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Found 12 results

  1. I've been thinking that the bramble husk, when imported to dst, should be beefed. The reasons are the following: - In DS, armor values stack. In DST it doesnt - In DST bramble protection won't help vs anything - In DST part of the point of character specific items is that other players can make use of it too. (With a few exceptions, like Lucy) So with this In mind this is my take of how I'd like the armor to behave in DST: - Let it have the same durability as a log suit (currently in DS it has a lower value) - Let it have the same protection as a log suit (In DS it has only 65% against 80% of log suits) - Let it replace the bramble protection with DST compatible spiky things, like cactus and spiky bush. - Damage dealt to melee attackers: Same This is the bare minimum I'd expect from it, to be a slightly better log suit. Now to make it a truly interesting item, I'd add one more thing: - Let the armor be a living plant, and thus during daytime it will slowly regain some of its own lost durability. It should be very slow though, im talking about 8%-12% regained a day on average (It will depend on daylight duration, and being on the outside world). If it reaches 0% durability it will break like any other armor. The logic behind this is because it is made with living logs which, despite the fact that wormwood can make them, is still an expensive and magical item. With the aforementioned changes, even if im not using wormwood, I'd definately offer a Wormwood bone shards and 2 healing salves to make me an armor. I can also forsee low durability bramble husks left on a corner of any surface base so they catch some sunlight, and then picked up 10 days later when they are at 100% again.
  2. Hey, so my mod is nearly done, but I've just got one more thing to add, a character-exclusive item. The item itself is a hood that's supposed to give insulation, sanity regain and a bit of armor. The only problem is that I don't know how to make an item only craft-able by a mod character. I used the hat template and made it a standalone mod, but I have no idea how to combine it with my character's main mod file. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. Darh's Mods Pack

    Version 1.3


    This is my tweaked mods pack. credits for their authors. no mod is mine, just balance them, fix, add content.... This pack includes: Default's item pack [<domyślny>] Additional Equipment (fixed, compatible with servers with caves) [Silentine] icepack can be open at the same time as the backpack include bunnyback and houndback from Additional Equipment DS [Silentine] Aditional Item Package (Need Many more ores) [smith3 -- MagVI] include Golden Minecart [smith3 -- MagVI] The Maxwell's Revenge (Many functions disabled but you can edit this for enable) [Don] include Light Spear [Inspector Dave](reworked) fixed year of PigKing incompatibility Steampunk [star -- Hast] Asparagus and Chocolate and Coffee[Keidence -- yuli] [Hast -- Kuloslav][Mert the Türk] Deluxe Cooking Pot [Astro -- Jankiwen] Domestication Fixed [Darcrov] Many more ores(include many mods) Moar Metals [RoG] [DST] [Cr3ePMan -- Globalastick] Tungsten Mod [ outseeker (au) -- Marqson-- Mr. Gentleman --Zarklord] Shadow Tools [FelixTheJudge -- Neu7ral] Expanded Shadow Armory [FelixTheJudge] Lunar Tools [FelixTheJudge] Marble Combat [FelixTheJudge] Felix's Explosive Bomb Pack [FelixTheJudge] Special Saddles [Ryuu -- pinkmollies] 77_Downvest [The77sim3] Mace [Mico] Spiked Mace [Mico] Blood bag [Pirate Joe -- Delicius] Booty Pack [^-,...,-^] (can be open as chest or equiped as backpack) Eelight DST [Globalastick] Lovely Chest (Fireproof) [RiverSwim] Madman's Fighting Pack [star -- Madman666] More armor [noerK -- VaneshKi] More Gold Tools(DST) [JustJasper] Moving Box [Jelly -- Peanut Butter] Notebook [KaiserKatze] Monster Hambat [kasra9400] Battle Horn [Tykvesh] Dining Table [宵征] DST Gesture wheel [rezecib] DST Minimap HUD [squeek] DST Always on status [rezecib -- &nbsp;Kiopho] Extra Equip Slots Increase Storage [Luis95R] koalefant beefstification [imperialistic dog] Simple economy [AppleMomo] Super Wall (Need Many more ores, and icludes New Walls - Reeds, Hedge, Mud, Living and Bone) [DYC] [JustJasper] Your Skeleton Respawn [Беккит]
  4. Currently, I feel there is not enough incentive for use of the scalemail. Its durability is 1800 units of damage, consequently allowing for extended periods of use. However, it is ultimately outperformed by the log suit, providing 80% resistance to physical damage as opposed to 70%. Additionally, when at low durability the log suit can be disposed of by burning it, serving as excellent fuel. This means that, instead of having two slots taken by a piece of armor about to break and its replacement, you can consistently maintain high durability alongside periodic fuel for fires. Scalemail, unfortunately, is comparatively more expensive to craft (and has an inconsistent availability) but absorbs less damage. Another perk of scalemail is its fire resistance. This is rarely useful, as prolonged exposure to fire seldom happens. On the other hand, its ability to ignite attackers often requires remaining aware of resources/structures in the immediate area, which the fire could spread to as well. Overall, it's almost as if the scalemail was designed for future confrontations against the dragonfly, in a continuous cycle of killing and crafting. This is reminiscent of the lantern/miner's hat, bound to use in the caves because of light bulbs and their fast spoilage times. Without a variety of applications it ends up becoming a boring mechanic, seen as more a routine rather than an actual game that's dependent on player input. Perhaps there is a way to incentivize use of the scalemail more than now (e.g. synergy with fire-based weaponry).
  5. Natural Disasters!!!!

