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  1. I am making my first character mod, where the character has long hair, a permanent beard about the length of Wilson's largest beard, and a mustache. The natural z-index order of layers should be as on the first image below: mustache, nose and face on the top, then hair, then beard. However, the beard in DST is a layer above everything, so I put the beard into the headbase. Everything looks fine from the front and side, but when looking from behind, it turns out that headbase is in front of arms, resulting in beard appearing in front of arms. I made my character from the Extended Sample Character template. How can I fix that? Ideally, I'd like to change the z-index of headbase to be behind arms when facing upwards. I already tried a few things: 1. OverrideSymbol("beard", ...) - like Wilson's beard - this did not work well, because it was in front of mustache and hair. When I made mustache part of beard, it was even more messed up, because it was getting separated from the nose when the character was "breathing" or doing emotes, and still was in front of the hair. 2. Editing z-indexes, ordering on xml elements and pretty much everything possible in scml file - I was editing the xml manually in various ways, but the changes were present only in Spriter, not in the game. I think the game does not care at all about ordering and z-indexes of layers in Spriter, and has real z-indexes hardcoded for each layer. Is that the case? 3. Making front and side like described above, and using Wilson-like beard only when the character is facing upwards. I based this idea on assymetric character design posted on this forum. I did this by AnimState:Hide("beard") (and Show), depending on the direction the character was facing during locomote events. However, it does not work when character is doing some kind of animation when facing upwards (e.g. talking), because then he has a double beard when facing front, because last locomote event indicated going upwards. 4. Splitting beard or mustache in 2 or more layers - it just does not work, since the layers are moving in different directions in game (e.g. when the character is "breathing"), messing up the lines. How can I make the beard show properly below hair and mustache during all animations?
  2. tl;dr: How to make GetModConfigData(config_option_name,ModIndex:GetModActualName(name_of_a_mod_as_in_modinfo)) work in scripts/prefab/character_prefab.lua or load user config to it other way? Hello there I'm working on a simple character mod tweak - not really for myself (at least for now) but it'll surely come in handy in future. I want to implement options allowing users to change all character stats (health, hunger, sanity, movement speed, resistance, should it get starting items). What I struggle with is the issue of retrieving configuration_options from character prefab - I know at to load configuration option you use function GetModConfigData(config_option_name) The issue is - obviously: I understand that from places other than modmain or modworldgenmain I should retrieve configuration options with GetModConfigData(config_option_name,ModIndex:GetModActualName(name_of_a_mod_as_in_modinfo)) Now then - here the issue. Doing that will result with Adding this local ModIndex:GetModActualName = require "modindex" to character prefab results with Which is understandable (that's how Lua works, right?) Here comes my question: how to use GetModActualName in scripts/prefab/character_prefab.lua or how to pass mod config values to it, in a way that starting items and stats of character could be configured?
  3. Version 7.0.1


    Version Update on Steam is Newest So please subscribe on steam because I don't upload in here often. Thank you so much Now, version of this mod is update to Ver. 7.01 !!!! [[[[ Important Note !!! ]]]] after ver.7.01, your game status in 7.00 will be reset to 0 after update BECAUSE I re-write the script for Weapon (description below) and Any update plan in the future. I'm sorry about your save. I'm so sorry. ♣ Feature ♣ Re-Master texture and things. Can be grown up ( Level up ) by eating 7 sins' gem. 7 sins's gem type drops depend on type of monster he killed, Especially boss! [-Warning-] Weak ( Very much!!! ) on Begins, Stronger in Late !! Can choose Difficulty that affect status boost less or high when eat gem. Compatibility With ROG. You can check status by L (Can config in mod configuration) New Weapon and Bonus Effect ♥ Sins Gears ♥ New feature Updated after ver.7.01 (currently only has a sword, but in future I will be release more) The Vainglorious Dmg : 30 Durability : 175 Recipe : 5 The Obsidian of Pride / 1 Living Log / 2 Nightmare fuel Prototype Require : Prestihatitator ( Building with Top hat ) Bonus Effect : If Kaizer use to attack , chance to add bonus damage. The Damage Bonus is depend on your pride level, High Pride High Damage. ♠ 7 Sins's Gem ♠ There are 7 type of gem that will make he stronger Emerald of Envy - Rise your Max sanity Obsidian of Pride - Rise your damage Quartz of Sloth - Rise your speed Ruby of Wrath - Rise your Defense Sapphire of Lust - Rise your Max Health Topaz of Gluttony - Rise your Max Hunger Diamond of Greed - Rise All Status ♦ Status ♦ ( Min / Max ) Health 50 / 350 Sanity 50 / 400 Hunger 50 - 300 Speed Slower than wilson / Faster than wilson ...... Damage Combat 50% / 200% !! Damage Absorb 0 / 30%
