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Found 18 results

  1. *NEW version 2019: Rido V5 Airborn + Land Butchery Edition Stand-alone (No need integration) Fully Automated Capable while still allow Manual Drop off Compact ( 5w 4+1H) Efficient (Kill living Critter in the room within a Cycle) Universal (Able to kill all land critter except pokeshell[via dropoff or egg delivery])
  2. Hey, new to the forums and wanted to share a bit of automation with everyone. It will send a UI alert as soon as something starts to go wrong so you don't have to find out when you're already in the middle of a food shortage or energy crisis. It's pretty simple, I'd be surprised if it hadn't been done before but my inspiration for designing my own was not being able to find one anywhere else. It's been real helpful for me, hope it is for some of y'all as well.
  3. It would be cool if the rocket engines had an automation output that sends green on "rocket currently docked". It would simplify some things for me greatly.
  4. I was to set an automation circuit to kick on the dispenser, open doors in serie, etc... when to my surprise the regolith go right through the doors! Is it because regolith got the same propriety as sand? Well while I am at it, does someone has a way to improve on this automation? clock set to 1% -> send a green signal 6 sec per cycle -> to automatic dispenser releasing regolith and to first door to open. The buffer is set to 5 sec so it takes that long to open => both doors open for 1 seconde (regolith falls down to shove voles pit). May be there is a better way to send just a pulse for a short time, but i can only think of a clock.
  5. Where is Ruby standing?
  6. Hiya, I've been trying to tame a copper volcano, I am having some success cooling down the copper however I can't figure out the automation. Currently I have the copper dropping onto a steel door and this being cooled via liquid pipes. I have tried to toggle the door to open once the copper is below a certain temperature. From there it is carried away. However.. because of the way I'm cooling it, once it drops below that temperature the door stays open and any new copper just falls straight through. Furthermore, thermo sensors don't seem to be recieving heat from the temp shift plate it's sat on. (the whole thing is vacuumed). I tried with it locked in an insulated box with a blob of gas but that didn't seem the best solution.
  7. Do you ever wish that we had more signals than just Red and Green? Some way to orchestrate things so that they trigger sequentially, without implementing a binary sequence of Memory Cells? Want to trigger some automation on cycles 2,3, and 5, but not on cycles 1, 4, 6, or 7? Presenting the Quantum Water clock! (Gosh darn it, Otto!) This is much the same as a standard water clock in terms of concept and setup, with two related advantages: It's modular -- the core circuit able to be extended indefinitely to the left to whatever arbitrary length is desired It's output is quantized -- allowing multiple water clocks to exist as part of the same circuit (A 3-Clock can exist simultaneously as a single water clock, three sequential 1/3 clocks, or a pair of 2/3 clock and 1/3 clocks) This is still a water clock -- a valve controls how much fluid enters the system, and changing the rate of flow determines how fast the automation output cycle back and forth. Unlike a traditional water clock, however, the Quantum Water Clock is composed of N circuits connected together. The example above uses a 3-Clock in order to turn on the lamps, one after another. It consists of a base circuit (the right-most), plus N-1 Child circuits, the last of which is an end circuit. Therefore, the smallest Quantum Water Clock is a 2-Clock. (If you want a 1-Clock, use a regular Water Clock instead!) The Quantum Waterclock takes advantage of flow rules, entering the first shutoff until it backs up. Each successive shutoff triggers the next memory circuit in line, while also flushing the previous circuit, and locking the chamber from further output. Finally, when a packet reaches the final circuit overflow, the automation resets the shutoff valves, allowing the process to repeat. To embrace 4-Clocks and beyond, simple duplicate the middle circuit, and move the end circuit left. There's definitely room for improvement (such as determining why there's the brief period of overlap between signals), and I'd ideally like to make the whole contraption more compact if I can, but at this point it's "good enough", and I thought I'd share it with the forum in the hopes the collective brain trust can make use of and/or improve it! (Especially since my first attempt at this discovered a fluid duplication bug...) [All of this because I want to leave my shine nymph eggs on the ground for at-most 4 cycles before sweeping them up!]
  8. I was trying to make a sequential waterclock by using different elements in series. (And boy was that a hassle to get into the right pipes in the right order), The goal was to make a sequential, wrapping, automation output based on the number of elements -- so if you have 5 outputs, only 1 would ever be Green at a given time, and which output was Green would change sequentially over the course of the waterclock loop. However, I found an element duplication bug instead Is there a way to achieve this with a single element instead? I have some ideas, but I thought perhaps that someone may have already connived such a thing. I'm looking for a 5 cycle timer, but I figure most proofs of concept would be expandable to most timeframes.
