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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Stronger Shadow Hands Fire Snatchers Shadow Hand(s) now steal/extinguish ALL the fire from a campfire (or similar campfire/pit) regardless of the amount of fuel the source has, so no more stealing only a small portion of it. (Should also work in caves) Code by: Aquaterion
  2. Version 1.1.2


    A Demon Girl Character of Punklike Attitudes, Strength of mind and body, and a bottomless hunger that could swallow the world. She's hooved. She's fast. She's furious. Stats: Health: 333 Hunger: 74 Sanity: 666 (work in progress.) Original Artwork by ME, however i did use a mod template
  3. I want my char have 20% resistance against heat status and cold status (I mean, have 20% resistance until take damage from cold and heat, or their temperature takes 20% more time to up or down, etc). My full idea is, in times to times, change this value: sometimes get 20% resistance, sometimes get -20% resistance. I try read other mods and search in forum, but I get confused. I find this codes: inst.components.temperature.inherentinsulation = 100 -- How much insulation from cold, default is 0 inst.components.temperature.inherentsummerinsulation = 100 -- How much insulation from heat, default is 0 But I have no idea of how it work or how much it affect. So, can someone help me in this? (and if possible, explain or give a good link to understand how to work with temperatures) (sorry for my bad english)
  4. When I manually transfer the mod to the mod directory on Don't Starve Together game the mod works great and as intended, but after removing all mods and restoring the directories back to normal and I upload the MOD to steam and subscribe to it, I can launch the game fine towards the game's main menu, but as soon as I hit "Host Server" or "Mods" my game crashes with no error code. Windows just says there was an error in the application. Can somebody help me, pretty please? I added the whole MOD to the attached files as well as the error message. Thanks to this great community for helping. Dont Darken Together.rar
  5. What ways are available to make a mod configuration with more than a couple of settings more organized? For example, is a way have a blank line between groups of related settings, or a header/title for a group of settings, or even different tabs or pages or something similar? For the moment, I'm using a dummy setting for an empty line or a title to help a bit, as I saw done in other mods, which of course isn't really ideal, but it works, and is better than nothing: configuration_options = { {...}, --various options here... {name = "blank", label =" === Misc settings", options = { {description = "===", data = 0}, }, default = 0,}, {...}, --various options here... It appears there's no way to do these sorts of things, but I could be wrong, or there could be some clever way (perhaps related to overriding something in modstab.lua, even?). Could there also be a way to nest options, or make options dependent on other options? In other words, make an option only show up or be accessible/editable if a different option is currently set to a specific setting. I'm interested to hear about any techniques in general for making a mod configuration with many settings tidier or more organized. Also, what in general is available and unavailable to access/do within modinfo.lua? And is there a documentation for these things anywhere? Thanks.
  6. I want to add <read topic title> function for my mod, how to do this?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : A Fungi Garden Trip! With this mod, you can create your own mushroom farm! And even more, you can build a bigger farm with bigger mushroom trees! Configure your options and you're ready to go! ***The Crafting Tab will be under you Farm Tab!*** Note : Do not try to catch the mushroom tree spores. Let them light the night! This mod is included within The Korrigan mod! This mod was made by Mahdwolfe.
