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  1. Totally willing to pay as long as it's manageable. Send me any further questions/comments on Discord @Sci3nce#7668, please. (hopefully this is the right forum to do this stuff lol)
  2. Frontier Reaper/Boomtown R.I.P. A reaper is thrown into the middle of nowhere by god's hand to help souls pass into the light without demons straying the wayward souls. With the help of locals and becoming a sheriff, the reaper will help make this purgatory spread into something worthwhile for him and the souls. A big WIP god sim with RPG and Survival elements. Heavily inspired by defunct games such as Misfortune, Frontierville, Grinns Tale, as well as games that are still around such as "Go to hell", Dragon Quest, and Don't Starve. At the moment this page is just for ideas, thoughts, and development. As well as Concept sketches whenever I can get around to them: If any of this interests you, please comment. I would love to hear feedback.
  3. My friend @Zeklo got me the Snowy Glom Glom skin for Christmas, so to celebrate I drew the adorable little puff ball with my new art supplies! Admittedly I don't draw much DS art, but if I ever do get around to making more I'll change the thread's title and post it here. Edit: I can't decide if I like it unedited or not so have both lel
  4. Hello! i've been drawing dont starve art lately since i really love the game art style so i decided to put some of my art in here. ill try to answer things if you have question. gonna expect a lot of wilson drawing here because i drew that dork guy a lot This one is my favorite: on the side note, im still new to this forum and english is not my first language so sorry if i make grammar mistakes
  5. a draw

    ehghofihog i drew this ..... its webber...... i saw the new skins and i had to draw them...... also no this isnt a genderbend or anything i just headcanon webber as a girl because..........i do..................
  6. Welcome to My Art Thread! Hello! I am Rai. Feel free to call me anything you like, i don't mind. I joined this forum at June 26. I love drawing fan arts and stuff or comics. I draw traditionally, but sometimes digitally with mouse. I made this to put my art here, and i want to be closer with the forum. I'm sorry i am not really good at speaking English because English isn't my first language. I like to draw Wendy a lot, because she is my favorite. Well, that's all i guess. Hope you enjoy my art. I hope i can be very active here! I am always busy with school, and i am super lazy. (I will edit or update this post if needed.)
  7. I don't have nearly as much time to draw as I used to, but I thought I might start another thread for when I do draw the occasional picture. To kick it off (for this is the DST edition) here's my latest drawing: The Hunt. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. The only thing that bothers me is how different Woodie looks from the other two. I was aiming for the actual Don't Starve look, rather than a more realistic one, and yet Woodie looks more in line with the character portraits, whereas the other two look more like the in-game versions. Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy!
  8. Hello, my name is Kyle and I'm here to present my... "art"! Truth be told, I might not have started this if it weren't for the kind and wise forum user, Minespatch! So... thanks, Minespatch! How often will I be active? Eeummm... Probably not often??? I have no certain dates. How good do you think you are at art? In otherwords...
  9. First I wanted to say Hello Everyone and welcome to my Art and Doodles Galore thread! Here I post my doodles or stuff that I made along side with some friends! I do hope you don't mind my silly art! Ahaha Here we have a lovely comic based on actual in-game experience with friends. On the left, we have a marvelous display on the all powerful and wise scientist tackling on Deerclops all alone! (Done by WPH) And on the right is my comic about being Willow and Wilson (WPH) being mad at me for using turf to fuel fire. Some quick freehand doodles! I think Maxwell was once part of the Beetles Now we have here the cutie FuuFuu (my OC) holding a Rabbit! And Last but not Least! Survivor Skin! Wilson! This Wilson is part of a group Survivor Picture I am currently working on! Here is a WIP version of it!
  10. Hello there! As I know there is no thread just for a random but of course related to "Don't Starve" arts. So, I'll publish some my Don't Starve arts, sketches and character concepts as they arrive. If you don't know where you can publish your arts a-a-and also do not want to create a new thread for whatever other reason — You can post it here. I also will glad to see YOUR arts in this thread. Even if this is not your picture or art but you want to share it with someone — just attach the link to author when you will publish it here. Enjoy! Link to my art blog
  11. A Webber Halloween!

    The Spidolantern! Hope your Halloween is full of friends!