  4. Hey whats up fellow Kiel members and Don't Starve players. I just uploaded a video on youtube of a Don't Starve Character Guide on "WILSON"! Needless to say, check it out if you are interested! I am just starting out, any support would be appreciated! Lemme know what yall think! =D Video link:
  5. Version 0.1.0


    Untested Version of Bellatrix for Don't Starve Together. if any errors are encountered please report it in the comments. this is purely a test, i know no one who owns a copy of dst so I have not tested it through server's
  6. Version 1.3


    The don't starve edition of my lucario mod for players that don't have access to the steam workshop. Install it like any other mod, drag the "Lucario (DS Edition)" folder located in the .rar into your don't starve\mods\ folder. It should look something like this [Install path]\Don't Starve\mods\Lucario (DS Edition)\[Mod files] Play as Lucario, the aura pokemon. Single Player! Steam Versions Don't Starve Version (RoG and SW Compatible): DST Version My Lucario Mod for DST finally makes its way to Don't Starve. (Fully RoG and Shipwrecked Compatible!) Please report any bugs or suggestions in the comments here, or on the steam workshop page. Features: -Unique Dialogue -Custom Art (Duh) -Cute and Cool Variants -Clothing Compatible -Grows a shaveable, scruffy winter coat using the beard system. (Cute Variant) -Deals increased damage and loses sanity faster as health decreases. (Cool Variant) -Loses sanity slower at night. -Loses sanity when near any fire (based on proximity) -Increased damage from fire. -Can use aura spheres and Lucario themed melee weapons! -Can extract aura from live rabbits for crafting or health/sanity. -Can obtain bone shards from fish. -Can be shiny! -Moderate configuration options -It's Lucario! Stats: Health: 140 Hunger: 150 (Very slightly faster decay) Sanity: 200 (Slower decay at night) Damage: 1.2x Aura Spheres: Infinitely reusable "ranged weapons" that cost sanity and hunger (Can be reduced in the mod configuration.) instead of durability. They give off a very small amount of light. Blue: Standard Aura Sphere: Low damage, low sanity/hunger cost ranged weapon, good for pulling or keeping distance. Yellow: Swift Sphere: Slightly more damage, higher sanity/hunger cost. Built in walking cane. Green: Dream Sphere: No damage, High sanity/hunger cost. Can put enemies to sleep. (Uses endgame materials) Orange: Solar Sphere: Moderate Damage, higher sanity/hunger cost than swift, creates a large amount of light. Red: Violent Sphere: High damage, high sanity/health cost, endgame sphere. Other Weapons: Bone Rush: Powerful melee weapon with high durability (Same power as the battle spear). Made from bone shards and aura bits (Live rabbits or crabbits). Metal Claw: Cheap, high durability weapon intended to be an alternative to the spear. Shadow Claw: Powerful endgame melee weapon, drains sanity while equipped. Aura Guardian Staff: Similar to the Standard Aura Sphere, but costs no hunger or sanity. Config Options! Aura sphere cost: -Standard: My personal opinion on what is balanced -Low: Cheaper aura spheres for people that prefer to use them as primary weapons -Free: No hunger/health/sanity cost, recommended only for fun, not balanced. Weapon Durability: -Both aura spheres and the custom melee weapons can have their durability toggled on or off. Aura spheres could be free, but have durability, or you could just have infinite weapons for unbalanced fun, whatever the server host decides. Bonerush Smashes Rocks: -Exactly as it says, the Bonerush can smash rocks like a pickaxe. (Just for fun) Hunger/Sanity Management (Seperate settings for both): -Harder: Sanity or hunger drain much faster, for those who want more challenge -Standard: The same hunger/sanity drain as the mod has always had (My recommendation) -Easier: For players that want to worry less about their mind and stomach, but still want some management. -Casual: Virtually no sanity/hunger drain, for extremely casual players or just for fun. (Both "Easier" and "Casual" settings kind of ruin the point of the game, so I only recommend using them when messing around.) Custom Items: -Enables/Disables crafting of custom items (For players who prefer not to have all the extra fluff)
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : The Reptilian. (DS-DST) All Artwork by mahdwolfe. Engage the realm of Don't Starve with this beast - The Reptile, MAHD. Flaws : *Its a Cold Blooded creature, which means cold hurt him very badly. *He hates spoiled food. *Tagged as a Monster - Of course *Night drains his sanity. Perks : *He can Level up by eating Dragon Pie, thus increasing his overall stats. *A Light is emitted by MAHD on his first travel, losing it on death. (Need to be fixed) *Because of his reptilian scales, MAHD is protected against wetness. Scales do not get wet. *He's a Sun lover and doesnt get overheated by it. That's the creature all about ! Enjoy and have fun. Share with friend and comments are welcome! This mod is made by D4rkh0bb1t and Mahdwolfe.