  9. Hey dupes and dupettes, here is how I automate my stables, hoping you can find this useful. This is by no means necessary, but ONI is about doing all the unneeded and over engineered things, right? To fully automate a stable you need one or more clocks and a critter dispenser. Preferably you'll want an already full stable to start with. I use a water clock as it is reliable as long as you don't have brownouts or blackouts. This post explains how to build one. Mini water pumps are a thing now, so you can build one that consumes less power and uses less water. Once you've built your clock, you'll have to set it so that it gives a green signal everytime a critter dies. To find the desired value just divide (critter lifespan) by (number of critters), then multiply by the grams/second value you've set on your valve. For hatches, shove voles, pips and pokeshells, all of which live 100 cycles, you'll want a value of 12,5 cycles (100/8), or 7500 seconds. At e.g. 10 g/s, this would be 75 kg. This is valid assuming that your stables only house one critter morph at a time. If you want multiple morphs, you'll have to build more clocks and set them accordingly. If your stable houses only one type of critter you can also just use a critter sensor instead of a clock, but that is boring and totally not fun. You'll then have to build a dispenser (they can be made quite small by using pneumatic doors) and a system that ensures that only one egg will be delivered every 12,5 cycles. To achieve this you can use a conveyor shutoff. The shutoff entry port must be near the wall, and the room should be sealed. When our clock (represented by the hydro sensor) reaches the desired value it will send a green pulse to the memory toggle, enabling the conveyor shutoff. The next egg that passes by will enter the shutoff and the critter sensor will detect it, sending a green pulse to the reset port of the memory toggle. Additional eggs will bypass the shutoff, until our clock gives a green signal again. What you do with those eggs, well, their destiny is in your hands. To make the dispenser you can take advantage of the mechanic that causes critters to fall through closed pneumatic doors if they get trapped inside a door. Here's an example: This is a hatch dispenser. The critter will reach adulthood on the tile under the conveyor chute. It will then jump on the nearby tile, where the critter sensor will detect it, closing the door behind it and opening the next door (the horizontal one). As soon as the hatch enters the door frame, the door is slam shut and the critter falls inside the stable. For pokeshells you'll need a taller version, since they are 2 tiles high when adult, or you can make the dispenser slightly wider and without a jump to drop the baby down instead. When dealing with pips, dreckos and shove voles you can either use a dispenser or drop the eggs in a water pool, separated from the stable by an open door. Since pipsqueaks, drecklets and vole pups can climb walls, they will instantly try to reach for a safe zone when they are born, thus entering the stable. Since they hate water, they won't path back out of the stable. You can use this for slicksters too, if they hatch at the bottom of an oil pool they will float upwards. Just remember to not include gaps in the dispenser, and to use refined metal, obsidian or diamond window tiles for shove voles. When dealing with flying critters you can also use liquids to your advantage. This method works with pufts and shine bugs. Here pufts hatch in the water lock and enter the stable. They can't path back, even if the top liquid layer is only a few grams. You can trap the puft prince somewhere using water and feed him oxygen. He won't be groomed, will consume much less and will still be counted as present in the stable, boosting egg chances for the other pufts. To conclude, here is a little project I'm currently working on in order to build it in survival mode. It's a stacked ranch for pips, hatches and pokeshells, using some unusual shapes. Some overlays, work in progress. In case you were wondering, the stacked liquids are 200 kg (one bottle) each, except for the top water layer in the pip ranch (1000 kg per tile) Also bear in mind that, when dealing with critter morphs, an extremely unfortunate event can happen: if every critter drops the wrong type of egg as the clock goes green, you'll soon experience a time window of 1/(time to reproduce) cycles where the stable is not full. This can also happen if all critters lay an egg just before the clock goes green. You can prevent this by having a buffer room with sweepers on a clock where eggs sit for some cycles, or even hatch and it also acts as a killroom. This will also ensure that an egg will be delivered exactly every 12,5 cycles and you won't have to wait for a critter to lay one.. but... Oh well....Still have to find a way to make it look not ugly. In fact, gonna try it again now. I hope you found this information useful, see ya! Much love
  10. 我想与大家分享一种独特的编程方式,有点像图灵机。 I want to share with you a unique way of programming, a bit like Turing machine. 这个想法已经存在了很长一段时间,但在暑假期间,我终于有机会实现它。 This idea has existed for a long time, but during the summer vacation, I finally had the chance to realize it. 使用液体作为寄存器和元件传感器作为磁头,可以读取数据。使用自动液压阀控制过程执行。流量阀用于控制信号的实际延时。 Using liquid as registers and component sensors as magnetic heads, data can be read.Use automatic hydraulic valve to control process execution. Flow valve is used to control Actual Delay of Flow Valve for Control Signal 如图所示,(这里的翻译帮不了我了)总之,我做了一个空气助推器。 As the picture shows, in short, I made an air booster. 最后,我想知道游戏制作者是否想要启动FPGA或其他编程语言来实现辅助自动化?比如教育MOD。 Finally, I want to know if the game maker wants to start the FPGA or Other programming languages for Auxiliary Automation?For example, education MOD.
