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  1. Hey Guys! The Ice King from „Adventure Time“ for DST. 1.01.7 This is a mod to cosplay the Ice King from „Adventure Time“. I try to make him close to the original. That could make him that he is not easy to play or overpowered in some areas. He loves Pengulls and (to kidnapped) princesses and he is very hungry. He needs the "One Man Band" to infatuate the ladys. He need the crown to survive. Has a fragile mind. Stats: Health: 160Sanity: 100Hunger: 200 Start Item: Ice FingersStart Item: One Man BandStart Item: Crown Can't freezeFast overheatingHas magical ice powers gain sanity near pengullsfast gain sanity near femalesgain health near females females fast drain sanity near ice kingThe idea is that he is doing well so it near penguins and women must be. Invisible clothes, why? Look: The Crown He looks so cool and sexy with the crown. Perk: Demage reduction 60%Sanity drain -2/10 sec.Health gain +4/10 sec.Unbreakable (only for Ice King)Without the crown, he can not survive for long, so he needs them. However, it also makes for what he is, the crazy Ice King. "...This magic keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy..." "...I swear it wasn't me, it was the crown..." Ice Finger's 1 damage pointHis magical ice powers to freeze princesses and other stuff. To Do List Fix arm animationGunter (like chester) update paused because I haven't enough time and ideas.Ice King Character mod for DST at steam:
  2. The premise is turning this lovely lady into a character mod. You may know her as either Maxwell's assistant Charlie, or as the night monster, the Grue. Perks/Powers: Dark Charlie (DC)- Gothic looking CharlieGruesome Charlie (GC) - Not sure maybe Cruela devil'esq?Grue - Non playable basically reach this and loose (full monster, would just need a short transformation animation)As for powers: I would have each phase handle insanity differently where NC in general goes insane faster, DC has normal sanity loss and GC takes about half value in sanity loss. Then have follower mechanics where depending on which charlie you are at make it so that NC would have an easy time befriending nice creatures and perhaps make the duration last longer. DC would befriend as normal. for GC nice creatures would be naturally hostile to you but nasty creatures like mermen and shadows would be neutral and be able to be befriended. Team so far: Artist - Sukoushi Coder - Nycidian Coder - XainFaith Tester - Craig_PerryWriter - KidneyBeanBoy
  3. hello. i am new to DST modding and tried to make a character but got a vast majority of errors, after looking in log.txt 9000( or over ) times i got an error i could not fix, any help appreciated. pleeeeease don't use the art, i do not see why you would want to as it is bucket tool on over wilsons art but whatever. log.txt
  4. Hello, creatures that are reading this! I need help with making my character mod for Don't Starve. I've already got all the stuff in the mod sorted out. But, the one thing I need is art for the mod. My art skills are terrible, but I want the mod to not look terrible. I want my character to look similar to my account picture. I was also wanting to make mods for my friends too. Please if anyone wants to help let me know. And of course, the artist will get their credit and recognition for their art.
