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Found 289 results

  1. Version 1.0


    Felix the Cat Character Mod! Featuring Felix the Cat, a funny animal cartoon character created in the silent film era. The anthropomorphic black cat with his black body, white eyes, and giant grin, coupled with the surrealism of the situations in which his cartoons place him, combine to make Felix one of the most recognized cartoon characters in film history. Felix was the first character from animation to attain a level of popularity sufficient to draw movie audiences. Felix is a scaredy-cat so he runs fast and has lower sanity but a faster sanity regeneration, he also is affected more by night and scary monsters due to this! In my next update I'm hoping to have custom sounds and dialogue for him. I am also working on adding a magic bag for him so check back! This is my first mod so there are still many bugs with Felix. Notably, there are many facial expressions that I couldn't figure out what they were for. They will have a big red number on them when they pop up in the game. If you see any of them please, PM me with the number and what was happening to Felix at that time so I can fix it. Also, if you notice anything else that glitches or is broken, let me know!
  2. Version 3.0


    This mysterious disc plays uneasy, but fitting music. The mysterious part is: It changes with the season. Now there are four individual discs for the specific seasons too! Music by Dragon Wolf Leo a.k.a. Dleowolf
  3. Version 1.1.1


    Prevents F from attacking walls when Ctrl is held. (also works under alternate keybindings) Clicking on them with Ctrl held still performs an attack as usual. Icon by @Silentdarkness1.
  4. Version 2.0


    Art by Papukaijah (Mr. Parrot Man) (only on Steam) Code by Mobbstar "I'm just a tree." -Strom Strom is a happy walking talking tree man. He really is just a tree. Did I mention that he has a pet? Yes that's right, Lampy the friendly firefly fellow follows Strom wherever he goes, unless he tells it to stay. Lampy's light is especially good since Strom has trouble with chopping trees. Genocide isn't all that sane, you know? Also avoid fire as you'd spread it. Strom is just a tree after all. [Thread] [steam] Please report bugs, crashes, issues, suggestions, and that Mr. Parrot Man and I are super awesome.
  5. Version 1.2.1


    Maintaining an effective killing field of tooth traps is a time consuming process. Recent advancements in gear technology have lead to self-resetting traps: the Clockwork Tooth Trap, dealing 55 points of damage and having 21 uses, automatically resetting itself 8 seconds after being sprung. This trap is more convenient than it's more primitive counterpart, but that comes at a cost: Clockwork Traps run on hound's teeth as "fuel", and when the trap runs out of fuel it stops resetting (but does not vanish). Fueling it with a hound's tooth restores 7 uses. A tooth is only accepted if the remaining uses are 14 or less, to prevent resource waste. Dealing slightly less damage and costing more teeth to upkeep, regular traps are still more resource efficient. You gain the ability to set traps that you never need to worry about replacing. Have some beautiful designs made of death and they will always stay that way. To increase cleanup, the traps are pickup on right-click only. This means you can left-click or hold spacebar to your heart's content near them. It requires an Alchemy Engine for crafting, costing 1 log, 1 gear and 3 hound's teeth. Concept by Ortorin, art by Xjurwi and strings by TooMuchHoneyHam. @GRNCeleryStick was kind enough to make a video spotlighting the mod, check it out:
  6. Version 1.1


    Workshop Link This mod allows modification of stats of hounds and catcoons, and the number of teeth required to make a tooth trap, for people that are masochistic. My original line of thinking was "How does a flabby pig fist do more damage than a gigantic hound maw?" (Seriously have you seen that mouth it's enormous). So I changed it. I also saw people leaving comments on the wiki complaining about how they need to be buffed. And, finally, I once witnessed a catcoon kill a hound. That's just ridiculous. All stats are adjustable. You don't have to change everything (or anything, but that would defeat the purpose of getting the mod). It makes red hounds immune to fire. I've considered making them explode on death, but that's complicated to pull off properly, so I'm not going to right now. Details: Hound Health:150 200 250 300 [*]Hound Damage: 20 40 60 80 [*]Hound Speed: 100% 125% 150% 175% [*]Hound Attack Period: The amount of time between their attacks. Higher value = less time. Normal Fast Insane [*]Varg spawning: whether vargs spawn with hounds after day 100. True False [*]Trap requirement: how many hound teeth you need to make a tooth trap. Statistically speaking, the number of hounds you need to kill (or survive) to make x amount of tooth traps is multiplied by the number of teeth you need. 1 2 3 4 [*]Catcoon Health (RoG) 150 100 75 50 Note: The first setting of each option is the vanilla value. Setting it to that will basically turn that setting off. Other features: Red hounds are immune to fire. I am hungry for your feedback! I can and will change things if people give me good suggestions! Don't be afraid to criticize!
  7. Version 1.52