  8. Playable Pets has been on the workshop for awhile now but I figure why not make a thread about it here. Looking for Help Playable Pets is a mod that makes most mobs in the game into playable characters, it is basically a successor to the playable mobs mod made by Indie (I don't know his forum name...) sometime ago. The mod is configurable and has a couple of neat features as well. You can view/download all the mods here. You will also need this mod if you want to access the skins for the mobs. Features Configuration Options General Info: -to be worked on later- Notes: Major Bugs: ToDo: Special Thanks: -Lily, Amir, RocketSM, Capt. Kickass, and Kwitchler for playtesting the mod in the prereleased builds of the mod and convinced me to make it public. - @Fidooop for making modded skins API, making it possible. -Logzombie for making 95% of the skins in the mod. -Cheshire Crow for making a lot of the portraits in the mod. (His are the really good looking ones, mine are the bad ones). -The forums for bits of information that helped out when developing the mod (this is my first mod ever). -The many users of Playable Pets whose feedback helped improve the mod in many ways that I could not have done alone. -A certain crow for teaching me how to code and giving support. Other stuff that might be worth noting I GUESS: Steam Group (if you want announcement of major updates to the mod I guess?) Discord Group I have a server that runs the mods daily, information can be found on the steam group page. (Also it will be in the beta branch). The initial goal was to make all mobs fun/interesting for coop/pvp, which is still being worked on. So if you got any feedback/suggestions let me know.
  9. Hey guys this is just a question ive been wanting to set forests on fire and spider dens could anyone tel me how to do it??
  10. Ward The Ranger Whisp The Mellifluous Won-il the Defender Wollawossiky The Pathfinder Wisniowski The Sleepyhead My goal was to create a well balanced team of custom characters. I'm not that good of an illustrator so most of the appearances of the characters are mixed and matched from in-game assets. You can download the characters by clicking the above links which will take you to their Steam Workshop pages. Thanks!
  11. Greetings. I recently helped make a character, and everything works fine, but the game crashes after selecting the character if the caves are generated. It's a problem I have been trying to fix for a while now, but can't seem to work out why it's happening. any help would be appreciated. Here is the client log:
  12. I would like a character of mine to be able to sleep during the day, dusk, night and in caves. If it would be easier to make a custom sleeping item, that would be good too. But it would be preferable for it to work with every bed. I looked through other mods that had similar abilities, but they led to dead ends that I couldn't figure out. Thank you for any help!
  13. I believe I asked this before once when creating an animation, although I've forgotten stuff about this now. Say I wanted to extract player_idles animations so that I could open up certain player character animations in Spriter. The file contains only an anim file. Where exactly would I find the build and atlas-0 for this file? I've tried to take two other build and atlas-0 files from player_actions and player_hit_darkness, but I didn't get the necessary textures for the specific animation.
