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Found 243 results

  1. Hey everyone who made their way to this little art gallery! I'll try my best to entertain you guys so just lean back and watch as this topic will (very slowly) fill with artsy stuff! Featured on my Gallery: Wes Halloween Costume I'll start off with my Don't Starve inspired Wes Halloween Costume The quality is terrible, i know, i just didn't have the time to take proper pictures. Shipwrecked Sketch Just Wilson doing his thing ^-^ Everything was handdrawn in about 3-4 Hours if i recall correctly. [click to view it in full size] Drawing time: ~3 Hours Software: Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop Shadow Creature Concept Animation
  2. Why, hello there! I have been putting this off for a while, but I've wanted to start an art thread here for quite some time now. Well, I think I'm finally inspired enough to do so. So, in the spirit of day-late-Halloween, I drew some art based on my absolute favorite game, Google's 2015 Global Candy Cup Don't Starve!
  3. Because Art

    So, I'm new to the forms and figured why not post some of my "art". I'm not very good at drawing people yet so I'm just practicing. Now behold, MY CRAPPY CAMERA QUALITY! *dun dun duuuuu* based on art by Raven Crow
  4. This is an art thread, I guess... woohoo? Well, I made a thing and I plan to make mre things that probably will be badly drawn. YAY! This right here is a Lavae made of water because why not? Hmm... well, yeah, expect more things, drawings and editions. Are don't, I can't order ya'll around, I'm no leader.
  5. Hello everyone me and my team are creating a Mod which would finally add to the current DS game and underwater world. This mod will be called "Creeps in the Deeps" and will add mobs, plants, biomes and new stats. More than that we also decided to give something "watery" to the current over world and so we are now trying to implement RIVERS. We believe they are gonna be a real innovation for the game as these will come in handy especially in summer to fight against OVERHEATING (many of us hate Summer in RoG). Unfortunately we are missing the ART for the rivers. Here's my point, the code for rivers is done already; our team include some really good artists but nobody ever tried the to do TURFS. Yes, the art for the river would only involve doing a "river turf" which is going to be repeated over and over plus a turf for the SOURCE and the END of the river. I know its very challenging but I also know there are very very VERY VERY good artists over here !! To whoever wants to take the challenge, please comment here or feel free to send me a PM. If I see you art is good, I'll add you also to the Team PM so we discuss the implementation altogether. Thanks chaps, have a good one -Lampofulmine
  6. Hello, I'm the mod maker of Wilburn, but also an actual "artist" sometimes. So I'll post the few things I draw because... why not ? Sorry for huge res, I'll fix that when I have more time ahead of me. Also the scan quality is disgusting on some of them, which doesn't help the fact that they're so quickly made. First here are a few little Wilsons. Wilson on winter holiday, A few sketches made during class, featuring Wilburn, my mod character that you can also play, Then, sketches I made for my grillfriend, And that's it for this post. Next are some more Wilburn sketches. Thanks for visiting !
  7. Just a few doodles, with small stories to them.
  8. So, Mr.BlazingIce26 makes pixel art, and he writes "stories", but making two threads would make him seem a bit... entitled, eh? so, what does he do? he makes one, All purpose, all Fiction thread in which he can post his fanfiction (not that kind >.>) and his pixel art!, Behold! BOW BEFORE ME! Pixel art and writing like you've probably seen it before! Here's a bunch of pixel-art i did on my old thread, all wrapped up into one comfy PNG for all you file-size conscious people, And, for the promised fanfiction, the first chapter of which i also posted in a long, long forgotten thread, but the 2nd chapter (part 1 of it, mind you) Is brand new! Chapter 1 - Forbidden Knowledge Spoilered because it's a pretty big wall of text, and some of you may have read it before Chapter 2 - Part 1 - Say Pal, I awoke with a start, the first things I noticed as I awoke were the colors, they were all too.... much. The greens much too green, the yellows blindingly bright, hurt my eyes. After wiping the sleep out of my eyes I noticed a sort of *poof* to my left, I turned to look at it. The smoke cleared, and in its place stood a tall, dapper man, looking as if he were in his 40s, pale as a ghost. He looked down at me and uttered a few words. "Say pal, you don't look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!" Weird, it seemed as if he emphasised the last part a bit more then the rest. Then he disappeared in the same cloud of smoke of which he appeared. Leaving me alone to contend with whatever forces were at work here, Heeding the mans advice, I started my search for sustenance, my niece completely driven from my mind by the events at hand. ------------------------------------- Hope you enjoy'd the arts and the reads, as more will becoming soon, and if you didn't, well, you clicked on the thread, not me.
  9. Glitchy Art Den