    Author: BeetleDan, Star Aquarium mod adds new craftable item to the game - aquarium. To fill it with water, wait for the rain. It's useless in winter, however it may contain some ice. Fish live in her own life. It doesn't work for you (like bird in cage) so be careful to save it from starving. Roe includes 0.5 meat and 0.5 fish. So roe+twig = fish sticks and so on. Russian Wiki What does it really do? Just try and enjoy! Quick info about this mod:
  8. Version 1.1.1


    Paul is a gamer who somehow got lost in the dangerous world of Don't Starve Together. Has 150 Health, 200 Hunger, and 200 Sanity. Wears a jacket that keeps him a bit warmer in the Winter. Rain makes him relaxed so his sanity goes up. Doesn't get hungry easily so he can last longer without food. Doesn't like to attack things so he won't do much damage. This is the version of my Don't Starve mod that is for Don't Starve Together. This mod was made so me and my friends could play as me in DST, but I want anyone to be able to enjoy it so here it is. Here's the link to the regular Don't Starve version of this mod: I made this mod with a LOT of help from the Extended Sample Character Template and so I just think I should give it credit here.
  9. Version 1.25


    INFO: »»» Trash Bin for useless or to many items. whatever, it will never come back! (Weapons, Tools, Food, Animals etc.) Beware: Trashbin can be used to destroying important stuff (Quest items, Teleparts etc.). Features: » Follower feature now disabled. » Destroy Trash Bin by 2 hits via Hammer. » Trash Bin follows automatically. Trashbin: Research Level: None Research: None Cost: Rocks 4x | Beefalowool 10x | Twigs 5xVersion: 1.25 - WIN32_STEAM Bugs: PLEASE REPORTING HERE! (a copy from log.txt) Compatible: "REIGN OF GIANTS UPDATE" Thanks to everyone for using my stuff! thanks & enjoy! regards DontStarver InstallNotes v.1.25: ABOUT "STEAM WORKSHOP" AND "DON'T STARVE TOGETHER": NO ONE HAS THE PERMISSION TO SHARING/UPLOAD ANY PARTS OF MY MODS. THEY ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE ON KLEI ENTERTAINMENT FORUMS. ANY VIOLATION WILL BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY!
  10. _Q_


    Version 1.1


    Lost Islands Default survival map from RoG divided to islands (100% Pig King spawn rate). Default survival map form base game divided to islands (100% Pig King spawn rate). After isntalling the mod pick the world settings and pick the Islands preset form the preset menu.
  11. Version 1.3a


    This is my first mod so enjoy This mod basicly add a Iron Sowrd + Diamond sword crafted by using 2 new ores --) Iron ore and Diamond Ore dropped by Boulders and Stalagmites Compatibility: Don't starve Reign of Giants (latest version -1.134052-) To Do: Re-sprite Iron ore a and Diamond ore Incompatibility: Every mods that changes this -) Rocks.lua , Rock_Ice.lua , Stalagmite.lua and Stalagmite_Tall.lua Weapon Stats: Iron Sword ------) Recipe | 8x iron ores, 1x Gold nugget, 2x Twigs | Durability --) 150 Damage --) 40 Diamond Sword -------) Recipe | 10x Diamond ores, 1x Iron ore, 2x Ropes | Durability --) 200 Damage --) 61 Drop rates of Ores: * Flintless boulder (Tall) Iron ore (3x ores) 1st ore - 100% 2nd ore - 20% 3rd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 10% 2nd ore - 1% --------------------------------------- * Flintless boulder (medium) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 40% 2nd ore - 9% Diamond ore (1x ore) 1st ore - 4% --------------------------------------- * Flintless boulder (low) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 20% 2nd ore - 4% Diamond ore (1x ore) 1st ore - 2% --------------------------------------- * Smooth stone Iron ore (2x ores) 1s ore - 40% 2nd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 12% 2nd ore - 3% --------------------------------------- * Gold vein Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 22% 2nd ore - 2% Dimond ore (4x ores) 1st - 25% 2nd - 14% 3rd - 7% 4th - 2% --------------------------------------- * Mini Glacier (Tall) Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 10% 2nd ore - 3% --------------------------------------- * Mini Glacier (Medium) Diamond ore (1x ore) 1st ore - 8% --------------------------------------- * Mini Glacier (Low) Diamond ore (1x ore) 1st ore - 6% --------------------------------------- * Stalagmite (Tall) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 30% 2nd ore - 15% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 20% 2nd ore - 8% --------------------------------------- * Stalagmite (Medium) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 20% 2nd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 10% 2nd ore - 4% --------------------------------------- * Stalagmite (low) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 10% 2nd ore - 4% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 8% 2nd ore - 4% --------------------------------------- * Tall Stalagmite (Tall) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 40% 2nd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 30% 2nd ore - 10% --------------------------------------- * Tall Stalagmite (Medium) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 30% 2nd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 20% 2nd ore - 5% --------------------------------------- * Tall Stalagmite (low) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 8% 2nd ore - 4% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 7% 2nd ore - 3%
  12. Version 1.1