  5. Dust

    Version 3.4


    WARNING: This mod has a flashing cloak, if you have had a history of seizures DO NOT download this mod. You have been warned. This character is based on the indie game: "Dust: An Elysian Tail". This mod was done in my spare time so give me the errors (via screenshot) and ill see what I can do. Meet Dust the hero from falana after the events of his story (little spoilers), he wants to go back home to falana. As dust you must survive the don't starve universe if you ever wants to return home. Most of Dust's quotes will have some reference to his experiences at falana and discover that food isn't preserved. During the beginning of the game he's incredibly vulnerable and won't last long in fights, so avoid conflict until proper armor is available. Dust comes with custom sound from Abadis forest and Sorrowing Meadows sound track from the game itself. Stats: Health: 100 Hunger: 100 Sanity: 100 Perks: Fearless: Dust has never feared any foe big or small, and the same applies here. No sanity loss being next to most enemies. Dust is comfortable with the darkness, sanity drain at 75% Assassin: Dust's secret makes him an assassin class that rely's on hit and run. 33% extra damage on most weapons. Most Assassins were never meant to tank damage and rely on speed and the element of surprise. Explains the low health. Robes of the mithrarin: Dust's robes keep him from freezing in the winter. Unfortunately his robes are flammable, 50% extra damage from fire. Items: Dust's Satget- Provides a small sanity recovery rate and covers most of dust's face just like ingame. The Blade of Ahrah- The legendary Blade has joined Dust in his journey, Ahrah was created by the moonbloods to be unbreakable but without augments falls behind the dark sword's damage. Crafting: The Blade of Ahrah augmented- Upgrade ahrah to match the power of the dark sword. By adding a large amount of gold to ahrah dust's speed is decreased by 10%. The robes of the mithrarin- Craft Dust's final tier armor that goes underneath his clothes just like in game. It provides a large amount of insulation that makes it a poor choice to use in the summer. The ring of sight- provides an unlimited fuel source like a lantern. The teleportation stone- similar to the teleport staff this stone doesn't cause lightning that leaves a burn on your world, not cause rain, doesn't drain sanity, and teleports directly to save points. The pendant of wisdom- A fragile defensive necklace that heals the wearer 2 health per 120 seconds, this pendant can also be combined with the robes to double its durability and raise its protection, making dust tankable. The battlemaster's pendant- A useful necklace that increases dust's damage output to 2x the damage instead of 1.33x and can be combined with the robes. Flameless/Cirelian light: Acts as a portable lantern giving light when dropped, makes nights more pleasant than staring at a campfire. Theres no difference between the two besides your preference of looks and materials to make them. Save point: Directs teleportation stones to it and resurrects dust when haunted/activated. Dust's house: cut content no further information needed. Magma mantle: Designed to withstand high temperatures and be fire resistant, this armor will reduce dust's flammability to 50% and keeps you cool in the summers. Blue mushroom: Heals poison in shipwrecked, works as a non perishable food item for other game types. Dustdst.rar is DST version Dustds.rar is DS/DSROG version Also checkout Mindmaster's mod: All rights reserved to Dean Dodrill on this character, rights reserved to HyperDuck SoundWorks for dust's speech, credit to Deo Dragon Wolf leo for the template, credit to sw1tchbl4de for the artwork and credit to cheerio for the hat template. Sw1tchbl4de's DA:
  6. I never really got much response before, but what do ya guys think of adding Charlie as a playable character? I think it'd be pretty cool, and I have an idea for the stuff with The Grue {since she is The Grue}
  7. I played this game during the BETA, long before it was available to everyone on Steam... thus, long before the tons of characters and content, and the purchasable expansion, and before the whole multiplayer thing was even mentioned, let alone thought possible. I was always obsessed with studying and collecting information about a strange world that was exotic, deadly, and unexplored. In the time I've played I've discovered many unique things about quite a few of the characters, creatures, relics, and then some. I thought I'd make this thread simply to put together everything I'd discovered. Other people are also welcome to add things to this thread, but please keep theories and rumors to a low, it would be nice to just have things we have complete certainty on, rather than people making up stuff and then arguing because no side has proof on what is true. So... this thread will have me, and others, posting what has been discovered as fact about the odd dimension the player's character is sucked into, and what exactly is discovered about each character, as well as each form of life and mysterious object found. We might eventually run out of facts, and need to rely on updates as well as things mentioned from Klei. We also may eventually need to make use of even more cryptic methods of learning, such as the rare symbols and letters seen in every trailer Klei makes and hides them in. Hopefully we will spread light on things. And please... if something is a spoiler to a critical part of the storyline and or game progression, make sure that you warn people of it being so and properly make it as such.
  8. Webber ideas

    Webber is an upcoming character to Don't Starve in the Reign of Giants dlc. Add suggestions on what abilities He should have.