  14. Hello and thank you soo much for taking the time to read this! basically what im trying to do is rename all of wickerbottom's books and place them into a new custom tab with different craft materials for a MOD character. So far i've managed to successfully recreate the Sleeping and Tentacle books and was able place them in my custom tab with other custom items. fully functioning. but i came across a problem when i was recreating the "birds" book.; i'm able to place it into my custom tab no problem, but when i try to use it , it functions the same as the sleep book for some reason and doesn't summon the birds. at first i thought i placed the "sleep" code in my "bird" book but that wasn't the case... here's the code i've used for my bird book: function star_bird_book(inst, reader) local birdspawner = TheWorld.components.birdspawner if birdspawner == nil then return false end local pt = reader:GetPosition() reader.components.sanity:DoDelta(-50) --we can actually run out of command buffer memory if we allow for infinite birds local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(pt.x, pt.y, pt.z, 10, nil, nil, { "magicalbird" }) if #ents > 30 then reader.components.talker:Say(GetString(reader, "ANNOUNCE_WAYTOOMANYBIRDS")) else local num = math.random(10, 20) if #ents > 20 then reader.components.talker:Say(GetString(reader, "ANNOUNCE_TOOMANYBIRDS")) else num = num + 10 end reader:StartThread(function() for k = 1, num do local pos = birdspawner:GetSpawnPoint(pt) if pos ~= nil then local bird = birdspawner:SpawnBird(pos, true) if bird ~= nil then bird:AddTag("magicalbird") end end Sleep(math.random(.2, .25)) end end) end return true end im able to spawn and read the "original birds book" and it works perfectly but for some reason my custom birds book won't work,... can you please take a look at my star_bird_book.lua and also wickerbottom's books.lua to let me know where i messed up? could it be that i have to add the bird spawner tag into my star.lua? im new to all of this... still learning thanks so much in advance!
  15. The story and lore of don't starve is possibly my favorite aspect of the game. However, out of all playable characters, only Wilson and Maxwell have an in depth backstory that's been shown. So, I wanted to write a backstory and possibly hear your backstories of characters in the universe. Wigfrid Wigfrid grew up in a cabin in the woods, not too far from a small town. Growing up, her father hunted, mostly for game. Sometimes a younger Wigfrid was taken on these journeys and learned the in and outs of hunting. They trudged through the snow and dirt to find elks, deer, and sometimes even bears. On rare occasion she watched her father stand up against a mighty bear with his spear in hand, trying to intimidate the large beast. This would usually end in the bear toppling to the ground, and a new bear skin rug for the cabin. That was until one day, when her father came up against a bear that did not wait to play the intimidation game. The bear swiped at his face, scarring his eye and lip. Her father stabbed it in its chest, but it didn't seem to leave a dent. The bear took another swipe, and Wigfrid's once powerful, bear killing father, was bit back by nature. Wigfrid still remembers the moment where she stood shocked with fear at the sight. No inclination to fight; just shock. She remembers running through the forest, tears streaming down her face, fear overwhelming her. That moment made her promise to herself and to her deceased father: I won't back down from a fight. I won't have fear. As Wigfrid grew into her late teens, she spent her days training in not only hunting, but fighting. Her goal was to find the bear and avenge her father's death, but for years and years, she never found the beast. As time went on, a life of training and hunting for seemingly nothing weighed down on her, and she went into a more calm life. Discovering a nearby theatre, she applied for auditions as a mighty warrior, capable of fighting any foe. Her battle cries and combat skills got her in on day one. She enjoyed theatre, acting out scenes that she wished would happen in her real life. She fought dragons and monsters and whatever was apart of the play. But it wasn't enough. She remembered her goal: avenge her father. It's been years, she is in her mid-twenties. She's been sitting in this theatre growing an acting career. This wasn't her life. And so, she began the hunt again. And she found that bear. And she fought the bear, and she killed the bear. And the bear took off his head and said "Great job today, Wigfrid. We knocked em dead." The whole play was too real for Wigfrid. She started a downward spiral. Years and years of training in her life lead to a mundane acting career. Slumping down in her dressing room chair, Wigfrid looked at a strong, powerful reflection through a faded, dirty mirror. She needed a test of her strength. She needed to show the world that she isn't just an actor, that she is a warrior. Wigfrid slammed the desk and was about to punch the mirror too, until she heard a crackly voice behind her, coming from the radio. "Say, pal, you got a warrior's spirit huh? Why are you wasting your time in this shabby theatre? Say, if you just follow my instructions, you can show everyone all that training you did." I'm not sure if I will continue to write backstories. I also want to see others try this, and I could only really think of this one for Wigfrid.
