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Found 289 results

  1. Version Beta 0.6.3


    If you like it, you can subscribe in Steam Workshop: Doom modification for Don't Starve. Features: - Shotgun with ammo - Plasma gun with ammo - Chainsaw - Small and big medkits - Explosive barrel - Soul sphere and Megasphere - Lamp and candles - Special sounds Available in future: - More guns, items and structures - Friendly and enemy NPC - Character - Porting for DST Hf
  2. Version 1.1


    A long time ago, there's a mod called mrpoke20xx mobs, now this mod is reborn as don't starve: weird world of wilson! There's 6 creatures, 3 structures and 1 item in this mod now! FUNGUS: They come in 3 colors, each one spawn from their houses, and they love gross(item). PUPPETEER: Master of the puppets, this creature is awaiting for your arrival in his mansion, prepare for battle! PUPPET: Wooden living puppets that are controlled by a mysterious force, if you can only know how to make them... maybe their master know how... MIMIC: Dreadful creature that sneaks their prey (you) by using mimicry of a berry bush, watch out! GROSS: Made with manure and rot, this thing works as fuel, as ferilizer and somehow, fungus love this. FUNGUS HOUSE: Structures that spawn in heavy forests, jungles (shipwrecked) and caves, each one houses 4 fungus of their respective color. that's all for now people! more creatures coming soon!
  3. Version 1.0


    Night Lights are connected, so fueling one of them will also fuel other Night Lights visible on screen. Living Logs can be used as fuel for Night Light. Works in Shipwrecked. Fixed the missing Night Light flame bug. Just fixed typo in description, no need to redownload.
  4. Version 4.3


    For Don't Starve Together. All of my mods in one. Includes 5 new characters and 16 new craftables! Mod can be configured according to your own needs. Sounds made by: Default is voiced by a guitar, Danka by flute, Barczak by accordion, Mala Mi by harmonica, Tula by pipe, and Animsparrow by... dubstep? ---:CHARACTERS:--- ---:ITEMS:--- Cracked Skull: * requires a Prestihatitator, 1 Tooth + 1 Bone Shard + 1 Nightmare fuel to create; * gives x1.6 move speed, but decreases sanity. Knight's Helmet: * Requires Alchemy Engine - 2 Steel Wool + 1 Hammer + 1 Crow Feather to create; * has 1000 durability, blocks 90% of incoming damage. Wooden Mace: * can be created without any Machine, requires 2 Logs + 2 Twigs to create; * has Spear's damage but only 35 uses; * can be used as campfire fuel. Summer Bandana: * requires a Science Machine and 2 Papyrus to create (so Wickerbottom can create it at the start, making her a top-tier character when joining a server during summer); * gives medium protection from overheating; * can be used as campfire fuel. Staff of Growth: * Requires 1 Purple Gem, 1 Spear, 1 Lureplant Bulb and Shadow Manipulator to create; * Has 4 uses; * Makes plants like grass, twigs, berries regrow and progresses the life cycle of trees and farms. The Cactus Bat: * Requires 4 Cactus Meat, 2 Twigs, 4 Stingers and an Alchemy Engine to create; * Deals 68 damage; * Spoils in 6 days (spoilage affects its damage); * Using it takes 2 hp; * Can be used as hammer. The Spiky Helm: * Requires 8 Birchnuts, 2 Log, 1 Rope and a Science Machine to create; * Blocks 50% of incoming damage; * Has 330 durability; * Damages the opponent for 6 hp when hit. The Mosquito Suit: * Requires 4 Mosquitoes + 2 Rope and a Science Machine to create; * Has 400 durability and gives 60% damage reduction; * If you're damaged then every 5 seconds armor will lose 1% of its durability, drain 2 hunger and restores 2 hp to wearer. The Frying Pan: * Craftable with 3 Charcoal + 1 Steel Wool + 2 Twigs using Science Machine; * Deals 42.5 damage (Battle Spear's damage) and has 320 uses; * Has a really annoying hitsound. The Baron's Suit * Craftable with 2 Hound's Teeth + 12 Silk + 6 Gold Nuggets using an Alchemy Engine; * Lasts 5 days, recovers sanity very fast and gives tiny insulation in winter. The Fly Swatter * Craftable with 2 Twigs + 2 Silk using a Science Machine; * Has 20 uses, deals 15 damage, and deals 100 damage to flying insects like bees, mosquitoes and Glommer. The Dark Axe * Craftable with 1 Axe + 2 Nightmare Fuel using a Shadow Manipulator; * Chops trees x2.5 faster; * Has 8% chance to drop a Living Log when chopping down a tree. The Dark Pickaxe * Craftable with 1 Pickaxe + 2 Nightmare Fuel using a Shadow Manipulator; * Mines x2.5 faster. The Bright Necklace * Craftable with 6 Lightbulbs + 2 Silk without any research lab; * Gives a small light aura; * Spoils in 2 days. The Golden Helmet * Craftable with 4 Gold Nuggets + 1 Cut Stone + 4 Red Feathers using Alchemy Engine; * Reduces damage taken by 70% percent, absorbs up to 450 damage. * Amplifies damage dealt by 25%. The Sharp Sword * Craftable with 2 Gold Nuggets + 1 Red Gem + 3 Flint using Alchemy Engine; * Deals 51 damage, has 110 uses.
  5. Version 1.3