  12. “After acquiring the knowledge in that accursed exchange, I quickly fetched a clean journal to jot down all I could decipher at the time. However to my growing frustration, most of what I jot down was rather esoteric as I understood the workings rather than the function these strange devices that my mind kept flashing before me. When I was first dragged to this damned place, I was pleased to find that my journal was still safely contained in my vest pocket. As such I try my best to record my findings as I survive. For the sake of my fellow survivors, I’ll be more than happy to share my work in hopes to help us live another day.” ~Wilson P. Higgsbury ((This is a project of mine on my Wilson blog over at Tumblr. I take request subjects for Wilson to write entries on in his journal. I'll be posting all I have currently here shortly. Feel free to send requests either here or to my Tumblr. One thing to note, I can be fairly slow when making new entries, so bare that in mind. I do a first come first serve as well, with 9 entry requests currently pending. I hope you enjoy what I've made so far and what will come in the future.)) Entry 1 - Mandrakes “I discovered a rather odd creature in my travels this evening. With the promise of food I plucked a vegetation I never seen before, but to my surprise it was more than just a docile vegetable but some manner of beast. Thankfully it seemed more interested in entertaining me rather than causing me harm; it continues to sing and dance close by, but seems to be cautious of my presence as it won’t let me get within three feet of it. Regardless, its pleasant to find life that doesn’t seek to end my own. I’ll likely keep the little guy as a pet of sorts and continue my study.” “I’ve changed my mind. I have no interest in learning more of these insufferable creatures. While I applaud their tenacity and determination to their “craft,” this is leaving me on the boarder of insanity. Apparently its song attracted the creature’s friends who all decided to chime in as well and have no respect for a man in desperate need of sleep. I can only assume they are nocturnal by nature. With any luck I’ll slip away at dawn if my hypothesis is true.” Entry 2 - The Hounds “I’m lucky to be alive after my experience this evening. While prototyping a makeshift gunpowder, I began to hear howls in the distance. Several minutes later it ceased and I thought whatever creature it might have been simply moved on. However a few seconds later my camp was ambushed by a pack of vicious hounds; I’ve never seen canines so ferocious before, as well as relentless. Grabbing a torch, I abandoned my camp and ran with them nipping at my heels, but not before one managed to take a bite out of my left arm; scientifically speaking, their maws are that of razors. Eventually I made it to the nearby grasslands. Hearing the slobbering snoring in the darkness, I was struck with an idea. Weaving through the slumbering beefalo, I presumed the beasts chasing me might decide go for a much larger meal; I was correct. The scuffle between the two different colonies was bloody and in the end the herd gored every last hound, and by extension saving my life. I now know that no place or time is truly safe on this island. I need to consider constructing a few defensive measures from future attacks.” ~ “I believe I have discovered the abode of these viscous beasts. While exploring the desert to the north, I discovered a colony of mounds constructed with the bones from a variety of different creatures; I was even able to identify some as human. Keeping my scientific curiosity in check, I kept my distance for the safety of my skin, and thank goodness for that. As a buzzard landed on the top of one of the mounds to scavenge anything left, the pack emerged almost instantly to claim its next meal. I’ll be keeping my explorations away from the desert unless absolutely necessary from now on. One thing leaves me puzzled however: how did these beasts find my camp from miles away? Why stray so far from home when there are plenty of other sources of food in between? Is something else pulling their strings?
  13. Introducing my very first take on inventing a forum game: The Grandiose Animal Blend-A-Thon It works like this: You name a blend of 2 real animals. For example Parrot and Mantis. Now your task is to draw the previous poster's animal-blend in a Don't-Starve-like artstyle. No need to get too artsy with it, the idea counts and everyone is welcome to join our little spectacle. Like this: Now you name your Animal. I'll call this abomination the Marrot. Lastly you choose 2 animals for the next poster to blend. Thanks in advance to anyone participating and your Animals are: Bee and Yak
  14. The Firestarter's Art Corner Heya guys! I wanted to go ahead and make a thread so I can start showcasing my art here! Over the next while, you guys should start seeing more art and cosplay from me, if all goes well! We'll see haha. For now, have a Guest of Honor Willow I drew a couple of months ago.