  9. Now, me, personally, as far as roleplays go, I think I have the spelling and grammar good, be perfectly honest, I'm having problems with actually getting down some solid character ideas for the roleplay. Ones that seem fair and balanced, yet interesting in their own special ways. Which is why i'd like to call this a "Character Smelting" thread. A thread that exists to give myself(and anyone else who wants to), the chance to propose some character ideas, and get a little bit of professional opinion into whether it would be an acceptable character in a rp(aka, not stupid and ridiculous, not godmode, and not TOO OP.). Now, to start this off, perhaps I will throw in my first idea. I'll be using a template, but you don't HAVE to if you don't want to. Template: Name: Race: Male/Female Abilities/Disadvantages: Personality Traits: Other Notables: Okay, here's the first one. Name: Clarice Race: Human Female Abilities: -Can stay warmer during winter -Can produce red gems easily Disadvantages: -Scares quite easily -Is weak -Is Fragile -Can't stand stale or spoiled food -Has trouble with sleeping Anyone else with feedback can post freely. Anyone who would like to join in on the smelting is also welcome.
  10. Hello, I recently finished my first mod ( still in progress though). This is a character named Hed, the Bodyless Horseman. Hed is a character who is rather weak, and starts out with lower stats, but as his sanity goes down, he grows slightly stronger. Additionally, he gains bonus perks from the undead and not living, and his followers are much more loyal and tough. Here are links to the Klei post and Steam: Klei Steam ------------- Thanks for reading, and I hope you check out and enjoy the mod! All feedback is appreciated.
  11. This thread contains my art thingmayings. Mostly made with either a pencil or blue pen, some actually coloured in GIMP aswell (I'm not that good with colouring lol). Expect simple but hopefully awesome drawings PS:Made a picture with my mobile,it shows the details way better than my scanner does
  12. Ok, so I have no idea how to make a new character for the game Don't Starve. I was wondering if anyone could create Human Charlie for this? I have an idea for her stats and all of that, plus what happens with the grue and such Name: Charlie Nickname: The Curious Assistant Motto: N/A {You can come up with this yourself if you like} Sanity: 200 {She’s used to being around Maxwell and such, so I figured they could have the same Sanity} Health: 150 Hunger: 135 Melee damage: 1.0x Perk: Knows the names of most creatures on the island {I feel like she'd know this because Maxwell might talk about creatures he wanted to create and such}, turns into The Grue when surrounded by complete darkness {will wake up with no memory of this, low sanity, low health, and low hunger} Special Items: N/A {Not sure what that would be} I do know how to change what characters say and such, so you wouldn't have to mess with that if you didn't want to. Really, the only thing I would need done is the actual creation of the character, and having it where it just cuts to the next morning with Charlie waking up with low sanity/health/hunger after being surrounded by darkness for a few seconds. I would do this myself, but I can't follow the tutorials ;A; Please and thank you
  13. hello, fellow dont starve lovers! I've recently been going for creating a custom character. The first step of coarse, is art. However, I want something that belongs in the style of dont starve, but I just can't seem to nail it. I feel as if the developers have been hiding their art style from us modders, and hope they can help at some point, if not perhaps someone on this forum can. thx 4 reading
  14. The custom character, Krieg The Psycho has been released as I have managed to make a release that did not contain bugs as I could see. His pros and cons: 1. Brings his own sword. 2. Gore and flesh will let him heal. ( killing enemy gives health. ) 3. Unstable state of mind. ( At night, he might be insane or attack himself. ) - More will be implemented, Of course. His health and hunger is same as Wilson yet sanity is only 30. Bugs may be existant. PM me the bugs so I'll take a look on them. Versions -0.5 Public Beta Release Note: I will keep this up-to-date and make sure to add more unstableness and different effects and even a psycho badass mutant form. Post your feedback and suggestions! Credits: DaVinci557 - Coding + Axe textures Lord Luxury - All those brilliant textures and portraits and slot pics.