    Sick of waiting for hound attacks for getting more hound teeth? No longer! With this simple mod, some monsters drop teeth very similiar to hound teeth, which can be used for all the same things. Note that this doesn't affect very common monsters such as spiders (those barely hurt when biting), but a lot of cave creatures. Compatible with everything As suggested by Gotheran.
  6. Version 1.1


    "Work keeps you warm, but makes you peckish." This mod considers strong physical activity such as mining or chopping trees and increases your body temperature when doing so. However, this comes at an increased calories burn rate. You can tune the exact values in-game. As suggested by _Sips[1] (warning: swear words)
  7. Version 1.0


    This is a speech template compatible with DS (with or without RoG) and DST. Remember to rename the file! You can set the speech file using: STRINGS.CHARACTERS.CHARNAME = require "speech_charname" Pro Tip: You can "comment" specific lines "out" by putting -- before them. You can also comment several lines out by putting --[[ before and ]] after them. I assembled this in less that 15 minutes, so it's likely there's some redundant strings left (as in, the same key being set twice). Don't blame me, should that be the case, I just copied Wilson's file from Together and ran a simple script over it to empty the quotations.
  8. Version 1.2


    Get ready to play one of the most destructive characters in Don't Starve to date! Craft tons of custom explosives, from hand grenades, to remote detonating explosives, to suicidal bomb vests! Blast, pop, and ka-boom your way through the toughest of enemies the wilderness has to offer! However due to your characters old age, and long years spent in mining tunnels, his body and mind are very fragile, it's always best to take on any potential threat from a safe distance. This is my very first character mod, and it wouldn't be what it is without the amazing coding done by mobbstar! It's not 100% complete yet, but all the features this mod has to offer are all present. My to do list: - finish custom dialogue - add custom voice sounds Hope you have fun discovering all of Weldon's unique craftables, and please be sure to let me know how you like the character!
  9. Version 1.0


    Are you sad that your farms only works half of the year? I made this little mod to solve this! Farms now work all year long and will give vegetables depending on the season. The mod modify four things concerning farms : Low temperature will slow farm growth by 25% instead of stopping it from working Crops no longer wither (maybe I should see if there is a way to make fertilizer counter the Withering) Vegetables now depends on the season Birdcage only give one specialized seed and one or two normal seeds (before it gave one or two specialized and zero or one normal). this is to promote season vegetables! List of vegetables per season : This is my first mod so the code could use some cleaning and there is no pictures but whatever it works. Hope you enjoy it
  10. Version 2.0


