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Found 11 results

  1. Adding automation to the Ice-E fan would be nice. This way we could set up temperature automation on the Ice-E Fan so Duplicants would only operate it when needed. Currently I enable/disable the the Ice-E Fan manually.
  2. I've got like, tonnes of ideas for this game - as I'm sure we all do. Plant growing germs, paint, water treatment plant, drains, rework of the plumbing system, gravitas zombies... list goes on. For automation however! I think there needs to be a few more tools in the basket before release. 1. Dupe Rally Point (Automation. Building). When the signal is active, nearby dupes are drawn to the device. You can toggle all dupes or select certain dupes to be affected (similar to a door). Has a limited but rather large range. Possibly works off 'room' logic. Can be used to 'call in' dupes during a meteor shower. Can be used to 'evacuate' a room if there is a germ breach. Can be used to 'kite' dupes to certain areas whether to be for work, amazing races, slaughter pits (i don't know.) Actually scratch that, I'm thinking this could be a 'smart' door. When active it tells dupes to run through the door or blocks certain dupes from going through. 2. Signal Counter Sensor (Automation. Building). Produces an active signal when a certain amount of active signals have been sent. This has two inputs (a reset) and an output. Similar to a memory toggle. It has a number represented on it that incrementally goes up and you chose when the active signal is on. Being a building, it can't be placed behind objects. This is because of the counter display. Counts up to 99. Players will probably daisy chain them to create arrays to count higher than 99. Can be used to count dupes leaving an area. Can be used to 'measure' the flow of a pipe or vent. (If it detects fluid or gas for each tick it will go up). Can be used to count days with a clock sensor. You might d/c power to or unlock doors for a geyser. These two items would add great value and allow a lot more creative options for automating. Chur.
  3. Not sure if this actually exists in the game, I don't think so it I couldn't find it. So here is my question. Is there a way to optimise automation, for example say I have a smart storage with 20 medicines packs and I connect it to a pharmacy, with a not gate so the dupes stop producing medicine packs when the storage container is full (20 packs). When a dupe get sick they take a pack out of the storage and they start making new ones. Is there a way to let's say make between 10-20 medicine packs, make the packs until the storage has reached 20, stop producing until the storage is at 10 and make the inventory again till 20. Now it seems to be a waste of time to have a surplus as the dupes continue producing when one item is taken out of the storage. I know the memory gate works this way but the smart containers only have 1 automation output. This obviously also applies to other ingredients like food and materials Maybe it would be a nice suggestion to add the option.
  4. Hi. I've done some experiments with aquatuner theses past weeks and there's a big flaw with them. The aquatuner will use the same amount of power regardless of what is going through it's pipes. If there's is 10g passing through it will consume 1200W and if there's 10Kg it will consume the same amount. But here's the deal; if your coolant source runs out or output at a very low rate, you can't have the guarantee that your pipes will contain 10Kg of coolant. The only way to ensure your pipes are full is by building a pressure valve. I found 3 way of doing just that and they all come with flaws : 1. The hydro sensor room : Consume 240W more, first packet pumped will always weight 5Kg 2. The pressure valve mod by nightinggale : Can be buggy but best solution ATM 3. Sequentially overflowing the inputs : Break if the overflow system have a constant flow of less than 10Kg/s at the input So here's my suggestion (to Klei devs or any modder): Can we have a Liquid pipe pressure sensor ? It's the same as the Liquid pipe thermo sensor, but detect pressure inside the pipe. Basically an Hydro sensor for pipes. We could build a simple pressure valve with the Pressure sensor and a Shutoff valve. Feel free to comments, critics... Thanks.
  5. A mechanian to bundle multiple automation wires into one wire. Currently, if you want to wire a lot of automation wires over long distance. You have to run a lot of parallel wires. At the same time, a wireless automation seems to make things a bit too trivial. I propose having a automation conduit/bus system. It consist of the following. 1. The Bus - visually like a heavy electric wire, does not intersect with automation wires. 2. Input Patch - place on top of the Bus, receives automation signal. 3. Output Patch - place on top of the Bus, emits automation signals. Defaults to Off signal. Both input and output patch can be set to a channel value between 1 and 16. Anytime an Input Patch receives an on signal, all Output patch sitting on the same Bus with the same channel emits an On signal.
  6. Well... Sometimes I build large pools of liquids with heat exchange systems and I want to make sure, tht the temperature is isotropic... And the automation macaroni is painful. I think, that a heavy automation wire should not be really difficult to work with - it could have 1x1 input/output tile to be build on top of it, that would have one nuber, set from 0 to 255, to choose the logic channel. I would really help make automation tidy. I think that radio transmitters would also be in order, probably much easier to implement. Heavy logic wire should not be cheap - it should cost 100 reffined metals and 100 plastics per tile, and behave like regular heavy wire.
  7. Like the Space Scanner, it'd be a menu option where you can have it operate differently based on three different modes. One feature it could have is the ability to limit the number of dupes that have passed through that point. The way that would work is that it'd increment by one each time a duplicant passes through, and decrease when they come back. When that ticks to zero it turns red and it'll deny entry. Another feature could be to deny duplicants who are covered in germs
  8. Need a automated device which once activated, generates a custom alert on the top-left side of the screen. (Like starvation or suffocation) So there is something you cannot build or prevent in the first place, and this alert reminds you now it's time to do it.
  9. G10MM-3R [RoG/SW/HAM]

    Version 1.6


    Automate gathering resources! --- --- G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher. It can: - Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources), - Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. - Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured), - Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured). It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base"). It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken. You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab. --- G10MM-3R on Steam: This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here:
  10. HELLO GUYZ! (•ω•) That’s a very long time I haven’t write a post. Well, today I am going to introduce some ideas to the automation system. Yeah, I do mean, it really need something better. Here we go. 1. Flow count sensors 2. Pluse Gate 3. Data wire and arithmetics system 4. Duplicant sensors 5. Bypass Counter 6. Egg sensor There’ll be new ideas updated soon if I have any. Any ideas? Please comment! (•ω•)
  11. Hi guys. After countless hours I was able to fully automate my rocket launcher. Here is a general description of how it works: I have 4 main components: water-clock that counts time from when the rocket is ready to start to when it is back in the dock. For me that's 46kg water-clock time. Rocket starting indicator - this module is on a 75 sec timer. It will be active when the rocket is ready and stay active for that 75 sec. Rocket is docking indicator - this module is activated when the water-clock hits the target. It will stay active for 100 sec. Both indicators will make the Gantry close and dock door open when active. Rocket is not in dock indicator. This part is only active when a rocket is not docked (that is - it is starting, in space or landing). It is activated when a rocket is ready to start and reset when it bunker door start to close after landing. There are also two additional modules for steam generation and steam capture that are active when rocket is docked. Those are not esential to the build and can be skipped. This works perfectly but you will need to calibrate the water-clock first. It is activated when the rocket is ready to start by closing the water-clock trap door and starting the pump. When the rocket lands it will open the door and stop the pump again. Or gate on top of th screen can be ignored. I forgot to delete it. Hope this helps - regards Automation - no rocket in dock: Automation - rocket docked: No rocket docked: Rocket docked: Water and cooling system: Vent system: