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  1. Good evening everyone, I am working on a modded character which is heavily based on Wilson's art (it is in quite an early stage.) I cannot use Spriter to create the character for various reasons, but I have the majority of it working without. However, the hair is presenting an interesting (and rather annoying) visual bug. You see, I have made his hair round as if it were neatly groomed, and it is working except for the fact that the game is rendering white pencil marks where Wilson's hair used to form its "W" shape. I have attached the texture file in .png form as well as a screenshot of the bug. Any idea as to what may be causing this? Thank you for your time.
  2. Version 1.1.2


    A Demon Girl Character of Punklike Attitudes, Strength of mind and body, and a bottomless hunger that could swallow the world. She's hooved. She's fast. She's furious. Stats: Health: 333 Hunger: 74 Sanity: 666 (work in progress.) Original Artwork by ME, however i did use a mod template
  3. I want my char have 20% resistance against heat status and cold status (I mean, have 20% resistance until take damage from cold and heat, or their temperature takes 20% more time to up or down, etc). My full idea is, in times to times, change this value: sometimes get 20% resistance, sometimes get -20% resistance. I try read other mods and search in forum, but I get confused. I find this codes: inst.components.temperature.inherentinsulation = 100 -- How much insulation from cold, default is 0 inst.components.temperature.inherentsummerinsulation = 100 -- How much insulation from heat, default is 0 But I have no idea of how it work or how much it affect. So, can someone help me in this? (and if possible, explain or give a good link to understand how to work with temperatures) (sorry for my bad english)
  4. Hi I'm new to the modding scene and I seem to have a problem with a custom character I'm trying to make. Basically I can enable the mod and start up a game right? The custom speech I made for the character works, and everything else works except for the actual character itself. I followed this when making the mod: [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template by Dleowolf Anyway when I was making the sprite everything looked fine until I got in game and saw that my character still looked like the sample character even though I edited everything. I'm going to post a zip of my mod so if anyone is willing to help can poke around and see what is wrong, thank you, once again I'm terribly new to all of this so help would be appreciated. peter.rar
  5. I'm still porting character in DST, and it's almost complete.Still, i have troubles with animations of custom items.Recently, they just didn't have their custom animations, but now arm and weapon dissapears on attack and appears again, when attack is finished. just like here, but that method didn't help me at all.. So, i'll be very glad to read your suggestions.I could send you zip with character, if you were interested a bit.
  6. Okay, so, I've been playing Don't Starve for a while, and I've seen two characters who'd I'd like to see in the game in some way. Sadly, I am no modder or artist, so I cannot make them. However, I have the ability to share my ideas. 1) Salad Fingers (Warning: Quite disturbing at some points. If you are easily disturbed, you may not want to watch it.) May not be the most common thing, but I'd imagine Salad Fingers would be a health character, and would have a high sanity drain, I'm not entirely sure. But I feel like he would have certain starting items, like his puppets. The puppets may help his Sanity stay up, as they are all he can talk to. I have no major ideas, but I'd find it interesting to see him in the game. 2) Wallace A character originally intended for the game but scrapped. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have not seen a playable version of him anywhere. Wortox, Wilton and Winnie are already added as mods, but where's Wallace? I'd be interested to see what could be done with him. Again, I don't mean to force anyone, I'm just posting this to see if anyone is interested in taking on the task.
  7. Good morning/day/evening, sir/madam! I'm currently making a character for DST, all artwork is done, but now I need some help with coding, more specifically: Heat and cold damage. I wanted to make that my character takes the double heat damage per second and lower heat tolerance, but no cold damage what so ever. As when the temperature drops below some point, character gaining speed and damage boost, his hunger rate is draining faster. Item. And here I have no idea what so ever even on the file hierarchy. I want to make an amulet that will be neglecting sanity drain from night (dusk one still should be there) and full darkness. (additionally if you can, give me some tutorials on character specific item creation, like how to make it what so ever I will be grateful) Thanks for the help beforehand P.S Sorry if something wasn't clear, or for my terrible grammar, English isn't native language for me. Though I will totally understand the answers, if you have questions to ask go ahead I'll try to reply ASAP. fawkes.lua
  8. so I finally solved my worst nemesis Glitch So while editing my character "sprite" or lets just say face and then launch steam. The changes I made to the character was not updated into the game. The reason why this happened in the first place is that 1 or multiple .png (images of your character) has been corrupted. I call it corrupted because I don't know how else to explain it. It worked before but suddenly now it doesn't. And when you open that corrupted file into photoshop or paint or w.e editing program you have it'll say this .png is not supported for that software. Does anyone know a short cut on figuring out which file is corrupted? Because it took me 2 and half hours of copying each individual body part into a new esctemplate folder until eventually I found the corrupted file. (basicly I was thinking I saved the image wrong so I tried re-saving all my .png as a .png)
  9. Hello, I have been working on a pair of character mods for Don't Starve Together with sanity perks when near one another. I had no problem programming the sanity aura perk when nearby one another, but I also want to program it so when one of the characters is equipped with a specific item, it gives off an insanity aura for the other one. I added this line of code to both of the mod characters' character prefabs, but what should I do for the insanity aura when the other is equipped with a certain item. Basically, the premise is that one of the characters is terrified of knives, and their partner has a custom item knife. So seeing their partner equipped with this custom knife should lower their sanity (medium loss). inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") inst.components.sanityaura.aurafn = function(inst, observer) if observer.prefab == "characterprefab" then return TUNING.SANITYAURA_TINY end end For anyone willing to help, it's much appreciated!
  10. I don't know, if someone needs it today, but some time ago people asked to make mod for DS:Together .As i like this char very much, i did it. Still some abilities work not so properly..(i'm working on it) So i dunno if i can actually upload him.
  11. -I would like to have my character say only a set few phrases, like Wilton or Wilbur, but I don't know the scripts, or where to put them. -And, uh, this is kind of a weird question, but is it possible to make my character drop every tool they try to equip? Like when someone tries to pick up Lucy the Axe? They don't have arms, and it would be weird to have floating tools. I was planning on making them dependent on other players, if you're curious.
  12. Hello, everyone! It's me again. I am currently doing mod, which will add in your game some characters from Guilty Gear. So, I have a problem. Look at this big hat... Is there any solution to this strange mapping? Upd: Here, in Spriter, this is how Sol is supposed to look
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to learn if it is possible to swap voices between characters in DST and how to do that in the least painful fashion. I want to hear Willow's voice, for instance, and a character uses Wilson's soundset. Is it feasible at all? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : All Artwork by Mahdwolfe. This mod can be found on DS version here. (Upcoming link) Be charmed by this less-negative characters, because we like to play and have fun They are the Korrigan Twins, Ada&Hadabra! Choose your gender and play! They are good scavenger : They know how to quickly gather resources and run much faster than normal. They possess a great knowledge in Nature. Thus, they can craft their own potions, which allow them to be more powerful than they seem. There are 13 potions to craft in totality, each one tweaking different parametres and mechanics of the game. A configurable option is at the player discretion, leaving them with the choice of the light potion color. The Korrigan loves mushroom; They've learn to build their own mushroom farm to supply their need of mushrooms when it comes to craft the potions. Some of them prefer them big, really big! You can build a bigger farm with bigger mushrooms! A configurable option is at the player discretion, leaving them with the choice of the spawning method. (***The Mushroom Farm can be used as a standalone mod, along with the great Mandrake Tree.***) Also, the twins can craft their own hunting knife under the tools tab. Indeed, the hunting knife is not claimed to be a giant killing machine, but rather to hunt little creatures such like birds and rabbits. A great way to harvest the feathers they need for their potions. This mod comes with custom sounds for the characters. Yes! A funny goblin talking voice will make your travel really unique. And uh... they also have a unique talking yellow color. Perks : *Craft their own potions & hunting knife *Fast Runner *Scavenger ***Mushroom Farm mod included in the character HUNGER : 200 SANITY : 200 HEALTH : 150 LIST OF POTIONS Hunger Potion Refresh Potion Thermal Potion Health Potion Sanity Potion Armor Potion Light Potion Speed Potion Water Potion Violence Potion Beefalo Potion Arachnid Potion Invisibility Potion *** Players choosing this mod are aware of the risk it may causes. Please, report any crash/bugs that may occur, we will find a way to fix the issue. Do not try to catch the mushroom tree spores! Just let them light the night! Again, have fun. Rate and share the character if you like it! *** Upcoming update : *Custom Speeches Mod made by D4rkh0bb1T and Mahdwolfe
