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Found 102 results

  1. Looking to trade

    Hey folks, I have a dont starve key for chrome, and I just wanted to trade with someone for dont starve on steam. Any takers? Would be grateful.
  2. I see that Don't Starve is available since a couple of hours in the 'Recently Played' list on Steam and that the Community Hub is online, which is a very good thing! Still though, I just asked people to check which game I'm currently player when I have Don't Starve open, and the only thing that they can see is 'In-Game', not with Don't Starve. I think it's just a matter of time so this is not complaining, it's merely letting people know that the Community Hub is online. Happy Starving!Edit: It seems that my friends can now see it when I'm playing Don't Starve. Maybe the system was still busy with converting Don't Starve to a public game. I'm very happy about this!
  3. I have a spare copy (for steam) of Don't Starve and i am willing to trade it for Left 4 Dead 2. Steam Profile:
  4. Entry 1 Where do I begin? I guess an explanation is in order. My name is Wilson P. Higgsbury, gentleman scientist, and, although I have no idea if anyone one else besides I will see this, have decided to write down my recollections on the past few... days... weeks... months? It’s been forever since I’ve been able to recall how many days have passed since I first woke here. Whatever amount of days have passed, it’s a refreshing change of pace to just standing by a fire while waiting for the morning to come. I don’t know why I was brought here. All I know that I woke up one day in the middle of nowhere. Actually, now that I think about it, I did remember someone talking to me before I woke up. What was it that I heard? Say pal, you don’t look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes. How did I remember that? I wasn’t even awake yet it’s firmly in my memory, as if it had happened just yesterday. Well, I guess I can say that I took that advice to heart. I’ve learned quickly the rules of this land, having spent my first days here on the brink of death. Never mess with anything you can’t handle, never explore without proper preparations, and most of all, never mess with a swamp. I still recall the horrifying night I spent in one, huddled by a dying fire as I wished for morning to come Sooner, the rumbling of the ground keeping me on the edge, a spear at my side at all times. And yet I survived. No matter how many times I felt death was ready to claim me, I survived. As I continue to write this, I look back in my memories of this place, of all the hardships I’ve suffered, of all the setbacks I had to overcome, of all the troubles I encountered. What is this all for? Why is this happening to me? Am I destined to spend the rest of my life here? All of these questions from a man seeking answers. Answers that I will probably never receive. And questions I have long since accepted will remain unanswered. I will say one thing good out of this entire thing. I don’t have to spend my time on this island alone. Whether we’re all victims of circumstance, or something more, having people to fall back to has made this ordeal a whole lot easier to manage. The fire is dying, and the sun is slowly rising. I have a long day ahead. - Wilson ---------------- Hello everyone! Author here! I guess I should explain what I am attempting here. I've decided that I would attempt my very first After Action Report and use Don't Starve as my guinea pig on the subject. I apologize in advance for a lackluster first part, but I've decided just to try to give my adventure through Don't Starve a bit of a creative spin, try to write each update in whatever way possible, and maybe even have some pictures to help give you an idea of how things are going on. I hope this all goes well. Criticism and Comments are welcome, hopefully that I will be able to improve and figure things out.
  5. Linux and steam

    Hi When the game will be available for Linux on Steam? We can't play multiplayer without this...
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title All Display Options Grayed Out Steps to reproduce With the exception of bloom, all display options in the settings area are grayed out. Describe your issue I'm playing the game on a Bootcamped iMac with Windows XP and current video drivers installed (256mb ATI Radeon card). I can enabled and disable Bloom, but all other display options including Fullscreen, Display, Resolution, and Refresh Rate are grayed out with no ability to change or toggle. The result of this is that the windowed mode is an awkward size on the screen. I can maximize the window, but if I do, the mouse hitbox moves far left of cursor.
  7. Hey everyone, a quick question : would it be possible (ever?) to play the game on Chrome even though I bought the game on Steam? This would be an advantage (for me at least) and would enable players to enjoy the game wherever they may travel (away from their main Steam machine, most of the time a desktop computer). If anyone knows about this, please let me know - much appreciated! Many thanks, Tiberiu D.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number - Issue title Can't plant pine-cones Steps to reproduce -cut tree -get pine-cone -try to plant pine-cone -end up dropping pinecone Describe your issue Whenever I try to plant a pine-cone it will not let me, so I am having trouble replenishing my resources. I was able to plant pine-cones befog by either clicking on the touch pan or tapping it, but now with both it just drops the cones.
  9. I'm looking for games from my wishlist and its not in any order right now, but id prefer to get an rpg. Post offer plz
  10. Does anyone know how to backup a game if you bought it using the Google Chrome Web Store?
  11. Sock's Art

    Well, I've had the game for only a couple of days and I still haven't exactly found this key to survival that everyone else has seemed to acquire, right now my longest is 14 days. However, let me tell you, I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I'm at this learning curve point where I realize that everything can kill me. So naturally I'm paranoid of everything. It's pretty entertaining how terrified I am. But I've been looking for a fitting first post for the forums and I felt like this was as good of a place as any. I've been sort of lurking around and creeping on all ya'll. So I'll throw some art at ya. So, my most recent discovery in the game is the Tallbird. I had seen a bunch of pictures of people having these little birds tagging along with them so I decided I was going to raise one of my own. Ol' Daddy Wilson. Not as simple as I had hoped. That bird was a better parent then I had expected. And a little picture I made of Wendy, probably when she's a bit older. Haven't unlocked her yet. He just looks pretty neat. This game loves some good pigtails though apparently. I'm not too keen on Willow. Maybe I'll warm up to her. But yeah. That's all I've got for now! I'm really excited about the direction of this game, and the community that it has. The game makers seem like really cool people, and I've been waiting on a good survival game for many many moons. Also, I wanted to ask you guys your opinions about a good art website to post to. I have a deviantart, but I just lose interest in it quickly. Would investing in a tumblr be a good choice? Or sticking and toughing it out with DA? I don't know. This seems like a fun place! I'm excited to be a part of it!
  12. As the title says, i have Dont starve for steam, want Castle Crashers
  13. How does one enter the codes for these on the steam version. I've tried following all the vague instructions I've found online and I'm still thoroughly lost.
  14. I an email to humble support with a coredump because they asked for one. Here's the reddit thread on this issue:
  15. been in this game for 607 days, they respawn by me rougly every 200 days (by me)
  16. If it were a steam copy maybe but since warz is tied via e-mail and serial key, I'll pass.
  17. [H] Deadlight [W] Don't Starve My steam
  18. I Have A dont starve and i want borderlands 2 or Dragon age origins. Add me on steam Xemnatious and send me either game or message me and ill give you dont starve
  19. Bought don't starve on steam but I can't install it? It says: 'an error occured while installing Don't starve (connection time out) Please help I want to play this game
  20. Ok so I'm a massive Don't Starve fan and decided to check out some of Klei's other games. I've read some rave reviews about Mark of the Ninja on metacritic and made the decision to purchase it. Problem is when I click the following link that is mean't to take me to the steam store for purchase ( - I use steam for all my gaming needs) I get the following error: An error was encountered while processing your request: This item is currently unavailable in your region I heard this had something to do with ESRB ratings not yet being attained for Taiwan and Africa (I live in South Africa) but my understanding is that this should've been sorted out ages ago. Can anyone give me an indication of when this game will be made available to me in my region or how I can go about getting it (through steam preferably)?
  21. Selling Don't Starve (Steam) for 5 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys. Sold.
  22. Inspired by the Art & Lore section yesterday, especially by Dr Tanner's Wooly* Rhinoceros, I decided to post a some Winter doodles as well. In Which Tanner Suggests A New Winter Animal I thought some animals would need some adjustment for the Winter. Particularly the Spiders, since arachnoids/insects don't like winters that much. So here are my impressions: I also think some kind of Winter Squirrel/Guinea Pig/hedgehog would be fun. Instead of chasing rabbits to rabbitholes you would chase squirrels to Pinetrees. The bird, because some birds now look tropical (the red ones) so it might be something to replace it with a more grounddwelling white/icy blue one. And yes, I'm aware the goat doesn't have hooves. Feel free to post your own. Kind regards, Karisuto *Both "wooly" and "woolly" is correct English. Got confused at first, but looked it up.
  23. I don't use Steam. (I'm not looking to start another "why steam is good/bad conversation, nobody needs that; I just don't use it.) I'd gotten the impression I could download Don't Starve and play it by itself. After I bought it I was surprised to learn, when looking for a version I could download and just play, that there is not one available. I either have to go through Google or Steam, I can't just play it from my computer. If I'd known this, I probably would not have bought the game. I'm requesting a standalone version that I can download once, and play from my computer without needing to connect to Google's app store (or start up Steam, or anything else where the game is shackled to another service). I really, really dislike having games I have paid for being chained to other programs/services. I'm tempted to ask for a refund and revocation of my license, especially since I'm also trying to get away from Google's services. So yeah, my suggestion/request is a standalone version of the game. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
  24. For some reason when I try to install the game on steam it says "DOn't starve is not available on your current platform" (I have a mac book pro version 10.8.1), so I just play on chrome. I was hesitating to start all over again from the beginning to get the december updates, but since I'm on day 262 I was a bit reluctant... Is there a way to get all the updates (tallbirds, bird cages, football helmets, spider queens, etc) without starting all over and making a new world? Just wondering, cus some people suggested I "download" them on my current game instead but I had no idea how. (
  25. With the release of this new update, I have found that my experience points have reset! Meaning that i can no longer utilize the tent to switch between characters, although i only had willow unlocked anyways. Please add an in-game experience function Soon! xD