  16. I'm trying to create a character that uses a build that doesn't share its prefab name. Normally, a character called "example" would default to using the anim file called "", unless instructed otherwise. I can't seem to convince it to use any build other than its own, however. I've read that the proper way to do this is to assign a new build using: inst.AnimState:SetBuild("differentbuild") however, it doesn't seem to work. The character defaults to the anim file with the same name, or simply becomes invisible if the anim with the same name is not provided. Here's the full prefab: local MakePlayerCharacter = require "prefabs/player_common" local assets = { Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), } local common_postinit = function(inst) end local master_postinit = function(inst) inst.AnimState:SetBuild("chanti") end return MakePlayerCharacter("domo", prefabs, assets, common_postinit, master_postinit) Both build files are standard character builds, compatible with the standard player stategraph. Can anyone fill me in on what I'm doing wrong, or anything I'm missing? Thank you so much!
  17. =Wallander Thomas Sykes - The Beastly Barber= Workshop Page Download Page [This is an in development mod, updates will be posted here on progress, new features, and hotfixes] Description: "A seasoned barber whose life had gone awry, Wallander Thomas Sykes, known by Wilson as "Snickety Tom", joins our morbid cast of characters, who curiously inquire about the nature of this newcomer. Questions arise to be answered with the arrival of this beastly barber and his perilous past." Stats: Health: 125 Hunger: 225 Sanity: 100 Perks: *A particularly skilled "Barber" Wallander's past is veiled in mystery. Though his dialogue may demystify some of it. He spawns with an Heirloom Razor Scale, an ornate handle with which he can craft razors for combat. *Balances Humanity and Animosity While at High sanity, he gains damage resistance due to his cautious nature and expertise in defensive combat, at Low Sanity, he becomes careless, his damage resistance drops massively, but also gains increased attack power and running speed. At completely zero sanity, he gains nightvision and becomes immune to Charlie's attacks until he regains sanity. *Has a voracious Hunger and Predatory Instincts Wallander's not afraid to eat what he can to survive, but he'll need to eat a lot due to increased hunger drain. At 15% Hunger or less, Sanity drains much more quickly due to regressing to his predatory instincts Trivia: *Voiced by a Pizzicato Bass Thanks to: Dleowolf for their "Extended Sample Character Mod" Found here X Akiru for code that helped with creating the Predatory Instincts perk Griffin for being my main modtester and vet to bounce ideas off of ZupAlex for help with Spriter and various bits of code Stephen Songheim for the wonderful broadway musical that inspired this mod to begin with Lumina for help with coding the Heirloom Scale
  18. Download: Domo's Don't Starve Character Creator Hey friends, I've got a brand new Don't Starve modding tool to share with all of you! It's a character creation script that allows you to draw your character in-pose, and then easily export the .scml file and all its assets directly to your mod folder. This method doesn't require adapting a template mod, and allows you to create assets without any size restrictions. There is a SMALL catch - this tool is an extension for Adobe Flash. Hear me out! Wilson and all his friends were originally drawn in Flash by Klei themselves, and it works quite well with Don't Starve's aesthetic. If you still prefer to use alternative software, you can import your character's assets into Flash and use the tool to create an .scml file. Here's how it works: Step 1: Open a new document. Open Window > Other Panels > DSCC. In the DSCC window, enter your character's name and click 'New'. Your character's assets will be created and appear in the document's library. Step 2: Click your character's name in the list and click 'Load'. Your character's assets will be loaded into the document. Once there, you can open each one and draw the appropriate body part. Alternatively, you can import external images if you'd prefer not to draw in Flash. Step 3: Once your character is finished, click its name in the list and click 'Export'. Navigate to your mod's 'exported' folder and click 'Okay'. Flash will process your character for about a minute, and after that, you're done! Once you start Don't Starve, it will automatically be compiled into an anim file for your character. My hope is for this tool to streamline the character creation process and make it easier for modders to publish their work. Please post here with any feedback you have about DSCC, as I plan to keep it updated and add some new features and fixes. If there are any questions about these instructions, please post them, as well. With your help, I can make this a real asset to you and the Don't Starve modding community. Thanks everyone! Also be on the lookout for Domo's Don't Starve Speech File Creator in the future!
