. Is this a bad thing? No not at all. Wilson's purpose is to be noob friendly. However I think there is more we can add,while not getting rid of his purpose. He will not be getting any weaknesses as Wilson is meant to be appealing to newbies who don't fully understand the games mechanics. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advantages I would like to add 2 things to Wilson,to maybe push his relevancy just a tad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engineering Science Wilson can now create blueprints to share with his companions Wilson can create blueprints by having a feather pencil in hand while the item and 1 papyrus are next to each other on the ground. This works similar to labeling mini signs. Wilson will get a sanity modifier of +3.33/min for 6 minutes after creating a blueprint (this effect does not stack) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scientific knowledge Wilson has immediate access to all science machine recipes. This is a perk exclusive to Wickerbottom at the moment,but this perk makes no sense to not have on Wilson as he is a scientist --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all I have for Wilson,as I don't think he needs to be changed too much.
  11. Personally I love where Woodie is at with the rework but I do keep facing one problem when playing with him. Every full moon I seem to have the luck to face the Hounds and when the transformation meter runs out, Woodie has to go through a really long transformation animation back to human which is a moment the hounds get me. A pretty fatal moment I say considering I cant wear armor as multiple hounds take a good chunk out of me because of that animation.... Would it be possible to consider making his transformation back to human faster? PS: I love the goose form <3
  12. I hate posting so many topics but this is something I really feel needs to be seen and taken into consideration by the dev’s! Dont Starve Together is a randomly Generated game world, except... it’s not. A lot of the games areas always look the same and have the same contents, sure those locations may spawn on the map in a new area but for the most part once you Do find these areas they contain the same stuff (such as gold ingots always in foggy cemeteries etc...) i want the option for a Truly Chaotic world where EVERYTHING is truly and 100% randomly generated. (Meaning I may not find a single golden nugget at all while wandering through a foggy cemetery and instead there may be random swamp tentacles that pop up out the dirt.) Pleasssssseeee give the game a Truly Randomly Generated World option. I am sure that PC has some mod for this.. but consoles do not have access to mods, so please consider! Thank You!
  13. Id like to say first the critter system is fine the way it is,however that doesn't mean its as good as it could be. With the lunar moth added,we got our first critter to have a physical interaction with the world/player in a meaningful way. Klei has said that critters would not have game changing effects,yet here we are. is this bad? no of course not its a survival game. Id would like to see critters give the players microbuffs,these buffs are hardly meaningful to ensure players will not be required to obtain a critter if they wish to do so. Microbuffs all these effects will only be present if the pet is not hungry Microbuffs are also a world option,meaning players have a choice to turn the microbuffs on or off skins do not effect mircobuffs in anyway KittyKit grants the owner a 10 insulation factor from wetness Vargling grants owner a 1% damage dealt increase Ewelet grants owner 20 insulation factor from overheating Broodling grants owner 20 insulation factor from freezing Glomglom grants the owner +0.225/min sanity effect (this is not a aura like glommer,this is to prevent stacking glomgloms) Giblet grants owner a 1% increase in movement speed Lunarmoth Lunar moth unchanged New critters Cubbling 10 fur tuft 1 honey nuggets is small bearger cub favfood is honey might shed one fur tuft at random regardless if kept happy grants owner a 0.6% slower starvation rate Bunny 1 bunny 2 carrot its a bunny favfood is carrot grants owner a 1% increase of hunger from all foods Molepup 1 moleworm,3 gold nuggets a babymoleworm favfood is flint will dig up 1 flint or rock if kept happy grants owner a effect that makes lightsources last 1% longer Bubzard 2 jet feathers,1 morsel baby buzzard favfood is morsel will fly around players head when petted grants owner a 1% increased map discover range Splumon 1 banana 4 poop baby splumonkey favfood is banana will also throw poop at times if kept unhappy grants the owner a 1% increased spoil rate for all food in owners inventory CookieCritter 1 cookiecutter shell,3 salt crystals favfood is salt crystals a baby cookiecutter,it will crawl on the ground and when on a boat it will swim aside the raft sometimes jump in ponds nearby will be more jittery if the player is wearing a cookie cutter hat grants the owner a effect to take 1% less damage