    Hello! Today I made a mod for Wulfe's character players. !!!WARNING!!! YOU MUST HAVE WULFE INSTALLED It generally adds 3 books that Wulfe can use: - Ice hound book - Fire hound book - Hound book They're spawns 5 other hounds types They need Alchemy Engine to be crafted. They are substracting - 20SP per use !!!EXTRACT ALL IN THE FILE WITH LONG NAME TO wulfe/scripts/prefabs!!! I recommend using Wulfe Plus too which can be found at steam and downloaded on this page (I will remove if it's illegal, but I think it's not): Please, report bugs/errors here.
  13. Version v1.0


    Dropping the item in your hands with the R key.It is mainly used to quickly to throwing lantern!
  14. Version v1


    You can now craft using ingredients inside any opened container (chester, chests, crockpot and so on). Compatible with RoG and without it.
  15. Version 1.2


    When using Webber, spiders won't break walls. That's about it. Chester's hostility can be set in the modconfig to: Vanilla - No change Monster - Spiders: Not hostile, Pigs: Hostile. Peaceful - Neither hostile Works even when spiders or chester is not following the player. Compatibility: Compatible with RotG (DS doesn't have Webber, but you can still enable the mod) Compatible with all other mods (let me know if not) For anyone interested, feel free to copy/modify/use my mods however you wish, including in your own mods. Please include appropriate attribution with links so everyone can benefit from them. Legally equivalent to CC Non-commercial Attribution licence. In case of conflict with terms of the website, the websites terms take precedence over this message.
  16. Version


    The stacks of items is now up to 999! Who really created this mod is tehMugWump I just edited his files ! I made/edited this mod to those who need it . So my message to my haters just shut your mouth and just rate this one star. Also the other unstackable items is now stackable in the ff. items : Crow Rabbit Robin Rabbit Trap Tallbird Egg/cracked Beemine Beefalo Hat Bush Hat Earmuffs Hat Feather Hat Straw Hat Sweater Vest Trunk Vest Top Hat Walrus Hat Winter Hat Chester Eyebone Heatrock Razor Teleportato things! PLS REDOWNLOAD THOSE WHO ALREADY DOWNLOADED THIS THANKS!
  17. Version DS1.3.3/DST1.4