  15. Version 1.6


    Intro: Maxwell, in search of new victims, has decided to bring the young Weremon Sereina in the Don't Starve universe. She is an altruistic healer that hates violence. However she is determined to survive and has several abilities, medicines and drugs to do so. All of her quotes are personnal and may contain references to various stuff. Maxwell's introductions for both Sandbox and Adventure Mode are unique as well. This version of my mod is compatible with everything: Vanilla (No DLC), Reign of Giants DLC, and Shipwrecked DLC. Stats: -> Health: 80 -> Hunger: 120 -> Sanity: 120 Pros: -> She starts with her own bag, helmet, and some medicines. -> She is hungry slower than usual. Also applies to sleeping. -> Her friends will protect her until their death... Or until she goes on a boat. -> She has a small sanity regen and a high moving speed when the sun shines. Also applies to her sailing speed. -> She emits a very small light when her sanity is high enough. -> She has an inner resistance to cold. -> She isn't hurt by marsh bushes and cacti. -> Most neutral creatures will not attack her unless provoked. Applies to guardian pigs, bunnymen (even if she is carrying meat), wildbores, and guardian wildbores. Tiger Shark will accept her near its den as well. She is a young feline after all. -> No sanity/health loss when eating fruits or vegetables, does not affect mushrooms. She will also get a small sanity regen when eating dried seaweed. Cons: -> Her base stats are very low. -> She is vegetarian. She will not eat meat, eggs or fish. But she will eat leafy meat, milk-based food, and some crockpot recipes. -> She runs slower at dusk and even slower during the night. Also affects sailing speed. -> She has a high sanity loss at dusk and night. -> She has a higer sanity loss near monsters. -> As a pacifist, her reluctance to fight drastically decreases her attack speed. -> She loses some sanity when she kills creatures that aren't bosses, monsters, or robots. -> Her fur acts like a sponge, doubling her wetness rate. -> Her English isn't very good, so she can make some mistakes when talking. She has access to the Medical tab allowing her to craft custom items that can be used on herself or followers: -> Her medical bag is an eight slot bag that slowly restores sanity when worn. The bag can float. -> Her medical helmet is durable protection. It also protects against rain a little. -> Her medical furnitures restore 80 HP on use, can be used 5 times, for a total of 400 HP restored. -> Her antidote pills will cure poison and other tropical deceases. -> Her health pills restores 20 HP. -> Her firatone pill increases her body temperature by 50. -> Her freezatone pill reduces her body temperature by 50. -> She can make a cyanide pill if she hates her life. It deals 250 damages when eaten. -> Her adrenaline injection increases moving and attacking speed for one minute. -> Her morphine injection negates damage taken during one minute. Yup, negates. 60 seconds of godlike mode. -> She can make a powerfull drug that gives hallucinations during one minute. To do: -> French translation! -> Wait for your feedbacks to fix bugs! Huge thanks to: -> NoxuTheAutomaton for the art. -> Blueberrys and JJmarco for their coding help. -> Dleowolf for their amazing Extended Sample Character Template mod. What's new in the 1.6 update: ->Sereina is finally compatible with Vanilla! -> Fixed some rare bugs happening when using shots while on a boat. -> Fixed some quotes. -> Added missing quotes. Steam page: Sereina Shipwrecked 1.6.7z
  16. I was wondering, I decided to create a mod where, when the player pressed a specific button, he transforms into a sorta shadow demon and he does't get effected by the shadow monsters, but instead turns into a sort of shadow demon? (Like Shadow Wilson), but it saps away half the players current sanity, and raises speed? I believe I could figure out a custom weapon for the demon character... but then again ;-; I'm not too too amazing at coding. I'm wondering if its possible to make a sort of shadow weapon? That creates like... a shadowy hand that the player can fire at things. So basically like. an Ice staff that shoots shadow hands and deals actual damage, while pushing the entity back a few inches? (Meters, inches, no idea what the area range is called in this game.) I'm actually not too too positive on the whole Wolfgang transformation but i'm assuming its decently similar? Now... I don't know too too much about coding but i'm starting to understand some of it. I'm curious about 2 things, 1. Is there a sort of... character template? Or Character anyone knows of that I could copy the files off of for it? I understand how to read some of the coding since I'm making the main form of him actually right now. 2. If there is not a character template, would anyone be interested in sorta... helping me out? >.< I currently have my OC Wyatt half finished, so i'll be able to post his file soonish. Thank you! ~Flaire (And yes, I do have awful grammar and pretty awful explanation skills so... if something isn't clear please let me know!)
