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Found 80 results

  1. Game Crash At Start Menu

    So a little while ago I purchased this game via Steam and was able to play it for a few days. Then, it decided to bug out on me and continually crash without reason. It happens only when I click on the start button to play the game at the main menu. All other buttons and functions work properly and without fail. I've registered my chache, re-installed the game a few times, and re-started my computer several times. Weird thing is that though this initially started on my M11X, I installed the game on my new M14X and the same issue occurs, even though the game had never been played on that computer before. I submitted a post on the Steam support forum detailing the same thing, but no one has been able to help me. I do recall shutting my computer while the game was running before it failed, but I had also done that before and it did not affect the game function at all. Does anyone have any idea what might fix this? Thanks for any help.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number - Issue title Butterflies to flowers Steps to reproduce 1. Catch butterfly with net. 2. Pick up butterfly from inventory. 3. 'Plant' butterfly 4. Puzzle over flower. Describe your issue Had set up my bee box near home, and wanted flowers closer to the box for possible faster production. Was running around with bug net equipped after harvesting the box, and happened to catch a butterfly. Went to release it, and instead it planted a flower. Repeated a half dozen times to confirm not a fluke, and each time got a flower, but am unable to simply dig up flowers like most other plants.
  3. I recently bought the game via steam (PC). I've just started the second level and the game crashes after a few minutes! Then I went to the task manager and interrupted al the process connected to the game so I could play it again, but when I tried to restart the game I got a message asking me to close the game before doing that, I got this message when trying to exit my steam client too. Is there someone with a problem that looks like this? Thank You P.S: I've already tried to verify the game cache files and reinstalling the game, but anything fixed the problem.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 70861 Issue title Items Disappearing in thin air (Even BAGS!) Steps to reproduce After a Boar or Hellhounds battle in the middle of the night. Describe your issue I was preparing a fight with those Boars or Hellhounds in the middle of the night, equipped my logsuit and randomly dropped my bag bellow my base camp and then the hounds came in the middle of the night. I didn't fight them until some of them fell asleep. they're about 10 boars and only 2 left chasing me. I used the flute.. thing to make them fall asleep and then wait for the day comes. after that I fought them and killed them all. After that I was searching for my bag where I put it and now it's gone! It has a lot of important stuff inside and they're all gone! I didn't see what happened but I've encountered some things disappear on my naked eye. Bees nest disappeared in thin air after fighting those killer bees! items disappears when put to a complicated areas. Please fix this...
  5. Playing on Linux (via Humble Bundle / Ubuntu Software Center installation). Campaign mode has worked fine so far.On survival mode, when a "bomber" appears, the entire screen goes black except for the bottom right corner, showing the animated face of the bomber. I suspect it's a layer-transparency issue. The game is continuing to play, except I can't see until the animation finishes. This basically makes survival mode unplayable for now.
  6. I feel like its to easy to live off of seeds right now.
  8. I recently bought the Humble Bundle that included Shank 2. I can't seem to be able to change resolution in the game, it's just stuck on 640x480. The change resolution option is just grayed out for some reason. I have a Geforce GTX 260, latest drivers and directx installed on windows 7 64bit and I'm running the game in full screen mode. I'm running a very low desktop resolution so fullscreen is the only viable option for me. I really hope there is a fix for this
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 12/19 Issue title Trap not working Steps to reproduce Place trap near rabbit hole Scare rabbit towards hole Trap catches him and starts shaking Receive trap, no meat, but durability reduced Describe your issue When I use traps it acts as if it caught something but I get no meat.
  10. Bug in shank2-bin, easy fix

    In the Linux version of Shank 2, it can be only run if the current working directory is /path/to/Shank 2/bin. This is super easy to fix by adding cd "$(dirname "$0")" after the shebang.