    This mod adds Bigby Wolf to the game, from the comic series fables and the game The Wolf Among Us. He runs a bit faster than others, and gets angry when scummy monsters attack him. He also has bad relations with pigs. SPOILER: WARNING: This mod contains profane language. Use at your own risk. Copyright Cameran Neumann, 2015.
  11. Version 1.1


    Don't Starve and Reign of Giants compatible.
  12. Version 1.1


    Fear core: -Equip it and “attack” enemies with it to scare them away for 5 seconds. Angered neutral enemies will become passive again after running away. (including boss monsters) -“feeds” off of their fear to regain 7 health. -costs 15 sanity, and has a 20 second cooldown. -cannot be removed from inventory, but remains in your inventory if you die and respawn. -cannot be used on smaller innocent creatures like rabbits and birds because kajis such a softie. Panic roar: -activates automatically when health goes below 30 -scares off all monsters on screen for 8 seconds, also un-agros’ them. (hound packs will run away and won’t come back) -disables all non-mobile enemies for 8 seconds (tentacles and eye plants) -invincibility while roaring -cannot be activated again until you return to good health (must be above 110 hp and 75 sanity) Chubby and higher metabolism: -Gets hungry 15% faster because of his infrequent use of his core. Or something like that. Don’t quote me on that one. -This makes him chubby, and he has a natural insulation value of + 45. (slightly less than the lowest tier winter clothing) Good with maps: -Is a cartographer, and has a larger map view radius. (note: this feature still has some bugs. The extra map revealed is hidden once saving and re-opening. If it bothers you, you can disable map vision in the mod config menu.) Terrified of water: -quickly loses sanity near ponds and oceans. -cannot use, or equip, fishing poles. -And a few other fun easter eggs. Compatible with regular Don’t starve and RoG! (but not DST) The character Kaji belongs to Venoshade, and this mod was made with their permission.
  13. Version 1.0


    A Melon on a Stick! This mod will add a Melon on a Stick to your game! It is crafted with a stick and a watermelon at an alchemy engine. You can't attack with it, it won't protect you from the rain and it doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever but BRO, you've got a MELON on a STICK! Created for the almighty Melonlord T4T3RGR3N4D3R I used this tutorial: Version 1.0
  14. Version 1.0


    This mod allows you to create your pig(man), lol. Why not? SECTION: Magic CRAFTING: Mosquito Sack x3 Spider Gland x1 Pig Skin x1 In Workshop: Hf :3
  15. Version


    Behold Wladislaus the Undying ! He is a mighty vampire who has been tricked by Maxwell. His stats are : 125 Health 200 Sanity 150 Hunger Now, to the special abilities : He is more comfortable at night than at dight, so he will gain sanity when it's dark, and lose some in daylight. He gets hot very quickly because of his fragile skin. He needs blood to fill his hunger, so he is carnivore, and can eat monster meat. He can tame bats to help him fight or chop trees. When his life drops below 35, he transforms into a big bat, dropping his inventory. Being in bat form, he is granted nightvision, and is immune to sanity/wetness/hunger/health, but bloodlust comes in. The bloodlust will drain in time, and can only be filled by killing things, or eating meat on the ground, or living insects. If the bloodlust meter is filled , he will fall asleep and wake up as a vampire the next morning.The more things you will have killed while in bat form, the more stats you will have when you wake up. If you fail and the bloodlust meter drops down to 0, it's game over for you! When in batform, pigs will also attack on sight (and spiders will remain calm). Install : Download the "" file. Extract it to your "[...]/Steam/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/mods/" folder -or- Workshop link : I hope you enjoy it, please tell me if you think it is not balanced and which stats i should change. I may add some more to the character in time, but I'm not sure how/when yet. Here is what could be available in the future : Bugs to be fixed yet: -Character gets kinda off the ground when resurrected and gets quickly unplayable when moving. It is not fixed per say but it is playable, with running speed issues. To remove those, go in/exit a cave. -Screen edges like heat, ice or blood don't disappear because of entering bat form. Thanks to everyone who has helped me to get this character done and to the many resources available on the forums here !
  16. Version 2.0


