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  1. I was thinking what if Winnie comes as next character from the list where Wortox was on the uniplememented characters from DS. Like she was told to be as Wigfrid at first then they said wigfrid sister.and in the end she got scrapped away. So would be cool to have a wigfirds twin sister who is like mainly like house keeping you base, working on like farms and crops and animals. And as i was thinking her sister is only meat eater i was thinking if she could be only veggie eater. And maybe her unique skill to be like koalphants, rabbits dont run away from her and tallbirds, frogs dont attack her. maybe give her stick that has ability when she holds it every mob will follow her like volt goats, koalas and every other. And would be cool if she was only character if she gets bitten or attacked by hounds or monsters. The mobs that dont attack her can be viewed on your screene come defend you. And maybe give her new building item like crop thing that can grow crops in winter and maybe give her the hoe thing from gorge that she can just pull the land and put crops down that she dosnt need to use farms but minus the will be they gonna grow slower than on farms. And - would be if she kills animals will hurt her sanity. So you need people to do it if they want meat and maybe make her vegie eater only too.
  2. Another art thread

    After exploring the forums, learning the basics, and getting a mental image of Wes and Wigfrid getting kinky seared into my mind (thanks a bunch Minespach) I've decided to settle down and create my own art thread. I'm expecting it to get like, 5 followers. And yes, I know it's so original, and has never been done before. Answers to questions nobody's asked yet, and never will thanks to this handy and convenient answer section : How frequently will you post? I dunno. Probably barely ever. I might get into the habit of posting. That's a big MIGHT What will you post? Mostly Don't Starve / Don't Starve Together custom Brickheadz, but also some other fanart. Mostly other fanart now that I think about it. But what the "I know for a fact kids go on this forum so I'm not gonna swear" are Brickheadz? But what is fanart? Here, have a Winona for your troubles: Just ignore the corner where the background is falling off, that didn't show when I took the photo
  3. Hello guys, just an update on the DS/T Discord, which is currently at 5200 members and growing at unprecedented rates! Everyone is welcome to join, the invite is We're not official however we are the Wikia and Subreddit's Discord, and we have actual developers on the server. With the new DS and DST updates there's much to discuss on theorize about on the server, and it's a great way to find other players to learn with! Everyone is welcome to join.
  4. Hey is there a way to make a weapon's-tool's animation a punch from the script (*.lua). And if the answer is: Use "custom animation template" how can I make it exclusive to this weapon, find and use the default punch animation?
  5. Hi there, I just bough a game and wanted to try it out. But i cannot create any world, i'm just getting stuck on the loading screen. I waited for like 10-15 minutes which is ridiculously long for such a game! I would try to connect to existing servers, but online is not working as well, I just can't play the game at all!
  6. I'm thinking about buying some items for DST I really find the game interesting and want to buy some skins, but I dunno which ones, the complete set of the forge looks good because I really need a ham bat and wx78 skin, is there any other better set or should I go for steam market?
  7. Watching others companies, I been thinking would be nice if Klei start publishing short tales about the world of DS & DST. I'll explain more: Games like Overwatch, Endless Space 2 and Minion Masters has started to release small stories or comics in pdf format since a while, pleasing the communities and expanding the lore as result. People enjoy read chronicles involving some minor characters, protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters in different adventures. By example, a story explaining what happened with Wortox after the events of Possessions trailer. That sounds interesting, right?
  8. Willow is based on novels about young people related to pyrokinesis, mainly “Firestarter” (or “Charlie” in some editions) by Stephen king: During her childhood, Charlene ("Charlie") McGee had a teddy bear which she ignited on fire by simply looking at it, through the power of her mind. Bernie is not only based on Firestarter, he´s inspired by the classic haunted dolls, animated by magic or spirits, who will harm or protect certain persons. One of the big traits of Charlie is having a strong (but fiery) temper and little patience, always manifesting in her behavior. Willow acts in this way too: -"You jerk! Let me in!" (Pig House occupied, lights off) -"A cone full of jerks." (Killer Bee Hive) -"Jerks that slither." (Snake) -"Jerks that swim." (Sea Hound) -"Stay back, you big jerk!" (Krampus) -"Hurry up, dirtpile. Feed me!" (Farm, growing) -"But I want more berries!" (Berry Bush, picked) -"Stupid rabbits. Come out so I can eat you." (Rabbit Hole) While Telekinesis is the ability to influence actions in objects with the mind, Pyrokinesis is the ability of creating and controlling fire by thought: The name Willow is related to magic, witchcraft, to be more exact. For example the willow tree is know as "witchs´s tree" due to its parts being used as ingredients for potions, and rituals in old times by witches and warlocks. Interestingly Willow was also portrayed as a witch in her Funko Pops and Halloween art. "A symbol of stake-burnt sisterhood." (Fiery Witch's Hat description) In old times, people accused of witchcraft were burned in stakes. Between 1920 & 1930, Japan started to produce lighters under the brand “Willow”, with different models and decorations. One of the most popular models. (Looks familiar, right?)