  11. Me and my friend bought this game on a whim and we enjoyed it for a good week. (Unfortunately after a week of surviving 100+ days, the game doesnt offer much more. But thats understandable, its still in beta.) I had a few thoughts though, and figured i should voice them here. My first real itch that i had, was that i wanted a way for my base to feel more secure at night. I would really like a way to generate more light around my base at night without needing to create 4+ campfires. I like to have stuff to do at night, and that is difficult when i require a mining helmet everytime i want to move. (The mining helmet is great for night adventuring, but i dont think its right to need to waste fuel on it just to move around my base to harvest crops at night.) I tried the jack o lanterns, but they were much too difficult to create for how little they offered. (Very little light, and only lasted 2-3 days.) I think jack o lanterns should be permanent. (Or easily fuelable) They offer such small amount of light. So why should they have such difficult fuel? I think it would be nice to be able to plant a couple around my base so that i can wander just a few more feet away from my campfire. Or, be able to set up a 'roadway' of light, so that i can travel from one base to another at night. I guess my base just feels very 'false' when as Soon as it gets dark, i might as well be out in the forest, because its no different. There is very little i can do except wait out the night, or pick one or two crops that happen to be close enough to see. Ive been using the mining helmet for now, but it still feels wrong to have to constantly pay resources for these helmets to move around my own home. Im not asking for a mining helmet replacement. The mining helmet serves a good purpose when you need to venture out at night to gather tallbird eggs, or shear beefalo, etc. But something that can give me a little more room in my base, feels like what i need. ------ Also, i created a feather hat, which was rather time consuming. I was SO SURE that its purpose was to allow me to approach gobblers without them running away. I was wrong. Consider it? ------ Ive survived hundreds of days just from farming berries, rabbits, and farm plots. The berries definately feel a little overpowered. Even though the bushes arent renewable. (The cooked berries recover more than cooked corn does, and you dont have to pay anything at all for berries.) I gathered 25 berry bushes (almost every bush on the map.) These bushes alone were enough for me to survive indefinately. The gobblers were annoying at first, but i figured out: If you put on your mining helm and pick berries at night, the gobblers will either: come out of the bush and fall asleep (free meat), or run into another bush, and disappear forever. Basically, the gobblers are not enough of a problem to 'balance' the berries. The berries need to be nerfed a little more. (Eventually, a fire hound died next to all 25 of my bushes and every single one burned. Which was funny.) On my second long survival playthrough.. i spent the first two days gathering berry bushes again, and then i found a savanna with beefalo. I settled down a small base. I noticed i have about 30+ rabbit holes within a few screens of my base. I spent the next 50+ days killing rabbits, and picking berries. I had no reason to leave my base. I filled two chests full of berries and morsels. I could have went much longer, but i got bored. The morsels aren't overpowered. But the rate at which rabbits spawn (or the proximity of the rabbit holes) are too high. The rabbits should be spread out a little more. Or not respawn quite as fast. The name of the game is don't starve. I did find it a little weird that you are much more likely to run out of rocks, than food. I think farming is too easy, and there should be ways to force players from leaving their base more often. (Perhaps random crop sickness, where the crops stop growing for 5 days or something. Or an enemy that can poison you and cause you to lose hunger much quicker for a day or two, forcing you to use more of your food preserves) I dont think the game should be completely unfarmable, but as it stands, you can survive indefinately with just a few farm plots. (I havent even used the turbo plots, just 8 of the tier 2 plots kept me going indefinately. I also never needed to refertilize them even after harvesting them over 40 times. Is this a bug?) Haha, i know i had a lot to say. But dont get me wrong. I loved the game. I like the style. I hope that it will be able to entertain me more as the updates are released. My favorite part of the game is that along-side of surviving, i also get to 'tech up' with research points and unlock more and more things to play with. I hope that this can be expanded on and perhaps be a little more difficult. As it is now, i unlocked every single item within my first 24 hours of owning the game. I think i wouldn't have gotten bored so quickly if it had been more difficult to unlock everything. (Or if there were more things to unlock )
  12. live streaming with xsplit does't work in full screen , is there a work around?
  13. Hey all First of all big thanks for klei entertainment for developing this great game And If something might sound odd please forgive me but English is not my native language. I just bought the game and I must say it's really something else and I just love it. I was going to buy it long time ago but there was always some other game in the way. But since we all survived another end of the world I decided to finnaly buy it and I don't regret buying it a bit. The atmosphere is great, animations look really good and funny (just love how main hero and animals run ) Graphic also look really good and animal/monster design looks brilliant and when I first time saw giant turky jumping out of the bush started to gobbl and run away I couldn't help but laugh So far I'm on day 12 so I think it's good time to start to look for place to camp. I only discovered small part of land but I was thinking about making camp site near pig village somewhere around this spot is this good idea ? Cheers
  14. In the new patch long live the queen i think it is there is a problem ive killed about 10 birds with no feathers please fix this because it is really annoying and tell me if im doing something wrong. (i use birdcages put the down and kill them)
  15. Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Birds landing in one spot repeatedly Steps to reproduce It happened after I accidentally dropped a seed while standing right up against a firepit (I was standing at 10:00 if you pretend the pit is a clock). I got rid of all the seeds there, which was about 5 of them after I finally noticed, but they still land there every 10 seconds or less even if I'm standing right there ready to stab them with a spear. They don't come at night, just every day and dusk. Describe your issue I noticed birds keep landing in the same spot and then taking off really quickly, no matter whether I'm standing right there or not. It's pretty exploitable, I've killed a few of them while they're briefly landing on the ground but they keep showing up, landing on their dead buddies.
  16. It would be great if you could go into leaderboards and see everyones furthest day in the world, and on your friends list. Heck, it would be great if you could at least see what YOUR personal best is... What do you think?
