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Found 8 results

  1. Least favourite season?

    I've been wondering what the general consensus is about the seasons. There was another post, but it's archived now, so I was curious if anything has changed since the updates for the consoles came out last year. I can't stand Monsoon season, even with adequate preparation. The constant mosquitos that spawn everywhere are excruciatingly aggravating. Although overheating is the most annoying feature in the game, at least it doesn't cause fires like in RoG. Plus, the dragoon eggs can be avoided easily enough during summer IMO, but the mosquitos are everywhere all the time, it seems. Thoughts?
  2. Version 0.1.0


    ONLY FOR GLITCHED SAVEGAMES WHERE YOU NEED TO RESET SEASONS IN ROG to default settings. Instructions: 1) Start game with mod 2) save and quit (in your Reign of Giants world) 3) disable this mod and it will reset the seasons in your ROG world. Created for DarkLifeCZ 200+ day Wes character who had a glitched out SW/ROG world where ROG only had 2 seasons.
  3. It's a simple poll. Which do you think is harder to survive, winter or summer? Personally, I think that winter is harder to survive, because the things that you require to survive winter are much harder to acquire than those for summer. So, what do you think?
  4. *This is purely speculating and hoping* xD I've been thinking about this and trying to find a happy medium with the confirmed intro of Spring and Autumn now going into the mix. What lengths do you think would work best? I'm always confusing myself with the summer - 21days and winter - 15days. It makes calculating the next winter a total nightmare due to my lack of basic math sometimes lol If I could have it any way, I'd probably have: Spring - 10 days Summer - 15 days Autumn - 10 days Winter - 10 days Atleast I think I'd like that. Part of me feels less than complacent with it though since the harsh quick drop from summer to winter is a nasty enjoyable challenge =D The idea of having longer to stock up for winter means less rushing, but it makes me wonder if it'll lead to dilly-dallying around a bit, especially through Autumn if there aren't sizeable seasonal differences in place. What about you?
  5. we all know that the caves are still in progress status, but what will come if they finished?this thread is there to collect ideas what klei could make after they finished the underground.also i think we will eventually get to enter the ocean or an desert or djungle biome?what do you expect?
  6. So I was thinking about ways to make the game harder and thought about seasons. Each one could have it's own difficulties and benefits, but first I need to talk about some other things that would go with the update. Medicine. Medicine can be made from flowers, plants, honey etc. Sickness. Obviously it causes impairments, what those are I don't know, can be cured by using medicine. Water. An extra bar (like food or health) The player needs to drink water to stay healthy. Now for the seasons. Spring! Lots of flowers, plants and animals, normal days, ideal for making medicine and stockpiling food. Lasts 14 days. Summer. Normal amounts of animals and plants, the days last longer, nights are shorter. You need to drink water more often. Hounds come more often as well, perhaps 3 times in the 14 days summer lasts. Winter. In winter it is a completely new experience, there are very little amounts of plant/animals and food is scarce (especially with the spoilage planned in the update tomorrow) Water is iced over (You need a pick to break the ice) and days are short. However Hounds do not show up in the 14 days this lasts. You need to be near fires ever so often to stop yourself from freezing. You also have a high chance of catching an ailment. (This makes spring important) Hope you like the idea, I am open to suggestions and above all...... Don't Starve!
  7. 3 things i like the most: 1) Rivers. Here is why: Also i think that you shouldnt be able to trespass rivers.2) Caves. Everybody love dungeons! (And dragons...) Also dark caves fit this game's creepy atmosphere. 3) Bridges. No gates on them though. Also i think that the following terrain generation mechanics would be good: Rivers are not trespassable, but they have narrow sections (requres less stones to build a bridge, but you still can buld a stone bridge in any part). This will make player make decision on where he wants to put the bridge and not just put it at random spot of the river. Narrow sections shouldn't be too far from naturally generated bridges to not let player easily cut huge corners in the early game. You can build wooden/stone bridge across narrow section, no difference in functionality (or maybe wooden bridges should be flammable?) and you only can build stone bridge across wide section. Logic behind this - wooden bridge is not durable enough so you cant stretch it across too wide area, but stone bridge is. Balance behind this - stone is harder to get in a big number so player will have to work hard to be able to build even a single bridge but will also be rewarded by ability to cut any corner he wants.
  8. Don't Starve at the moment is quite challenging, but, in my opinion lacks a rather obvious feature, Seasons. Or to put it in more detail, seasonal cycles. As a certain amount of in-game days go by, the season changes, each with it's own weather types, survival priorities and animal behaviors. For instance, when the game goes into a winter cycle, many animals will start hibernating and become significantly harder to find, snow will fall (with the chance of a blizzard) and a warmth mechanic comes into play, what this will do is force the character into creating appropriate clothing (Arctic coat, scarf, woolly hat) to keep warm (a beard would be useful too!), the materials for these things could be acquired from killing various animals and getting their fur and leather. In the autumn cycle, the game stays as it is now, only requiring the player to survive as normal. In the spring cycle, the amount of animals found in around the game are bountiful, allowing the player to stock up on food and animal material to survive and create items. There will also be large patches of flowers along with seeds and small trees. The weather will include rainfall. In the summer cycle, trees will grow faster than usual, the sun will blaze along with a chance of thunderstorms and the thirst mechanic will come into play, this will force the player into finding sources of water and requiring the player to create a dependable source of water such as a well. I hope this idea could influence future updates and becomes an integral part of Don't Starve. Thank you for reading.