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Found 102 results

  1. It would be awesome if we can gain steam achievements!
  2. They see Willow's fire burnin~ ... they hatin~
  3. Games i like: -NS2 -FTL -The ship - and much more games like that (I don't want dota 2 things and Garry's mod)
  4. Feel free to make an offer. Accepting : Steam Giftable Game Copies Steam Wallet Codes Amazon Game Codes Paysafe Cards Any Other Potential Offer. All of your items HAS to be Legit. Any Illegitimate items WILL be reported to the Authorized Parties. My Steam is Leftout Scout (The one with the scout icon on it) If for some reason you are unable to add me as friend, then your best bet is to report it here.
  5. Best Buy

    I was just editing a screenshot I took... this is what I came up with
  6. Heyhey. You can add me for discussion if you are interested:
  7. The grid

    This time around I will keep the thread rather short, since my suggestion is pretty straight forward. I'd like to se a grid system one can simply turn on when placing items on the ground! (Grass, saplings, buildings, farms etc.) As the days pass in my world, I tend to get more and more home reliant, and of course, I'd like to keep it tidy and proper looking. And this is something I would find rather hard/impossible with the games current state...
  8. I have a spare 'Dont starve' for google chrome, it is legit, willing to swap for a game on steam, around same price range and something to do with zombies would be nice :3 Ill email you the code or send it via facebook e.t.c
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Disappearing food, issue with sleeping pigs Steps to reproduce Feeding a sleeping pig Describe your issue If you feed a sleeping pig, the food just disappears (tested with flower petals) with no yield of manure. D:
  10. i want to trade it for a funny game like natural selection 2 OR games like don't starve... add me on steam: habbohamster
  11. Hey what's up? It's BobSajetGaming here with a new youtube starting with a Don't Starve let's play with Wilson. The first 3 episodes, the game sound is a bit stronger than my voice, but the fourth one, which I am making, will definately be better. Tell me what you think of the channel. Also, I take suggestions, and do any challenges you might want me to do. I also take suggestions on what games to play, but mainly, Don't Starve is what I will be playing. Here is the link to the channel Check it out and tell me what you think of the intro and the videos. The editing will get better, btw. I just got a new editing program so I am getting used to it. The third episode is uploading now...
  12. I have 1 copy of don't starve to trade via steam. will consider any offer regardless of value (other then free).
  13. Hey guys, I bought my Don't Starve back in October or so and when I bought it, it said that it would eventually be released into Steam. And now the game actually is released on Steam, and I'm not sure how start playing it on there and not have to go through the Google Chrome thing. I thought they might have given me a key when they sent me the e-mail for the purchase, but the codes don't seem to work. Does anybody know how to officially start playing it through Steam without having to buy another copy of the game?
  14. Alright... So, I was browsing the forums, a newly forming habit, and I have seen many posts and threads about saved games not loading and what-nought. I initially didn't think much of it, because it wasn't happening for me, but then it got me thinking, "Are they talking about games not saving when they come back to play again (as in not dying, just leaving for the night for example), or are they talking about when they die, they cannot come back to continue where their last save was?" Might be kind of a derp question, but is the game supposed to allow you to start back from your last save if you died without an amulet or meat effigy? I guess that would defeat the purpose of an amulet/meat effigy, and take the difficulty out of the game.
  15. Hello Ladies And Gents! I am doing a giveaway for don't starve over at my channel! I also have lots of cool gameplay for it ! Check it out! Entering is simple and won't kill you ;D! Here is the video! Enjoy :
  16. Hello everybody. I was really succesfull in finding a good camp quite close. Able to go the semi vegetarian(I guess monster meat is still meat) I have a about 12 farms, 30 grass plants, 30 twig plants, 5 bee houses. I am not too good with cooking but I have noted that monster meat is really easy to come by, as there are several egg nest near the swamp. Combined with the honey I now have 1.5 boxes full with honeyd ham and enough supplies to probally make 2-3 more boxes full. I am growing mostly Eggplants as I heard its second best food to make but I often get rattatoeie(sp?) or other useless stuff. My place is right above a relative large buffaloo area, able to get 20 poo every " respawn". About 1 hour to the north I can harvest Meat and Silk for sick amount. about 50 each run of each. West is the pig King if I need some gold, however I don't want to invoke the wrath of goat - I gave him my left overs of digged up graves. Bit further is a huge stone field if I need stones/gold. However I have now everything in abundance (lowest amount would be a handfull of fireflies which I am activaly using to create paths in the darkness). I have used the mining helmet to speed up the progress so I could work at night too, but I'm kinda at a dead point thanks to my accident. Behold: I have about 3 more " screens" to the east full with bees. I have layed an entire mine field around my camp, about 40 bee mines and placed monster meat at each of them to lure the dogs in. As expected the mines exploded, what didn't go as expected is that actually live bees came out of it and that the dogs ate all the meat, and thus triggering all the mines before the bee's killed them. Now I have my professional army consisting of roughly 200 bee's in and around my camp kinda decimating anything that looks threatfull(except me luckily). Anyways back to my question: What should I do now? I have enough food income to last for ages, enough tentacles and log armor to withstand anything that might break through 200 bee's. Everything is in abundant and I switched to wilson to grow a beard - but is there anything that I " should" be doing? As stated I try not to hurt wildlife because I dont wantto invoke the goat. Thanks and hope you enjoy my bee's of death P.S. This game is worth MUCH and MUCH and MUCH more than 11 euros. Keep up the good work! I love it. ^^
  17. Hi! I've been looking for patch notes for about an hour and I can't find them? Sorry I'm new don't really know how and where to look for things yet :/ Thank you for help! Dom
  18. Steam Error