  8. Hey guys I was wondering if there was a way to spawn a meteor? like just one meteor. And if possible could i add this effect to an item similar to how the bell summons the big foot? Please and thank you. local function fn() local inst = CreateEntity() inst.entity:AddTransform() --[[Non-networked entity]] inst:AddTag("CLASSIFIED") inst:AddComponent("meteorshower") return inst end return Prefab("meteorspawner", fn) i found this in the game's prefabs but i dont know how to use it
  9. i take a pause of this mod and forget about this problem, everything is okay but his back hair is glitchy, i change the texture and move it but nothing
  10. Hi I'm new to the modding scene and I seem to have a problem with a custom character I'm trying to make. Basically I can enable the mod and start up a game right? The custom speech I made for the character works, and everything else works except for the actual character itself. I followed this when making the mod: [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template by Dleowolf Anyway when I was making the sprite everything looked fine until I got in game and saw that my character still looked like the sample character even though I edited everything. I'm going to post a zip of my mod so if anyone is willing to help can poke around and see what is wrong, thank you, once again I'm terribly new to all of this so help would be appreciated. peter.rar
  11. Hello, I would like some help ! Here's the code I need help with... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local x,y,z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() -- local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, 20, { "_combat" }, { "player", "shadow", "shadowminion" }) -- for i,v in ipairs(ents) do -- if v:HasTag("butterfly") then -- if then -- return -- end -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.01, function(v) end) -- elseif v:HasTag("insect") and not v:HasTag("butterfly") then -- if then -- return -- end -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.01, function(v)"hit") v.components.locomotor:Stop() v.components.locomotor:Clear() v:ClearBufferedAction() end) -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.11, function(v)"hit") v.components.locomotor:Stop() v.components.locomotor:Clear() v:ClearBufferedAction() end) -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.22, function(v)"hit") v.components.locomotor:Stop() v.components.locomotor:Clear() v:ClearBufferedAction() end) -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.33, function(v)"hit") v.components.locomotor:Stop() v.components.locomotor:Clear() v:ClearBufferedAction() end) -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.44, function(v)"hit") v.components.locomotor:Stop() v.components.locomotor:Clear() v:ClearBufferedAction() end) -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.55, function(v)"hit") v.components.locomotor:Stop() v.components.locomotor:Clear() v:ClearBufferedAction() end) -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.66, function(v)"hit") v.components.locomotor:Stop() v.components.locomotor:Clear() v:ClearBufferedAction() end) -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.77, function(v)"hit") v.components.locomotor:Stop() v.components.locomotor:Clear() v:ClearBufferedAction() end) -- v:DoTaskInTime(0.78, function(v) end) -- end -- end -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, this code kills butterflies & insects when in 20 distance radius but I would like for it to instantly kill creatures with the "insect" tag when in a 10 distance radius instead of making them go through the hit stun states then killing them. I tried copy & paste the code & made one that effects "insects" in a 10 distance radius but it conflicted with this code... So, I would really appreciate some help on how to make this code have different effects on a closer distance ! Thanks for reading my problem, have a wonderful day & peace !
  12. Let's say I wanted to update one of my mods how do I do that exactly? When I go to the mod uploader it says edit and when I do try to edit them it just say "mod cannot have the same modinfo"
  13. So I am making a character mod, but I have no skill at making character portrait art, especially in the art style of don't starve. I have my character, pose, and empty portrait right here: Thanks to anyone who would oblige!
  14. Good morning/day/evening, sir/madam! I'm currently making a character for DST, all artwork is done, but now I need some help with coding, more specifically: Heat and cold damage. I wanted to make that my character takes the double heat damage per second and lower heat tolerance, but no cold damage what so ever. As when the temperature drops below some point, character gaining speed and damage boost, his hunger rate is draining faster. Item. And here I have no idea what so ever even on the file hierarchy. I want to make an amulet that will be neglecting sanity drain from night (dusk one still should be there) and full darkness. (additionally if you can, give me some tutorials on character specific item creation, like how to make it what so ever I will be grateful) Thanks for the help beforehand P.S Sorry if something wasn't clear, or for my terrible grammar, English isn't native language for me. Though I will totally understand the answers, if you have questions to ask go ahead I'll try to reply ASAP. fawkes.lua
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : The mandrake king! Spawn babies and attract fireflies! Gather all the resources to craft the mandrake king! The mysterious tree will spawn mandrakes around him. Legend says it attract fireflies, how can it be? He even glows at night, which makes him a very strange tree among the others. Configure your options and you're ready to go! ***The Crafting Tab will be under your Farm Tab!*** This mod was made by Mahdwolfe.
  16. Hello, I have been working on a pair of character mods for Don't Starve Together with sanity perks when near one another. I had no problem programming the sanity aura perk when nearby one another, but I also want to program it so when one of the characters is equipped with a specific item, it gives off an insanity aura for the other one. I added this line of code to both of the mod characters' character prefabs, but what should I do for the insanity aura when the other is equipped with a certain item. Basically, the premise is that one of the characters is terrified of knives, and their partner has a custom item knife. So seeing their partner equipped with this custom knife should lower their sanity (medium loss). inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") inst.components.sanityaura.aurafn = function(inst, observer) if observer.prefab == "characterprefab" then return TUNING.SANITYAURA_TINY end end For anyone willing to help, it's much appreciated!
  17. Many more episodes to come but here is the first mod showcase and I will list all of my info below. Thank you. YT page: Twitch: Twitter:
  18. Heyo, I was wanting to make a mod for DST that added a bunch of new structures to the game. These structures wouldn't have a specific purpose, just to sit around the base and look cool, maybe act as different looking chests or firepits. But where would I start? Is there a template for structures I could use? Thanks for reading.
  19. Hello everyone! I'm trying to port a DS mod to DST, figured out how to solve a lot of different problems, but a lot more remain, and I don't know exactly how I should treat them. The mod's called Craft Pot, and what it does is basically I. Find all crock pot prefabs 1. Iterate all prefabs ingame (AddPrefabPostInitAny) 2. Find those that have stewer component II. Adding custom crock pot event handlers 3. Save the following original events: open, close, give item, take item, finish cooking 4. Change binded handlers for those events to custom ones (injecting modded code) + calling the original ones as the first line III. Processing current inventory content 5. Track down crock pot inventory content 6. Pass it down to mod components 7. Redrawing the crock pot food scroll And now the yet unsolved issues, that I could really use some help or a direction with: I. CrockPots only have stewer and container components on the mastersim side, so I've lost a way to track down crock pots on a client II. Even if i somehow managed to get crockpot prefabs, I don't see a way I could modify container/stewer components (locally) in order to pass custom event handlers (as they simply do not exist??) on the client. III. Client is drawing container, all of the local icons, does that mean there should be some sort of a dirty replica for container on a client somwhere? I'm a decent programmer, just point me in the right direction, or onto some other client mod that could help me find a solution to those problems. The way I see it, if it comes to the worst, I would have to rewrite crock pot prefabs adding dirty stewer, dirty container, and somehow sync raw data with the 'real' stewer/container on the server. Hope it doesn't go that far thou.
  20. Dear fellow modders (and perhaps the Klei developers if they are reading this), I have been into modding for a few weeks now. I am learning something new every day and feeling more confident each time. I have been into creating new thematic worlds. Adding new rooms, tasks, tasksets, levels, prefabs, etc. I managed to add something new every time. The world I am working on right now involves a lot of snow. While studying the code, I noticed that I could have even more control over my world by creating my own location for it by using AddLocation. I called this location forest_snow. I simply copied the code from the forest location and see what I could do with it. I noticed that each location had its own associated prefab, which is generated based on the name of the location. So I created a prefab accordingly and called it forest_snow. Since my mod is made for DST, I noticed I also had to create a network prefab for it, so I created a forest_snow_network prefab as well. All code has been copied from forest and forest_network respectively. To make the distinction between this location and the other locations, I added a world temperature to the snow forest with a temperature modifier of 0.1, thus making it very cold. I mainly used this for testing, so that I would get cold in autumn on day 1, I would know the location works correctly. However, the location did not appear in the UI. At first, I thought there was simply no support for it in the interface, so I decided to test it on my dedicated server instead. On my dedicated server, I got this error, almost as if it wasn't loaded at all: Note that this is all working if I replace forest_snow by forest! I have even been looking at the Up and Away mod to see what they did to solve the problem, but as far as I can see, they are not adding their location to the game (even though it has been defined). It almost seems as if AddLocation itself is not working (why else would they define but not use it?). If this is true, this would be bad news... P.S. I made sure that everything was imported. I checked the PrefabFiles, I checked the modworlddgenmain to make sure that everything was loaded in the correct order. I cannot see any mistake there. What I mainly want to know: is AddLocation supported at all? Can I even hope to get this to work? Apparently: yes. But... (see below)
