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Found 243 results

  1. Ghostly's Art Stream

    Hey guys! I didn't really know whether I should post this in art, music, and lore, or here in the videos section. Anyway for the past couple of days I've been doing livestreams of my comic in progress. The Adventures of Wilson P. Higgsbury, my fancomic, is about to reach a 25th page milestone. So I've been drawing pages 24-25 live as a special treat for readers and as a way that others can understand the process of making a comic and similar artwork. I plan to start updating this thread with the times that I will be streaming in advance. There will sometimes be music, but a lot of me talking as I make artwork. I'll be answering questions about the comic, characters, and the storyline I've been making, as well as any questions that anyone might have on my opinions of the actual game. So stop on by to watch art and listen to a geek talk, it'll be fun! The next stream starts in approx: 2 hours You can find the link to my channel here: Hope to see you there!
  2. A quick wallpaper I made for Don't Starve! Download: Instructions:Right click the picture and click "Save image",then set it as your desktop background by right clicking and selecting it after you've downloaded it!
  3. This is my Wilson art.
  4. Hey all, (I know it's my tradition to start new threads with hey all, >.<) I have decided to make a whimsical art thread, probably not too amazing, but I want to have fun and make artosity well then, let's begin shall we (so many words for one piece of art)
  5. JD's art

    H-hello, it's been a long time since I wanted to post my art here. I hesitated because of bad experiences on forums and I hope it's different here. Well.....I drew some fanarts since I discovered the game and I would like to share them with you. (I draw some really weird ones so I hope it will pass here) There is a first one :
  6. Say you wanted to create character art for a mod, how do you do it so that it looks like it fits in with the game.
  7. Hello, lovely fans! My name is WolfgangCarter, but I'm mostly just known as J! Even though I've had this account for quite some time, I never really did anything with it, so I figured it was high time to change that! So I'll be posting my art here! I hope you'll all enjoy it at least as much as I do! This is the card I made for the Don't Starve Tarot Project! I got Strength, which has a focus on Wolfgang. The Strength card often has imagery of the infinity sign and the taming of wild beasts, which I wanted to incorportate in the card itself! [Original Tumblr Post] An image of Wickerbottom I drew bc I wanted to draw her! She's certainly not please to see whoever or whatever stands before her. It wouldn't be a good idea to bother her right now. vov; [Original Tumblr Post] A commission I did for my friend Meghan! (AskMaxwell on Tumblr) I was worried about the palette, but I'm really happy how well it comes together. [Original Tumblr Post] ALSO! Here's a full version of my icon for these forums! It's just a goofy little thing. I'll hopefully post more art soon! And when I get a hold of working the forums, I'll mass-post some of the doodles from my RP blog. So look forward to it!
  8. Reign of Giants inspired me to draw something! It wound up taking waaay too much time not to post. So, I'll probably be drawing more Don't Starve stuff at some point in the future, but don't expect anything very soon! Oh, and here's that nightmare butterfly I drew for Lord_Battal's contest thingy a while back:
  9. .More of the art.

    I made another place cause I've gotten a bit better. I can't handle looking at my older art xD dat willow tho
  10. So I guess I have an art thread now... Now with that out of the way, I'm just going to say that i'm most likely post pictures infrequently here. I'm lazy Either way, I hope you enjoy this art; have a Webber: And in reference to the Getting Ready for Reign of Giants thread: Oh jeez, that one came out big... I'll post more later.
  11. Hello,I was kinda bored so I wanted to draw my game.That was maybe dangerous but I finally got them: The 2 first giants I could capture. Source:No one(I just made screenshots of my game to draw this.Unfortunaly,I'm lazy today so it will be in Black&White,no color) :/ Wigfrid with Summer Frest & Umbrella Original: Then Art: The Moose The Deerclops (Comming soon) EDIT:here the deerclops !
  12. Hello everybody, I drawn Wilson as gift for LadyAzure for the courage to continue what I love the most : Drawning things I like ! I promised to LadyAzure that I will drawn something today and here you can see that I did it(It took me 1h+ to drawn this and my hand hurt me right now,but i'm proud of the good resultat) Of course I share it with everyone because it's not only a gift,it's also an art from me so enjoy it and let me know what you are thinking about it ! Any comments are welcome P.S : I made a miniature with it for my signature,it's funny so I keep it Source: kyuubi3000 at DeviantArt.
  13. My first art

