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  1. You were completely numb from whatever drug that was in your system. Grogginess shrouded your ability to move for the last ten minutes now, ever since you awoke to a bang, a puff of smoke, and a book. You couldn't even feel the blades of grass ticking your cheeks, or the odd breeze ruffling your hair. The silence had stretched on for an infinite moment, punctuated only with the sound of birdsong, as you examined the only notable landmark since your sudden arrival in...wherever you were. You do not remember getting here, so logically you assumed that someone had slipped something in your food or drink and tossed you, rather unceremoniously, into this dilapidated grassy plain and left an instruction book with your initial sliced into the leather bound cover. It was incredibly battered, and you were certain there was a bloodstain on the top right corner. After a while, though, you eventually regained enough movement to drag the book towards you with a new desperation, flicking open to the very first page, where a thin sheet of what appeared to be some sort of odd, pale leather was picked up by the breeze and landed before you. It was baked rock solid and brittle under the sun, and there was some sort of introductory note written using ink and a quill over the bumpy surface. ~~~ If you have found this book, then words do not describe how sorry I am for your current situation. Inside these pages is a record, a compilation of my Field Notes, on how to survive in this new plane of Hell itself. I have trudged through the coldest winters, sought shelter from unrelenting storms, crouched pathetically in the everlasting darkness to bring to you, heir to my burden, a recount of the day my new life started to the point where it ended. In between these two covers is the story of a life, all of the mistakes, the successes, and the plans. Fears, thoughts, feelings, and fleeting memories compressed into a single tome to which I pass on to the next player in this demented game. If you have found this book, then I am either dead, or worse. All will be made clear should you manage to survive long enough to reach the end, as I have. This may not be the best of introductions but I have very little time to speak and think for myself, as the pointless seconds which I still have are going solely into writing down this very note, on this very piece of leather, to give you a proper greeting - something that I never received myself - and some lessons to live on. If you have found this book, then my name is Wilson Percival Higgsbury, and I do not know where I have ended up. ~~~ Haha okay wow. Hello there, DS arists and writers and music-makers alike! My name is FieldNotes and this thread is devoted to partially DS-related drawings, partially talking to the community instead of lurking, but mainly to putting out a lovely gem that I have been thinking on for a good, hm...6 months now? The premise for Wilson's Journal is fairly simple - I'm going to put the story behind Don't Starve into the perspective of our plucky Gentleman Scientist, and adhere to the canon story as much as possible, but you'll notice how it starts to deviate and I'm going to tie together a bunch of loose ends along the way into one gloriously tangled mess of metaphorical strings. I'm also going to have fun writing, and try to update as much as possible, but I hope people understand that I do get quite busy sometimes. This prevented me from starting this 6 months before, but I noticed that some of the brilliant artists here are also hindered by their own time schedules so I deemed it appropriate to, at the very least, make a start on this little project of mine. Day 1 will be posted shortly, I presume.
  2. So, I'm currently attempting to "refine" my ability to write. I say I'm decent when it comes to writing but I've never had someone actually skim through my book with a fine tooth comb and tell me that I suck at everything because I put a comma instead of a period. Since I've been playing don't starve for while, and this IS the don't starve forums, I'd like to start a don't starve story. There are a bunch of gaps to fill in the story line (Mainly because only two characters have stories, Maxwell and Wilson) that, while keeping a main plot could let imagination flow. I want your honest opinion on the story I'm about to create. Hate it? Let me know, and let me know why. Like it? Same thing.Prologue:You don't seem to understand who I am. I control this world, and everything in this world. Everything has been made by my hand. I gave birth to light, darkness, and the demented creatures that scurry around this demonized world. I made the trees, every pine needle and every cone. Every bird and every feather. I may have made everything, but I am not in control, not by a long shot. I am trapped by them. For what seems like millions of years, I have been strapped to this throne of thorns and that damn music has been playing non-stop. I can only leave this throne for breif periods of time, to speak with the people I have tricked to do my bidding. Hundreds of out casts, one by one, all tricked by me to come into this hell world. They bit the dust within days.I just recently realized what I have to do. I need to bring in multiple people, which I have already done. all five of them are passed out, scattered around that small forest. The scientist was the easiest one to trick. So hungry for power and knowledge. I spoke to him though a strange sound emmiting device. I traded him knowledge on one condition, make a structure. Little did he know, the structure brought him here. He's the smartest out of the five, but he's a damn fool.The next one I tricked was a pyromaniac. When she was young, she played with fire a burned her house down on accident. Killed her mother, farther, and her baby sister. She was outcasted and said to be a bringer of death. For years she was hated, until this day. I contacted her at her weakest position, about ready to end it all. All she had was the flame, and even that was about to go out. I appeared for a quick chat and told her about powers that I could grant her. It didn't take much, I just gave her the power to create flames in darkness. The fire in her blood made her skin unburnable, completely fire proof. Only one condition. After a week of trying out her powers, she had to come with me. She burned down the houses of everyone who hated her, and then told me she was ready.Then there's that brute fool. A circus strong man, quite the body builder. His circus was becoming less and less popular. People in the circus were starving, including him. I contacted him in the winter, when his body was half of what it was when people cared about his circus. I told him I'd grant his strength, and make his circus popular, if her came with me. He gladly accepted, and now his circus is the most popular in his homeland, and he's strong as before, but now he's under the wrath of the land.The next one was a small girl, no more than fourteen. Her sister passed away recently and I contacted her while she was in mourning, I'm not poud of it. She was on her way to visit her sister in the grave. I reached out to her before it happened, and told her about my powers. She didn't believe me, which is understandable. I took the small wilted flower from her hand and made gave it life. I told her I could give life to her sister as well, as long as she comes with me. Her face filled with joy when she hear that I can give life to her passed sister. I told her that I'd be back, and told her to enjoy her new gift. Her sister visited her in ghost form, not at all what she was expecting. When I came back, she called me all sorts of names that I've grown to accept, but a deal is a deal, and I made her come with me. I felt bad about all of it, so I let her sister come to this demonic world with her.And lastly was that insane mime. The idiot was horrible. His parents were murdered and he became a recluse, devoting himself to silence. He became a mime, and painted his face. He was homeless, and he relied on miming for spare change to eat. I saw him in his state and called out to him. I told him that I can make him the best mime in the world. He nodded in excitement. I made the make up on his face permanent and made him a mute, unable to speak, even if he wanted to. Then I did the same to him like everyone else, I made him come into my world of creatures and death.These five people are my last hope. I demand freedom, I can't handle this any longer. These five need to band togeather to survive, and to free me. If they do not band togeather and free me from this hell, I don't know what I'd do... I can't try this again, every time I leave to get more people, it causes intense pain. Putting all of this togeather was near impossible, and next time it will be harder and it will cause more pain. Every time I go out, it feels like I'm dying, but death does not come, it never comes unless these five outcasts free me from my eternal prison.It apears that they are awaking from their slumber. It will hurt to much to greet them each individually, I must wait for them to come togeather to reveal myself. Until them, I need to rest. This throne brings pain, but sleep numbs it away...Chapter One: DaylightWilson's eyes slowly cracked open when the sunlight his his face. Drool dripped from his mouth when he opened it. He rolled over on his stomach and pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. He slowly stood and put his hand on his lower back. "Good lord, my back hurts." He said and then rubbed the spot where his back was in pain. He put both hands on his lower back and pushed. His back popped, which made it feal slightly better.He stood there, looking around at the hundreds of pine trees and the small rocks on the ground. A small demented rabbit scurried under his feet, which made him jump back and fall, landing on his arse. When he saw the rabbit it clicked. He had no idea where he was. This sure as hell wasn't the normal world, not by a long shot, but where exactly was he?He back up and walked over to one of the small rocks on the green, lush grass. Wilson bent over and picked the small grey rock up. A jagged piece cut open his index finger, making a few drops of blood drip down his finger and fall onto the grass below. Wilson put his figer in his mouth and sucked on the cut, and then examined the rock. "It's flint." He thought to himself. He stuck the rock in his pocket and looked around. Trees. Nothing but pine trees were around him. Since there was no difference in direction, he just picked a random direction and began to walk.Something was off about the trees, nothing appearent, but something just felt, different. Wilson pulled his finger out of his mouth to see that the bleeding had stopped. As he walked deeper into the forest, he began to notice various plants. The tips of carrots poked out of the ground, roses and tulips painted the boring green ground, a few bushes grew around with ripe red berries growing all around it, saplings were scattered around the forest floor and large, lighter bundles of grass scattered the normal grass. This world looked normal, besides that crazy rabbit, but something felt off about the whole thing. Wilson pulled the lump of flint out of his pocket and examined it as he walked around the forest. The rock was sharp, pointy, and strong. The dark grey color of the rock and the bright red of his blood on a small jagged edge blended perfectly. Wilson set it back in his pockets and continued to walk. After minutes of walking around the forest, he heard something unusual. Something besides the normal bird chirps and the waving of grass. Wilson stopped dead in his tracks and listened for the sound, trying to decide what it was. It sounded like a voice, and the crackling of fire. Wilson swallowed hard and peeked through a near by berry bush. He spread the leaves apart and nearly instantly, an explosion of feathers and loud gobbling sounds came from the bush. A large turkey like bird ran away fast, creating loud noises with every step. Wilson shot back and fell on his rear again. He followed the turkey with his eyes. It clicked in his mind that he was supposed to be quiet."Well, that's not good..." Wilson said out loud and then looked back at the bush.The bush was nothing but a pile of ash and black round balls, which were the berries. Standing in the ash was a woman with a small ball of fire in her hand. She slowly walked over to Wilson and grabbed him by the coller with the hand not painted with flames, hoisting him up so she can look him in his eyes. Her pupils were non-existant, the only thing that was there was a flame. She put her hand covered in fire on Wilson's neck, slowly burning him."Who are you!?" She asked, tighting her grip."Why should I tell you?" Wilson asked."Because, I have your neck in my hand, and I can make it a lot hotter than that..." She said. The flame in her eyes grew and the heat became more intense.Wilson swallowed hard and then slowly opened his mouth."W-Wilson Percival Higgsbury; Please don't hurt me!" Wilson said, withering.The woman looked at him in the eyes, and loosened her grip. Her pupils returned to normal and the flame in her hand became nothing. She threw Wilson to the ground, not taking off her gaze."Why are you here, Percival?" She asked and stared at him in the eyes.Wilson thought for a second, and then looked back at the woman. "I honestly have no idea. I was working on an experiment that went wrong. It was a portal of some sort that a voice through a radio told me to build. He granted me the knowledge to do so..." Wilson said and continued to think about what happened that day."'Granted' you knowledge? Who?" She asked, staring Wilson in the eyes."No idea... I just heard his voice through a radio." Wilson said as he stood up and dusted his pants off."What did he sound like?" She asked again."Uh, he had a deep voice. Actually quite calming." Wilson said and picked up the flint rock that fell out of his pocked when the woman picked him up."Yeah... And he just 'Granted' you knowledge, without teaching you anything?" She asked yet again."Um... Yeah I guess so. I just felt my self become instantly smarter, he didn't really teach me anything, I just made a deal with him and POOF, I know more than I did a second ago." Wilson said and then paused. "Why?" He continued."Because, you and I are similar, too similar to be a coincidence..." She said and finally took her gaze off of Wilson."What does that mean?" Wilson asked."It means that bastard tricked us..." She said, turned around and began to walk off.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And that is where I am going to stop for now because it is 5 in the morning and all I had to eat/drink in the last couple hours was a large cup of coffee, so I am going to go to sleep. Let me know what you think so far.
  3. I decided to write a story about adventure mode Hope you like it, and please give me some feedback Chapter 1I had it all… I was king in a world created by myself, but I wasn’t the highest ruler. I still had to answer before my so called friends: The shadows… I wasn’t allowed to leave; I was a prisoner Recently I discovered a way to release myself of this prison! I created a portal (some call it a door) to the world I habited… But They found out, and I spent 2 weeks in pure agony as a punishment. But 2 weeks is a lot of time to think, and soon I thought of a way I could escape! I had to build the door. But the door couldn’t lead directly to me! So I made 5 more worlds. They (the shadows) would think that I was just messing with my victims, and when They do find out what my real plans are, I will be already free!! I made three first possible worlds. One where’s eternally winter; another where the weather is always cloudy with a high possibility of precipitation; and an archipelago, full of dangers and beauty. The fourth world was a peaceful and tempting land, but I knew my victims wouldn’t stop. In the fifth world Day never comes, so it’s eternally night. It’s harder to find food and the pieces. The sixth world is my world, the world where I’m prisoner. I can leave for brief moments, but at a terrible cost… Every time I leave They hurt me in ways I didn’t think were possible! There was only one way that allowed advance to a new world: they had to assemble a machine, whose parts are hidden, somewhere in the land.So I did it all… But so They wouldn’t get suspicious I had to perform! I would act like I don’t want them to advance to the next world. I would pretend that the fourth world was an attempt of persuading them to live in that world forever, when actually I know they would never do that, because they hate me, as I hate Them.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number lates Issue title Graphics glitch Steps to reproduce night dusk Describe your issue So i am having this annoying glitch. http://imageshack.us/g/715/dontstarvenight.jpg/ this is happening every dusk and night even through day i can see this happening on some objects like trees. Thanks for help.
  5. An in-game encyclopedia (with nice artwork) could help the starter players with some hints/ideas. I am not thinking of crafting recipes (and thats why I am not checking the game's wiki site), just some words upon the flora and fauna and/or (random?) pages that man can collect (or 'unlock') into the "Book of Wilderness" or something like that. These collectible pages would contain an illustration of the topic (e.g. tallbird or animal traps) and maybe some hints that man might figure out (like those words that characters say while examining things). I know right now it would be a huge job to make this because there are lots to write about, but later on it would just need some new pages from every new stuff. Anyone likes the idea? Or have more thoughts?
  6. Hello, first time poster here. Didn't find anything to do with this in particular, so I decided to share my idea. I was thinking about how you could have a book telling you about the monsters in don't starve, and a little about them. Not a strategic guide, but more of a general overview of them. For example: Monster file/entry #67, Hounds Hounds are known to attack in packs, causing wounds with serrated, razor-sharp teeth. They usually howl before striking, probably a sign of a battle cry. Although many are black in colour, some may be orange-red, bursting into flames when slain. It is unknown whether this alternate colour shows gender or an authoritive rank. Nevertheless, they are dangerous and should be confronted away fro flammable objects. Not a very good entry, but I tried to make it sound more of a written down thing coming from one who has seen their behavior, and not a robot writing it. A sort of not breaking the fourth wall thing, if you get me. Then, prehaps, we could learn more about said monster's origins by collecting at least one of each of it's drops, only by killing said thing, and not killing, let's say, a spider in an attempt to get the one monster meat required to learn more about the hounds. So, an example on how this could work, again using hounds as an example: They are believed to be the pets of the devil only known as Maxwell, corrupted by the darkness of night. Obviously it'd probably be longer if it got in, but this is still just an example. But how would it be filled up, and where would it be? I think that it should be filled up when you kill or get killed by a mob, and it should be placed in a familiar fashion to the map ingame or on the main menu. Then, we have things that don't drop items or cannot be killed. Namely, the darkness at the moment as far as I know. It could be unlocked when everything else has been done completely done, but that seems generic and boring. How about when sanity gets included, getting killed by the darkness when fully insane could get you it? Just my two cents, and although this will probably not be included due to what It might possibly take to do it, and in the event it does it'd probably be a low priority, at least sharing ideas is what makes this sub fourm fun! Feel free to drop suggestions in!