  17. I've been using the extended character template to make my own character, but the abnormal shape of his head doesn't work with the mod's template. His head is either slightly too tall, or too wide, but it seems as though the original templates creater somehow edited the shape of the box which is counted as part of the head, resulting in the top, or sides of my characters head being clipped off. How do I edit these boxes myself, to cater to my characters strange head shape?
  18. Hello Don Staav Modders, I have recently had an idea for a character mod. (for DST, no one downloads vanilla DS mods anymore D:) All in all, the character is a pigman. I have a few ideas for the character, such as; - He can chop down trees with his bare hands.... er, hooves I mean (for crafting purposes he will also be able to mine rocks) - His handslot doesn't exist (he can't hold anything because of his darn hooves!) - His bodyslot doesn't exist either (his body is really big) (he would probably have like a 50% free damage resistance because of this) (he will still be able to wear head items, though, because normal pigmen can. Duh.) - Pigs are automatically 'following' him. (kind of like Wilbur and the monkeys) - He can locate pigs and pig villages easily - He can talk with the Pig King (this feature wouldn't provide any pros or cons, just kind of a funny side thing) - On the full moon, he turns into a dreaded WerePig - and finally, he poops when he eats fruit However, the main reason I made this topic is because of the first worry; the animations. I wanted this character to not use the wilson build, (the one that all the characters use) but rather the pigman one. So okay. Easy right? Well, no because the pig build doesn't include an item pick up animation, or a 'fiddle' animation (fiddle as in the one that plays when you upgrade walls, build things and pick grass/twigs/berries etc) So how would I go about creating these new animations and applying the pig build to the character? [Also, because I'm lazy, I'd just use the original pigman art for this mod.] Thanks if you can help!
  19. ...Hello, I have a problem... So, you see... my character's supposed to lose the ability to craft certain items (or all items) when it goes insane and I put code like this before. -- Character can craft all items inst.components.builder.science_bonus = 666 inst.components.builder.magic_bonus = 666 inst.components.builder.ancient_bonus = 666 inst.components.builder.shadow_bonus = 666 -- You've become Insane, you lost all crafting recipes. inst:ListenForEvent("goinsane", function(inst, data) inst.components.talker:Say(GetString(inst, "ANNOUNCE_INSANE")) inst.components.builder.science_bonus = -666 inst.components.builder.magic_bonus = -666 inst.components.builder.ancient_bonus = -666 inst.components.builder.shadow_bonus = -666 end) -- You've become sane again, you regain all crafting recipes. inst:ListenForEvent("gosane", function(inst, data) inst.components.talker:Say(GetString(inst, "ANNOUNCE_SANE")) inst.components.builder.science_bonus = 666 inst.components.builder.magic_bonus = 666 inst.components.builder.ancient_bonus = 666 inst.components.builder.shadow_bonus = 666 end) This code worked before but not anymore (it's incompatible with caves). So I was wondering is there something I can do like "Inst:RemoveRecipe"axe"" or remove the crafting tab? Help would be appreciated very, very much !!!
  20. Hello, I need your help... So, I would like when my character's insane to give other player characters (that are kinda close to my character) a 50% speed boost but I really have no clue how I would do this ... I feel so ashamed I ask for so much help but it's all I can do ... Any kind of help makes me super happy & thanks for reading as always !
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : All Artwork by Mahwolfe. !!!Last Update - December 22nd 2015 - Including !!! --->A new Recipe Tab! Craft your own secret stone! --->The Stone has a bigger Red Light! Use it on the ground as a Night Light. --->INVISIBILITY - No one can arm the philosopher. --->The Stone consumed itself. Here, meet with V.I.T.R.I.O.L, the philosopher. The man who's pure in the heart and speaks his prayers by Night. That is my very first mod, custom speeches and so on. (Wilson base) Thanx to my girlfriend for helping me in the Artwork. Thanx to Thibooms and Lumina for their quick answers on Klei forum. I hope he is not OP, but you'll find it by yourself. hehe Flaws : - He hates spoiled food. - He has low sanity. - You'll get addict to the stone Perks : - High base fighting skills. - Low sanity fighting&speed boost. - Starts with his Philosopher Stone. (Last Update : Craft it at the beginning) The Philosopher Stone : - It is your personal Amulet - Emits a red light. - Makes the wearer faster. - VERY fast sanity drain. Tell me if you like. Post suggestions. This mod was made by D4rkh0bb1T and Mahdwolfe. Upcoming : *A new blessed "item" which let the player regen some sanity. *Suggestions are welcome!