  14. Okay so unlike A LOT of you pc gamers and other guys.. I don’t actually look up every little thing about this game online, so as far as detailed expert step by step strategy guides go you can throw that out the window. So I didn’t know exactly what to do or how to get to this new content biome, but while playing as Were-Goose and exploring the ocean (ultimately by running out of goose form power and drowning) I Awaken on this new Lunar Island.. the island looks all iced over there’s glowing glaciers everywhere & there’s some weird Eyeball Icon on my hud below my Health and Hunger now, I’ve also just awoken from Were-Goose Mode so I’m starving to death.. Shattered Spider??? Yeah nah I’m gonna avoid that and Run like hell in the opposite direction. Oh I Know Carrots!! I have 4 or 5 on me so I quickly munch those and pull some more out the ground, Carrats..? okay then.. I can’t catch them so I ignore them and end up getting attacked by a ghostly circle thing inspecting it with Y Woodie says “I’m sure he’s planning something.” Right before it hits me and slows me down, that’s all it did, it didn’t kill me or anything it just slowed me down like I just took a bite out of a Mandrake or something.. Anyway I’m still in need of food but not starving out yet- And so I see this squirrel looking thing called a Saladmander, I’m like ehh this should be easy to kill and because Salad is in its name it has to be a good food source, So I start whacking it with a axe, this critter did not die... instead it stabbed me to death violently. And that’s been my one and only experience with the new Return of Them island mobs. the island that spawned in my world was really really small though, I was hoping for a big new biome full of stuff that hated me & wanted me to die.
  15. So we know Klei will give all characters a refresh,with changes or new abilities for them. I have a idea on how WX-78 can become alot more dynamic then he already is. WX-78 is at no means in the need of a refresh soon,but might as well post suggestions sooner then later. Weaknesses -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Water Damage Changed: WX-78 will when wet will take -0.08 to 0.8 when wet and 1 when in rain every 3-5 seconds. Rust Debuff If WX-78 is above 50% wetness he will start to rust,Rust causes WX-78 to take 20-50% extra Damage and do 10-30% less damage scaling depending on wetness. WX-78 can get rid of rust by drying to below 50% wetness. Rust applies to his water damage as well. Leaky Casing (thanks to Thtexasturtle for this idea) WX-78 will die instantly if he falls in water at sea (this does not apply to using the plank) WX-78 hates eggs (thanks again to Thtexasturtle for this idea) WX-78 will lose 10 sanity for eating eggs cooked or raw,this does not extend to crockpotmeals. Advantages --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modular upgrades WX-78s upgrade gear system will be replaced with a modular system. (dont worry stat increases are still a option) WX-78 now has new recipes in his science tab called modulars WX-78 can have up to 3 modules on at a time. WX-78 can remove his modules using a hammer on himself,WX-78 will lose 50% HP when doing this. WX-78 will also lose all of his modules on death,50% of gears used for modules are dropped on death. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modules Here are examples on what modules could be! Stat Modules HP Module (2 gears,1telltale heart ) : increases WX-78s HP By 75,can be stacked 3 times,each stack still counts as one module Sanity Module (2 gears,4nightmarefuel): increases WX-78s Sanity By 50,can be stacked 3 times,each stack still counts as one module Hunger Module(2 gears,1meatystew): increases WX-78s Hunger by 20,can be stacked 3 times,each stack still counts as one module -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Behavior modules Clockwork inhibitor module(2 gears,2purple gems): Clockworks are now netural towards WX-78,WX-78 can ally Clockworks with gears,WX-78 cannot ally damaged clockworks Biofuel converter module(3 gears,1 bucket o poop):WX-78 can now eat monster meat without penalty,WX-78 can eat twigs,grass,poop and rot for 5 hunger. WX-78 is now effected by spoilage when he has this module. Exhaust pipes module(2 gears,1blue gem): WX-78 will cool off from overheating 50% faster,if WX-78 is on fire and does not extinguish after 3 seconds himself he will smoke up and fall asleep for 10 seconds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overcharge modules Occular Spotlights module(4 gears,1 iridescent gem):when WX-78 is overcharged he will be granted the night vison effect. WX-78 will lose his aoe light if this module is applied (WX-78 eyes and mouth will glow during this) High Voltage module(4 gears,2electricaldoodads):WX-78 has a 10% chance to shock melee attackers,this chance is tripled if overcharged Advance Battery module(4 gears,1 green gem): When WX-78 overcharge is about to be over he will use hunger to prolong the overcharge (5 food per second) once WX-78 is starving his overcharge will stop.