  9. It seems that some features from DST are not working in DS..... I'm trying to make a particle effect in the local coordinate system for a highspeed projectile. But when I call "emitter:SetFollowEmitter(true)", which exists in DST, the game crashes and shows me: "attempt to call method 'SetFollowEmitter' (a nil value)".
  10. Hey! im looking for one more person to finish our group of 4 to do an entirely wortox run to celebrate the new characters release, wed ideally play for a while with the main challenge being wed have to say wortox wed all be different skins (though u can just be the default if you need) we only need one player but add me on discord if you are interested! Discord : Xanadu #1898
  11. I was going through the updated Speech_Waxwell.lua file for DST to see what Maxwell had to say about Wortox when I came across some... interesting text. At first I thought they might be snarky comments from one of the developers, but the more I found the more I realized they were meant to be from another game character. And then I found lines in the Speech_Winona.lua (I wasn't able to find any lines in the other characters' files): I think it's evident that the speaker is supposed to be Charlie. This is the first time I've seen these lines; I was curious if they've been there for a while and I just never noticed them before or if they're a new addition.
  12. It's been while since we had a chance to see what others are working on in their worlds so here's a new base showcase thread. This could be megabases, efficiency bases, aesthetic bases, automated bases, landscaping or turf changes, or any other project you think is neat and want to share.
  13. WX-78 is based on the clockwork automatons, most interesting automatons were made between 1700-1920. The main feature of a automaton: they´re made of gears and cams. Automatons are mechanical imitations of life, they copy some activities of living beings. Unlike robots, automatons were present since the old times (even mentioned in legends of Ancient Greece). For example the concept of Talos, albeit fictitious, was a giant mechanical guardian made out of bronze, whose most prominent feature was overheating its body´s plaques with the purpose of inflict scorching death to captured enemies. Through time, various machines were made, for example, one of the oldest automatons is “Clockwork Lute Player Lady” (44cm of size, moving her right hand and turning the head from right to left) made by the spanish-italian enginer Juanelo Turriano in 1550. Not only that, Juanelo dedicated his life in the creation of other automatons, like the “Clockwork Prayer” (39cm, old monk with a lot of movements) made in 1560, who still operating today. (Also, there´s some records about creation of Clockworks prototypes for war.) When he passed away, his various creations ended up in different parts of the world. The exact number of inventions made by him is unknown. Probably, some machines still operating, like the Prayer. Years later, other automatons appeared, like “The Writer” (capable of produce short texts of more or less 40 words), “The Draughtsman” (making 4 draws: A portrait of Louis XV of France, A dog, A couple and Cupid) & “The Musician” (who plays a real piano), made by the french watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz during 1768-1774. Automatons were also related to magic shows, like the ones of french magician Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, also a great inventor of diverse kinds of artifact and automatons for his performances. Not limited to the human figure, automatons exist in a myriad of other shapes and sizes like animal or insect ones. For example, the miniature “Singing Bird Box Nº 11”, made by the french inventor Blaise Bontems and his son, approximately in 1890. In 1918, the famous illusionist Erik Weisz (well known as “Harry Houdini”) starred in The Master Mystery film as the agent Quentin Locke, investigating a series of events and eventually confronting the mysterious and evil Q The Automaton. During 1920 & 1925, when the radio still being something pretty new, some people and mass media speculated about new inventions in the future, making curious combinations related to automatons. Personally, my favourite is “La Joueuse De Tympanon”, dulcimer player automaton of 45cm made by the german clockmaker Peter Kinzing in 1784, as gift for the queen Marie Antoinette:
  14. Klei said they were going to introduce new biomes to DST. But what are you planning on doing, everything seems to have already been done pretty much, if we account for all single player DLCs and the past events, so I'm really unsure. But I recently had the idea of a mines biome, where you could mine up a lot of gold and even gems, which could be like a partial cave biome but on the overworld. You could make tracks with mining carts to keep your stuff in, with some set pieces that already exist may be. It could be a third desert variation biome. Perhaps it could have sand storms as well during summer, but have an incentive to go there during the season?
  15. WorldGen PlsDelet

    Version 0.9.0


    This is the first release of my mod that edits the world regeneration for tree saplings and such. The issue arose when I noticed people (specifically streamers) build a mega base, or a relatively big base, they decorate it, make roads, etc.. then one evergreen tree sapling or a twiggy tree sapling spawns next to the road and ruins the aesthetics. Many people opt into turning world regeneration off from the get go, while others forget or want the regeneration of specific items. All in all, this behavior is mostly unwanted, so this mod solves this issue. It has options to choose from, whether you want to completely turn off tree spawning or if you want to keep it but in a controlled state. Steam workshop: This is my first mod, so let me know what you think, if you face bugs, or if you have any suggestions. Cheers.