  15. I adore all the characters in don't starve they are all unique, different and interesting to play as. Although I have noticed a recurring theme, Science based characters. I mean that makes plenty of sense in a game like Don't Starve because Science is a major factor in the game. But 3 out of 6 characters are mainly Science based. Wilson The Gentlemen Scientist so I suppose that one was kinda obvious. WickerBottom is pretty much nothing but facts and trivia and WX-78 is a robot so that closely links him too science. So I decided to create my own character and I named her... Wesley Sleepington (Name is up for Debate) Persona: The Dreamer Motto:"I... I just need to rest for a moment" Characteristics: Wesley is an overly tired. Overly exhausted. Overly sleepy teenager. Due to this she loves her sleep more then anything else. She is often a quiet and monotone girl however. Whenever she isn't allowed to sleep she will complain. A LOT! Wesley doesn't really appreciate the beauty of the natural because she is so wrapped up in her own dreams. Voice: I would imagine her voice to replicate a Harp due to the fact that in lullaby's harps are popular instrument selection Perks: (Perks are up debate) [*]Can craft Straw Roll from beginning without researching or prototyping [*]Does not get the debuff from sleeping in the Straw Roll [*]Has the chance of getting a sweet dream which will get them a good boost [*]Has the chance or having a nightmare which will give them a bad boost Perk Mechanics When Wesley has a nightmare a small dark entity will spawn above her head give her the debuff and leave this entity is called NIGHTMARE. However when she has a good dream a small white spirit will appear over her head give her a Buff and then leave. Quotes: I have thought up several quotes which I thought were rather fitting too Wesley's personality. Straw Roll: "ZZZzzzZZzzZZZZzzzZ" (Use) Straw Roll: "I Can't Wait!" (Waking Up (With Good Dream) Straw Roll: Now THAT was Amazing (Waking Up (From Nightmare) Straw roll: Never Again! N-E-V-E-R! NEVER! Rabbit: "UGH! How can you have so much energy?" (Sleeping) Rabbit: "Ooh! So now your tired." (Chop) Tree: "BUT, I'm Tiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrred!" Beefalo: "All you do is Sleep, and eat... Now That's the life! (Sleeping) Beefalo: "Teach me! Oh great master of Lazitude!" (Baby) Beefalo: "A champion in the works" (Shaving) Beefalo: "Why doesn't he wake up?" (Shaven) Beefalo: "Thank you for your tribute" Manure: "Hmmm... Smells like... Feces" Tree: "A place too just sleep" Crow: "Do I know you?" (Because the bird CAWS as if it is talking to her) Redbird: "How can you sleep being so brightly colored?" Koafellant: "He looks... Cozy" Top Hat: "Now I can look fancy even while I'm sleeping" Science Machine: "I'm too tired too care about science." Alchemy Engine: "Who needs magic too sleep?" Pan Flute: "This makes sense" Well that's my idea for my character! I have plenty more coming. I will probably end up making a thread just about my character ideas and such because BOY! Do I have a lot. I am open to any criticism whether it be good or bad. If you have any ideas let me know P.S If someone could possibly draw a picture of Wesley in the Don't starve Art style I would be eternally grateful and the picture doesn't show up for some reason don't worry about it I will probably post details about her appearance at a later point. Also when I was drawing her character design I couldn't figure out a decent way of her feet to be sticking out from her gown because I really wanted to show that she was barefooted but I just couldn't get it right and the reason the pictures are different pigments is because of lighting because my scanner is on the fritz. P.S.S About her Back story I really thought I would leave it up too you. I mean I had a slight idea of what I would of liked it too have been, but it just really didn't fit together very well Thanks for reading