  16. Anybody remember the shamlet mask from hamlet, how it was added as a way for webber to be able to interact with the pigs in Hamsburg, (since that was the core design point of Hamlet) I feel like it should be added into Don't starve Together because, I've sort of been noticing during the beginning of Dont starve together to current Salty dogs there has sometimes been alot of mistrust in webber players. Especially it being harder for webber players to group up with other survivors due to alot of players normally building their base near pigman/ bunnymen which limits their options with other creatures to survive with, (especially wortox since spiders will be hostile towards him anyway) Maybe they can give Webber or even Wortox a shamlet mask (probably not one that lasts too long but efficient enough to a person forced to stay around pigs alot, and yes keep the downside for webber where spiders will be tricked by the mask attacking him.) What do other people think about this idea?
  17. One of my most dumb things i did on Don't Starve is forgot to prototype the Alchelmy Engine before destroying the Science Machine, trying to battle a boss without heals and forgot i was on solo DS and light something on fire (as Wormwood) and almost die of fire. Also trying to cool down while a volcano eruption is going on (on a endothermic fire)
  18. Okay so with no exciting news about the game since Woodies Refresh and the Salty Dog Beta the forums are pretty quite, I recall not to long ago that Klei was looking to hire people for Story Narrative and Art Direction. So I have decided that who better to write a story for Don’t Starve Together then the DST Community themselves! Here is how it works- every forum member (including the actual game dev’s if they wanna get in on the fun and have the time) get to write an actual DST story.. but TOGETHER, to do this and to make it fun for everyone- your only allowed to post one sentence and then before you can post again 3-5 other forum members (depending on how much activity this thread gets) have to add to the story first. I want to take the time here to say that this is meant to be FUN so please don’t be a jerk and post things that derail the entire story with stuff like Wilbur decided to stick a Banana in his Butt because he is a Monkey. To participate you copy the story up to its current point & then post your sentence. I’ll go first- Wilson awakens after being drug into a strange new world full of mystery Magic & Science!
  19. The huge 6 person rafts are fun as is but they are well.. HUGE! And tend to crash into the map often (it’ll only get a hundred times worse when they start adding in Shipwrecked features like ocean waves, and sea creatures) and when we Abandon a big ship, we extend the plank hopping off into the ocean (basically dying to wash up back on Shore) you can add many things onto your giant circular boat but what I thought would be really cool would be to have smaller one-man boats that attach to the side of the bigger one in a circle (Allowing players to hop off the large raft and venture off in the small Shipwrecked style solo boat) they will of course need to balance this, by maybe increasing the amount of wooden planks required to craft the large boat we have now- but I just find it strange sailing around on this large wooden platform that smashes into everything.. these smaller boats would need to be crafted and can only be attached/detached from the bigger raft. (think of them as sort of Lifesaver boats on a larger ship)