  19. Version 1.0.1 It's working now


    This is a tribute to my dog who has survived doggie cancer! 110 health 145 hunger 200 sanity *So fluffy! (does nothing YET!) *20%(ish) speed boost (compared to Wilson) *Has lower hunger what's next?: trying to fix the temmie face when he talks Hope you enjoy! And DON'T STARVE! Edit: This is my first mod so Don't judge because of "laziness" or my lack of art skills
  20. I want to make a simple character mod, but I don't have one of those oh so fancy drawing pens for mobile, and my devices are so old I don't think there compatible. So all I have is a mouse. And MS paint. And a mouse is IMPOSSIBLY HARD to draw with. And MS paint is the biggest mistake that humankind ever made. So I had a stupid idea that might just save me. I am very good with a pen and paper, so I thought I would scan a drawing with all the stuff on it, scan it, and convert it to whatever the hell DST uses. I thought that this would look nice and fit in with the animation style, but I'm not so sure about it. And then there's the programming. Please give me advice.
  21. This is a mod for Don't Starve Together: The mod is currently in Alpha stage and is being worked on around the clock CHARACTERS Jerry - The Generic Australian John - The Doctor (Coming Soon) JERRY Health: 200 Hunger: 100 Sanity: 300 Starts with Bush hat Starts with Boomerang JOHN Health: 75 Hunger 250 Sanity 250 Starts with Healing Salve x 5 Starts with Telltale Heart x 2
  22. Hey there. I've recently tried my hand at modding Don't Starve Together. My understanding of LUA is basic at the moment, but I'm hoping to develop my own character mod. Warwick, the Goat Herder "It could be worse." Abilities - Can handle animals - Warwick can periodically collect electric milk from goats via brushing - Starts with a brush - Can endure the heat - He's used to hot temperatures and will take longer to overheat. - Has bad luck with weather - Warrick has a chance to cause lightning strikes when his sanity is low - He hates rain and loses sanity more quickly in wet weather Base Stats 175 Health - Being alone for so long has made him tough. 200 Hunger - An average amount of hunger for a man his size. 150 Sanity - He's not adjusting well to all of the supernatural things he's seeing, and thus has lower maximum sanity. Short biography Warwick is a hermit who lived in the Northern Territory of Australia. Due to some unfortunate events in his past, he chose to live away from other people. He's learned how to scavenge off the land and has no problem with handling animals. He managed to tame feral goats when he was in the outback and developed a taste for goat milk. He came across a strange door when he was out traveling. His curiosity got the better of him and he took a step inside. When he came to, he found himself in a strange world where other people were trapped just like him. Since he's well experienced with survival, he feels obligated to share his experience and make sure everyone makes it out alive. What's done Dialogue (see attachment) Adding brushable component to Volt Goats Starting with a brush What needs to be done Character art Make it so that brushing goats is only available for Warwick Heat resistance Lightning strikes on low sanity Make it so that volt goats don't run from Warwick when he approaches them I would love to hear any feedback or ideas you have for the mod. speech_warwick.lua
  23. Hi there! So I've been working on my mod for a while now and have most of the art done so I decided to test it. It shows up in the mod select screen but NOT in the character select screen. It is enabled. I have included my mod in this post so that maybe someone super kind and generous could help me with this? Solas.rar
  24. Version 1.1


    Presenting to you the villian of the game Drawn to Life! (You don't need to know that game to understand the mod.) Wilfre found himself inside the universe of Don't Starve. But his arts and crafts are as dark and ominous as the world that tries to defeat him. Utilize your wits, your sense of survivability and your trusty Book of Life to prevent yourself from starving! Use the Book of Life to summon minions! Explore the worlds you play in to discover more minions! Very small chance of being mildly affected by nightmare fuel to the point of having a shadow stat and badge and a shadow form including combat buffs and insanity penalty and all that jazz, you'll figure it out. This mod requires Tomes of Knowledge to function! Got any questions? Ask away! Wilfre sprites by the wonderful Ysulyan Shadow Wilfre sprites by HalfAShark Code and concept by Mobbstar The original character "Wilfre" belongs to 5th Cell Games. Cheers, guys! Initial content:
  25. Version 1.2


    Wisspher! The Misplaced One! "No one can beat such a powerful being like me..." Health and Hunger : 200 Sanity : 100 *Decayed Mind, He doesn't feel dapper. *A high strength requires a stable conditions. *Cannot wear any armor except his helmet. *A very picky eater, has problems to sleep. *Has some forbidden stuff. Code, Concept, In game Texture done by myself! Art done by Mf99k! such a great artist! Code help and support by FelixTheJudge! an amazing coder and modder! What does content this mod (more than an character) *Custom Speech! *All characters has unique examinations on Wisspher and his items *Basic Version *Colors!? *Decayed Mind, He doesn't feel dapper. -His sanity is just 100 -Monsters aren't so scary for him, insanity aura is 0.4 -Dapper items gives less sanity, dapperness is 0.8 *A high strength requires a stable conditions. -His combat multiplier and hunger scales with sanity when your sanity is low, you will be more weak and the hunger loss will be less. When your sanity is high, you deal more than Wigfrid and Wolfgang at min mightyness but your hunger rate will be high too, not much, calm down, he isn't going to starve! -Has natural armor like Wigfrid, same resistance. -Is more slower than an average character. *Cannot wear any armor except his helmet. -A real drawback is he refuses wear any armor except it's own helmet. *A very picky eater, has problems to sleep. -This perks are similar to Wickerbottom but worst. Any spoiled foodstuff will recover nothing -Cannot sleep. *Has some forbidden stuff. -Talking about forbidden! He has a some own items for use, he is the only one who can craft them, but anyone can use it! Don't worry! -He refuses eat Green Mushrooms and Glommer's Goop. This is because if you just eat 2 of them he will be easily insane and that is a no no no! Items. Combat Sword. Yeah, let's kill all of them! No one will be alive after craft this magnificent weapon! Has 100 uses, Deals 40.8 of damage ,Doesn't requires research stations! Crafted with 1 Rope, 4 Flints and 2 Twigs Marble Sword. This is a fancy one, since marble is not renewable on servers without caves, they have good durability and high damage Has 250 uses, Deals 55 of damage, Requires research station level 1! Crafted with 1 Rope, 6 Marbles and 3 Twigs Otherworldly Sword. Yo! You know you can make great stuff with moon rocks!? Thats pretty neat! You can craft a sword made with moon rocks! Has a great durability but a mediocre damage, but, can cast a meteor! A gentle meteor who doesn't destroys your entire base! Has 400 uses, Deals 34 of damage, Requires a magic station level 1! 25% chances of spawn a small meteor who deals 25.5 of damage! Crafted with 1 Living Log, 6 Moon Rock Nuggets and 3 Flints Combat Helmet! Wisspher's essential equipment! This resistant helmet will help you in combat, has high pain reduction! Has 2350 hit points, absorbs 0.90 of damage! Doesn't require research station! Crafted with 3 Papyrus, 8 Rocks and 2 Gold Nugget Nightmare Staff A powerful staff! A staff with 10 uses, consumes 20 of sanity each use. Spawns Shadows explosions! Crafted with 10 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Living Logs and 1 Purple Gem Stunlock Amulet. Since Wisspher cannot hold any armor, why not use the nightmares to fight against your enemies!? Amulet with 25 max Nightmare Stunlocker Crafted with 6 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Gold Nuggets and 1 Purple Gem Configuration Options! Basic Mode / Bored Mode! This mode is from the people who doesn't want so many items. So, If you don't like a lot of weird items, you'll only be able to craft the most essential ones. Change Reckless to Misplaced! This is so dumb but I'll do, I don't care, previously. Wisspher looked more like a Misplaced character. Since I changed all of his look, He's more Reckless now! But you will be able to change the title from "The Reckless One" to "The Misplaced One" Last Thing, Colors. Yeah, this is dumb too! You'll be able to change it's clothes colors! You have 3 flavours, from the normal red, to a misplaced blue or a purple madman!