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Found 12 results

  1. Yeah, I know I've made one a little bit ago, titled "Kyle's Doodles and Stuffs"... I think. But I figured I would make a new thread and actually have a more somewhat active spot to place my art. So, I guess that's that. I'll be posting little skippits of art every now and then. Here's to a future of doodles! (Smokin' a little smokepipe~)
  2. The voodoo decided to create an art thread. Yay. Keep in mind, I am merely limited to pencil and paper, and thus cannot add color, contrast, small details, and other tidbits in art. I also accept requests if one wishes for me to draw a certain picture. Please excuse me for the lack of art on the first page, but I have appeared to misplace my sketchbook, and it is late on my end. Please leave a request after the beep.
  3. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Is weak people! All of you!
  4. If not, then how would I be able to move my beebox to somewhere with flowers?
  5. Does anyone know how to backup a game if you bought it using the Google Chrome Web Store?
  6. Hey just wondering if anyone would like to trade an extra Don't Starve key they have for my Dota 2s and items within my inventory. I think one of the TF 2 hats is rare I'm not sure. I'm really obsessed with watching videos of this game and have been in love with the look of it since I first saw it ! :3 I can't wait to pick this game up but unless I can trade for it I'll probably wait till my birthday which is fine but patience is not my strong suit. Anyway if you want to trade add me on steam or something and it'll make my christmas ! Steam ID http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197972478432 Or if you just want to talk about games or play something on my playlist hit me up. The community here is full of nice people (Btw im just a lurker on the forums)
  7. I know there already are comments about the Hounds, but I just got fed up with the Hounds coming at the night and leaving me no time to look for the spear, logsuit or torch. I have died so many times because of them that I just don't feel like playing anymore. I guess no one else is bothered by this, or then they just can somehow deal with it, well, I can't I am I not gonna waste any more hours just to be easily killed by those Hounds. Guess the game is just too hard for me. Yah. I liked the game otherwise. Just to let the makers know another opinion x)
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform ChromeVersion Number 70861 Issue title Exhausted Berry Bushes appear as picked Steps to reproduce Exact details unknown. May be gobbler-related (similar to gobbler-related bug where fruiting berry bushes appear as picked when gobbler ducks into the bush.) 1. dig & replant berry bushes. 2. Fertilize berry bushes. 3. Pick berries. Refertilize bushes as they appear exhausted. 4. Examine berry bushes periodically. Some bushes which appear picked will respond to examination as exhausted, and can be refertilized. Describe your issue That's pretty much it. I'm guessing maybe it's what happens when a Gobbler ducks into an exhausted bush? There have been so many gobblers, and not all of them ended up being fed to the pigs. I'll report more if I notice anything, but this seems to take a long time to emerge. I saw it once before and dismissed it, but this time I was waiting for all my bushes to exhaust and it turns out they all have been for several game days, but about 25% of them appear as picked.
  9. I mean seriously... people are suggesting meat effigies for every character and making multiple lives an easy convenient. This is not what this game is intended to be guys; You are ment to die! Many responses the devs are getting are from people having a super base at day 100+... We are missing the "starting over" aspect of this game a lot this way! Shouldn't this be a core aspect of the game? There should be an instant death at day 100 or something preventing the player to build up an empire of effigies... And allowing them to start over again; give them a bit of a push Now die already and start over... nuff said
  10. Here is a little "What to do when bored and waiting for the spider update" clip After one pack of hounds got stuck there with all them spiders, I figured I should get every next pack of hounds to do the same. Then I will see what happens after the update. Does it change the behavior of the spiders or the hounds? Do the border-bug get fixed? (My camp is close by, so it might be a sudden "challenge of the year" for me if all the hounds starts chasing me again) I'm really looking forward to this. Anyway. If nothing happens and they continue with this behaviour, it's sure gonna be a grand barbeque. Might go for a tent just to live long enough to see it though. Not sure if I will have the time to get more packs before the update hits though.
  11. Hello guys, So, this is the story of my "life" (and of the dilemma). I live in a perfect little world that has taken me 262 days to make perfect. My tiny island is entirely self-sufficient. I've got 5 crates full of all possible food resources, a crate full of my collection of redbirds and crows, another of all the little things I find (hounds teeth, amulets, gold, buttons, etc.), a huge field of hay, and a beefalo named Mr. Scruffles At night, I sleep in the midst of a firefly show. Sometimes at dusk I cross the bridge to the safe marshlands (most tentacles were destroyed by my pig army in the days before the warepig update) to fish and gather weeds. My dog, Baskerville, guards the entrance to my island (as he runs forever towards the unattainable monster meat on the bridge). I have about 40 bushes which also means about 3 turkeys every 4 days. I'm never in need of anything, neither do I live in fear, because my wall of trees and bushes keep out the hounds. My days are leisurely and happy. AND YET.... I don't have the update of the daper vest, or the bird cage, or the tallbirds just because I refuse to start all over again after all this work!!! What should I do?? Eat all my resources like a grand buffet at a one-man party, free my birds, give all the carrots to the bunnies and kill myself? Sounds so grim... Please help me make a decision. ((((
  12. Since a picture paints a thousand words and all that, take a quick gander here and tell me what's wrong with this image: Yeah. For a couple Spider Nests' worth of Silk, you can have enough Gold Nuggets (50) to make 8 Full Sets of Gold Tools. Yes, that's right, 8 Axes, 8 Picks, and 8 Shovels... all for 20 Silk and 15 Twigs. It goes like this: 1) Make 1-5 Bird Traps, however many you want/have the Silk for. Place them at the Pig King's feet. 2) Once in a while, get the Morsels and Feathers out of the traps. 3) Since you're standing RIGHT THERE anyway, give the King all your Morsels. 4) Scoop up the Gold and place it in the convenient, nearby chest (see the 120+ gold I've collected this way in less than 60 Days). You can do the same thing without the Silk if the Pig King happens to be anywhere near some Bunny Holes. Trap all the holes you can - which only takes Grass and Twigs - and bring the Morsels back to the King occasionally. It's more leg work and time, but... Grass and Twigs (both infinitely renewable) for Gold? That seems too good. So is the 2.5:1 Gold to Silk ratio of the Bird Trap method. I'm hoping this will be addressed somewhat with the latest patch where you seem to be able to catch live birds, but if not, I'm hoping you'll at least consider looking into this. It's one of the many things that makes the current "end game" (such as it is) such a breeze. Personally, I'm hoping Krampus will turn my current good idea of storing that much Gold in a single chest by the Pig King into a terrible one... or at least force me to make some Bee Mines or set up Guard Smallbirds or something. My suggestion: have the Pig King get greedy after a while. Pick a number of Morsels (12? 20? 24?) and after that, he'll start demanding bigger hunks of meat in order to pass out any gold. Once the threshold is met, have the King make his "nuh UH!" face and have your character say something like, "Looks like he wants something bigger..." With this change (or something like it), you could get enough Gold with Morsels to get started on "the Gold tier", but if you wanted to continue getting easy Gold, you'd have to start ponying up Monster Meat or standard Meat or even Tallbird Eggs, all of which are much harder to come by. That's all I got. Looking forward to the next update!