  16. Winona had some interesting changes, though I don't think Klei had a good enough of an idea of what they were doing when they tried to provide good changes for the character. Won't dwell on it too much, but I think it's best if Klei follows these 4 points for characters: 1) A unique upside mechanic that will keep the player playing the character on a regular (e.g. my suggestion for Winona for instance was allowing her to craft things with half the cost as well as harvest things twice as quickly). 2) Upside that would allow the character to be useful for the team regularly (e.g. Winona's machinery already is, and some have suggested that her tape should repair armor and weapons as well). 3) A downside that is significant, but not unbearable (e.g. Winona's downside was too unbearable, but now it's almost insignificant, so having a bit more of a balance between the two would be great. I previously suggested he having x1.5 hunger drain by default and when she would reach ~50 hunger not only would she craft slower, but would also harvest slower and move slower, plus if she had the half resource crafting mechanic, that would disable as well until her stomach isn't so empty. This can be very dangerous of a downside at times, particularly if you stay in ruins for too long or are being chased by something, but wouldn't be so bad as to be too difficult to play as regularly). 4) The character should be fun to play throughout (e.g. Wickerbottom is a great character, but because of how demanding her perks are, it really doesn't become so fun to play as her). On another side of reworks, some people have suggested the idea of reworking bosses, and I completely agree with the idea. Damage sponging is never really fun, and gameplay gets dull when the outcome of the battle is mostly based on whether you have enough weapons, armor and healing foods and not much else. That is, if you fight without cheese methods and just brute force them melee style. For me personally, Fuel Weaver has been the most intense of fights, despite him having only like what, 16000 health compared to some others? Sure there are cheese methods, but they aren't so easy to set up as some other bosses, and even if you take that out, the battle is still quite intense for 1 or 2 players at least, and a lot of it is due to the fact that the boss was designed with difficult to dodge attacks in mind. For this reason, I think it's a good example of how to go by designing a well thought-out boss fight. However, because of cheese methods like using lureplants + houndius shootius, that should also be taken into mind as well and the weaver himself could have some tweaks to the fight (e.g. allow him to attack lureplants and such if they are in the way of a target, make his bone cage fully cage you when you are near an indestructible object/edge of the map). So here are some points that I think, and I'm sure at least some others would agree are good trains of thought for making a well rounded battle. 1) Make it more about the attacks and defenses the boss has, not the health. Too many bosses are just a grind of hitting it without even that much dodging till it is dead. Dragonfly and Toadstool in particular are prime examples of this, and in fact, these two bosses have a lot of potential for a lot more kinds of deadly attacks! Dragonfly could use some form of fire breath attack for one, while toadstool could not only byte at players, but use its tongue to take out items from player's inventory to chew them up, may be their equipped helmet/hat or chest armor, without which the player could be gobbled up instead. Just throwing that out there. Some bosses could be more fun if they had deadly attacks, even if they just had like 5000 or 10000 health, provided it's done well. Antlion doesn't have a lot of health, but because the fight is so deadly, it's not a boss you can always beat as easily as a tree guard (whom too should probably have some extra attack added to make them harder for professionals, while keeping it at a steady difficulty for newer players). 2) Put some focus on tuning the power of cheese methods. If someone finds one, it may be some strategy to beat the boss, but may be not make it completely useless. Players for instance have used pan flute to get dragonfly out of its enraged state. While pan flute is meant to be quite powerful, it's a bit too powerful. A wrong way I think of going about this would be making dragonfly immune to its effect. So may be dragonfly instead could stay in enraged state even when set to sleep, meaning it is still useful for giving time for players to prepare for when she wakes up, but she may still be in enraged state after waking up. 3) Walls and structures bosses/mobs can't move around or destroy. This would be part of the above point, but because it's so widely used for so many cheese tactics, I think it deserves its own point. Walls and fences are often something you can use to give way too big an edge in the game. Dragonfly's larva are a prime example. Because most mobs go around walls if they can, you either need a full set of walls around your player or around the mob that you want to abuse the AI of to keep in tact. I think that AI for moving around walls should be a bit different, so that a mob would attack walls or try to get over them instead of going around them, if it's a relatively long line of walls. Then walls become a bit more useful in the conventional defense sense and less so when it comes to a pen that had been designed to abuse AI for a much easier fight. It would mean that putting some walls around your base is a good idea, as some hounds will be stopped by walls around and would have to chew their way through, instead of having every single hound AI around them and come in through the openings. May be larva could jump over tier 1 walls, but would attack them if they are above any other height and even if it's like a line of 8 or so walls that the player is behind and not just a full pen. On top of that, structures like end tables should be something even some regular mobs should attack, like werepigs, if they are in the way of getting to their target. Goose too is a boss that can be penned behind some walls, though her main issue is lackluster attacks. It would also be great if mobs even like spiders wouldn't just attack walls for no reason, just because they are there. 