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  1. Thought this was pretty funny actually. I was prepping my rocket to go but forgot to clear out the top layer of bunker tiles. It appears with a blocked path, the rocket tried to take off anyway and the steam engine blew up. Whoops.
  2. Hello! Recently I updated my mod (Show Me), and now it cause crash for some players. It's strange because logs says that it is different mod. https://pastebin.com/fhNN59QR https://pastebin.com/ykPLeF5g https://pastebin.com/MZDR2Tpa I'm trying to figure out what's going on and how my mod affect another mod. When I test both, all is fine for me, so I can't reproduce the crash. But people keep sending me crash reports. I even tried to use all mods (mostly client mods) that they have, but without crash.
  3. Duplicates continue to refuel the solid oxidizer tank, even when it is full. Duplicates continuously carry 20-25 milligrams of oxylite into it. Moreover, they continue to throw this oxylite into the platform from the rocket, when it has long flown away. Am I the only one having such a problem?
  4. hi guys i noticed in 3 playthrougs that extra nightmares start to appear after some world hoppings to shipwrecked and rog when playing as wendy, also sometimes extra abigails spawn and all die if 1 die " the flower works normally dropping into the ground no probs there". i lost a megabase to nightmare infestation, normally they are max 2 into non ruins areas right? i will take a print right now and show you guys i have like 5 following me now and sometimes they even "flicker" close to dying and respawn.
  5. Where is Ruby standing? https://imgur.com/2jWTFWW
  6. FYI Devs While playing yesterday, I was hit with this error message. I was just walking and hunting butterflies.
  7. What happens when liquid chlorine gets in contact with abyssalite under the just right circumstances? Both have extremely low heat conductivity, so no change should occur. Right? Except one! similarly as with insulation "flaking", "burping" - liquid's phase change (PCh) occurs under the right circumstances: heat source temperature is above PCh temp target's mass is larger than 5kg enough energy in the heat source to stay in the same phase and temp remains above target's PCh temp compared to solid's PCh, where only gas can be the heat source, liquid's PCh can be triggered by source in any phase. it's possible to displace the target/source as we need room for newly created material* *if the displacement rule is omitted, flaked liquid is lost (cause it's created as a liquid drop + one element rule); source looses way more energy(bug or calculation optimization ?) with getting PCh in the opposite direction ( gas->liquid, liquid->solid ) might somebody else have a better luck knowing this, we can either force the PCh to occur, or plan our builds to avoid it: rapid boiling / heat pipes primitive early game petroleum cooker pump made from basic ores pumping hot gases better liquefaction builds(LOX, LH2, LSG, ...): when avoiding PCh, better efficiencies can be reached, because sometimes PCh in terms of energy bugs out and the system (gas and liquid) as a whole GAINS energy :-/, which means more work for AT getting tungsten from abbysalite using Abyssolator™ debug tools are the limit, go find more and sometimes you just get the bugged out result the only initial difference was the amount of the steam, yet 20kg steam is colder than 10kg steam, and yet both tungsten blobs have the same weight and temp
  8. I've recently seen designs pop up on discord and the forums revolving around duplicants and/or sweepers accessing resources diagonally through walls. Most commonly, this has been for kitchen/great hall builds. However, I just recently saw a build which utilizes steam turbines to cool the output of a metal volcano, with a sweeper being able to diagonally access the cooled metal. This allowed the entire setup to be sealed in insulated tiles. Seeing these builds had me wonder if diagonal access itself should be considered a bug/exploit and fixed? I think builds like these are very interesting from a design and use of mechanics standpoint. However, I do slightly wonder if they may make things too trivial? Figured I'd reach out to the community here and see what others think. Edit: Attaching some pictures as examples. I snagged these off discord and/or other posts, so credit goes to their individual creators.
  9. Is it Intended r just a bug?? '-' WTF
  10. Well, with liquid duplication gone, I can now confirm that the metal cannon and liquid duplication are NOT the same bug. \ Behold, the Metal Printing Press, powered by dupes who refine steel, and a snapshot of a single printing. The metal refinery uses liquid steel as the coolant. The window tile below the metal refinery connects a tiny blob of petro (above the tile) to the coolant pool below the refinery, keeping the refinery nice and chill. The liquid in the refinery itself does not interact with this petro (as it reacts with the central tile under the refinery). You can use this printing press to secure tons of Tungsten. The automation is setup using edge detectors and clocks (I wanted to have some fun playing with edge detectors for the first time). The doors open/close 20 times a day, allowing for a maximum of 20 prints of 400kg of three types of metal. All doors are wolframite, except for the bottom door of each layer, which you can choose based on your printing desires. For the top door, the best choice is Thermium, as upon melting, you get both Tungsten and Niobium. The middle door is iron. The bottom door is gold, copper, or aluminum. I picked gold. The temp sensor under the liquid storage is set to 2850C. It should never reach this, but better safe than sorry, as I don't want all the wolframite to melt. The liquid feed into the metal refinery has a thermosensor set to 3100C which controls the shutoff. This prevents the steel from getting too hot. Once this thing is primed, you only need about 2 runs of steel a day to keep it going. Not much (someone else can do the computation for needed lime from eggshells). Side note: occasionally the doors fully melt (happens when the automation wire inside them gets too hot - most likely). When this happens, You go in, dig out any solidified tiles, and build a new door (and then wait a bit for the printing to resume as the door must reach full temp again). I have not been able to track down the full reason to prevent this from happening. To get this fully working in survival, just add some ladders for access. You can adjust the bottom area in any way you want to capture 1000Cish metal. Use it to power a turbine or two, or just use it hot and rebuild stuff at 45C. Here are some other screen shots. Whether this one gets fixed or not is not top priority. It's probably not going to affect new players, or most veterans, in any significant way. Though, here is a fun recent reddit post that got one newbie quite surprised. The post above is, I believe, directly connected to this problem, and it does impact newbies who decide to deconstruct their doors.... I haven't encountered it much, because once I put up a door, I almost never have a reason to deconstruct it. Happy tinkering all. I'm off to find some more shenanigans in the most recent builds. Here is the save file, if you want to open it and play. MetalPrintingPress.sav And here is one of many bug reports on this.