  21. i am glad that u checked this topic, i am really sorry for asking that much, Its not like i didnt even tried,no, I gave this problem some time to be confident with things what i need, so the things what i begging for : First perk: I working on Female character. Its will be cool if when she is near Male characters she gain some sanity boost, and Female and Male characters around her lose sanity. Second perk: If someone(not ghost players) is staying near her ,she is neutral to all enemies(excluding boss, bees, shadows) untill provoke them. But when there is no one around her monsters acting normal to her. Thats it.I know its alot of work ,but i found some things that could be modified to fit my expectations. Here is code from Sanji character, i dont actually know what i should change here to make people around My character lose sanity local function isMan(name) for k, v in ipairs(GLOBAL.CHARACTER_GENDERS.MALE) do if v == name then return true end end return false end AddPlayerPostInit(function(inst) if isMan(inst.prefab) then if not inst.components.sanityaura then inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") end local old = inst.components.sanityaura.aurafn inst.components.sanityaura.aurafn = function(inst, observer) local ret = 0 if old ~= nil then ret = old(inst, observer) end if observer.prefab == "mycharacter" then return GLOBAL.TUNING.SANITYAURA_SMALL + ret end return ret end end end) Here is combined things i tried, to make My character neutral if she is not alone (I used codes from different topics This one and This ) local function getplayersnumber(inst) local x,y,z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local radius = 10--change the radius to whatever you want local players = TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, radius, {"player"}, {"playerghost"}) --get all players in radius, but not ghosts local playercount = #players - 1 -- remove your self from the player count if playercount >= 1 then local function PassiveUntilAttack(self) if self.inst:HasTag("shadow") then return end local _SetRetargetFunction = self.SetRetargetFunction self.SetRetargetFunction = function(self, period, fn) if fn then local _fn = fn fn = function(...) local _target = _fn(...) if _target and _target.prefab == "mycharacter" then return end return _target end end return _SetRetargetFunction(self, period, fn) end end AddComponentPostInit("combat", PassiveUntilAttack) local function ChangeSuggest(inst) if inst.components.combat then local self = inst.components.combat local _SuggestTarget = self.SuggestTarget self.SuggestTarget = function(self, target) if target and target.prefab == "mycharacter" and ~= self.inst then return end return _SuggestTarget(self, target) end end end AddPrefabPostInit("hound", ChangeSuggest) AddPrefabPostInit("firehound", ChangeSuggest) AddPrefabPostInit("icehound", ChangeSuggest) end end I will appreciate any help.
  22. Version 1.7.5: Clash of the Sea Titans!


    DISCLAIMER: Does not include ghostly eyes. If you have Steam, visit the Steam workshop version of this mod, if you please: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, sailors! Are you complaining about how easy it is for you to defeat the bosses of Shipwrecked? Are you seeking a greater challenge? Look no further! This mod turns the big baddies of the sea into foes tougher than nails! Have a read about the new powers and abilities the bosses gain in this mod! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tiger Shark Buffs: Ocean Expertise - Tiger Shark will now keep moving when attacking in water, similar to the Dragonfly. Though, she starts her attacks out of range. Suprise Jump - Tiger Shark's jump start in the ocean now goes with little warning, but it's not aimed at the player. Her landing and recovery time on the ocean is much faster as well. Wide Maw - Tiger Shark's range on land has increased. Bloodthirsty - Tiger Shark now attacks a bit more frequently. Acrobatic - Tiger Shark now jumps more often on land, and will jump up to two times in a row! Fear the Cat - The Tiger Shark has an insanity aura now. Scary, isn't it? Razor Fangs - The Tiger Shark now does 200 damage to non-player creatures. Born to Hunt - - Sharkittens will now target and attack any creature of its size. This includes players. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sealnado Buffs: Raging Storm - The Sealnado now tears through ANY smashable structure it comes in contact with! CHAAAARGE - Sealnado's charge attack now HURTS, and it'll attempt to charge at you randomly! There'll be a warning animation for when it prepares to charge. Clingy - Going Somewhere? The Sealnado will attempt to catch up by charging at you! Tsunami - The Sealnado's ocean tornado attack has been intensified. Cowabunga! Tearing Twister - Now other living things are affected by the Sealnado's tornado attack. If they're near it, they'll be grounded to dust! Greedy Winds - The Sealnado's atacks now snatch your weapon off your hand. Give that back! Focused - The Sealnado can no longer be stun-locked by groups of creatures. Shielding Winds - THE SEALNADO IS NOW INVINCIBLE WHEN IT'S DOING ITS TORNADO ATTACK. Shocking - The Sealnado's standard attacks electrocute the player now. Zap! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quacken Buffs: Sing to Thee - Playing the dripple pipes on deep waters now has the possibility of summoning the Quacken (uncommon chance and will not work during the rain, however)! At Night, It Awakes - During the full moon, there's a very rare chance that the Quacken will ambush you whenever you sail/row on deep waters! SPLASH - The Quacken will spawn 10 waves when it submerges and re-emerges. This includes its submerge of defeat. More Sturdy than Thulecite - The Quacken's once decent 1,000 health is now 3,500, and now the Quacken will submerge for a total of 9 times! A fight that can last a day! Bombs Away - The Quacken now shoots 5 ink bombs that deal 100 damage and slow you down even more! The Quacken will also fire more accurately, with 1 ink bomb per salvos always being aimed directly at its target. Keep Em' Coming - The Quacken's screeches will now summon and revive all of its tentacles. When will it ever end? Third Eye - The Quacken's third eye allows it and its tentacles to target shadow Maxwells. No one's gonna sneak on the Quacken this time! Scary Face - The Quacken now drains sanity similar to Spider Queen. Unwelcome - As long as you are not on water, the Quacken will attempt to keep up with you to make sure you're out of the ocean! First Victim - As soon as the Quacken is summoned, you'll be its first target! Quacken Tentacle Buffs: Stone Tentacles - 90 health? Make that 300 health! Time to kite! Whiplash - The tentacles now deal 75 damage to players and deal 150 damage to other creatures. Look out! Hyperactive - The tentacles now attack more rapidly. Keep their rhythm in mind! Knock it Off - Getting hit by the tentacles will knock your weapon out of your hand. Pray the weapon doesn't fall next to another tentacle! Tentacle Forest - The tentacles are now more clumped together. Some will be near the Quacken's head! Plokamiphobia - The tentacles now drain sanity similar to hounds. Quacken Tentacle Nerf: Quacken's tentacles now spawn less waves. Quacken Loot Buffs: Made Fresh for You - All items with durability are more likely to be minted (completely unused). Ain't Nobody Got Time - The Chest of the Depths will now grant a lazy explorer staff instead of a walking cane. Clubbin' - You have the chance of getting a thulecite club from the Chest of the Depths! Now you can get a full set of thulecite armoury! We've Got to Have... - The Chest of the Depths can now give up to a total of 40 dubloons! Spice it Up - The Chest of the Depths can also grant up to a full stack of obsidian (40). Be Jeweled - Added red, blue, and purple gems as a possible reward from the Chest of the Depths. Magical "Seaweed" - The Chest of the Depths now has a chance of granting you a mandrake! Who put that there? From the Depths of Hell - The Chest of the Depths can now grant up to 40 nightmare fuel for all your evil-doing needs. Pretty Lights - Up to 20 bio-luminescence can be found within the Chest of the Depths. King Neptune - You can get a trident out of the Chest of the Depths! Rule the ocean with this fork of royalty! Heating Heart - You might find a dragoon heart within the Chest of the Depths. Delicious! Many True Earrings - You can get a one true earring from the Chest of the Depths. Past Victims - The booty bag dropped by the Quacken will contain items that belonged to its past victims, from hats, to boat pieces, to tools and weapons. Ancient Junk - Trinkets can now be found within the booty bag and/or the Chest of the Depths. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous: Keep it Down - The Quacken's screech and Tiger Shark's roars shake the screen now. Disorienting, isn't it? A Great Chill in the Moonlight - The Quacken will now only spawn during the full moon (the dripple pipes ignores this), but its likelihood of appearing is also increased. A hurricane is also started when the Quacken awakens. Incoming - The ink bombs now have a warning shadow. The better to dodge them with! Roaring Waves - Tiger Shark's roar in the sea now spawns 9 waves. Quiver in Pain - The Quacken's tentacles now make noise when they're leaving/defeated. Gone Means Gone - Removed the Quacken and its tentacles' physics when they're underwater. While the Quacken and its tentacles are submerging/submerged, they cannot be attacked. saves your cutlass durability, huh? Sound the Alarm - Characters will now comment on the Quacken's approach. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMING SOON (or whenever I'm not busy/lazy): Configurable Options - Someday, I'll make this mod have configurable options. A few simple clicks would be all that's needed to change what kind of bosses you want! No longer will people need to manually switch between the tough Quacken, giant Quacken, and the default Quacken! Sing to Thee - There may be more than one way to summon the Quacken... A Set Piece - There may be a set piece somewhere in the deep ocean chock-full of wrecked ships. If you try interacting with one of the wrecked ships in any way, then there's a high chance that the Quacken will ambush you. BETTER LOOT - For example, a boat called the Quacken Cruiser, with the speed boost of coffee, infinite light like a buoy, and durability of 1,000-2,000. Or maybe a Shipwrecked houndius shootius, called the Sharker Bombardier, made from an Eye of the Tiger Shark, a Magic Seal, and globs of ink that the Quacken drops upon defeat. It'll be ocean-compatible, so you can have a bunch of turrets to keep those sea hounds at bay. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, what are you waiting for, daring sailors? Do you have what it takes to defeat the "mightiest creature in the sea"? If so, then download this mod now and get your *Ship Wrecked* today!
  23. Hi all, I am making a character mod, and it includes a craftable item that when used, increases the characters speed for about a day or so, as well as restoring a teensy bit of health (kinda like the coffee from shipwrecked) I have got everything working, except the speed boost. I have tried to find the coffee's file in dontstarve/data/DLC0002/scripts/prefabs, but I can't seem to find it at all. If someone could help with adding a speed boost, it would be greatly appreciated! (I would prefer if when you used the item, you didn't play the 'eat' animation, but it isn't a necessity.)
  24. Hello, I need some help. So when my character is hit on a certain event he will spawn these prefabs local x, y, z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() SpawnPrefab("impact").Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) SpawnPrefab("splash_snow_fx").Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) now the problem is I want to make the prefab "splash_snow_fx" smaller while making "impact" larger I went through the whip.lua prefab & saw this --- local snap = SpawnPrefab("impact") local x, y, z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local x1, y1, z1 = target.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local angle = -math.atan2(z1 - z, x1 - x) snap.Transform:SetPosition(x1, y1, z1) snap.Transform:SetRotation(angle * RADIANS) snap.Transform:SetScale(3, 3, 3) --- can someone maybe tell me how I can do this or if it's even possible, thanks !!!
  25. I want to make some visual changes to the little baby moslings. To try to figure out how to do this, I just tried to make a quick change to the rabbit. Here's what I did (disclaimer: I know that directly editing the default data files is wrong, but I just did this for a quick test. I will create a proper mod once I figure out how to edit the textures correctly): Using Matt's TEXTool, I opened Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\anim\\atlas-0.tex and saved it as a PNG on my hard drive. Using Paint.NET, I opened the PNG, used the magic wand selector to select every part of the images that had the rabbit fur color, tinted it green, and saved the PNG. Using Matt's TEXCreator, I opened the PNG, used the default format options (Pixel Format: DXT5, Texture Type: 2D, Mipmap Resize Filter: Default, Generate mipmaps checked, Pre-multiply Alpha checked), and converted it to TEX. I copied the new atlas-0.tex into Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\anim\ I started up DST, generated a new world, and used c_spawn("rabbit") to spawn a rabbit, and it worked! So I thought, "cool, I know how to make this work for the moslings now." I tried the exact same process as above, except replace "" with "". I started up the game and spawned a mosling using the command c_spawn("mossling"). But, frustratingly, it did not work. The mossling was completely invisible. Nothing but a shadow on the ground. So, there's got to be more to this than I thought. Does anyone know what would cause it to be invisible? Or what I'm doing wrong with in this process? Is there some other way that I can make visual only modifications to existing prefabs? I don't know how to do animations, so I didn't want to have to load up spriter and try to figure out how to animate this thing. I could never do as good as job as the folks at Klei, I just want to tweak it a bit. It would be fantastic if there was a way that I could just edit the texture and keep the animations and the build and everything else.