    My sister has not been able to play don't starve since the last update. Now it says error during initialization... She is dying to play her don't starve but cant :/ P.S this is on steam.
  19. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number beta? Issue title In Game Graphics messed up, menus fine Steps to reproduce Play game? I use the NVidia GeForce GTX 460 video card. Describe your issue I have attached a screen shot of what the game looks like, the menus and everything look fine just once the game is played it looks like the attached screen shot. I must say love the game as you can tell I'm on day 8, was still hooked with the wacky graphics lol. Let me know if you need any other information to troubleshoot. Thanks so much! Rob. PS - it wouldn't let me add an attachment said not enough permissions, here is a link to get the screen shot.
  20. Like the titel says. Will trade a Don't Starve Steam gift key for other steam games (preferably games like Binding of Isaac etc.). Deal done thx.
  21. Maybe there would be ways to use the darkness to my own benefit. Maybe when a werepig attacks at the night and i survive i would turn into a werewolf the next full moon or the same thing whit vampires. When you are one of the above you would take maybe sun damage but at night you are stronger and faster also you would have nighvision. Just a thought
  22. Hi Guys, i killed two hounds today which dropped hounds tooths.. What is the use for them ? greetings!
  23. Title says it all basically. I want 1 Don't Starve key for Chrome and I'm willing to offer any Steam game within that price range. Why not buying the key myself then? The reason for that is that I don't have access to a credit card or paypal AND I play on mac, which makes it impossible to purchase a key for chrome. However, Steam supports iDeal, which is my normal payment method for online purchases and can be done in a few minutes' worth time. So take a pick ranging between 1 - 20 euro for a Steam game. Interested? Leave a post here or add me on Steam: JoaJC
  24. Hi all. To inform the forum that you want to help the Polish community. We translate keep all information published by authors the game. Besides the many guides and quick help to the needy. __________________________________ Witam wszystkich. Informuję o forum, które ma na celu pomoc polskiej społeczności. Tłumaczymy na bieżąco wszystkie informacje ogłoszone przez twórców gry. Prócz tego wiele poradników oraz szybka pomoc potrzebującym. Zapraszamy!
  25. trading a steam key of dont starve make an offer. no dota offers please