  17. After 11 deaths, I have finally survived past day 20 and established a farm/base of operations from which I am now preparing for the winter update. While I was out collecting wood, I usually make sure to plant trees to counter balance the ones I've cut down. This is around day 45. Unfortunately, a Giant Tree became a Tree Guard and a tiny tree became a Tiny Tree Guard. At first I was like awwwwwwwwww the big grown up Optimus Prime is leading his young.. wait... they are coming towards me!!!111 This resulted in a long drawn out combat that lasted the entire day, night, and a part of the next morning as I ran back to camp, lit the camp fire and proceeded to do a dance around the fire while trading blows. The Next morning, the big one suddenly stopped moving towards me and stood in one spot, which I thought was odd. The Tiny one came at me. I dispatched it and it dropped 6 wood and 1 meat. When I went to fight the big one, I hit it once and it died dropping another 6 wood and 1 meat. So, point 1. I think a movement related bug occurred on the big optimus pine. point 2. is the small one supposed to drop the same amount of loot as the big one? I mean the small one took a lot less hits to kill soo...... point 3. Why the heck do optimus pines drop meat if they are made out of wood? O.O that was the feedback, here is a suggestion or two. 1. replace the meat with a lot of pine cones for thematic and ironic purposes. 2. find out how to replicate that movement bug... it did happen right after dawn. 3. have separate amounts of loot for the size of optimus pine. I hope this post has been useful, Thank you.
  18. Items offland

    When you kill something close to the off land water you cannot collect any of the resource when it is out there. And when a agro mob come for you and if your close by the water were you cant get the food the monster will go for that and not you. So you can attack it with out it attacking you.
  19. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Extremely heavy fog around graveyards? Steps to reproduce Walk through graveyards Describe your issue I'm not sure if this is on purpose, but when I walk past large graveyards the fog is so heavy I can't see anything at all. I was chased through one by a tallbird and I couldn't see myself or the bird or anything. I could only hear it still chasing me. Well, I closed out of the game and reopened it during writing this and the graveyard didn't have any fog at all. Bug maybe?
  20. Is this game copyrighted? Iv'e made a tutorial for Don't starve and the Monetization request got rejected.. Ive asked the maker of the song I used, if its copyrighted and he said its not, so am I not allowed to do videos in this game?
  21. I haven't seen any posts about this, but it seems like every time I take down a bee hive, and go directly to my rabbit traps to take food with me back home to cook before making a bee box, I notice the trap is instantly sprung when I reset it, and I find myself with stingers... and a lack of bees. This has led me to believe that there is a bug where if you have bees in your pockets, though I have not tried with bees in my backpack, they somehow escape into traps you place, or perhaps picking up traps releases them. I am not entirely sure which, but over 4 times I have been denied a bee box because of this phenomenon.
  22. TL;DR: Add more elements to the game that come to the player and interfere, but unlike hounds in that they're related to what the player is doing, and not simply occuring on a timer. ========= After playing Don't Starve relentlessly for a couple of days, I've noticed that the game doesn't seem to mind much if I just sit in one place and gather the same resources over and over. The experience is less like scavenging or surviving, and more like moving into a new apartment: after a day or two spent figuring out the convenient places to find food and other necessities, my life settles into a state of predictable stability. Should the gameplay of Don't Starve really be about predictability and stability? From browsing the forums, I see that the devs have tried to deal with this, at least where berry farms are concerned. But what about everything else? Most every resource is infinitely renewable, and therefore friendly to hoarding/turtling/lazing about. How about, instead of trying to painstakingly balance the renewability of resources against a skilled player's ability to hoard, make it so there are things in the world that are also roaming about, trying to survive? The hounds are a great step in this direction: they're not really dangerous, but they clue the player in on the fact that other, worse things will be coming for their hoardings. Here are some illustrative examples of what I mean: -Have a lot of gold? Goblins show up to steal it/kill you. -Have a nice fire with some farm plots? Sasquatch evicts you and makes the place his home. -Been cooking a lot of meat lately? Carnivores migrate into the nearby woods, drawn by the smell. It could even be made so that beefalo will exhaust their supply of food and invade your farm, or that pigmen will eventually be overcome with jealousy over your food and demand a share. The point of all this is to present the player with situations that they have to react to, rather than having the player lounge around day after day, without a sense of direction. Anyways, enjoying the game immensely. I wouldn't call it perfect, but it's surely been well worth my $11.99. Thanks!
  23. I bought the game through the humble bundle site, I have installed the chrome web app as I am playing on a mac. I open the app, I click the log in button on the start screen and allow access to my google account in the google popup, but then every time it states "an error has occurred" and returns to the start up screen with the login button now gone. I must refresh to get the log in button back but it does the same thing each time. Haven't even had an opportunity to enter my code yet, and I am really excited to play this game. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?
  24. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Invisible birds on traps Steps to reproduce 1. Put a trap and bait it with berries 2. Left it and come back after a while Describe your issue I left those traps on the floor with berries as a bait and I went exploring into another island. When i came back to my base i check them and there were no birds but the traps were jumping and jumping like if they had trapped something. Still i got the loot but the birds were invisible.
  25. When Dropping an item that happens to land right next to the ocean it is very hard to pick it up because you cant get around it. There should be something to enable you to get it