  20. The DST Skins Checklist has been designed to help you more easily keep track of your DST skins collection. This can be done by manually checking off items or by directly syncing the checklist with your inventory on Steam. The layout is fairly rustic, but it lets you view, filter, and search the skins you own, have duplicates of, or are missing in the game. All save data is stored locally on your computer (in your browser's Local Storage). The checklist is a single HTML file (images are all embedded) and can be used online or from your desktop: Checklist: HTML File: For best compatibility, open the file using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; some features may not function properly in other browsers. Updates: 09/26/19: Version 1.10.3 - New skin (from DST 09/26/19 Patch) added 09/19/19: Version 1.10.2 - New skin (from DST 09/19/19 Patch) added 09/12/19: Version 1.10.1 - Fixed a display bug for old saves (from before Version 1.8.29) that contained duplicates 09/12/19: Version 1.10.0 - New skins (from DST 09/12/19 Patch) and syncing with Drops Reset Countdown data file added 08/15/19: Version 1.9.10 - New skin (from DST 08/15/19 Patch) added 07/25/19: Version 1.9.9 - New skins (from DST 07/25/19 Patch) added 07/17/19: Version 1.9.8 - New skins (from DST 07/17/19 Patch) added 06/27/19: Version 1.9.7 - New skins (from DST 06/26/19 Patch) added 06/17/19: Version 1.9.6 - Updated descriptions of non-marketable event skins 06/06/19: Version 1.9.5 - New skins (from DST 06/06/19 Patch) added 05/08/19: Version 1.9.4 - Updated names for 3 skins (as changed in DST 05/08/19 Patch) 05/07/19: Version 1.9.3 - New skins (from DST 05/07/19 Patch) added 03/28/19: Version 1.9.2 - New skins (from DST 03/28/19 Patch) added and updated rarity order to match game 03/07/19: Version 1.9.1 - New skins and rarities (from DST 03/07/19 Patch) added 02/28/19: Version 1.9.0 - Column sorting, multi-filters, tooltips, and skin type column added 01/24/19: Version 1.8.29 - New skins (from DST 01/24/19 Patch) added 01/09/19: Version 1.8.28 - Updated the Winter's Feast 2018 Event end date (as extended in DST 01/09/19 Announcement) 12/19/18: Version 1.8.27 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2018 Event end date (to 01/08/19) 12/06/18: Version 1.8.26 - New skins (from DST 12/06/18 Patch) added 12/03/18: Version 1.8.25 - Updated the rarity of 5 skins (as changed in DST 12/03/18 Patch) 11/22/18: Version 1.8.24 - Updated the Hallowed Nights Event end date (as extended in DST 11/22/18 Announcement) 11/19/18: Version 1.8.23 - New skin (from DST 11/13/18 Patch) added 11/13/18: Version 1.8.22 - New skins (from DST 11/13/18 Patch) added 11/08/18: Version 1.8.21 - New skins (from DST 11/08/18 Patch) added 10/26/18: Version 1.8.20 - New skin (from DST 10/26/18 Patch) added 10/26/18: Version 1.8.19 - 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Initial release on Klei Forums Other Tools: DST Armor Breakage Calculator: A tool to calculate the number of hits different combinations of head and body armor can take from a damage source before it breaks. DST Daily & Weekly Drops Countdown: A countdown timer for when the daily and weekly skin drops reset in the game. It will automatically adjust to your local timezone. DST Tradable Duplicate Skins Matcher: A tool to find and match tradable duplicate skins between two Steam Inventories. It will match tradable duplicates from one inventory with unowned skins of the other. Original First Post:
  21. So, this is going to be short and simple. Litterally last night I was messing around in a new world and I realised Something interesting with one of the new items, the flare! This isn't really something useful but you could actually set up a basic timer with a flare! Just set up a basic trail of items, (if you remember the burn timer.)and if you burn the start of the trail it will eventually set the flare on fire and act as an alert system! I don't know much of a use for this but it's kinda neat we sort of have our first wired system. If anyone knows anything useful about this, please post it in the discussions here and tell us about it! I would love to know some uses about it.