    This is my first Art : Willow Portrait ! I tried my best,it's not perfect but it's hard to draw,so enjoy this and let me know what you think about it ! Thanks !
  14. Yo guys, My name is... I wanted long ago to call myself a real artist so started to draw also recenly made some sketches. Many of you are real artist and have awesome, better and better arts thus I decided, can't call myself that way so long I didn't draw all of my friends profile pics. Up to now I only could make three of them and it took one whole hour to finish one. I feel like it's harder than I thought (if yes, with all due respect to the DS artists') or just I was too slow or too lame. So here you are: Thanks for reading, rating and leaving a comment is always appreciated!
  15. Welcome to My Don't Starve Art Page Here I will Post all the art I've done This is a picture of me in Don't Starve the sketch was done by DwerBomb NOTE This is the rough draft not fully done
  16. Well, it's pretty hard to draw without opposable thumbs, but I think I did a pretty good job! Here's me with a tallbird! And here's me with a bunny! Best. Art. Ever. Oh, and her- Hey, a printer! This is much easier! PIXEL TIME! This is me and webber! (We don't get along)
  17. So here I have a don't starve game cover it needs a little bit of work but its my first run on making this kind of thing any ideas? Btw I have a youtube channel and it is I play don't starve and other games. But back on topic here is the jpeg form fell free to edit it and repost it below I really want to see what you guys can do thanks! Tell me what you think its my first time doing this XD
  18. Behold, another short-lived art thread from Lord Battal! The third one, actually. This is a thread where I will be posting shadowy takes on normal Don't Starve creatures, probably with a bunch of other stuff as well. I don't know. With that aside, let the arting begin! DISCLAIMER The following art is low-quality and pixelly. You have been warned. It's a terrorbeak! My, my, the fuel has changed you.
  19. Hello fellow forum goers, I decided to create an art thread to display my artwork Most of it will probably be a Walking Dead parody. Anyway, please enjoy my very bad "interesting" artwork, and feel free to request things. Here's the first one I made
  20. Willow Cosplay

    Willow cosplay made by myself and IdentityFox Cosplayer: IdentityFox Photos: Me
  21. My Chester Plush

    I made this last year in October and I thought you might like to see him -IP
  22. Welcome to my new art/lore thread! I don't really have a life, and I'm always on the computer, my eyes are burning, purple, and saggy, I get frequent head-aches, and I'm fat, so I thought: "Hey, I'm not that bad of an artist, and I need something to do other than play games, so why not draw and write? (Also exercise more)?" I'm gonna leave this thread for about an hour, and when I come back, I'll draw whatever you guys have suggested/requested. SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO SUGGEST AND REQUEST THINGS!!!! For instance: "Hey HoneyHam!! You should do Krampus next!" "OKAY I'M ON IT MAN." *Half an hour later* [PICTURE] KRAMPUS IS A DEMON-GOAT THING THAT STEALS YOUR STUFF IF YOU KILL TOO MUCH STUFF AND HE'S ACTUALLY A FOLKLORE THINGY IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY!!! Soooo.... Ummm..... YEAH!!! ART/LORE THREAD THING!!!! Rules: I will draw whatever you guys suggest/request. Please no de-railing. You can leave suggestions, comment on stuff, and do a teeny bit of off-topic stuff, but no going into a 3-page conversation about who the heck invented milk and why. SO GET READY FOR SOME SPESHUL ART.
  23. The Golden Hameys

    So me and @Symage and maybe @ArcticFox789 are just taking a quick poll right here. The poll itself is self explainatory. If you have any questions just post them here. Note: I accidentally deleted the poll. There were 7 people who voted yes. Once we have 25-50 ish people approving this, then we do this. Posted Yesterday, 09:45 PM Forum Rewards: Best Overall Forumgoer Most Deserved Rep Best Fanart Best Fan Stories Best Modder Best Roleplayer Marvelous Meat Best Overall Fanartist Ingame Rewards: Best DS Player (video) Best Base (video or pictures) Most Days Survived (pictures and video) Best Death (video) Best Cave Base (video or pictures) Best Use of Monster Meat (video) Best Near-Death Experience(I.E, nearly dying but managing to come back from it all) (video) Worst Luck (video or pictures) Best Animal Zoo (video or pictures) Best Use of Mod (video or pictures) Most Deaths (picture) Worst DS Player (video)
  24. So, I made these because I love don't starve, and I want to know what do you think of my art. I hope you'll enjoy it ! (all of the following pics take place in the ruins) Run, Wilson, run ! Right behind you... -The spy Hum...this carrot is much bigger. I'm SO hungry ! What's this glowing fruit ? Why is this statue glowing and crying ? What's this sticky thing ?
  25. Judging for the Hammys

    We need judges for the Golden Hammys! If you wish to judge, please say so! You will be judging the various entry's submitted to the Hammys (art,story,mod,etc) judges cannot submit their own work to the Hammys. Promotional Picture by @Willette Current Judges @Blewcheese @Rabbitfist @Mack18853 @Thewatchiestdog @KidneyBeanBoy @Blazingice26