  11. I have a logic problem and i can't seem to figure out how to solve it using full automation This is what i would like to solve. First time an input Y flickers green (green for short duration) output A turns green and stays green Second time input input Y flickers green output B turns green and stays green then output A again,.. etc that is altering between two different outputs with a signal from the same logic input I figured out one way pumping gas back and fourth between two contained areas and measure gas pressure that seem to work. but its not very elegant... I would like a solution using pure logic circuits.. Happy for any help.
  12. I wish we could disallow manual use for all the containers, That would be keep dupes from doing the delivery that the autosweeper could have done in 2 secs if that single duplicant on the other side of the map didnt decide to deliver that 20kg of refined carbon.. Like a little check box Autosweeper Take things out Yes Put things in No Duplicants Take things out No Put things in Yes I think that would allow us to build more efficient builds that dupes won't interfere with, and waste time
  13. Rockets have become quite cumbersome with the resource replenishment system. To get the full bang for your buck, rocket launches must be delayed, because the targets don't replenish a full cargo load between flights. Otherwise, a significant amount of fuel goes to waste - for example, running a rocket with only one cargo bay continously to one of the 30k satellites will result in an efficiency of roughly 50%, because trip time of 9 cycles (if we intentionally skip the rocket navigation talent), times replenishment of 55.6 kg equals just north of 500kg of retrievable material, yet we have to provide fuel for 1000kg every trip. That's a waste of 50% of the fuel. Two solutions come to mind: a) let us configure how much cargo we want to load, and calculate fuel requirements accordingly. It could be the same slider that we're currently using for the fuel modules. b) give us some additional automation tools so we can delay rocket launches, like the engine giving a signal whenever the rocket is landed and fuel tanks giving a signal when full I do love me some good automation, so playing kid in the candy store, these are the automation components I would love to see: Signal to Tick Converter Gate: Gives off a single tick Signal upon receiving a constant signal Toggle Gate: Similar to the memory gate, but just simply toggles it's state when the input circuit changes from no signal to signal Timer: Similar to the clock, but allows configuration in seconds, up to, say, 6000, so we can actually time things beyond the frame of one cycle All these things can currently be built, but are very cumbersome and space-hungry.
  14. How about an automation signal that isn't so restrictive, being Open or Closed? Was just now wanting to use the motion sensor to make a door automatically open when dupes get near it, so as to avoid them having to wait as long to go through it, I completely forgot that when the signal is red, it just locks the door instead so they'll never use it. So I was thinking that a yellow signal for automation would be nice, add an option of it outputting a red or yellow signal to certain items, like the motion sensor, if it outputs a yellow signal, the item in this case would leave the door at "Auto" setting so dupes will still go for the door, but instead of them having to rub against the door and wait for however long, it'll automatically open when they get within the radius of the sensor~ This could possibly have a use on many appliances in the game, not just doors, though doors would be the big one for me but could certainly experiment with other things as well.
  15. Pictured below is the current preview build UI for the element sensor. At at glance you may notice: Output Red: All gas outputs (shouldn't this be "gas contents"?) Output Green: None This seems to imply that When the contents of the pipe has any gas in it, the output will be red. When the contents of the pipe has no gas in it, the output will be green. I hoped we would finally be able to simply detect whether the pipe contains any content or not again, but this was not the case. Apparently the interpretation is "all circumstances" are red and "no circumstances" are green. If this the intended behavior, please add an option to the list: "Any". We should be able to detect whether or not anything at all is in the pipe simply. As a bonus, maybe sort the list alphabetically? It's almost there, but Polluted Oxygen is out of place.
  16. One change to the Smart Storage Container that would make it much more useful is to change the thresholds to work like the smart battery. For instance, if you could set it to 10000 kg -> active, 20000 kg -> standby. This would stop the automation from rapdily toggling between on and off. This is the biggest problem to making the container useful. The most obvious use I want from the smart container is to use it as an output buffer for dupe operated buildings, such as a metal refinery, and you can't use it that way right now without complicated automation. What we have now is like this: a smart battery set to 100% both values, hooked up to a manual generator. Of course in this situation you will end up with dupes hopping on and off the generator. You don't have a buffer. It's the same thing with the Smart Storage, you don't have a buffer, and that's why it's not commonly used.
  17. Emm, Now we use bridge-priority and element sensor to detect whether the reservoir is full or not. But it makes the pipe system too complicated and takes too much space. I suppose one smart reservoir which could give out the automation signal like the smart battery will do the job. The pipe system will become much more simple.
  18. G10MM-3R [RoG/SW/HAM]

    Version 1.6


    Automate gathering resources! --- --- G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher. It can: - Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources), - Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. - Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured), - Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured). It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base"). It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken. You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab. --- G10MM-3R on Steam: This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here: