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Found 255 results

  1. toki-dokke

    Art Stream

    Hihi! So I'm shamelessly plugging my art streams here because I just want to do more stuff while I finish off my last semester for my Associate's degree- I'll be switching back and forth but I'll be on both and (Picarto didn't work out :(, so all the streams will be on Twitch only!) This thread will be holding all the art I do on stream AS WELL as taking requests for streams! (so if there's anything you'd like for me to draw on the stream or if you make fanart of my OCs and want it featured let me know!) holla at ya boi. Starting this thread off with the piece I finished today! (thanks minespatch and friend for joining!) (there's a gummy worm because of the stream)
  2. Hey, guys, I'm new on the Klei website but I've been on the Don't Starve Discord for a while. I can do little doodle requests and scenarios for any one who wants to see a certain thing brought to life. I mainly draw Willow, Wilson, Maxwell, Webber, Wendy, Wes and Wilbur but I can draw most of the characters anyway (I prefer to stick to these though ;P) Oh we can just chat or whatever, that's fine. I might just drop random drawings in here anyway.
  3. I've no idea what this is. this is a art dump kinda sorta not really. I'll shut up now so you can enjoy the drawings i drew out of boredom.
  4. Hello! I've been playing this game since this month and everything has been an eye candy! Here's a little Winter's Feast tribute as my first post. I hope to have a good time! Never really posted on a forum before, but everyone seems to be making their own thread, oh well I seem to draw Wilson than everyone else but a lil bit of everyone is great!
  5. GetRektKids

    DST Art!

    I know the quality isn't great... But trust me it looks alot better in person! DANG PEBROT YOU LIKED THAT FAST!
  6. Okay... here goes nothing... I have an art thread now! I don't know how regularly I'll update, but... a small start's still a start! So let's start with an OC: Wyami'ina! Wyami'ina was the princess of the Ancients, daughter to the king and queen, though she was involved in a accident involving nightmare fuel, which... changed her. After that same fuel destroyed her kingdom years later, she developed a fear of the dark and all manner of tenebrous places... and when Maxwell came and turned the Constant into a constant nightmare, she developed a fierce and violent hatred of him. Stats: Health - 120 Hunger - 200 Sanity - 80
  7. So I'm SCP trash, and instead of filling my other DS-related art thread with SCP stuff, I decided to throw it here. First off, let me dump all of my "bad" art that I made a hot minute ago. My artstyle and skill has since changed. Now onto actually competent, recent drawings. Here's a doodle of a very simplistic 682. A (botched) Wendy pestering 049. Not a ship, I just thought this'd be a funny situation. Here are some comparison images of SCP-049 and SCP-049-2 in the DS/T mod. Both crappy sprites were made in February, the new 049 sprite was made in August, and the new 049-2 sprite was made in November. I can't believe there was a time where I thought these old sprites were okay. Just did this one today, here's some spooky bois. More 106!
  8. Pinkamena11FazP

    Some doodles I made

    I might add on and god Maxwell's jawline was a pain in the neck to draw.
  9. Willow/Aria (from crypt of the necrodancer). I think I drew this a couple years ago, didn't shown this to anyone much
  10. So uh...I know this is a thing people do and i haven't really made my own topic before! an o.n.i. art thread! these are just my first few- after i finish up with a current project i'll probably have a lot more!
  11. Not sure how forums work, but hey, hello!! :") My brother insisted many times that I should start posting my art, so here I am. Hello I'm Mei!!! To start, I've been thinking a lot about how Wilson is usually shown as a successful man on his thriunphant skin, but personally, I've always had this idea that if Charlie hadn't appeared, he really wouldn't be able to accomplish what a Shadow King would. Unlike Maxwell, he'd spend the rest of eternity without creating a thing, without acomplishing anything... Just him in an empty room and the bitter company of a chatty gramophone Thankfully he was saved from such a fate :') Some other highlights: (all on this thread)
  12. silly moment i got noticed!!
  13. Hello! For the first time I am creating a topic on this forum, I hope I did everything right. I am from Russia, but I try to learn English Here I will post my drawings on the theme of the game and I will try to do it often =) Very soon, the New Year and we have already decorated Christmas trees and lights on them ... and Willow too
  14. Hello! I'm new one here) I'm self-taught artist, who like to draw DS things. I want to start from old art with my vision of winter Wes (love this one so much).
  15. Hello there! I'm StaticGarble. I usually just post art for the weekly art stream but I guess I'll try making my own art thread. I will probably be posting digital art, sketchbook doodles, and maybe even an occasional animated gif or something. I'll just start this off with a few of my art stream drawings.
  16. watermelen671

    The Melon's Art Thread

    Well whaddya know? I've decided to be COMPLETELY unoriginal and make yet another art thread for you forumers to sift through. Please bear in mind that it's not going to be specifically Klei-related games that I'm drawing, and some might not even be "new", as I've drawn plenty of things in the past, but I've yet to "publish" them. Edit: @minespatch has the right word for it. Basically all my work are redraws of previously made work by different artists.So what I'm saying is yes, I did make these, but I do not claim to own the art that I redrew, nor do I claim that these are original works of my own fruition. Translation: I'm not plagiarizing Klei's magnificent work and I luv them a whole bloody bunch and I wish they'd take in my request to make a cardboard cutout of @jambell and stick it in their stream room so I'll stop demanding for Jambell every freaking time they stream and you should go buy all their games because they're a great dev studio and I wanna see them make big bucks and make more great games and maybe finally release the Rose Skins for Steam users and... *continues rambling* Regardless, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not blatantly trying to plagiarize Klei and their artwork. Anyways! I'm gonna start this off strong with my personal favourites: And yes, most of these will be black and white, because I'm simply too lazy to put time and effort into properly coloring. :3
  17. Pinkamena11FazP

    Birthday doodle

    Just a bit of a doodle of Wes celebrating my Birthday today. (made 12/31/2019)
  18. acá hablamos español banda, aun que también puedo probar algo de inglés, por favor, esto es solo arte, no quiero hate aca,
  19. Pinkamena11FazP

    DST Doodle I made

    I was inspired off of a scene from Todd Sweeny the Demon barber so here you go world enjoy
  20. Greetings fellow residents! I’ve been SUUUUUPER into playing DST and the general story of Don’t Starve World itself recently! Even though I can barely last a season, I still love playing with strangers and enjoying an online community. I’ve been doing fan art of DS and I’m gonna post my art since people will probably appreciate it here. i also am open to requests and making doodles of ideas! Just don’t beg/spam the thread also no nsfw/rude/explicit/etc requests. Wanna keep it PG13 as much as I can. Heres my social links if you wanna follow me! Twitter ~ Instagram (This is my little OC, Imp! She’s a 8 inch imp demon with fuchsia pink accent with coal black body and one eye) Alrighty then let’s start this thing off with Wilson in his Triumphant Skin. And here’s another few I did a couple of months back.
  21. --SUPER UPDATE-- Willette now has a... ready for it? A PAYPAL! now there is no need to throw your money at the screen, or worry that you can't ask me to draw you something off-topic! Now you can just PM me, so we could talk 'bout off-topic draws. Send me messages so we can talk about the draws, have lots of fun and throw money at your screen- no wait, you don't have to do that. Just use PayPal to send Willette some moneys as a present, because why not, idk, you don't have to ;3 Have a super-duper day! oh, and, it doesn't mean i'm stopping requests. I'm just going to draw EVEN MORE, not just ds stuff! MUHAHAHAH! --update-- ds related stuff can be requested in the thread i am a newbie at these forums and seem to know less about the game's features than others. Although, i liked the game so much, that i decided to draw some... stuff! not like i'm a super professional artist, but i'm learning and i want to become one in future! so... yeah. some colored wilson right here aaaand an attempt to make a comics and a character at the same time... also, here's a full size image so... what do you think? not like i actually think THIS is worth anything, but i am enjoying drawing *just so everyone could know, if somehow BY ANY CHANCE someone will like this stuff, i can't promise posting anything every day or so. And if i will goof around and make grammar or spelling mistakes, please don't be angry as this is not my mother tongue.
  22. Hey there, I'm a creator. Artist, mild technomancer, meme-lord extraordinaire. This is my general topic for DST art, memes, modding, little creation tips, and whatever else might come to pass. Mostly the first two. This top post is an archive where I'll attempt to compile my Klei-related creations. I won't be posting .PSD files because of reasons, but in most cases, they are available via PM. Simple requests like that via PM are totally fine. Just don't try to like, talk to me via PM. Anxiety. I will literally die. [There is a metric ton of stuff for me to import here from the old topic. Getting there.] -o- ARHT -o- -o- Mods -o- -o- Meme Hell -o-
  23. Hi, This is my first time posting my art on the forums so hopefully I did this right. I did this drawing of Wilson and Willow for Valentine's Day
  24. Went on a bit of a spree recently indulging in drawing some Woodie fanart to celebrate his rework haha Pretty short post but I'm really happy with how all o' these came out. Enjoy and feel free to leave any comments and thoughts!~ You can find more of my stuff on twitter under @smokinchips (but please don't if you don't wanna see nsfw stuffs or are under 18 bc I gave up managing 2 accounts! xo) To start, here's a short story comic (to try/practice making comics haha) on how Woodie got his new forms / a bit of backstory speculation~ And next... A plucky Weregoose jumping ship from a doomed vessel to fight the towering tides of the storm alone - followed by last of all, a fierce Weremoose charging headfirst into piles of fiery leaves and pitiful little spiders!!
  25. Pinkamena11FazP

    Some DST Art

    Just a picture of Woodie and Wendy I drew in my style.