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Found 33 results

  1. I can't create a world with caves while my mod is enabled? How to fix this and what creating this? [Error] Dedicated server process terminated prematurely.
  2. Hello i am doing lot of ladder and the duplicant all the time bring only 50KG of Sandstone, build one, then go back take 50KG Sandstone and again and again, he can store far more than 50 KG, why wouldn't he take the more he can and build them all one once for all ?
  3. I'm currently making my first custom character and am now just adding my special abilities and drawbacks, of which my absolute hate for mushrooms comes into play. I want my character to have a standard OMNI diet except that they can't eat mushrooms. From what I've found in theory I could remake my own version of the vegetables foodtype but without the mushrooms and then declare my character's diet and edible foodtypes in the modmain or the character.lua, but it seems like it would be far easier, if it is possible, to just remove the 6 or so edible mushrooms from the vegetable table for this character in specific. Does anyone know if/how this could be done?
  4. I swear there's a hotkey to open the nearest chest/fridge because I've seen people in videos open them without clicking. (Also, if you have any hotkeys that I might not know about feel free to share them. I know barely any of them except split stack and attack)
  5. hello~! i'm in the process of making my very first character mod. i've already completed a lot of perks i'd like to add, and i found a very great source that's been helping me immensely along the way! not only have i been using the linked post, but i've also been googling specific things if there's something more hidden i want - that's how i found out how to multiply cooking speed! however, i'm having a lot of trouble with one thing in specific. i was going to skip it for last, but i think it may be best to make a post about it, so it's out there and about to hopefully gather a solution by the time this becomes my last perk to add. i want to remove the damage done by roses, completely. it doesn't have to apply to the "thorns" tag - in fact, i want the damage there for things such as cacti. hopefully this is possible!! this was THE very first thing i've tried to accomplish completely on my own - being a beginner to LUA - and failed. even with the experience i have now from digging into the game's scripts and sources online, i couldn't achieve anything that worked (searched in tuning.lua and flower.lua). i've looked around a lot online for a lead but to no avail - i found one single source, but shared in a way i don't know how to build from scratch. is there anyone out there who has any idea how to achieve this? i'll love you so very much! i hope it's not something dumb i've been overlooking lol. if anyone knows what to do, PLEASE let me know if it needs placed in modmain or the prefab file; i ask of this because i've seen confusion on where something like this would go in the failed leads i had.
  6. I just went back into playing DS and made a new RoG world compatible with SW, thinking that SW and Ham compatibility are mutually exclusive. After doing some research, I realized that this is not the case, as Ham is compatible with SW already. Right now I'm wondering whether it is still possible for me to merge my SW compatible world with a Ham world, as I definitely want to merge all three world together eventually.
  7. What things do you do on a game with other players that you don't alone? Any significant playstyle changes?
  8. Do you? If so, when do you think it is best to start?
  9. lemme elaborate i have two mods: one for me and one for my boyfriend. i was wondering if there was a way to make it so when he uses his character, if i inspect his character while using my own, could there be custom dialogue? for example: when i inspect his character, my character says "i love you" or something like that im terrible at explaining so if you need elaboration just tell me lol
  10. Aren't they kind of violating Klei's copyright rules posting almost an entire dlc for free on the workshop? I mean, maybe if they made it all from scratch it'd be alright but people could still take advantage from that mod. What do you think?
  11. I was wondering where to build mine, is the first island good enough?
  12. I'm looking over the Take Your Time mod, and the first thing I need to do is try and get it to work with The Hamlet. I'm not really a big coder, and i'm mostly supposed to just look over it as best as i can, but I was wondering if there's a string I need to add to modinfo to make it work, or if it would actually just work fine without extra messing around.
  13. I was thinking if there are any chances of Klei making the weaveble skins tradable, because I own 4 accounts with about 5k spools each and I can't craft the skins I want and send them to my main account.
  14. Just this, I'm curious to see some of your interiors.
  15. Hi ppl nice to post here again, today i want to ask you guys, how are jetpacks going for you so far? last time i used them was into a 1000 + base with 20 dupes, the lag was extreme and crashes became quite common to the point i deconstructed it all, kinda sad because i liked them a lot. Do you guys think theres a way to make them run smooter? maybe we should fix it somewhere? I think the newcomers will have a lot of problems with this too. My pc config Processor I5 5200U 2.20 GHZ 8 gb ram Video is 4 gb vram Also plz type your experiences using jetpacks.
  16. Hello, I have a question. So I want to give my character the ability to give others a damage boost when using a staff item, is there something like "inst.components.locomotor:SetExternalSpeedMultiplier(inst, "mycharacter_speed_mod", 1)" but for damage instead of speed that i could use. ive looked trough the combat.lua component but couldnt find anything that i could use. I believe wont be able to use "inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier" because i believe that'l mess up characters like wolfgang and wigfrid (and modded characters). Unless this isnt the case i'd really appriciate the help!
  17. So im playing the game from a steam account that doesnt own the game but can use it via family sharing. Now recently when I decided to play the game again after a break I havent gotten a single gift pop up in the top left corner. Before I used to get them at least once an hour or so. I know that I cant get those login gifts on a shared account and to get those I have to log on the account that actually owns the game on steam. So can I only get gifts while using the account that owns the game? Are family shared accounts excluded from the drop system now or what? Also dont tell me to just use the account that owns the game. I have all of my skins and stuff on the family shared account since I own most of my games on that account as well.
  18. Ask the Tree!