  15. Hey everyone who made their way to this little art gallery!The old one has been archived ( and i thought i'd revive this thang Featured: Greetings, Jules
  17. I just drew a little picture of Wilson and decided to post it here, I hope you like it!
  18. So, I just recently made my special someone enter the portal to the mysterious world of Science and Magic (After a few weeks of nagging) And she really fell in love with the art-style! She has set herself a goal to redraw all of the DS crew in her own realistic style with their Don't starvy traits. Here we one of many more drawings to come!
  19. Enjoy my struggling attempts at drawing under two minutes. Some of the characters are ocs by friends, some are official DS characters and others are AUs or spin offs made by friends or myself. Will keep updating it whenever I make more of those 1st run
  20. Wow, it's been a year since I was last one here! (Well, about a year since I posted something) Thought I'd post some more art on here! Also wow, my old art on here was bad... Requests Open!
  21. Been gone for a year, but now I'm back! I was originally just going to revive the old thread since I'm pretty sure necroing is fine in this section, but all of the image links in it are broken and super-embarrassing anyway, so I figured that I might as well start from scratch. I only have one quick sketch to show ATM, but hey. I've got something pretty cool planned. This is sort of a (admittedly self-indulgent) concept sketch for a part of said cool thing.
  22. Sup guys! My old thread was so old it got archived... oops.. Oh well, that means it's time for a new thread! I didn't make a lot of fanart for a while because of a big project I had, but that's almost done now! So that means more fanart! Wooo I've been playing shipwrecked so here's a poor webber suffering in hurricane season: and in case you've never seen my work before/don't remember me, here are some old things! I draw a lot of webber: I'll probably draw something other than webber sometime... maybe... maybe if somebody gives me a good idea/request.. *winkwink*
  23. So by those that don't know (pretty much most if not all, bless my inability to be so present to the forums) I tend to draw, quite a lot, mostly for art practicing, others to pass the time, and so and so, and of course, being in Don't Starve, I have been drawing that for a while, buuuut there is a thing, I kind of...don't have many ideas to draw other characters THIS is why this topic is here! "oh but what do you mean by that?" WEEEELLL I kind of tend to draw Wilson... A LOT... like... and most of the times, it goes into my own, weird ideas So yeah, does anyone have any situation ideas or just, any random suggestion without I could draw any character that is not, well, Wilson?
  24. Richard's "Art"

    Hello ! , so I decided to draw stuff by hand and blublbublu.... So My First "Art" here is ; "Maxwell In a rope" : This is Maxwell wearing an rope ah , i got the main idea of drawing someone at a rope from my new item at the game "DST" and well that give me the idea who is looking like the most "Lady's man" ? (for me) Maxwell so ahh Maxwell in a rope. (I'm Sorry for bad quality ) (and this is the Hand made art without the Photoshop) (This one is with the Photoshop) I Hopy you enjoy , anyway i know i have bad skills at photoshoping and drawing but ahh something :3 Have good day or night !
  25. Okay, first thing first, I am not used to doing something like this in a forum. So please bear with me and help me if I am doing something wrong okay? Thank you for your patience with me in advance. My drawing is like, big and I'm not sure how to and if I should resize them on forum. Well anyway, I have a three parter here. Willow as the Little Match Girl. Headcanon this is how Willow gained her magical abilities Headcanon Willow was the Little Match Girl No text version of these three picture is in this spoiler box. Do I wanna post links to these on dA in case you guys wanted to fav these there? I guess not... but I do have the same username here and there, you can navigate there yourself if you really wanted to. I might do more like this. I mean I do have some scene in mind that I wanted to draw. Whether it was something that happened in a session with my friends, or just something interesting. Or more weird story mode like this one! XD