4) Meleeing all the time isn't necessary a good thing. The primary resort in combat for pretty much everything is a strong melee weapon (e.g. dark sword, tentacle spike, thulecite club, morning star situationally), but that's pretty much all the fights. There are so many weapns in the game that aren't being taken use of that could be used a lot more particularly for boss fights. Weather pain became much more desirable of a weapon when Toadstool and Fuel Weaver were introduced. You don't necessarily need these weapons, but you will have a bit more of an interesting fight and be given an edge when using Weather Pain during the fights. Some weapons that could be used more include darts, particularly the fire and sleep kind (but normal tooth and electric darts too), gunpowder (it's really only used for taking off a lot of health from a boss, but may be it could be used in some other forms for the fights?), fire staff, bee mines and tooth traps (tooth traps have a use, a way too powerful one, of killing hound waves, but it would be interesting if we could use them in some form during boss fights) and cat-o-three tails. You could may be even think of ways to make some not-so-frequently used items like one man band or the belt of hunger to be useful! May be some boss could have an attack that would involve draining player hunger? 5) Don't just have optional bosses all around. Fuelweaver was set up nicely as there's a very good reason to fight him. He is technically optional, but progressively so. Dragonfly for instance isn't really that much, at least not after the first fight, if you think the furnace blueprint is necessary. I previously had the idea of toadstool being in a new purple mushtree biome, where some mushtrees would look exactly like his mushroom he holds out, instead of it being so obvious as to where he is. May be in some form, you could get stuck in the biome and would need food and wood to get out, but that would require chopping down trees, and in one of the spots, but different every time, inside the biome, a mushtree would be toadstool instead. It would keep the game intense and encouraging while still remaining optional in a sense. Or perhaps the toadstool could linger in one of the existing biomes, and have the mushtree on his back look exactly like ones generally in the biome? Of course, there would be a lot more tweaks needed for this, in particular if you are trying to find him intentionally, but for game immersion this kind of a set up could work really well design wise. Dragonfly too seems way too optional, and it would be great to see her at times roam about in the world tracking players, being the boss of summer again. For me personally, ant lion just doesn't fill the role as well. The main issue of having optional bosses is you keep content away from a player who is not inclined to face a challenge. Having a server reset because you were too dumb to approach a boss nest is too high of an unnecessary risk. But if the boss comes for you, and then goes, you are always on the edge. People like to megabase, and you probably would still be able to regardless of the challenge, but should that always be the incentive? Never really understood why we should be encouraged to create large elaborate automative farms, like gekko grass farm, instead of having some way of taking use of an item or a mob situationally to fill that role, like having lazy forager for picking up lots of items for you. It keeps things more compact, gives more room for the natural world and could keep the player from going insane if things go just a bit on the wrong side of what they want to happen, especially when there's so much more griefing potential from having a large base, as opposed to a relatively small one.
  17. Hey, guys! I have a big, but very strange problem with my DST server. My server was with auto event at settings, but after reinstalling the windows system and after coping setting my old server to new slots my server become server with winter feast event only. How did it hapeened? Can I fix it?
  18. I don't know what is going on, but I have not had a 5th drop at all. I got 4 skins and then ever since have not got a drop. Anyone else has this issue?
  19. I have 800 hours in don't starve but I don't know much about DST, would prefer to play with someone I can learn from that also has a good amount of time to play. I stopped playing after Klei added Dragon Fly just because I'm more into solo play. But I'd really like to unlock skins and also experience all the new content in DST. I'm fine playing with up to four people, it's my favorite number (lol) and I don't want chat to get too overwhelming. So if you have friends, they are welcome. Please have a decent mic and Discord! I'd prefer people around my age, no younger than 18 please, I'm 24. I work night shift but this week I'm working mornings. I'm off today so I'll be on till about 11PM. My time zone is EST, Florida. If you play with me you're required to use geometric placement and shovel up tree stumps. Sorry, I just can't stand seeing those around, and I can't stand berry bushes placed all weird etc. I'm willing to remove some mods or retweak if you feel like some options aren't necessary. But I don't want to add anything else, I will consider it though. I don't like using anything too game changing. Tweaks: No Disease... Caves Enabled (Obviously) Mods: Restart (Used for when they add the new characters and we want to try them out, we can switch to someone else, no abusing it though.) Status Announcements, Global Positions, Wormhole Marks, No thermal Durability, Ice Fling Range Check, Food Values, Geometric Placements, DST Where's My Beefalo, Waypoint, Combined Status, Smarter Crock pot If you want to message me elsewhere Discord is: Ruby#9226 Steam: I also play Dead By Daylight a lot as well, if you play both, it'll be a bonus for me. I'm always looking for friends on both games.