    I'm going to use this topic as my little art pile!
  10. Webber Fanart

    *Flops* Decided to doodle some Don't Starve, and did a drawing for Webber~ Might draw some more later on, but thought it would be interesting to post it up here, and see what people think of it. (Apologizes if the top looks a bit funny, I kind of gave up on the sky.)
  11. Hello everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for well over a year now and decided its about time I make an art thread. A little info about me: I'm an animation student and I love to draw, watch anime, and play video games. I draw in Paint Tool Sai and Adobe Flash (my vector work is all made in flash), but I know a lot of other programs as well. Don't Starve was the first game I've played by Klei Entertainment because the style and animation was so appealing, as well as the game play. In fact, it was so interesting to me that I created several characters based around Don't Starve's lore. I've interacted a lot in the past with the fandom on Tumblr. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone recognized me (hello again!). It's about time I transfer my stuff to the forums. Edits: Future edits will be posted here! Anyway, onto the arts! (With captions below the images.) My first ever fanart of Don't Starve. Wilson is my most played character. As mentioned, I made original characters from the concept of Don't Starve. From left to right, Aaron, Maverick, and Henry. This was one of the concepts for The Shadow Knight, a character I made for the Hero in the Dark mod. The actual character looks a little different from this. Go check it out! This was a quick lip sync test I made a while ago with Wilson. It autoplays with sound, so be warned. One of the first pictures of my character Maverick in the Don't Starve wold. Speaking of WX and Maverick, with guest appearance of Maxwell. A very old picture of when a Wilson gave Maverick checkered flooring. Also, an older test of the Shadow Knight. It looks different in the actual mod. Last is my most recently picture related to Don't Starve; my original character named Lure. He's a Lureplant-Human hybrid that's currently in the process of becoming a mod! (If any of the images don't load in this thread, send me a message and I'll fix it ASAP!)
  12. Finally decided to get an account and create an additional repository for some of my Don't Starve art (the other is my Tumblr). :> At this point, I've mostly just been sketching things at random to try and figure out how the DS world translates into my style. So much to draw, and so little time to do it! Here's some character sketches… (Everything is in spoilers both because the images are big, and because there are several of them.) A couple of studies on the behavior and biology of the creatures of DS… And a random doodle I did after getting the urge to play some Half-Life.
  13. Drawing!

    I am an inexperienced artist, and I have been wishing to get into the Don't Starve art community for some time. So what better way than to, well, get some experience? This first drawing I call "Feeding the Birds" Criticism would be greatly appreciated so that I may improve. I will seek out a better method of digitizing my drawings.
  14. Well, here goes nothing. What do you think of this little guy?
  15. Klei Forumer Plz

    Inspired by @Snob and his videos, if you don't want yours in this thread, I'll take it down. Just ask nicely. I'm so sorry @Snob and @Spinorex and @Mack18853 and @DwerBomb and @CyanBlue and @Sporb and @Subscriber01236
  16. Helloooo I've been drawing Don't Starve more often recently (with the DS Together Closed Beta and all) and I've been asked a few times if I want to post this stuff here on the forums as well I have some more, but those are pretty old already now...
  17. It sure has been a long time, hasn't it? I'd like to get back into doing fanart and the gaming of Don't Starve instead of just roleplaying on tumblr, my muse finally getting back as well as my courage to draw Maxwell again. Since my old art thread is unable to be posted on and is closed I removed all images from it and placed them all into the spoiler below. Any new art will be posted as soon as I create it. Though- don't expect a lot of art from me since I am slow to making it. I take 4 art classes at school and am busy managing clubs there so personal full-colored art is minimal- as for my Original Character (OC) art, that is frequent as I enjoy doodling them in my spare time. Maxwell as well, if I get ideas for drawing him of course! Enjoy the art, or don't! Your choice my friends~ Old Art- Most of this old art is on my devientart account if you'd rather view it there. It being a bit more organized and all. New art will be slowly uploaded.
  18. Well, just wanted to share my latest fanart - I call it Wilsons memories. It´s a drawing of some of the memories Wilson have made during his time in Maxwells world - Good and bad memories Hope u like it, and please leave a comment - ohhh and btw i really would like some requests
  19. I really dot know what to draw next. I mostly do Wilson and Maxwell, but now i have like NO ideas at all. Help please? Or if you know a good fanfiction i could draw something based on that? All sort of ideas are welcome - Nanna
  20. Guess what? Bad art. -_-

    Hi! I'm new to the forums here. I played Don't Starve for a while in its early stages, then stopped for a while, and recently returned. And, of course, as with anything I think is amazing, I must draw some terrible art! (For those of you who know my deviantart (dragonunderthestairs) I will post things never before seen as well as some of that deviantart stuff as well. Here's a portrait of Wilson that just happened one lazy day True story Tell me if you want me to make any of the pics larger (Also how to do the spoilers? I know I could look at another thread but I'm too lazy)
  21. So erm I'm not great at forum thingies but here have a collection of (most) of my artwork I have done from my tumblr. Using GIMP 2.6 A lot of my stuff is insanely sketchy because thats part of what I do and just how I draw, I improved more in using SAI which will be in the next post!
  22. Its kind of bad, but if people like it ill make more.
  23. Hey there ! First of all you have to know that it's a new art thread I'm making, here is the link to the previous : And now, new pics ! Webber IRL : Why you would fear darkness... And how They manipulate you... What do you think of it ?
  24. This is the one topic I will put all of my Don't Starve art and such! at the moment I only have one but I will post more! Wilson's Top Hat (THE FINGERS THOUGH)
  25. Hello My name is Maximum and I drew some don't starve things, I believe this is the appropriate place to post them. (some of them are a tad weird looking due to them being drawn on a 3DS) Also just a warning, some of them have a bit of blood but nothing too serious [if you are wondering about his hands I just have a headcannon that Wilson wears big black rubber gloves] Wilson your hair is just too fun not to draw. Anyway those are some of my arts, I have some more but I doubt anyone would like to see them. ALSO I should just say I'm completely fine if anyone uses my art for avatars, reaction images, whatever, as long as you ask me permission first and credit me.