    Art by Papukaijah (Mr. Parrot Man) (only on Steam) Code by Mobbstar "I'm just a tree." -Strom Strom is a happy walking talking tree man. He really is just a tree. Did I mention that he has a pet? Yes that's right, Lampy the friendly firefly fellow follows Strom wherever he goes, unless he tells it to stay. Lampy's light is especially good since Strom has trouble with chopping trees. Genocide isn't all that sane, you know? Also avoid fire as you'd spread it. Strom is just a tree after all. [Thread] [steam] Please report bugs, crashes, issues, suggestions, and that Mr. Parrot Man and I are super awesome.
  17. Version 1.0


    Features Wignatz the mouse, a sneaky new character drawn from the classic Krazy Kat comic strip who specializes in deception and hit-and-run A custom crafting menu with weapons, wearables, structures, and items for subterfuge Loathsome new creatures Events that only happen in certain seasons, lunar phases, weather or time of day A “very special” crockpot recipe The ability to befriend splumonkeys, who share Wignatz’ zest for throwing stuff at people they don’t like Wignatz is modeled after the Ignatz character from George Herriman’s strange, lyrical comic strip Krazy Kat. Puny and weak in combat, Wignatz must hurl his deadly brick from a safe distance and use his speed to dodge blows. He can craft devious items to distract, confuse, and hide from adversaries. Drawing inspiration from Krazy Kat, Wignatz is themed around the desert and the American Southwest. If he makes his home near a desert, Wignatz is rewarded by easy access to the ingredients he needs for his unique recipes, and new creatures and encounters. Events that only happen under special time and weather conditions reward him for venturing from the safety of his campfire. Hints No spoilers, just a few tidbits to point you in the right direction and tempt your curiosity: A fetish will show you the way to go. Wignatz has just one new crockpot recipe (hint: he’s a mouse, and the key ingredient is milk), but it’s very unusual. The results depend not only on the ingredients, but timing. And sometimes they’re valuable for other things besides eating. Pay attention to ambient sounds. If you hear something unfamiliar, it’s usually a sign that there’s something special going on. When you encounter something unfamiliar, examine it. Sometimes you’ll receive a clue. Play with items. See what happens when you use, drop, or ignite them, let perishables spoil, etc. Credits and acknowledgements I borrowed code from “auto catch” by seronis for Wignatz’s brick. Images for Wignatz and some items were adapted from old Krazy Kat strips (strips before 1923 are in the public domain). Audio samples were taken mostly from and used under various versions of the Creative Commons License, or by permission of the author. Particulars are in credits.txt.
  18. Version 1.1.1


    Paul is a gamer who somehow got lost in the dangerous world of Don't Starve Together. Has 150 Health, 200 Hunger, and 200 Sanity. Wears a jacket that keeps him a bit warmer in the Winter. Rain makes him relaxed so his sanity goes up. Doesn't get hungry easily so he can last longer without food. Doesn't like to attack things so he won't do much damage. This is the version of my Don't Starve mod that is for Don't Starve Together. This mod was made so me and my friends could play as me in DST, but I want anyone to be able to enjoy it so here it is. Here's the link to the regular Don't Starve version of this mod: I made this mod with a LOT of help from the Extended Sample Character Template and so I just think I should give it credit here.
  19. Version 1.1


    With the latest update you can now configure the mod so Wolly can accept only fish OR fruits and vegetables (seeds included). This mod tweaks Wolly's drops, adding all gems, blueprints, beard, rope etc. Here are the chances of what it will trade(in %): {chance = 20, "rope"}, {chance = 5, "purplegem"}, {chance = 5, "bluegem"}, {chance = 5, "redgem"}, {chance = 2, "orangegem"}, {chance = 2, "yellowgem"}, {chance = 2, "greengem"}, {chance = 30, "seeds"}, {chance = 33, "feather_robin"}, {chance = 5, "beardhair"}, {chance = 5, "blueprint"}, {chance = 30, "goldnugget"}, Steam Workshop Link: Thanks Mobbstar!
  20. Version 1.3


    New storage for your logs. Especially thanks Mobbstar for help. You cannot store any items, only logs. Has 5 slots for 5 stacks Version: 1.3 Recipe: 1 boards Need Science Machine demonstration in Workshop
  21. Version 1.1


    This decorative mod adds two types of mannequin in game: for hats and for armor. Thanks Mobbstar for help in LUA. Recipe: 3 log + 1 rope Need an alchemy machine If someone has ideas about the way how to unite this two mannequins in one, I'll be interested in it in Workshop
  22. Version 1.3a


    This is my first mod so enjoy This mod basicly add a Iron Sowrd + Diamond sword crafted by using 2 new ores --) Iron ore and Diamond Ore dropped by Boulders and Stalagmites Compatibility: Don't starve Reign of Giants (latest version -1.134052-) To Do: Re-sprite Iron ore a and Diamond ore Incompatibility: Every mods that changes this -) Rocks.lua , Rock_Ice.lua , Stalagmite.lua and Stalagmite_Tall.lua Weapon Stats: Iron Sword ------) Recipe | 8x iron ores, 1x Gold nugget, 2x Twigs | Durability --) 150 Damage --) 40 Diamond Sword -------) Recipe | 10x Diamond ores, 1x Iron ore, 2x Ropes | Durability --) 200 Damage --) 61 Drop rates of Ores: * Flintless boulder (Tall) Iron ore (3x ores) 1st ore - 100% 2nd ore - 20% 3rd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 10% 2nd ore - 1% --------------------------------------- * Flintless boulder (medium) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 40% 2nd ore - 9% Diamond ore (1x ore) 1st ore - 4% --------------------------------------- * Flintless boulder (low) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 20% 2nd ore - 4% Diamond ore (1x ore) 1st ore - 2% --------------------------------------- * Smooth stone Iron ore (2x ores) 1s ore - 40% 2nd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 12% 2nd ore - 3% --------------------------------------- * Gold vein Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 22% 2nd ore - 2% Dimond ore (4x ores) 1st - 25% 2nd - 14% 3rd - 7% 4th - 2% --------------------------------------- * Mini Glacier (Tall) Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 10% 2nd ore - 3% --------------------------------------- * Mini Glacier (Medium) Diamond ore (1x ore) 1st ore - 8% --------------------------------------- * Mini Glacier (Low) Diamond ore (1x ore) 1st ore - 6% --------------------------------------- * Stalagmite (Tall) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 30% 2nd ore - 15% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 20% 2nd ore - 8% --------------------------------------- * Stalagmite (Medium) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 20% 2nd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 10% 2nd ore - 4% --------------------------------------- * Stalagmite (low) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 10% 2nd ore - 4% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 8% 2nd ore - 4% --------------------------------------- * Tall Stalagmite (Tall) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 40% 2nd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 30% 2nd ore - 10% --------------------------------------- * Tall Stalagmite (Medium) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 30% 2nd ore - 10% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 20% 2nd ore - 5% --------------------------------------- * Tall Stalagmite (low) Iron ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 8% 2nd ore - 4% Diamond ore (2x ores) 1st ore - 7% 2nd ore - 3%
  23. Version 4.2.0 (Dank edition)


    [iNCOMPLETE MOD] NOTE: CURRENTLY, THIS MOD IS ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH REIGN OF GIANTS. A REGULAR DON'T STARVE VERSION WILL BE CREATED AFTER THE MOD'S COMPLETION. Adds Wunt, the extraterrestrial, as a playable character. Wunt is an alien who, while frail in bodily aspects, makes up for it in his knowledge of alien creations. Wunt's most defining aspect is his ability to construct upgradable turrets that do his fighting for him, whereas other characters only have access to the houndius shootius. As with all aliens, Wunt can be incredibly dank at times, so anticipate the rare dank outburst of memery. Stats: Health: 100 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 420 Perks: *More brains than brawn: -Wunt has lower base health than most other characters (tied for 2nd lowest with 0-upgrade WX-78) -Wunt has a *0.75 damage modifier (this is the same as Wendy's) -Wunt has ridiculously high base sanity (the highest in the game, at 420) *Can create alien constructs: -Wunt has the ability to build structures unique to himself. These mostly consist of turrets with various effects and tiers up to 4. Effects include dealing damage, setting things on fire, freezing, summoning lightning, and so on based on turret. [uNFINISHED] (Currently, only a few turrets are implemented; they have no animations besides idle, and they use the houndius shootius projectile visual). [Effete Turret 1.0]: A fragile, low tier turret; nearly useless on its own, but can be upgraded into more effective versions. Crafted from 3 boards, 2 gears, and 4 gold. This turret has 75 health and fires projectiles that deal 15 damage once every 3 seconds. [Efulging Turret 2.0]: A more durable turret made from an Effete Turret 1.0, 2 marble, and 10 light bulbs. This turret has 175 health and fires projectiles that deal 25 damage once every 3 seconds. [Mindminer 2000]: A machine that extracts the brain fluids of rabbits, moleworms, and birds in a manner similar to drying racks, producing brain juice that restores 30 sanity, 10 hunger, and 3 health, after one day. These cost 2 gears, 2 cut stone, and 2 electrical doodads to build. *Equipped with alien weaponry: -Wunt starts with a Mindcutter V. 4.2 in his inventory. This is a ranged weapon that creates projectiles dealing damage equal to 25% of Wunt's current sanity. The Mindcutter does not have ammo, but is instead fueled by Wunt's sanity, draining him of 15 sanity per use. For balance reasons, the mindcutter has a slightly lower attackspeed than other weapons. (I may have gone a bit overboard with the nerfs, might increase its range or increase its attackspeed if it turns out to be too weak). To do: -Finish writing Wunt's speech lines. -Finish implementing all turrets. -Make actual animations. -Create big selectscreen portrait. -Update sound effects.
  24. Version v0.1


    As you all know i am picky when it comes to making a mod, so generally they are good quality and with star butterfly this is no exception i plan to make star as best as i can that includes art wise soon i will make a custom build and animation assets towards this mod but for now just the basics Stats: health: 200 hunger: 115 sanity: 90 The to do list Add - mewberty form Add - Star's Wand Add - Spellbook Create - Custom animation and build assets
  25. 7055 downloads

    Wyvard the Cold-blooded Cavalier "A fiery passion burneth within me!" Hunger: 150 | Health: 150 | Sanity: 120 Steam Workshop (DS version) Steam Workshop (DST version) * Can sacrifice hunger for heat. (Press R) * Sensitive to the cold. * Follows a code of chivalry. Wyvard is a challenging RoG character with many abilities revolving around temperature. He was originally a middle-aged man with a quixotic complex, but was transformed into a monster by Maxwell and banished to his world. Because of his transformation, he suffers from low sanity and a high sensitivity to temperature. Unlike other characters, Wyvard will take freezing and overheating damage at higher temperatures. By pressing R, Wyvard can toggle his Dragon Fire ability. This will heat him up and produce light at the cost of quadrupling his hunger rate. The radius of Wyvard's light will increase with his temperature and while overheating, he will produce as much light as a torch. Wyvard's temperature can have benefits or drawbacks depending on how hot or cold he is. At low temperatures Wyvard takes 25% more damage, moves 25% slower and deals 25% less damage. The inverse is also true; if Wyvard is nearly overheating he will take 25% less damage, move 25% faster and deal 25% more damage. But be warned, wearing winter gear is less effective for Wyvard! During fights, Wyvard follows a strict code of chivalry. If he attacks a creature that is passive, sleeping, burning or frozen he will suffer a sanity penalty of 5. On the other hand, Wyvard suffers half the sanity penalty for being near monsters and gains a small sanity bonus for every aggressive creature killed. His code of chivalry does not apply to non-sentient structures, shadow creatures or the powerful giants. Scripting: Seiai Beta Testing: Ysulyan Everything Else: DragonDePlatino