  20. The DST Skins Checklist has been designed to help you more easily keep track of your DST skins collection. This can be done by manually checking off items or by directly syncing the checklist with your inventory on Steam. The layout is fairly rustic, but it lets you view, filter, and search the skins you own, have duplicates of, or are missing in the game. All save data is stored locally on your computer (in your browser's Local Storage). The checklist is a single HTML file (images are all embedded) and can be used online or from your desktop: Checklist: HTML File: For best compatibility, open the file using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; some features may not function properly in other browsers. Updates: 03/28/19: Version 1.9.2 - New skins (from DST 03/28/19 Patch) added and updated rarity order to match game 03/07/19: Version 1.9.1 - New skins and rarities (from DST 03/07/19 Patch) added 02/28/19: Version 1.9.0 - Column sorting, multi-filters, tooltips, and skin type column added 01/24/19: Version 1.8.29 - New skins (from DST 01/24/19 Patch) added 01/09/19: Version 1.8.28 - Updated the Winter's Feast 2018 Event end date (as extended in DST 01/09/19 Announcement) 12/19/18: Version 1.8.27 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2018 Event end date (to 01/08/19) 12/06/18: Version 1.8.26 - New skins (from DST 12/06/18 Patch) added 12/03/18: Version 1.8.25 - Updated the rarity of 5 skins (as changed in DST 12/03/18 Patch) 11/22/18: Version 1.8.24 - Updated the Hallowed Nights Event end date (as extended in DST 11/22/18 Announcement) 11/19/18: Version 1.8.23 - New skin (from DST 11/13/18 Patch) added 11/13/18: Version 1.8.22 - New skins (from DST 11/13/18 Patch) added 11/08/18: Version 1.8.21 - New skins (from DST 11/08/18 Patch) added 10/26/18: Version 1.8.20 - New skin (from DST 10/26/18 Patch) added 10/26/18: Version 1.8.19 - New skins (from DST 10/25/18 Patch) added and filter layout changed 09/29/18: Version 1.8.18 - New skins (from DST 09/27/18 Patch) added 07/18/18: Version 1.8.17 - New skins (from DST 07/18/18 Patch) added 07/07/18: Version 1.8.16 - Updated the Gorge Event end date (as extended in DST 07/06/18 Announcement) 06/18/18: Version 1.8.15 - New skins (from DST 06/18/18 Patch) added 06/14/18: Version 1.8.14 - New skins (from DST 06/14/18 Patch) added 03/01/18: Version 1.8.13 - Updated the Year of the Varg Event end date (as extended in DST 03/01/18 Announcement) 02/23/18: Version 1.8.12 - Fixed a save import bug from Version 1.8.10 02/13/18: Version 1.8.11 - Updated active event rarity skins for the Year of the Varg event (as enabled in DST 02/13/18 Announcement) 02/11/18: Version 1.8.10 - Fixed incorrect rarity of two skins and checklist versioning scheme changed 02/09/18: Version 1.8.9 - New skins (from DST 02/09/18 Patch) added 01/11/18: Version 1.8.8 - Updated name of Magnificent Fuelweaver Ornament and image for Wes's The Roseate skin (as changed in DST 01/08/18 Patch) 12/24/17: Version 1.8.7 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2017 Event end date (to 01/08/18) 12/19/17: Version 1.8.6 - New skins (from DST 12/18/17 Patch) added 11/28/17: Version 1.8.5 - Updated the Forge and Hallowed Nights event end dates (as extended in DST 11/28/17 Announcement) 11/09/17: Version 1.8.4 - New skins (from DST 11/09/17 Patch) added 10/30/17: Version 1.8.3 - New skins (from DST 10/30/17 Patch) added 10/26/17: Version 1.8.2 - Fixed incorrect image for Wendy's The Challenger skin 10/26/17: Version 1.8.1 - New skins (from DST 10/23/17 Patch) added 09/13/17: Version 1.8.0 - New skins (from DST 09/13/17 Patch), skin tags, and collapsible headings added 05/18/17: Version 1.7.7 - New rarity modifier and skins (from DST 05/18/17 Patch) added 04/28/17: Version 1.7.6 - Updated name of Ancient Explorer to The Ancient Explorer (as renamed in DST 04/28/17 Patch) 04/27/17: Version 1.7.5 - Updated skin names (as renamed in DST 04/27/17 Patch) 04/25/17: Version 1.7.4 - New skins (from DST 04/25/17 Patch) added 04/24/17: Version 1.7.3 - New skins (from DST 04/24/17 Patch) added 04/22/17: Version 1.7.2 - New skins (from DST 04/21/17 Patch) added 04/18/17: Version 1.7.1 - Updated rarities of skins (as changed in DST 04/18/17 Patch) 04/10/17: Version 1.7.0 - New skins (from DST 04/10/17 Patch), new release filter, and duplicates total tally added 02/14/17: Version 1.6.2 - New skins (from DST 02/14/17 Patch) added 02/08/17: Version 1.6.1 - Corrected the Year of the Gobbler 2017 Event end date (to 02/13/17) 01/19/17: Version 1.6.0 - New skins (from DST 01/19/17 Patch) added, reward progress bar added, and save import method changed 12/21/16: Version 1.5.4 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2016 Event end date (to 01/05/17) 12/19/16: Version 1.5.3 - New skins (from DST 12/19/16 Patch) added 12/15/16: Version 1.5.2 - Corrected the Winter's Feast 2016 Event start date (to 12/15/16) 12/09/16: Version 1.5.1 - New skins (from DST 12/08/16 Patch) added 11/25/16: Version 1.5.0 - New rarities/skins (from DST 11/24/16 Patch) and skin set detection added 11/14/16: Version 1.4.3 - Updated name of Beeyonet to Bumble Spear (as renamed in DST 11/14/16 Patch) 11/08/16: Version 1.4.2 - New skin (from DST 11/08/16 Patch) added and Steam Inventory syncing method improved 10/21/16: Version 1.4.1 - Corrected the Hallowed Nights 2016 Event end date (to 11/08/16) and event detection prompt added 10/19/16: Version 1.4.0 - New skins (from DST 10/18/16 Patch), dynamic tallying, skin search, and version checker added 09/18/16: Version 1.3.2 - Fixed syncing issue for WX-78 Elegant skins 09/17/16: Version 1.3.1 - Fixed syncing issue for Nightdress (known as Nightgown in some countries/regions) 09/03/16: Version 1.3.0 - New skins (from DST 09/01/16 Patch) and duplicates detection/sorting added 07/25/16: Version 1.2.0 - Steam Inventory syncing via JSON text added 07/23/16: Version 1.1.1 - Skin colors now use Steam item tags as an identifier (instead of description text) 07/11/16: Version 1.1.0 - New skins (from DST 07/07/16 Patch) and save import/deletion added 06/20/16: Version 1.0.0 - Initial release on Klei Forums Other Tools: DST Armor Breakage Calculator: A tool to calculate the number of hits different combinations of head and body armor can take from a damage source before it breaks. DST Daily & Weekly Drops Countdown: A countdown timer for when the daily and weekly skin drops reset in the game. It will automatically adjust to your local timezone. Original First Post:
  21. I'm trying to make a helmet type item that when it gets destroyed it drops an item. (either to inventory or on ground) I've been inspecting DST's script files but if I recall correctly, there isn't an item in-game that does this. Is something like this even doable? If it's not, Maybe rather than hit durability I could use usage fuel durability. But again, can this be used to drop an item? Sorry if I'm not making much sense, I'm unsure how to word this out properly.
  22. I have custom sounds for a mod I am working on. All sounds work as long as I remap them as seen here: However I can't call the sounds directly from the banks on servers with caves enabled, and I'm not sure that they work for other clients even with caves disabled. I have 2 sounds I have tried this on, one for cooking a rabbit: And one for when poop spawns: Neither of those two sounds, no any other sound called that way, will work. This even includes sounds I have not modded in. I have the ("dontstarve/creatures/leif/livinglog_burn") sound programmed to play when you burn poop, but it doesn't work. However with console I can play them remotely and locally with no issue. (this plays the sound) I feel like I am missing something obvious here. In all honesty, everything I know about programming in Lua has come from trial and error and by just reading code. I would appreciate if someone could help me out with this, thanks.
  23. He is pretty adorable, his perks can help the others more than himself (free vegetables, plenty of living logs). I know we have mods but I would love to see an official statement about that
  24. I was making a custom character mod for DST following the steps on this link Everything was going fine until i got to the "Compiling Art" topic, I did everything he said and when I opened the game to test the mod the game crashed everytime i clicked on "Host Game" or "Mods", I dont have any other mods for DST so I know the problem comes from the one I'm making, I didn't wanna start making the mod all over again knowing that the same thing could happen and I really wanted to play with my mod. here is the game log: [00:00:00]: System Memory: Memory Load: 50% Available Physical Memory: 4025m/8154m Available Page File: 3704m/9434m Available Virtual Memory: 3946m/4095m Available Extended Virtual Memory: 0m [00:00:00]: Process Memory: Peak Working Set Size: 31m Working Set Size: 31m Quota Peak Page Pool Usage: 264k Quota Page Pool Usage: 262k Quota Peak Non Paged Pool Usage:19k Quota Non Paged Pool Usage: 19k Page File Usage: 6m Peak Page File Usage: 6m [00:00:00]: PersistRootStorage is now APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/ [00:00:00]: Starting Up [00:00:00]: Version: 305472 [00:00:00]: Current time: Sun Feb 17 17:34:42 2019 [00:00:00]: Don't Starve Together: 305472 WIN32_STEAM [00:00:00]: Build Date: 3753 [00:00:00]: Parsing command line [00:00:00]: Command Line Arguments: [00:00:00]: Initializing distribution platform [00:00:00]: Initializing Minidump handler [00:00:00]: ....Done [00:00:00]: Steam AppBuildID: 3503077 [00:00:00]: ....Done [00:00:00]: PersistUserStorage is now APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/ [00:00:00]: Fixing DPI [00:00:00]: ...Done [00:00:00]: THREAD - started 'GAClient' (892) [00:00:00]: CurlRequestManager::ClientThread::Main() [00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/ successful. [00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/ successful. [00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/ successful. [00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/ successful. [00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/ successful. [00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/ successful. [00:00:00]: Mounting file system databundles/ successful. [00:00:02]: ProfileIndex:5.17 [00:00:02]: [Connect] PendingConnection::Reset(true) [00:00:02]: Platform: 1 [00:00:02]: THREAD - started 'Ping Job Thread' (9656) [00:00:02]: Network tick rate: U=15(2), D=0 [00:00:02]: Authorized application C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\bin\dontstarve_steam.exe is enabled in the firewall. [00:00:02]: WindowsFirewall - Application already authorized [00:00:02]: THREAD - started 'StreamInput' (1380) [00:00:02]: loaded ping_cache [00:00:02]: Offline user ID: OU_76561198225107968 [00:00:02]: SteamID: 76561198225107968 [00:00:02]: Failed to communicate with routing cluster 'ggru'. [00:00:02]: Failed to communicate with routing cluster 'ghel'. [00:00:02]: HardwareStats: OS name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language version 10.0.17134 architecture 64 bits platformSpecific SP 0.0 CPU numCores 2 features SSE,SSE2,SSE3,SSSE3,SSE41,SSE42,AVX name Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz manufacturer GenuineIntel clockSpeed 2601 RAM megsOfRam 8192 GPU name NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M driverDate 20170501000000.000000-000 megsOfRam 1024 refreshRate 59 videoModeDescription 1366 x 768 x 4294967296 cores driverVersion [00:00:02]: cGame::InitializeOnMainThread [00:00:02]: WindowManager::Initialize [00:00:02]: CreateWindow: Requesting 1366,768 - 5/6/5 - -1/-1/-1 - 0 [00:00:02]: Failed to communicate with routing cluster 'iad'. [00:00:02]: CreateEGLContext: 12 configs found [00:00:02]: 0: 8/8/8 - 0/ 0/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 1: 8/8/8 - 0/16/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 2: 8/8/8 - 0/24/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 3: 8/8/8 - 0/24/ 8 - 0 [00:00:02]: 4: 5/5/5 - 0/ 0/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 5: 5/5/5 - 0/16/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 6: 5/5/5 - 0/24/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 7: 5/5/5 - 0/24/ 8 - 0 [00:00:02]: 8: 8/8/8 - 8/ 0/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 9: 8/8/8 - 8/16/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 10: 8/8/8 - 8/24/ 0 - 0 [00:00:02]: 11: 8/8/8 - 8/24/ 8 - 0 [00:00:02]: WindowManager::SetFullscreen(0, 1366, 768, 60) [00:00:02]: GLInfo [00:00:02]: ~~~~~~ [00:00:02]: GL_VENDOR: Google Inc. [00:00:02]: GL_RENDERER: ANGLE (NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M) [00:00:02]: GL_VERSION: OpenGL ES 2.0 (ANGLE [00:00:02]: GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION: OpenGL ES GLSL ES 1.00 (ANGLE [00:00:02]: THREAD - started 'WindowsInputManager' (6700) [00:00:02]: OpenGL extensions (19, 19): [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_depth_texture [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_framebuffer_blit [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_framebuffer_multisample [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_instanced_arrays [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_pack_reverse_row_order [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_texture_compression_dxt3 [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_texture_compression_dxt5 [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_texture_usage [00:00:02]: GL_ANGLE_translated_shader_source [00:00:02]: GL_EXT_read_format_bgra [00:00:02]: GL_EXT_robustness [00:00:02]: GL_EXT_texture_compression_dxt1 [00:00:02]: GL_EXT_texture_format_BGRA8888 [00:00:02]: GL_EXT_texture_storage [00:00:02]: GL_OES_get_program_binary [00:00:02]: GL_OES_packed_depth_stencil [00:00:02]: GL_OES_rgb8_rgba8 [00:00:02]: GL_OES_standard_derivatives [00:00:02]: GL_OES_texture_npot [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE = 16384 [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS = 16 [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_RENDERBUFFER_SIZE = 16384 [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS = 16384, 16384 [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_VARYING_VECTORS = 10 [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS = 16 [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS = 254 [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS = 4 [00:00:02]: GL_MAX_FRAGMENT_UNIFORM_VECTORS = 221 [00:00:02]: 4 compressed texture formats [00:00:02]: texture format 0x83f0 [00:00:02]: texture format 0x83f1 [00:00:02]: texture format 0x83f2 [00:00:02]: texture format 0x83f3 [00:00:03]: Communications with routing cluster 'iad' established. [00:00:04]: Ping measurement completed [00:00:04]: Ping location: gru=46+4,scl=171+17/98+4,lim=189+18/128+4,iad=138+13,atl=149+14,ord=159+15/152+13,okc=166+16,lax=204+20/193+14,sea=207+20/201+13,lhr=242+24/210+13,fra=233+23/228+13,sgp=373+37/376+28 [00:00:04]: Renderer initialize: Okay [00:00:05]: AnimManager initialize: Okay [00:00:05]: Buffers initialize: Okay [00:00:05]: cDontStarveGame::DoGameSpecificInitialize() [00:00:05]: GameSpecific initialize: Okay [00:00:05]: cGame::StartPlaying [00:00:05]: LOADING LUA [00:00:05]: DoLuaFile scripts/main.lua [00:00:05]: DoLuaFile loading buffer scripts/main.lua [00:00:05]: taskgrouplist: default Together [00:00:05]: taskgrouplist: classic Classic [00:00:05]: taskgrouplist: cave_default Underground [00:00:05]: taskgrouplist: lavaarena_taskset The Forge [00:00:05]: taskgrouplist: quagmire_taskset The Gorge [00:00:05]: running main.lua [00:00:05]: loaded modindex [00:00:05]: ModIndex: Beginning normal load sequence. [00:00:06]: Event data unavailable: lavaarena_event_server/lavaarena_achievement_quest_defs [00:00:08]: LOADING LUA SUCCESS [00:00:08]: PlayerDeaths loaded morgue 6252 [00:00:08]: PlayerHistory loaded player_history (v2) len:6628 [00:00:08]: ServerPreferences loaded server_preferences 2 [00:00:08]: bloom_enabled true [00:00:08]: loaded saveindex [00:00:08]: OnFilesLoaded() [00:00:08]: OnUpdatePurchaseStateComplete [00:00:08]: Klump load on boot started. [00:00:08]: Klump files loaded: 0 [00:00:10]: Load FE [00:00:10]: Load FE: done [00:00:10]: THREAD - started 'FilesExistAsyncThread' (12040) [00:00:10]: FilesExistAsyncThread started (20447 files)... [00:00:10]: OnLoadPermissionList: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/client_save/blocklist.txt (Failure) [00:00:10]: OnLoadPermissionList: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/client_save/adminlist.txt (Failure) [00:00:10]: OnLoadUserIdList: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/client_save/whitelist.txt (Failure) [00:00:10]: [MOTD] Downloading info [00:00:10]: SimLuaProxy::QueryServer() [00:00:10]: ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully. [00:00:10]: Reset() returning [00:00:13]: [MOTD] Downloading image for box1 [00:00:15]: [Steam] Auth Session Ticket requested... [00:00:16]: [Steam] Got Auth Session Ticket [00:00:16]: [MOTD] Done Loading. [00:00:17]: [200] Account Communication Success (3) [00:00:17]: Logging in as KU_qaTCHkft [00:00:18]: There is no active event to get the status of. [00:00:18]: loaded inventory_cache_prod [00:00:18]: loaded inventory_cache_prod [00:00:20]: Getting top mod details... [00:00:21]: unexpected end of data If someone knows how to fix this please help me!
  25. Wigfrid is based on the Nordic/German legend of Sigurd/Siegfried (“Sigrid” in danish & norwegian, “Sigfrid” in swedish & spanish): warrior who gains more strength from dead enemies´s essence (That´s why Wigfrid gets Health and Sanity by killing others). In the first adventure, he managed to kill the dragon Fafnir (thanks to strategy and father´s old magic sword) and end up making contact with the dragon's blood. Due this event, his skin became hard as the dragon´s one, making him “invulnerable” basically. Yet, Sigurd had a weak point: his back still having a place not touched by Fafnir´s blood. The cuase of his death: fatally wounded in that zone by a battle spear (yes, Battle Spear). Theres diverse versions about the life of Sigurd/Siegfried, but all share common points (and final death): Sigurd grew up in the forest, having a appreciation for the nature. -“I feel at höme in the wööds.” (Wigfrid, when examines Evergreen) -“A wönder öf the woods.” (Wigfrid, when examines Glommer's Flower) Fafnir's blood not only affected Sigurd´s skin, the contact with the lips & eyes made him able to comprehend some sensations of the animals (especially birds) and feel empathy about them: -“Raven friend.” (Wigfrid, when examines Crow) -“This bird knöws aböut the cold” (Wigfrid, when examines Snowbird) Sigurd used some pieces of Fafnir to make his helmet and armor (for have extra protection by dragon´s magic properties): “The unicorn is what protects you” (Battle Helm´s description) -“The pöwer öf the unicörn is great.” (Wigfrid, when examines Battle Helm) ¿Why Wigfrid have a Unicorn exactly? In some legends, the unicorns acted as enemies of dragons, being the opposite. Sigfrid is male and use dragon´s powers & Wigfrid is female and use unicorn´s powers. So, ¿Her old-self (Before wigfrid) was vanished completely by her new-self (After wigfrid)? No, that´s still inside (Wigfrid recognizes "modern things" yet) and guides her current personality: -“It's a stuffed bear.” (Wigfrid, when examines Bernie) -“Cööking utensils dö nöt interest me.” (Wigfrid, when examines Beaten Beater) -“Tea is a luxury that warriörs cannöt afförd.” (Wigfrid, when examines Leaky Teacup) “The valor and confidence of a valkyrie didn't always come naturally to Wigfrid. She cultivated her strength and persona over many years through sheer force of will.” (Vignette´s description)