  22. (Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to start a smear campaign towards Klei in any way. This was made as a way to help Klei find internal issues and fix them. In addition, this was proofread by several big names and experts in the community, just to deflect any bias accusations.) Klei Entertainment. Everyone's favorite video game company, without a doubt. They're genuinely great people that put the value of players over the value of money, unlike a large margin of the gaming industry. However, more and more of the community have started to worry in recent times, since Klei have made questionable decisions throughout 2019. The most prominent example is the recent Woodie rework. Even if we disregard it's rocky initial release, it still leaves Woodie mains with mixed feelings, and makes people that main characters like Wendy fearful as they don't want a complete reimagine of the character; They just an upgrade to make their character not suck. A "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, if you will. So, without further dilly dally, let's go through objective, un-biased, and common worries regarding Klei, and their methods of working on Don't Starve Together. Possible solutions to these problems will also be provided, in hopes that Klei will take this to heart. Newcomer Bias: Klei has seemingly made it apparent that they want to make a lot of mechanics easily accessible in early game, with a few notable exceptions (such as Willow still requiring beard hair for Bernie, and Warly's powerful crockpot recipes.). DST as a whole has become much easier with the addition to new characters, especially since a good portion of them don't have a downside. In the case of Wortox, he makes regaining health practically free. In addition, he has a new way of "dodging attacks". While this isn't a problem in of itself, he has 200 health on top of this, which allows him to be both a tank and a 'trickster' character. As for Winona, she has no practical downsides and has the ability to solo raid bosses with little to no combat effort on her end. The one time this year that Klei changed a character to flourish in mid-to-late game (Warly), it became absolutely broken in every sense of the word. For instance, a Wolfgang that's paired with Warly can do 600 damage per hit with the correct preparation. Six. Hundred. Damage. Even without Wolfgang's inherent x2 modifier, that's 300 damage for any other character. Back to Woodie, his rework has left Woodie mains disappointed. He is no longer "The Lumberjack" but now "The Canadian" that's a jack-of-all-trades character, which isn't exactly why Woodie mains picked him up in the first place. In short, people that have chosen to stick around for a long time and main a certain character are starting to feel alienated, or fearful for what's to come. It also goes without saying, but veterans to DST have been begging Klei to make the game harder for a long while now, whether the difficulty be optional, or progression-based. For these players, the game becomes extremely autonomous, repetitive, easy, and worst of all, boring. While yes, Klei has a lot of stuff on their plate in regards to 2019 and possibly 2020, the questionable part of this is that they haven't said a single word regarding this issue. This is problematic to say the least, as yes, there are always new players, the veterans to the game are the die-hard fans that keep this community alive. This goes into my next point quite smoothly. Balancing Issues: People are starting to question whether Klei themselves actively play their own game. The fact that this is even up in the air is a red flag towards Klei's method of balancing things as of late. For example (again), the Woodie rework. The initial release was a train wreck, however it got better when Klei implemented community-made ideas. This was also a thing with the Winona update to an extent, although nowhere near as severe as Woodie. To make sure that severe mis-steps don't happen again and make everything smooth sailing, let's propose this idea to Klei: Have a closed beta branch available to a select few trusted veterans within the community (the klei forums), chosen by Klei. In this branch, said veterans are able to test out the new character/mechanic/whatever and give Klei feedback. If these people give the beta code to other people, or leak the contents of the closed beta, they should be punished. (For example: If you willingly leak contents in the closed beta, your klei account could get temporarily suspended for, say, a month. Also, you'd lose access to the closed beta.) What's the difference between this closed beta and a public beta?: -The Veteran Closed Beta has much fewer people playtesting, however these people have been playing DST for a very long time, meaning that Klei would get more precise and useful feedback, and less non-helpful feedback. -Veterans are part of the community, and are not Klei staff, meaning that they are well aware of the intricate details of what people want, and know what will spark drama. In addition, they can be used as a "safety net" of sorts to prevent problematic mechanics and aspects before it reaches a public build, saving time. -Veterans have a clear vision on what "balanced" means in terms of Don't Starve Together, and are above the "Skill Level Plateau", meaning that they are easily able to grasp new mechanics, and apply them to normal gameplay, which is a good trait to have in terms of playtesters. -A good portion of the veteran community wants to see DST be a better game as a whole, meaning that most of them are willing to happily volunteer their time and effort for Klei, without the need of a paycheck. To be transparent, here are some possible downsides to this idea that should be considered: -Veterans are not Klei employees, and they may be a liability depending on the person. (Such as leaking content early.) -If they dont have a deadline, people will playtest on their own time. If they do have a deadline, it's possible that they'll be unable to playtest. In addition, for things like Character Updates, Klei can seek after veterans that main that character, since their thoughts are arguably more important than anyone else's. Now, on to the next topic that constantly sparks debate and discussion. DST's Difficulty curve. (or rather, lack of one.) Granted, this is not an easily fixable thing, and will most likely take a long time to implement correctly, given the fact that Klei is currently working on a lot of updates. However, this needs to be talked about in detail because it is a valid problem with the game, and how Klei avoids talking about said problem, which is a shame since the terms "Uncompromising Survival" and "Trial and Error" has seemingly been lost to time. Survival games aren't meant to be easy. In detail, here is a list of problems that most veterans have with DST: -After Late Game, the player is usually never in any risk or danger; the game becomes less of a survival game and more of a base-building sandbox. -In all stages of the game, it is easy to throw on a simple Football helmet and hambat and kite anything and everything that the game can throw at you. -Insanity is laughably easy, and it has no real risk to a player that knows what they're doing, save for a select few situations. -Most new and reworked characters lack an impactful downside. Here are some possible solutions: Make DST difficulty progression-based. With the exception of hound waves, the difficulty of the game stays just about the same throughout the entire run. While each person has a different idea of difficulty, depending on who you ask, here's generally one that no one has a problem with. When you accomplish a certain feat in the game, the world grows harder. For example, if you kill the Ancient Fuelweaver, Insanity would become more menacing to stay in, and Charlie could instantly kill players instead of hitting them for 100 (which is reduced to a measly 20 with a football helmet.) An optional "Hardcore mode". On world creation, there could be a "Server Difficulty" option to switch between "Default" and "Uncompromising". When the Uncompromising Difficulty is chosen and the world is generated, the following effects would take place. -Dead players leave their dead body behind, in addition to becoming a ghost. Instead of giving a heart or amulet to the ghost, players now have to give the heart to the dead body. if they are attuned to an effigy, they can revive themselves. If the player was wearing a life amulet upon death, they'll be resurrected. -Touchstones require to be touched by an individual player before they can resurrect with it. The way they'd resurrect would be similar to an effigy and/or singleplayer. -When there are no living players in a server that are attuned to a meat effigy / touchstone, the world is deleted. -Rollback is permanently disabled. -In the server browser, worlds that have this setting enabled are marked with a special icon, and/or highlighted in red. Of course, this mode would not be recommended for public servers. This Uncompromising Difficulty mode would be geared for those going out of their way for a challenge, and to make DST comparatively difficult to Singleplayer. Also, if Klei wants to add a temporary measure that they can get back to later, a "diet" version of the Uncompromising mode could make it so that servers only delete the world when nobody is left alive, and disables rollback. Alternatively, we could borrow ideas from another survival game: Terraria. That game has something called "Expert Mode", which increases the stats of almost every enemy in the game, such as attack and defense, with a select few mobs gaining additional attacks. However, this is meant to be risk/reward, as Expert Mode bosses drop special and powerful drops that are usually used throughout the entire run. All of these options have kept in mind the fact that newcomers struggle with the beginning of the game already. Hence, early-game is generally unaffected from these solutions unless the player goes out of their way to enable them. In addition, the "Uncompromising" mode could easily be implemented for the moment while Klei focuses on other things. Those are all of the main problems that Klei and DST have that is currently upsetting the community. Klei is most likely reading this, as they do indeed lurk the forums. I encourage them to reply to this, whether it's assuring that they care, saying that we're wrong about a few points, or anything really. These are genuine concerns that a good portion of the community share, because just about every single one of us wants Klei - and DST - to be the best that it possibly can be. With love, Don't Starve Veterans. @JoeW ------------------------------------------- Speaking on my own personal bias now, as in, these are my (Canis') personal thoughts. I have been a Woodie main for *at least* a year now. However, with this rework, I can't say that I want to keep playing as him. Yes, he's viable, but now he's just... bland. Sometimes I (and other people on the forums) feel like they're not being heard in terms of initial character perks for these reworks. Yes, if it's small enough (or we create enough drama) Klei will most likely add it, but we shouldn't NEED to set the forums on fire just to have something added. As of the Woodie update, my faith in Klei has been wavering, to say the least. Before this, I fully believed that Klei knows what they're doing, and they're fully transparent. However, the Woodie update was a kick in the rear end. I stopped being ignorant, and I realized that Klei has problems of their own, just like anyone else. They're not perfect. However, I still love Klei, which is why I'm so hard on them. I still really hope that we at least get a response, as opposed to the other threads in this vain. (Granted, most threads "in this vain" are mainly just rant/vent threads, which this thread isn't.)