  11. I was playing "Invisible, Inc." 15.07.2019 via Steam (current version) with DLC. My character Prisma (from archive / with ability to become a guard) was standing at neighboring cell with camera-dron in guard form. Camera-dron should have been hacked in next turn by "Parasite v1.0". Dron was looking for my characters and started scaning in the start of enemy turn. Its scaning should break Prisma's gaurd form but the game lagged and dron started scaning endlessly (scaning was repeated endlessly).
  12. well just -20 max hp ouch... just look at this: (1 of 4 same options l've pressed) EDIT #1: l'm got -4 max hp as should. So it just Visual bug. (returned to game right after post.) [2nd Bug - minor] Also l found probably story script bug, in dialogue with Assassin if let him live. If l'm not wrong (l poor know english, but enough to understand most information with dictonary) - one of characters says "Kashio" is SHE. Maybe it trans or just changed gender... but when this character appear in bar and in Relationship book, he look Male gender. feels like EA walked here near.
  13. One mission I had gone to a camp and there were 2 Spree Thiefs. One named and one generic. For the first part of the scenario, it matched me against the named Spree. I chose to fight and I won via their surrender. It followed up with the unnamed Spree coming for revenge, and the fight was the unnamed Spree with the named Spree as backup. My issue is that the named Spree had only 3HP, with 3DMG required for him to surrender. I made the unnamed Spree surrender, but the named kept fighting unphased, so I had to kill him to end the combat. Is the game meant to have these combats where you're forced to perform a kill instead of a scenario? I feel like some sort of oversight happened here. Thanks, Spelunk
  14. I've just started a new run on the Lava Asteroid and deliberately choose °miscalculated printingpod" as world's trait. After a couple of cycles i've found that i've been spawned almost on the top of the asteroid (which is expected from the world's trait) BUT i am seeing gravitas facility have been spawned basically in the sky not attached to the asteroid. Could this be considered a bug in the world generation algorithm or it should be considered as normal behavior ? p.s. Furthermore there's no abyssalite layer covering the top, is this intended too?
  15. When i put lumber in conveyors thwy appear named as genetic ooze but their propertys still working without a problem.
  16. I found this by accident: You can replicate the old lantern glitch with a webber's skull. Take a look here to understand:
  17. so i survived my first year and mating season came right? It ended right? WRONG! Im on my second year and the beefalos are still in mating season. Help please
  18. In this topic, there will be bugs that people have always had to adhere to, or just wanted to, and have never been fixed, feel free to post here images and stories about the bug
  19. This is annoying bcs i want to play the game a lot... PS: Savefile will crash in 1-2 secs after unpause The Leaky Crashpad.sav
  20. My Base was supposed to be in here before the last update 1 hour ago... WTF
  21. I am on the volcano asteroid and I got a single arbor tree from the pod and I've had it in a hydroponic farm tile for many harvests and it never produces an acorn. I'm feeding it my bathroom water. Is there some mechanic I'm not understanding here?
  22. So I've gone from 5,000 to about 70,000 calories available in my colony. The reports all say -300, -3000 or whatever each cycle... come on. Or maybe they aren't considering the printed care packages that come either? Something is seriously off in the math.
  23. A few months ago, the invisible inc Discord server discovered that the DLC had some of its bugfixes undone: Notice the MANIFESTID of the latest version being the same as a few versions earlier. This seems to be caused by, or concide with, this update: In particular, the last two hotfixes listed here are missing: Curiously, it seems some earlier hotfixes are also not working, such as "Prisoners, Couriers and Monst3r won't steal your agencies borrowed gear now.". We notified @Jason directly before, but nothing changed. The crash-fixes are still missing from the current main branch. Hopefully it wouldn't be too much trouble to rollback the rollback? Thank you!
  24. When using any modded character and opining the warderobe or selecting a piece of clothing on the character selection screen, the game crashes.
  25. First of all, I apologize if a similar topic was already made in the past but I couldnt find one so I wanted to try my luck here. [Issue] So, yesterday I tried to travel to my RoG world using the skyworthy but when the loading screen ended the game crashed. When I tried to reopen the savegame the game seems to be "stuck" in a timefreeze, I can still open the map or move items in my inventory around (even console commands work) but it seems like I cant move, nor do anything else. I already travelled to my RoG world before the recent update and it never crashed or had this issue before and in some of those instances I had the same mods enabled. [Mods] I have had plenty of mods enabled but all of those are only QoL mods that dont affect the gamecontent (except of one which lets you craft bigger Chests but in the RoG world I didnt have any of those so I dont think that caused this issue). If more details are needed I can list all of them. [Savefile] I added my savefile to this in case someone wants to take a look and maybe find a solution to this (I think all saveslots are included, in which case its the saveslot 3 that has this issue) Let me know if you have any ideas on how to possibly fix this :thumbsup: [EDIT] It seems like the bug was related to the recent update that got patched with the last hotfix - topic closed