    ~ Ask the Tree ~ In this Thread, you can ask me any questions you like. Whether its just plain stupid, or serious, Any questions will be answered by Me. ╱╲ ╱•⌓•╲ ⎺▆▆⎺ .
  19. It's a simple poll. Which do you think is harder to survive, winter or summer? Personally, I think that winter is harder to survive, because the things that you require to survive winter are much harder to acquire than those for summer. So, what do you think?
  20. Question about DST

    Will multiplayer only be for steam? I can't get a steam,but I would really love to play DST. Please don't let it only be on steam. I REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT!
  21. Alright. I decided that it would be a good idea to keep my questions in one thread, so I don't lose them. This thread is not just for my benefit, I intend for other modders to draw inspiration from it as well. So, now for the questions. A) Is it possible to implement an additional background stat similar to naughtiness? What about one that decreases/increases over time? B) Can I call an event such as: monster spawning, change of season, lightning strike, naughtiness/background stat increase when something is crafted? C) Can pig strings be changed if a certain event happens? D) Is there a way to make the character become paralyzed temporarily? E) How to make my custom character a carnivore?(ANSWERED) LINK TO POST F) How to add the spider hat effect to a custom character without a spiderhat?(ANSWERED) LINK TO POST Note: In this post, I fumbled around with the concept of using tags to make spiders not hostile to me. There is a useful bit of code which I used to tweak a prefab at some point in the mod's development that may be useful to others. G) How to make a character not be slowed down by webs? AKA how to make a character run on webs? Nots: This stumped me, as I looked at turfs.lua, locomotor.lua, spider.lua, and several other prefabs and stuff and did not figure out anything. When I asked a question on the "Modders, Your Friend At Klei" thread, I was suggested to change move speed, but....that would make the character faster when not on a web... E) How can I change prefabs of existing game files without overwriting? When answering, please state the letters of the questions you are answering. For ease of use, I will occasionally select the best answer(s) to a question and put it in a spoiler or just add a link to the post. Best answers (so far) by Squeek:
  22. I'm not sure if this is because I'm using the latest beta or if its been like this for a while. It seems all 3 types of the hounds are compressed into a single prefab file but in hounded.lua it mentions multiple prefabs including firehound and icehound, is it possible for any clarification on this? as I've been searching for a while but haven't turned much up all Ive found is that this is in hound.lua when I'd assume each would be separated from the normal hounds so to add another hound would I simply copy one of these and just tweak some of the statistics and lootdropper prefabs (after adding said prefabs to the associated prefabs part at the top of course) and of course sorry to bother you all after some additional searching I have found out icehound and firehound seem to be set_builds but this file compression still has me a little confused on how to add more
  23. Wilson plz

    Ep 1 n Ep 2 un Ep 3 is oat so iz Ep 4 un Ep 5Ep 1 http-~~-// This is Symage's art, I made the vid. Here's the thread:
  24. Since the last update I am trying to build an effigy with another character. Not trying very hard until now. Here is the old plan: you need beard hair and you get it from bunnies while insane. So lets build a fence, capture a big amount of bunnies and release inside it, grab what you need to go in and out insanity, go insane, kill the beardlings, come back to sanity and collect the stuff. Lets go about it. Created a new adventure world starring Wes the guy of few words. Took my time, built stuff and was very confortable without the effigy. But the time has come to build the bunny ranch: READY - Collected all stuff needed to start the task. SET - Went insane and equipped hands free light source GO - To hell. A terror beak showed, ignored the walls and hurt me real bad. Krampus helped to get me distracted and I killed myself by ingesting taffy. I will not give up. This world is very nice so I will start over with a big change of strategy. Not stopping until Wes has the statue.