    "I've saved a friend from death, but at what cost? I can no longer be with him without endangering his life." This mod adds Nedelya as a playable character for Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together. She has custom dialogue and a custom voice. Version 1.3 for Don't Starve Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked. Version 1.4 for Don't Starve Together. STATS - Hunger: 150 - Health: 200 - Sanity: 200 DAMAGE MULTIPLIERS Nedelya - Normal/Cold: 0.75 - Warm: 1.25 - Hot: 2 Conductor Blade - Normal: 0.8x spear damage (x0.75 normal damage multiplier) - Warm: 2x spear damage (x1.25 warm damage multiplier) - Hot: 3x spear damage (x2 hot damage multiplier) - Cold: 4x spear damage (x0.75 normal damage multiplier) Nedelya is a wolf inflicted with a condition called "fireblood". She has an increased temperature (50 degrees higher), and can overheat in spring, summer, and autumn. This also prevents her from freezing in the winter. Heat and cold sources affect Nedelya 50% more, and also insulation slows down Nedelya's temperature rate 50% longer. Additionally, she can cool down by expelling the fires from her body. This is done by either attacking with her fist or Conductor Blade, setting the target on fire. Also, being attacked while not wearing armor will work. Rain is also helpful. Rain lowers Nedelya's temperature, and also gives summer insulation. She also doesn't lose sanity from wetness. In Shipwrecked, the temperature rate has been slowed when sailing the seas. Boosting on waves will also decrease Nedelya's temperature. Wind will also lower her temperature. Nedelya's damage multiplier changes with heat. She is strongest when she is hot. The Conductor Blade is Nedelya's special weapon, which also gets stronger when hotter. When warm or hot, the blade provides light. It also sets the target on fire, which immediately cools Nedelya down. It also gets stronger when cold, which freezes its target. This time I've given the character an actual story of how she ended up in the world of Don't Starve. ---------------------------------------------- TIPS - If starting in spring, summer, or autumn, it's a good idea to craft a straw hat and pretty parasol as soon as possible. - Players have extra summer insulation at dusk and night, and also extra insulation in caves. This is a normal Don't Starve mechanic. - More tips on dealing with overheating:
  18. Version 1.0


    Night Lights are connected, so fueling one of them will also fuel other Night Lights visible on screen. Living Logs can be used as fuel for Night Light. Works in Shipwrecked. Fixed the missing Night Light flame bug. Just fixed typo in description, no need to redownload.
  19. Version 1.2


    This mod shows the bloodover when you're injured. You can configure it in the mods screen! Now works in DST. Client-only mod (works on unmodded servers too). Warning: Overheating may not show bloodover now. This should be negligible since the overheating overlay still works.
  20. Version 1.1


    Don't Starve and Reign of Giants compatible.
  21. Version 1.1


    This is a mod that makes sanity somewhat more important. Once your sanity drops below 33% of normal, your health will start to drop, 1-2 HP a minute. You'll have to get your sanity up to a reasonable number eventually, or you'll slowly die. Worse than starving!
  22. Version 1.2


    Get ready to play one of the most destructive characters in Don't Starve to date! Craft tons of custom explosives, from hand grenades, to remote detonating explosives, to suicidal bomb vests! Blast, pop, and ka-boom your way through the toughest of enemies the wilderness has to offer! However due to your characters old age, and long years spent in mining tunnels, his body and mind are very fragile, it's always best to take on any potential threat from a safe distance. This is my very first character mod, and it wouldn't be what it is without the amazing coding done by mobbstar! It's not 100% complete yet, but all the features this mod has to offer are all present. My to do list: - finish custom dialogue - add custom voice sounds Hope you have fun discovering all of Weldon's unique craftables, and please be sure to let me know how you like the character!
  23. 870 downloads

    Cheaper Cobblestone Turf: Craftable Beard Hair: Craftable Berry Bushes: Craftable Butterflies: Craftable Manure: Craftable Merman House: Craftable Tentacle Spike: Cheaper Blow Darts: Cheaper Sewing Kit: Craftable Marble: Longer Lasting Jerky: If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment. NOTE: These are all separate mods because some people, including me, like some parts of a mod but not the other parts. So this is for ease of use to allow you, the user, to pick and choose which craft recipes you want without needing to manually edit any files. UPDATE: I also created an all-in-one version of this mod so you don't need install and enable each individual mod. Thread
  24. Version 1.1


    This mod adds a chance for a mysterious crow to accompany Otto von Chesterfield. It has magical powers and hunger, wouldn't you know this could be benefical. This crow is based on the insane fruitloops oc-ish crow.
  25. Version 1.0


    Courage the Cowardly Dog! Abandoned when he was a pup, raised my Murielle and Eustace Bagge on a small country house in a town called NoWhere. His adventures have made him tough, however he goes insane rather quickly, being that he is afraid of everything! Stats: Health: 300 Hunger:150 Sanity:100 To Do List! 1. Add other qualities to Courage dealing with sanity gain and drain 2. Add Murielle follower and Eustace events 3.upgrade artwork A big thanks the folks at Klei, the forum guru's and of course John R, Dilworth for creating courage in the first place! Thanks everyone!