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Found 243 results

  1. I need drawing advice

    I want to get into digital art but don't know whether to use a normal mouse, touch pad or tablet I have some experience doing paper art if that helps thanks! and what programs to use for each
  2. Just something weird I thought of Wilson hits himself out of confusion
  3. So I wanted to have a art thread, drawing with a mouse is really hard so it looks like a 2nd grader drew it. I practice with these sort of mini comics and other things in my drive. So here is my DST art! Wonder why, maybe Willow forced him. I am not to happy on how I did Wendy on this. But Wavel's still annoyed (I'll explain It later, I'm to lazy right now.) Drew myself in DS style, it's a bit crooked though.
  4. Not sure how forums work, but hey, hello!! :") My brother insisted many times that I should start posting my art, so here I am To start, I've been thinking a lot about how Wilson is usually shown as a successful man on his thriunphant skin, but personally, I've always had this idea that if Charlie hadn't appeared, he really wouldn't be able to accomplish what a Shadow King would. Unlike Maxwell, he'd spend the rest of eternity without creating a thing, without acomplishing anything... Just him in an empty room and the bitter company of a chatty gramophone Thankfully he was saved from such a fate :')
  5. I can't stop thinking about ideas! My brain keeps thinking for possible ideas... Here's some drawing concepts: 1. Woodie as the father from "A Chrismas Story" (With him taping a hat to keep Lucy warm) (Quote: "You'll whack your eye out with that boomerang kid!") 2. Wortox as Gizmo from "Gremlins" (Quote: Better not feed him after midnight..) 3. Webber as the kid from "Home Alone" (Quote: "We won't let you get in our way!") [This was all the ideas I had but I hope this might inspire them in anyway. And mostly my favorite has to be Wortox and Woodie.]
  6. So I'm SCP trash, and instead of filling my other DS-related art thread with SCP stuff, I decided to throw it here. First off, let me dump all of my "bad" art that I made a hot minute ago. My artstyle and skill has since changed. Now onto actually competent, recent drawings. Here's a doodle of a very simplistic 682. A (botched) Wendy pestering 049. Not a ship, I just thought this'd be a funny situation. Here are some comparison images of SCP-049 and SCP-049-2 in the DS/T mod. Both crappy sprites were made in February, the new 049 sprite was made in August, and the new 049-2 sprite was made in November. I can't believe there was a time where I thought these old sprites were okay. Just did this one today, here's some spooky bois. More 106!
  7. So uh...I know this is a thing people do and i haven't really made my own topic before! an o.n.i. art thread! these are just my first few- after i finish up with a current project i'll probably have a lot more!
  8. Hi, just wanted to make a place where i can post all my drawings and doodles related to Don't Starve. Most of them i already posted for weekly art challenge becouse that's why i started with drawing in the first place, you can find them here and there too. I'm pretty new to drawing so if you have any advice for me, tell me i will be grateful. I draw mostly using paint tool sai with mouse. 1."Shattered Spider" 2. "Wortox & Wormwood" 3."Road Runner Weregoose" 4."Malbatross at full moon" 5. "Simple Wurt" I'm posting new art down there becouse don't want to make this first post too huge.
  9. So I brought this game, and I'm addicted. It's also kicking my ass and I haven't even managed to beat the easy mode, but we don't mention that part. This leads to one logical thing: ART! So I made a thread. You can work out the rest from there. Banks: Internationale:
  10. I would love to see a new wormwood skins in the future and i have a skin idea he could have! I also want you to share your skin ideas for this lovable plant boy and even concept art for it too! ~My Wormwood skin idea~ ~Snow Fallen Wormwood skin~ We haven't gotten any new snow fallen skins for any of the characters so why not make wormwood one? The skin would look like a winter feast tree all decorated in tinsel, lights, and snow, while his head branch would have a single red ornament dangling from it as a reference to Merry X-mas Charlie Brown! and wormwood's body would be dark-ish brown with pine tree needles as leaves covering his body, with his arms and legs being skinny little branches. The skin set description would have a quote from the Charlie brown special as well. When blooming wormwood's Ornament could bloom into a yellow star while his lights, decorations,and pine needles cover him even more.
  11. Went on a bit of a spree recently indulging in drawing some Woodie fanart to celebrate his rework haha Pretty short post but I'm really happy with how all o' these came out. Enjoy and feel free to leave any comments and thoughts!~ You can find more of my stuff on twitter under @smokinchips (but please don't if you don't wanna see nsfw stuffs or are under 18 bc I gave up managing 2 accounts! xo) To start, here's a short story comic (to try/practice making comics haha) on how Woodie got his new forms / a bit of backstory speculation~ And next... A plucky Weregoose jumping ship from a doomed vessel to fight the towering tides of the storm alone - followed by last of all, a fierce Weremoose charging headfirst into piles of fiery leaves and pitiful little spiders!!
  12. welcome to the other thread that i have. i am also the owner of the "Clowny's art that really only consists of wes" thread. anyways im doing goretober and inktober so i decided to make a thread for it! Day 1. prompt: insects Just some SU fanart to start off with. Day 2. prompt: knives (the file is really small, fri ck) there may be don't starve things here and there, but this will remain mostly off topic. this will turn into a regular art thread once october passes.
  13. Hi! I recently came across an interesting topic regarding RPG classes in the game But I decided to think and come up with a game mode. This is just a fantasy, you can join and complement these ideas. It's fun. I will say in advance, english is not my native language, I hope I write at least something intelligible, not a meaningless bunch of words This is a classic roguelike. 4 players take the classes and enter the dungeon, classic. Monsters, chests, traps, weapons, potions, armor. It looks like a Forge, but with a huge confusing floor map. In the dungeon there is a pig shop, rooms with traps, monsters and the like. But the challenge is to find a way to the next floor. Total floors 3 + lair of the dragon. But they are really big and saturated with enemies. (You can go in a group to make it safer or split up to find a way out faster). You ask, "Where to rush"? The fact is that the team has a common indicator of sanity, which constantly drops before you not moving to a new floor. When the mind goes down completely, nightmares will follow the players. More and more.A killed player cannot be resurrected only when moving to a new floor, all players restore health and are resurrected So what do all players have? Players have an indicator of life, an indicator of mana, an indicator of hunger, and a general indicator of sanity. With the indicator of health and sanity, everything is clear. What is a mana indicator? Each weapon has a special ability. And it spends mana, each weapon has a different amount. It's okay if this indicator drops to zero, it gradually recovers What about hunger? Yes, you have to eat in the dungeon too. Food, like coins, keys, weapons, drops from enemies and chests. No need to cook. By the way, everyone has their own inventory. In addition to the slot for weapons and armor, all players have 9 additional slots for coins, keys and other things (some things take up more space than one slot. For example turrets, some potions and scrolls, artifacts). So sometimes you either share or be greedy So maybe let one player carry all the keys and coins? As I said, the dungeon is huge. But on the map you don’t see each other. So if one finds a chest, he will have to explain where he is, because there is no key. Or you can go in a group, but again, not the fact that you will not be eaten by nightmares if you a long time look for exit I almost forgot, at the end you will have a battle with the dragon that will eat you ... or not Let's move on to the second part of this topic. These are the artwork that I drew. Classes and abilities are described here. Of course, everyone has a different amount of hunger, life, and mana. I did not bother with this
  14. Some DST Art

    Just a picture of Woodie and Wendy I drew in my style.