    Earthquakes! Damages structures such as pig houses, nests, farm plots, rocks, trees. Hurricanes/Typhoons! Destroys plants/crops. Tornadoes! Uproots anything in its path. Can even lift up beefalos lols. Tsunami! Destroys coastal bases. Hail storms! Player has to constantly add fuel to their fire or they freeze to death. Makes everything crazy exciting!!!
  6. How about adding a footware slot to the inventory and having shoes that serve different purposes: Shoe Idea 1: shoes make you faster but scare animals like birds and rabbits from further away Shoe Idea 2: shoes make you slightly slower but make you inaudible or harder to detect by rabbits, birds and monster. (good for roaming late at night and hunting) Shoe Idea 3: Armor shoes. an alternative source or armor to the logsuit and football helmet. (would complement a mining helmet and backpack combo)
  7. You can pick another cheap game of your choosing (up to 4 dollars) + Don't Starve (Steam tradable) for Torchlight 2.
  8. a good idea would be shoes a new slot with a shoe mark. shoes could have multiple purposes some can make you run faster , more armor like the log armor and football helmet this is just a idea i have not thought of what should be used to make the shoe(s) im thinking something with pigskin BarovSoap posted a thread about having durablility like spider hats im thinking (running shoes) would be great for this. while i have been thinking of the shoe designs heres what i come up with (running shoes) 2redbird feathers +2pigskin = running shoes 100% durablilty (goes down like spider hat) (boots) 2pigskin + 1-2 tentacle spots= boots (extra armor)
  9. So i like the size of the new map i generated and it has tons of resources albeit tons of spider nests as well. But the coding as far as bridges and there placement might require a look i died before i completed the map but here is a picture. So many bridges when land masses are so close i can see them.(Still love the game.) Ok now to the suggestions. 1. I know the game is trying to kill me but would it be possible to have the trees have a chance to drop a pine cone when they hit the dead stage so that we can build up a stock for when we decide to murder trees till a guardian decided the genocide must stop? 2. It seems silly that i cant when my backpack on the back of my armor or amulet. (mind you i am aware the armor amulet would be OP and make the danger pointless.) My suggestion is to have an armor slot and backpack slot. the armor slot is where the amulet goes as well so you can have one or the other not both. 3. Please please i like more pokey things like everyone else but i like anti pokey things to add stone and gold armor...and weapons so i don't have to sac 5 pigs to get a spike. That is it thanks for making a great game and even in beta it runs great and is fun as hell.
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70535 Issue title FRIENDLY PIGMAN IS A BAD PIGMAN Steps to reproduce * have at least 1 little tallbird * hire a pigman * atack other pig Describe your issue after killing a pig your pigman will atack your little tallbird ;( after this he will turn against you. Dangerous if you have 5 pigmen in the team
  11. I've been playing this game non-stop for the past few days and I find it incredibly addicting, but at this point, I'm kind of getting bored. I find the game getting kind of easy. I understand you're constantly updating the game and that's incredible and I appreciate it because not many games actually continue to update their game, let alone release it in the beta stage. One of the few suggestions I had was implementing a difficulty system, something that gave the enemies more health, and more damage, the higher the difficulty. I also feel like maybe there needs to be stronger enemies and more of a variety of weapons. It'd also be nice if rocks could be used for more things, maybe stone armor that made you move slower when wearing it, but offered more protection? These are just a few ideas I had. I'd love to hear some developer input as well as the community's.