  16. Name:Warrick C. VantguardNickname:The Hero Of The VillageStats: (i need your help with the cons or pros ) *A Vanguard(more health but takes longer time to heal) Health:180Hunger:150Sanity:215Little to none is know about Warrick, but hes a true "beefalo-boy". he was raised on a beefalo ranch, but always had something dark in the corner of his eyes, or something calling his name in the middle of the night, waking him up if he werent already awake from constant nightmares he would get of the dark shadow that would always follow him. He served as a body guard, protecting the rich from the poor, he left a little after a madman cursed his name for beating up the madmans drunk son trying to fight Warricks employer, its when the nightmares started is when he left. well what i mean little is know, is his personality, some say hes a real nice guy, and others say he keeps only to himself (im guessing the second one because nobody knows)im not done with him yet, also tell me what you think of his stats and stuff, if hes op or under powered [EDIT] i scrapped the idea of the current skin ive drawn, and im going to hold back on that until i have the right preparations, but i will keep what ive drawn, to give you an idea of what he looks likei made a separate account named after him skin of warrick attached
  17. settings:long wintermore spidersmore houndsmore treeguards and deerclopsmore tallbirdsCharacter:wesEDIT:long dusk
  18. I decided since my art thread died about a month ago I'd post my character here to see how people would react to it after I revised some of his perks to avoid having him become overpowered. *Time Manipulation: When this perk is activated it slows down the clock and any creature other than Warden by 1/4 of its normal speed. Costs 50 sanity per minute while active. If no available sanity is left, health is used at a more rapid rate (100 hp per minute) until death.*Modern Desensitization: has no effect on his time manipulation ability, only during combat, picking evil flowers, insanity causing things in general.Vocal Instrument: Ocarina Here's some of his quotes arranged in each category:Tools: Lights: Survival: Food: Science: Fight: Magic: Dress: Nature: Refine: Structures: Nature-Objects: Monsters/Animals: Misc. Items: Graveyard Trinkets: Announcements: Unimplemented: That's all the quotes I have for now! Let me know if you found any quotes offensive, corny, or have any better ideas for quotes.
  19. Just a doodle I made while I was thinking of Don't StarveWinslow - The punk rockerStarts with an Electric GuitarElectric guitar- has the same effects of the one man band but drains less sanity and it's durability can be restored using charged lighting rod(starts at 0, 33% restored per lighting rod). If he has more than 5 followers he slowly gains sanity. Can be used as a weapon, but uses durability(same damage as walking cane)What do you guys think?
  20. What ? wait ! how did you found the coffin ?
  21. WHO TURNS INTO A MASSIVE ROCK WORM MONSTER WHEN YOU DIG HIM UP.Seriously.Little Burrow Follower:Follows you as a little mound of earth with a cute and tiny eyestalk sticking out the top; a burrowing creaturewanders around you when you're not movingchance to spawn when in rock biome 5%?eats dropped morsels/meat/monster meateats morsels quickly and takes a short while to eat meat/monster meat (to give you some time to pick it up)can be dug up with a shovelWhen you dig it up, you use the shovel and also grab it's eyestalk to yank it out.and then...You fall off the HUGE creature that emerges, squeezing out its tiny exit hole and destroying any surrounding trees and structures in a small radius.Massive Rock Worm Monster: tiny head, massive body. One dinky little eyestalkmoves slowly and does aoe dmg.drops monster meatdrops rocksdrops flinthe could be a way to regenerate rocks and flint... but most of all, I want a new player to get annoyed at the tiny rock follower and decide to dig him up.... AND BAM OMFG WTF IS THAT THING AAAAAAAAAA. >Dof course, this would need some tweaking.Thoughts please!
  22. Like or dislike ;b - - - Updated - - - Post your own links, guys
  23. I don't know if klei will ever see this or any of the makers, however that will not stop me form posting this. I been playing DS for a very long time. loved all the update's so far. So I decided to make a DS character for it. to be honest it wasn't hard at all. So if any of makers would like to have the character feel free to have it, you don't even have to ask me. I do not have any stats for him, I let you decide or if anyone wanted to give him stats in the comments. he's nothing really just thought I post him up for anyone to see. I will look to see if anyone come up with any good stats for him or a good name I think I would call him the geek not much of a name right right....., ya I know your laughing at me lol:biggrin-new: O and also feel free to change him in anyway, you want. or not