  23. It's time to settle the debate once and for all.
  24. before we start: (Be warned I'm really bad at writing in general so I hope you have a better understanding of this and if it feels I've worded things wrong please let me know and I'll try my best to fix it!) who am I and my backstory with Don't starve: before I start this, I've been a fan of dont starve for a really long time I've seen a youtuber play it in around 2013 and in 2014 I bought it on ps vita having a small memory of the game, I played and loved it ever since learning and experimenting with the game, I shrieked and bounced around with excitement of the year dont starve together got released, ever since then whenever dont starve got an update, I would always watch the PC videos and spend my time just sitting and waiting for the updates to come! I'm even excited about salty dogs for as a person who knows a few about history and how people historically traveled out to gain spices,(which is salt) and riches, I think whatever we gain from any update no matter how small it is, I will still be excited to view and see it while squealing my head off over something silly such as a goose walking on water. I want you all to know my backstory so we can all feel related as a community and a group who will give our love and support to a team who rightfully earned our love and respect through the years! The average player expectation: Hello! Thank you for putting your time here to talk about a big problem between the dont starve community with the idea the game needs to be more challenging and hardcore, that it's only sucking up to new players, that people that are like Edgy Rick is the only people that should tell Klei what to do just because they can raid a boss with in 10 days and most new players/ experienced ones feel the need to make up for it but feel bad for not being able to walk out of their comfort zone and stay low sanity or somehow fight a boss within 3 days of entering a world. And after reading a post that came out (not saying what it is) and seeing the community turn on eachother, I couldnt help but make this, learn your own way: Dont starve is a game of experience! you learn how things work from dying and it should motivate you from trying harder to overpass your previous experiences to get better.why do you think there are so many different items in the game that you probably will never need, get to make in one playthrough of the game? Think about the dlc the original dont starve has, there solution to seeing the same thing over and over is basically making a whole new experience for people to enjoy and learn all over again. Shipwreck being harder for its resources spread out, and hamlet for having you to rely on the pigs, for a world where you are deprived of from your normal resources you take advantage of. Dont starve together being more forgiving: Now hear me out for saying this but I think that Dont starve together is more calm on punishing the characters from it being a story point of view then it being game wise! Notice the new difference in the atmosphere of dont starve and dont starve together for my first point the music! Notice how in dont starve together the autumn work music and combat has changed. The new one gives a more serious but catchy, and playful orchestra music. While the old one was sort of eerie, and unknown but still playful experience. Well I say from a view point of the story the characters have finally finished learning mistakes from the original dont starve where you were alone knowing nothing of the world and fearing your life in every corner, to now, the characters expecting what they can out on the constant and getting used to it. Evolving and building a civilization. To help my point Willow a poor girl who was mentally Ill enough to light stuff on fire, even at her own life, now has bernie as a coping mechanism for her troubles life has given her! events: Dont starve together the characters seem to put tradition in their lifestyle, even enough to make and wear costumes and hats of the creatures they once feared and fought, meaning their is a culture in their world. Nobody and I seriously mean nobody would be trapped in a wilderness land and just go, "oh! Hey, Halloween is almost here! Better put on my costume of my internal nightmares." Now the survivors are celebrating winters feast sleeping under trees, and celebrating the Chinese new year even playing a friendly match against the pig king and his guards. Meaning the game now sees us as a species of the world. A creature, just like everything else. character interactions in the newest trailers: let's see the trailers from dont starve hamlet and turn of tides. Look at wilson in the hamlet one, he is scared and constantly getting harrassed by everything coming his way even when things are finally coming his way, even a point of shipwrecked at the end of the teaser when wilson lands back on shore he gives the face of lost hope as he returns on the island he thought he escaped from. In dont starve we sort of get new things but more as of an approach of something brand new, we the player were here before these things came. Including the feel of the turn of tides trailer when we see the horror hound and moon pengull, with the music's creepy, and shocking tone giving a "this is new" then dont starves original "Oh god! Everything wants to kill me!" Vibe I'm going to make this short since my actual talk ( a kinda crappy one )was one the review which inspired me to make this one. What I'm saying Is maybe there is a reason to things that we truly dont know yet or maybe we haven't seen the whole side of the story yet, I fear that the community arguing what is right for the game will be so enflamed that the devs might just quit the game or be disappointed in all of us, so please let's all join together as a community and cherish this game we all know and love, and thank you for viewing.