  22. Version 1.1.0


    (Currently in beta) Adds the bathrobed seafarer to the character roster. Walneum offers a way to play Shipwrecked in a stationary playstyle. =-- Caution: Walneum likes to swear. Sometimes. --= =--=STATS=--= 135 Health 150 Hunger 195 Sanity =--=PERKS=--= Walneum has a soft, snuggly bathrobe. Thusly, he has a small sanity aura on land and has some natural insulation. Walneum gets hungry slower than other characters. Walneum can easily craft Umbrellas and Tropical Parasols, as the recipes are toned down to lower the risk of getting ingredients. Also, Tropical Parasols make good fire fuel... =--=DISADVANTAGES=--= Walneum is extremely hydrophobic and thusly takes massive sanity loss whilst sailing, so be sure to camp out on islands during the night. You don't want to sail during the night. (To be added) Walneum takes sanity damage during rainstorms. (To be added) Walneum takes massive sanity damage whilst wet. (To be added) Walneum dries off slower than other characters, but can use Cut Grass and Cloth to dry off quicker. =--=TRIVIA=--= "Balneum" is Latin for "bathrobe". Walneum is voiced by a violin. =--=BUGS=--= While this mod is enabled, all characters have the easier-crafting recipes. I'm currently looking into this. Use Steam? Never fear, Walneum is on the Workshop! To the Workshop!
  23. Version C.3.0


    Well, Thanks, Dragon Wolf Leo for the character template! Spearjab Update! Now, He is Wissphar, You know it, I guess... This version is more alpha than the Wissphar from DS/DST. This version has less content. because shipwrecked it's a new world and actually I didn't see a Marble or Tentacle Spots (for Marble Sword and TentaCaller NightSpear) But, I will add new ones! For the moment, his armor and helmet are removed, eventually will be added again. So... Health:225 Hunger:150 Sanity:105 Perks! Stronger than average, has an armored feet! His strenght it's more mighty than the average. His feet will make him resist more too! but you will be a quite slower, just a little. Stomach consumes more but his health worth! He requires eat a bit more, his health it's 225! Changelog -Coconut 3.0- Changed Wissphar texture and portrait. Wissphar now starts with an Supreme Cutlass. Strong feet removed. Insomnia removed. I have even more to do. -Coconut 2.0- Added Limestone Sword (Marble sword alternative) -Coconut 1.0 : Spearjabbing Update!- Added Spearjab animation (It's a bit buggy on the boat, but don't worry!) All Spears now have an tag called "Spear" to do the specific spearjab animation and his range is extended (1.10) but the attack has the same speed of the punch attack. Added Long Spear. The craft are the double of the normal spear. More longer than the spear (1.30) Re-Added the Natural Absorption (0.10) -DS to SW- Added him to Shipwrecked. Heh... Removed PTA, Throwing Axe, Marble Sword, TentaCaller NightSpear Will come back later, Wissphar Armor & Helmet, Nightmare tools Added an cool bandana for compensate the lack of items. Haha. Removed Armor Restriction. Added Insomnia. -To do!- New weapons! Yay! (yeah, more weapons than a simple spear ) Redone Quotes
  24. Womp, The Abyssal Just released a character that I've been working on for about a month now. This is my first mod ever and I've not used LUA before this, but I think he turned out pretty well. He's still in the tuning phase so numbers may change for balance purposes. Basic rundown: HP: 120 Hunger: 200 Sanity: 100 *Benefits from moisture, suffers when dry *Has a very good grip *Is a monster Wog includes a custom speech file, art, sound effects and unique perks. Here's a more detailed breakdown of some of the things Womp does: (If you'd rather learn the character by playing him, don't read below.) And that's that! Let me know what you think! And report any bugs or crashes (screenshots and log files are helpful)! (Link to mod page is under the picture)
  25. I need help adding a perk that raises the carry limit to items. I added a code but i think it's applying for the whole server, which causes it to crash for other characters with item limits. Can anyone give me a code that increases item stacks on the modded character only? I want to raise each type of item size stack by 10 items more. Also, where do I put the code? old code: function stackPrefabPostInit(inst) inst.components.stackable.maxsize = 50 end function makestackablePrefabPostInit(inst) inst:AddComponent("stackable") inst.components.stackable.maxsize = 50 end TUNING.STACK_SIZE_LARGEITEM = 20 TUNING.STACK_SIZE_MEDITEM = 30 TUNING.STACK_SIZE_SMALLITEM = 50