  15. Hey there, I'm a creator. Artist, mild technomancer, meme-lord extraordinaire. This is my general topic for DST art, memes, modding, little creation tips, and whatever else might come to pass. Mostly the first two. This top post is an archive where I'll attempt to compile my Klei-related creations. I won't be posting .PSD files because of reasons, but in most cases, they are available via PM. Simple requests like that via PM are totally fine. Just don't try to like, talk to me via PM. Anxiety. I will literally die. [There is a metric ton of stuff for me to import here from the old topic. Getting there.] -o- ARHT -o- -o- Mods -o- -o- Meme Hell -o-
  16. Greetings fellow residents! I’ve been SUUUUUPER into playing DST and the general story of Don’t Starve World itself recently! Even though I can barely last a season, I still love playing with strangers and enjoying an online community. I’ve been doing fan art of DS and I’m gonna post my art since people will probably appreciate it here. i also am open to requests and making doodles of ideas! Just don’t beg/spam the thread also no nsfw/rude/explicit/etc requests. Wanna keep it PG13 as much as I can. Heres my social links if you wanna follow me! Twitter ~ Instagram (This is my little OC, Imp! She’s a 8 inch imp demon with fuchsia pink accent with coal black body and one eye) Alrighty then let’s start this thing off with Wilson in his Triumphant Skin. And here’s another few I did a couple of months back.
  17. Here we go. I love to draw Willow especially with Bernie
  18. Webber Drawng

    More Don't Starve art from me, Really happy with this Webber, most of my drawings I outline with Sharpie, or Black marker to add to it, But I decided I liked this one as it was (Although if a couple people say they'd like to see a hard black outline'd version I'd gladly do it) Hope you enjoy!
  19. My first time drawing Don't Starve characters! Wilson and Wigfrid my 2 favorite characters and mains when I play. Hope you all like them (Apologies for inconsistent lighting) Also this is my instagram if you'd like to see more drawings <3 I really like drawing Don't Starve so I'll try to post more on here
  20. Okay... here goes nothing... I have an art thread now! I don't know how regularly I'll update, but... a small start's still a start! So let's start with an OC: Wyami'ina! Wyami'ina was the princess of the Ancients, daughter to the king and queen, though she was involved in a accident involving nightmare fuel, which... changed her. After that same fuel destroyed her kingdom years later, she developed a fear of the dark and all manner of tenebrous places... and when Maxwell came and turned the Constant into a constant nightmare, she developed a fierce and violent hatred of him. Stats: Health - 120 Hunger - 200 Sanity - 80
  21. I'll be posting my Don't Starve (Together) fan art and stuff here occasionally! There will be a lot of AU and Headcanon art, fair warning. ((Like, my Wes is a shadow demonesc creature due to him being on the thrown for as long as he was)) (((His "face" is pure mime makeup. Don't ever get him to peel it off if you don't like... teeth...))) Feel free to give me suggestions on what you'd like to see me doodle, and I might draw them! If you have any questions about my crazy AU/headcanon shenanigans, feel free to ask questions!
  22. This is my first attempt at drawing Wilson. I've also decided to experiment with hand and clothing folds. I'm actually really proud of this! If you guys have any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it!
  23. After much debating with myself, I have decided to go ahead and make an art thread over here for myself! Will try and post things here when I make them! Will probably forget immediately after making this thread to ever do that! But until then... have some art of varying quality and effort! Also shading and backgrounds will always be bad, because I am bad at those things, and probably don't put in as much effort at not being bad at them as I think I do. Gonna put it all under a spoiler because I draw... pretty big and don't want this thread to be 20 feet long the moment you walk in. Press the "Read More" at your own riiissk. Worry not dear viewer, you are now at the end and free to continue living your life! Thanks for stopping by!
  24. I realised I have yet to share any of my DS art here on the forum, so here goes! "Kleiground" is a fan name for crossover art that brings together things from different Klei games. No, I did not come up with the name. Thank @WilliamGreywind (You can find my art stuff under or .)I started off by drawing a lot of Wendy for Inktober Wendy and Abi I may be obsessed with Tallbirds, smallbirds, and everything in-between Then I started drawing DS/Invisible Inc crossover art? Draco (from the Contingency Plan DLC) would be impressed by Wendy's edge, if they ever met. DS isn't the only Klei game with a superior-acting automaton/cyborg character (I would be remiss not to advertise a mod my friend made that brings Dr. Xu to DST!)